Home Remedies for Ascites

About Ascites:

The accumulation of pathologic fluid in the abdominal cavity is termed as Ascites. This fluid forms a thin line between the membranes covering the abdomen and abdominal cavity. The disease is correlated to liver malfunctioning. If the people are already suffering from liver disease, the fluid leakage from liver and intestine causes Ascites. Ascites is otherwise called Dropsy or Abdominal Dropsy.

One might end with liver transplantation if Ascites is not predicted in its early stages. There are various tests to confirm the existence of Ascites in a person. They are as follows:

  • Complete Blood Count
  • Liver Enzymes Test
  • Coagulation
  • Basic Metabolic Profile
  • Cytopathology test is also used to detect Ascites.

Symptoms of Ascites:

Distension caused in abdominal region is a symptom of Severe Ascites.
Para-umbilical herniation is also one of the symptoms.
The upper or right side of abdomen will be rigid and tender.
Ascites can be easily diagnosed if the person suffers liver disease like Cirrhosis.
Ascites is highly notified by swelling in legs.
Person affected by A
Abnormal bloating in abdomen is also a fine symptom of Ascites.

Factors which lead to Ascites

The sudden dip in albumin level in blood affects the pressure responsible for fluid exchange. This in turn triggers the fluid leakage. Drastic change in pressure of portal vein which passes through liver also stops the proper blood flow within the liver. Thus it causes Ascites. Normally this pressure variation is due to scarring of liver caused by alcoholism. Heart and Kidney Failure, Hepatitis, etc. are also responsible for Ascites. Inflammation of sac which houses heart leads to Ascites. Given below are the various natural and home remedies for Ascites.

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  2. Other Remedies
  3. Diet
  4. Other Precautions

Home Remedies for Ascites

Bitter Gourd as Natural remedy for Ascites

Bitter Gourd Properties: Bitter gourd widely flourishes in hot and humid climate. It is commonly found in South America and Asian countries. Bitter Gourds are fully packed with nutrients and of course low in calories. They have high fiber content and are enriched with Vitamins B1, B2 and B3, C, Folic Acid, etc. Polypeptide P, an insulin replacement compound is found in them and thus they are well suited for diabetic persons. Pregnant ladies should avoid the consumption of bitter gourds as they lead to preterm labor. Excessive consumption of bitter gourd will cause abdomen pain.

Treatment for Ascites using Bitter Gourd:
Soak the bitter Gourd in salty water for an hour to remove the bitterness and prepare the juice. Consume this juice in diluted form thrice a day. Mixing this juice along with apple or carrot juice will make it more palatable. Bitter Gourd is the perfect cure for Ascites.

Radish as Home remedy for Ascites:

Radish Properties: Radish, a native of China is herb like in nature. It is purgative and sedative in nature. The root and leafy parts are edible. It is well known for reducing fat and cholesterol. It is the main source for Vitamins C and B. It is also enriched with calcium, potassium, minerals, etc. Leafy part is richer in calcium than its root part. Sulphur content of Radish helps to avoid liver related diseases.
Treatment for Ascites using Radish:
Peel off the outer skin and prepare the juice of radish. It is quite tough to consume the juice as it is due to its pungent smell. Thus mix the radish juice with carrot or apple juice. Consumption of this juice before every meal will make the liver function better. Thus it acts as an ideal cure for Ascites.

Juice made from Radish Leaves will control the Ascites to a good extent when it is consumed in diluted form.

Carrot as Home remedy for Ascites:

Carrot Properties: Carrot which is popular as Blood Sugar Regulator is highly packed with nutrients. It is highly nourishing and one of the well known home remedies for various diseases. Carotenoid content helps to balance the blood sugar level. It is the prime source of Pro- Vitamin A and Biotin. It is also rich in Vitamin C, D, E, K, etc. Phytonutrients found in carrot make it a home remedy for many diseases.
Treatment for Ascites using carrot:
Make a cup of carrot juice without peeling off its skin. The intake of this juice everyday is a perfect cure for Ascites. It supplies necessary energy to the body without increasing the accumulated fluid in the abdomen.

Bristly Sarsaparilla as Natural remedy for Ascites:

Bristly Sarsaparilla Properties: This herb is widely grown in rocky and sterile soil. It acts as the best among various natural remedies for many diseases. Its roots are edible. It is highly diuretic and tonic in nature. Also the tea made from the leaves is diaphoretic in nature.

Treatment for Ascites using Bristly Sarsaparilla:
This homeopathic herb is used to get an infusion. Person with Ascites should consume this infusion two or three times a day. It is a well known homeopathic cure for Ascites.

Strophanthus as Natural remedy for Ascites:

Strophanthus Properties: Major constituents of this modern herb Strophanthus are glucoside, Strophanthin, an alkaloid, Inoeine and Fixed Oil. Its seeds are highly pure. Many prefer its seeds for making infusion because of its purity. So far 28 species of Strophanthus have been identified. It highly controls the circulatory system and cures heart disorders. Also its diuretic nature helps to cure Ascites.
Treatment for Ascites using Strophanthus:
Consuming the infusion of Strophanthus will help to eradicate Ascites. This is excellent among other natural remedies for Ascites.

Chimaphila as Natural remedy for Ascites:

Chimaphila Properties: Leaves and roots of Chimaphila are known for their medicinal value. It is grown in countries like Europe, Asia and America. Various Crystalline characteristics like Chimaphilin, arbutin gum, pectin acid, etc. are major constituents of this herb. This acts as cure for Ascites as it is diuretic in nature. Chimaphila is one of the best natural remedies for Ascites.

Treatment for Ascites using Chimaphila:
An infusion of Chimaphila is recommended for the persons suffering from Ascites.

Apocynum as Home Remedy for Ascites:

Apocynum Properties: Apocynum leaves or the herb on the whole is characterized by cardiotonic, diuretic and hypotensive properties. It enhances the renal blood circulation. It is widely found in wet and swamp soils. It is also exclusively used as home remedy for various disorders.

Treatment for Ascites using Apocynum:
Add 15 to 30 drops of decoction of Apocynum to water. Taking a tsp full of this mix thrice per day is a popular cure for people suffering from Ascites. It will eliminate the urinal irritations and bowel constipations caused by Ascites.

Punarnava (Spreading Hogweed) as Natural remedy for Ascites:

Punarnava Properties: Punarnava is well known for its hot efficacy. It is popular for its healing properties. All parts of this herb are used as cures for various diseases. This herb is Astringent and anti-inflammatory by nature making it one of the best home remedies for ascites. Its seeds are used as tonic expectorant for various diseases. The roots and leaves of the plant are highly diuretic. It is also termed as spreading Hogweed.
Treatment for Ascites using Punarnava:
Mix a handful of this herb with a cup of water. Boil the mixture well. Set it aside for 10-15 minutes. Filter and intake nearly 6mg of this extract twice a day. The secretion and the discharge of urine will increase. This is the best cure for the Ascites caused by liver Cirrhosis.

Triphala as Natural remedy for Ascites:

Triphala Properties: The ayurvedic herbal mixture Triphala is made up of three fruits namely Amla, baheda, and harada. Amla is a cure for gastric problems and hyperacidity. Baheda heals intestinal disorders. It is laxative in nature.

Treatment for Ascites using Triphala:
This Triphala mixture is available in all leading Ayurvedic shops. One can intake this mixture and be benefited by it. Also one can just mix a tsp full of Triphala with the infusion of Hogweed roots and consume it twice daily to get rid of Ascites fluids.

Picrorrhiza as Home remedy for Ascites:

Picrorrhiza Properties: This herb is characterized as bitter, pungent and It is an excellent appetizer when used with honey. It also relieves spasmodic pains. It soothes the bowels. It also rejuvenates the body by eliminating excess fat.

Treatment for Ascites using Picrorrhiza:
Mix 130 mg of Picrorrhiza powder with a cup of warm water. Consumption of this mixture twice daily will act as a cure for Ascites. This makes it the best among home remedies for Ascites.

Bengal Gram as Home remedy for Ascites:

Bengal Gram Properties: Bengal Gram otherwise termed as Chick Peas has enormous medicinal value. It acts as a tonic expectorant. It is highly rich in Vitamin B Complex and other minerals. Since it is characterized by Oxalic Acid, excessive intake of this pulse will lead to stone formation in kidney.

Treatment for Ascites using Bengal Gram:
Soak the Bengal gram in water for about 3 hours. Eat the soaked pulse. This will dry off the Ascites fluid which is accumulated inside the abdomen. One can also powder the dried pulse and take a tsp of powder twice daily to cure Ascites.

Sweet Fennel as Natural remedy for Ascites:

Sweet Fennel Properties: Fennel is highly diuretic in nature. It is widely used for irritable bowel, indigestion and enhances the liver functioning. It also eliminates unwanted fluids from the abdomen in the form of urine.

Treatment for Ascites using Sweet Fennel:
Brew a cup of tea using the sweet fennel leaves. Drink this tea thrice everyday. Fennel is a wonderful cure for Ascites.

Pasque Flower as Natural remedy for Ascites:

Pasque Flower Properties: This herb grows widely in dry soils across Central and Northern Europe. This herb has high curative powers. The herb when boiled with water will result in an oily peppery solution.

Treatment for Ascites using Pasque Flower:
Add 2 – 3 drops of oil to a spoonful of water. Intake of this mixture will eliminate the bloating caused by Ascites.

Burdock as Natural remedy for Ascites:

Burdock Properties: Its high healing power has made the herb too popular in medicinal field. The roots of burdock are highly diuretic by nature and of sticky consistency. The dried Burdock seeds are used as a cure for many deadly diseases including cancer. It is an excellent blood purifier and removes toxins from blood path. It also helps to eradicate constipation and stomach upsets.

Treatment for Ascites using Burdock:
Add a tsp of powdered Burdock seeds to water. Boil it for 10 minutes. Consumption of this mix will purify the digestive system. It is an ideal cure to get rid of bloating and wind caused by Ascites. Thus this burdock herb is one of the best natural remedies for Ascites.

Other Home Remedies for Ascites:

Extract juice from 50 gm of ginger. Mix it well with 50 gm of salep orchid extract. This is the ideal natural remedy for Ascites. Drink fenugreek seeds soaked in water to get rid of Ascites.

Onion Consumption will help to expel the unnecessary fluids as urine and cure Ascites.

Solution prepared by mixing asafoetida with warm water will calm the abdomen. This powder is a widely used natural remedy for various diseases.

Mix Tulsi in a cup of water. Boil the mix and intake it. This is perfect home cure for this disease.

To 125ml of water, add half a tsp of Garlic Juice and drink it twice a day to cure Ascites.

Drinking herbal tea which is diuretic will help to cure Ascites.

Diet for Ascites:

Consumption of Mangoes and Onions will help to avoid the risk of getting Ascites.

Apple, Radish and Bitter Gourd Juices will keep Ascites away from you. Thus include all these in the diet for Ascites.

Excessive water drinking should be avoided in the diet for this disease. Instead of water one can consume milk.

Intake of more buttermilk will help to minimize the effect of Ascites.

Salad made up of radish and garlic is the best diet for Ascites.

Soup made up of horse gram is a perfect diet for this disease.

Solution prepared by mixing asafetida with warm water will soothe the abdomen. Thus it is a perfect diet for reducing the effects of Ascites.

Excessive inclusion of melon in the diet for this disease will help you to get rid of Ascites.

Other Precautions Against Ascites:

Avoid salty foods.

Starch enriched foods like rice and wheat should not be consumed in excess.

Regular exercise will help you to get rid of excessive muscle formation in abdomen. It avoids the fluid accumulation in abdomen.

Avoid daytime sleeping.

Avoid alcohol to minimize the risk of getting affected by Ascites.

Lead a stress free and active life to get rid of fluid accumulation.

Minimize the consumption of buffalo milk.

Reduce the quantity of meals at night.

Make your abdomen feel light by following all sorts of home and natural remedies for Ascites.

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