Home Remedies for Laryngitis

Laryngitis is a larynx inflammation disease that causes irritation and pain making it hard for the affected person to speak. The irritation normally goes away within a short period of time but treatment is necessary since there are chances of breathing difficulties which can be extremely dangerous. The inflammation is normally as a result of infection, irritation and overuse of the larynx thereby causing voice hoarseness and sometimes complete voice loss.

Laryngitis which lasts a short period is referred to as acute laryngitis while chronic laryngitis is one that takes a longer period to get healed. Involvement of the upper respiratory system is quite common. Some of the known causes of this disease are colds and coughs, viral infections, anxiety, smoking, allergies and vocal strain. Chronic sinusitis, cancer and alcohol consumption can also lead to the inflammation.

Patients suffering from laryngitis will experience a variety of symptoms which include voice hoarseness, fever, runny nose, coughing, tiredness, and swallowing difficulties. Other symptoms are a swelling sensation of the larynx and sore dry throat. These symptoms depend on how severe the condition is although it will most definitely begin as a cold.

There are several treatments for laryngitis; among them natural are many home remedies. It is a fact that most doctors will prescribe home remedies for the condition as it can be quite easy to treat, using simple remedies. Natural easily available home remedies for laryngitis work effectively in dealing with the condition and do not pose any harm to the general health of the patient. They save both time and money as one does not have to spend a lot to clear the disease or spend time going to the hospital to get attention.

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Home Remedies for Laryngitis

Salt Water as a Home Remedy for Laryngitis

Salt Water Properties: Salt water works well on laryngitis as it draws out moisture containing viruses and bacteria killing them in the process. It also draws moisture from swollen tissues of the voice box reducing inflammation and pain. This is a simple effective home remedy for laryngitis.

Using Salt Water as Treatment for Laryngitis:
Warm a cupful of water and then add a pinch or half teaspoon of salt into the water before gargling. This should be repeated throughout the day for a number of days till the desired relief is achieved. The simple remedy has proved to be very effective in dealing with the irritating condition.

Apple Cider Vinegar as a Home Remedy for Laryngitis

Apple Cider Vinegar Properties: Apple cider vinegar contains anti-bacterial properties making it a great home remedy for laryngitis. It treats the condition by forming an acidic environment thereby killing the bacteria causing the disease. This effectively deals with the problem from the root.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar as Treatment for Laryngitis:
To a glass of water add one tablespoon of the vinegar. Mix well and then gargle using the solution for at least three times. This should be repeated on a daily basis until one gets proper relief from the disease.

Lemon as a Home Remedy for Laryngitis

Lemon Properties: Lemon has an acidic nature making it a good anti-bacterial effective in the treatment of laryngitis. The natural properties of this citrus fruit help in killing and inhibiting bacteria and viruses which cause laryngitis.

Using Lemon as Treatment for Laryngitis:
Take a fresh lemon and squeeze some juice in a glass of warm water. Add a half teaspoon of salt then mix the solution well. Gargle with the solution at least thrice per day for as long as it takes to get effective relief from the condition. This remedy remains among the best when it comes to dealing with laryngitis and is highly recommended by those suffering from the condition.

Garlic as a Natural Remedy for Laryngitis

Garlic Properties: Garlic has an abundance of antimicrobial properties as it has allicin which helps in eliminating viruses and bacteria which cause the respiratory conditions. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic are what make it effective in treating laryngitis and a great cure for the condition.

Treating Laryngitis Using Garlic:
Take a fresh clove of garlic and chop in the middle and put the pieces on the sides of mouth and then suck out the juice. The sucking should be done for as long as one can tolerate the smell of garlic which can be very strong. Doing this on a daily basis gives fast relief from the various symptoms and effectively cures the problem.

Ginger as a Natural Remedy for Laryngitis

Ginger Properties: Apart from containing antibacterial properties, ginger has soothing effects which are essential for the mucous membrane walls located near the voice box. Ginger works by getting rid of the pain and inflammation coming with laryngitis thereby offering an effective cure for it.

Using Ginger as Cure for Laryngitis:
Take the fresh root of ginger and slice a few pieces and add to boiling water. The water should be allowed to boil while well covered and then the liquid strained. After cooling, drink a glassful of the liquid at least three times a day. The procedure can be repeated for at least three days to have the condition well treated. The remedy is also a great way of boosting the immune system, keeping you healthy.

Honey as a Natural Remedy for Laryngitis

Honey Properties: Honey contains minerals and compounds which help in treating laryngitis by strengthening the immune system. This makes the remedy effective in fighting the condition which can be irritating and painful. It also soothes the throat giving relief to the sufferer.

Using Honey as a Cure for Laryngitis:
The best way to use honey for the treatment of laryngitis is to mix it in a glass of lemon juice. This should then be taken at least two times a day for as long as it takes to completely get rid of the disease. The home remedy is among the simplest and the most effective in taking care of laryngitis.

Licorice Root as a Natural Remedy for Laryngitis

Licorice Properties: Licorice root contains anti-inflammatory agent called glycyrrhizin which helps in the treatment of laryngitis. The remedy is also very good in helping smokers quit smoking making it quite beneficial.

Treating Laryngitis Using Licorice Root:
Take licorice sticks and chop into pieces before adding to boiling water. Gargle several times with the water to get fast relief from laryngitis. You can also prepare tea using the root and then drink at least three times a day as treatment for the condition.

Couch Grass as a Natural Remedy for Laryngitis

Couch Grass Properties: Couch grass contains anti-inflammatory and mucilage properties making it very effective and useful in the treatment of laryngitis. It works by creating a substance layer covering the inflamed tissues thereby promoting quick healing.

Using Couch Grass as Cure for Laryngitis:
Bring some water to boil then add the grass. After cooling, gargle with the solution several times in the day to get quick relief from the disease. This is one of the best natural remedies for laryngitis.

Turmeric as a Natural Remedy for Laryngitis

Turmeric Properties: Turmeric contains curcumin, an agent which works by producing anti-inflammatory effects. For this reason, it remains to be a very effective home remedy for laryngitis and is largely used. It is also used for the treatment of various other respiratory and digestive conditions.

Using Turmeric as Cure for Laryngitis:
Take powdered turmeric and add to a glass of warm water before gargling with it. It can also be added into a glass of milk and taken at least thrice per day to give relief.

Other Home Remedies for Laryngitis

Take a small amount of cayenne pepper then mix with lemon juice in water. The water should be boiling and drunk as soon as it cools to a reasonable level. Ensure that you stir well and then take the solution in small regular sips. The procedure can be done at least twice daily for several days to get rid of the condition.

Bring a reasonable amount of water to boil before adding three drops each of chamomile oil, lavender oil and thyme. While water is still hot and steaming, cover your head using a large piece of cloth to allow proper inhaling of the fumes from the pot. This is one of the most effective home remedies for laryngitis. The essential oils contain important compounds helping in the quick treatment of laryngitis.

Peel ginger root and cut into small round pieces before adding into boiling water. Make tea using the water till it turns to a tan or yellowish color and add a little honey. This should then be sipped while still hot to treat laryngitis. This is a simple but effective way of treating the irritating condition.

Take a piece of ice and put in the mouth then slowly suck as a way of stopping throat spasms. You can also take some lozenges and suck on them throughout to help in keeping the throat well moistened thereby dealing with the pain coming with the condition.

Take a couple of fresh onions and slice before adding in a reasonable amount of water. This should then be allowed to simmer until syrupy and then strained. Take the syrup and add in a warm glass of water and add a little honey as well. A piece of lemon can also be added into the mixture and then slowly sipped to relieve symptoms of laryngitis.

Take hot tea throughout the day as treatment for the condition. The hot teas work by helping the vocal cords and the throat to relax giving quick relief from the condition.

Make basil leaf juice by crushing soaked basil and then add some honey to the juice. This should then be licked or sipped slowly as one of the most effective natural remedies for laryngitis.

Install a humidifier within your house as a way of ensuring that the air you breathe is moist enough to keep laryngitis at bay. Dry air aggravates the problem by irritating the throat and should therefore be avoided at all costs.

Another great way of keeping the throat and vocal cords well hydrated and moist is by ensuring that you take enough water or beverages. However, alcoholic drinks, soda and caffeine should be avoided and water used instead.

Use peppermint, lavender and chamomile as inhalers to get rid of laryngitis symptoms thereby treating it effectively. Thyme is another useful herb that can be used for the same purpose in hot water. The natural remedies for laryngitis are a sure way of giving quick relief to people suffering from this condition. Take zinc lozenges rich in Vitamin C and suck them several times in the day as a way of treating laryngitis. Honey can also be used as replacement for sugar as treatment for the condition.

Take garlic pearls and chew them for as long as you can stand the strong smell and taste. When this is done on a daily basis, laryngitis is taken care of within a short period of time. Holy basil leaves can also be chewed or used to extract juice which is then taken on a daily basis. This is one of the popular natural remedies for laryngitis.

Diet for Laryngitis and other Precautions

People should always ensure that their diet for laryngitis is well balanced and healthy as a way of boosting the immune system.

Increase intake of fresh fruits and vegetables as diet for laryngitis. If possible, drink as much fresh fruit juice as you can manage to throughout the day compared to beverages like coffee which only aggravate the condition.

Avoid eating oily and processed foods as they deprive the body of the essential nutrients and minerals it needs to maintain good health hence making it prone to infections and diseases such as laryngitis.

Avoid crowded places whenever you can especially during the flu and cold season as these diseases are highly contagious. It is also advisable to avoid smoking and taking alcohol as they tend to aggravate the problem.

Drink plenty of water and avoid clearing your throat too much as it could cause irritation of the throat leading to inflammation. Clearing the throat when suffering from laryngitis only worsens the problem and should therefore be avoided whenever possible.

Observe good hygiene giving particular attention to proper hand washing as dirt causes many infections.

Avoid loud talking and shouting as it could end up irritating the vocal cords and the throat, worsening the already existing problem. It is better to speak softly but not whisper all together. It is also important to limit conversations to help the inflamed tissues heal as fast as they can though calmness and relaxation.

Whenever possible, avoid environments which are too dusty as dust can be quite irritating. Ensure that your environment is friendly and free from conditions which could lead to the problem or worsen it.

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