Home Remedies for Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a disease caused by bacteria and is very infectious. Also referred to as Borreliosis in the medical world, the disease is rising with the passing of time as more people report infections. The name goes back to the name of the very first place it was indentified in. It is commonly a tick-borne condition that was recently discovered even though it has been in existence for a long time.

The disease is still experiencing vigorous research as a great degree of it is yet to be known. For instance, medical scientists are yet to establish what the symptoms of the disease are. Although most of the symptoms are known, the newer cases being reported are coming up with varying symptoms which have proven to be a challenge. Apart from being tick-borne, the disease can also be a result of abnormal immune system responses.

Lyme disease affects the nervous system, skin, the heart and most body joints. The symptoms are categorized in three stages with the first stage consisting of circular skin rashes which mostly appear several days after being bitten by a tick. The rashes appear as though they have a center spot that is red in color and very bright. Then circular rings appear towards the outer end of the rash. The funniest thing about the rash is that it is neither itchy nor painful and therefore most people, especially those with dark skin, mistake it for a bruise.

When one begins to experience limb numbness, facial paralysis, arthritis and meningitis, the disease is then in the second stage. At this stage, it is common to have very stiff and swollen neck and joints, and one may even have bouts with headaches.

The more sever and serious stage of Lyme disease involves memory lapses and bad cases of arthritis. At this stage, it is very difficult to manage the condition as the symptoms involved are way too many, and the medical world is yet to come up with solutions for this last stage. It is therefore important for patients suffering from the disease to seek the proper treatment in the initial stages to avoid complicated cases later.

The main cause of Lyme disease is Borrelia Burgdorferi which is a kind of bacteria. It is normally carried by ticks and mice which then transmit it to humans through bites. Once the bacterium reaches the bloodstream, the symptoms do not take too long before showing. The worst thing is that the ticks are too tiny for the naked eye to see them. There are good home remedies recommended for the disease, which can be effective in treating it before it reaches the severe stage. The simple and available natural remedies for lyme disease are quite safe to use and can treat the condition before it gets worse.

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Home Remedies for Lyme Disease

Apple Cider Vinegar as Home Remedy for Lyme disease

Apple Cider Vinegar Properties: Apple cider vinegar contains natural antiseptic and antibiotic properties making it a very good home remedy for the treatment and cure of Lyme disease. Because of these important properties, the remedy is also widely used as a treatment for a variety of other ailments.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar as Treatment for Lyme disease:
The vinegar can easily be used to make hot compresses or cold compresses which are then placed firmly onto the tick bites as a way of getting rid of the pain that comes with them, and also helps in the healing process of the rashes. It can also be applied directly onto the areas affected using a piece of cloth or a cotton swab.

Garlic as a Natural Remedy for Lyme disease

Garlic Properties: The abundance of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic makes it a good home remedy for the disease. Garlic is actually one of the best natural remedies for the condition and deals with it effectively within a short time especially in the initial stages of the disease. It strengthens the immune system as well as helping in the fighting of the infection.

Using Garlic as Cure for Lyme disease:
Chop at least three cloves of garlic and eat them raw as an effective way of curing Lyme disease. The remedy is not advisable on an empty stomach as it may cause irritation. It can also be adopted when preparing meals and taken regularly as diet for the condition.

Another effective way of treating Lyme disease using garlic is mincing it and then adding it into a glassful of water. This is then left for about 3 hours before straining and drinking the water. The remedy can be taken twice daily to rid oneself of the symptoms and bring about a complete cure of the disease.

Flaxseed as a Home Remedy for Lyme disease

Flaxseed Properties: Flaxseeds contain high levels of Omega 3 oils which help in healing Lyme disease and get rid of any pain that might be present. The seeds are used widely for the treatment of various other conditions, as they have been found to be very useful in the medical world. It is one of the most effective home remedies for Lyme disease.

Using Flaxseed as a Cure for Lyme disease:
The seeds are best taken in their oil form. The oil can be taken on a daily basis, with the dosages of at least 3 teaspoons a day. Patients can take up to 6 teaspoons of the oil per day to get fast relief from the symptoms.

Olive Oil as Natural Remedy for Lyme disease

Olive Oil Properties: Olive oil contains a variety of minerals which work in boosting the immune system, thereby fighting Lyme disease effectively. It also helps in the healing process of the condition giving quick relief, and it can be used as a pain reliever for bites.

Using Olive Oil as a Treatment for Lyme disease:
The oil can be added into a glass of water and then taken several times a day to give fast relief. It can also be applied to the bites and rashes to help in relieving pain and quicken the healing process.

Grapefruit as a Natural Remedy for Lyme disease

Grapefruit Properties: Grapefruits contain an abundance of nutrients and minerals that have been found to be effective in the treatment of Lyme disease. The home remedy for the condition is also very good in boosting the immune system and speeding up the healing process of the disease.

Cure for Lyme Disease Using Grapefruit:
The juice should be extracted from the fruits and then taken at least twice a day as a way of treating the disease. Continued use of the juice is best in preventing such infections and therefore can be used in the long run as a diet for Lyme disease.

Cat’s Claw as a Home Remedy for Lyme disease

Cat’s Claw Properties: Cat’s claw herb contains anti-inflammatory properties helpful in the treatment of Lyme disease. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties making it one of the best natural remedies for the disease.

Using Cat’s Claw as a Treatment for Lyme disease:
To help in killing all harmful microorganisms which cause the disease, the herb can be steeped in boiling water to come up with a decoction which should then be taken at least three times daily. The remedy is also very good in boosting immune system.

Echinacea as a Natural Remedy for Lyme disease

EchinaceaProperties: Echinacea contains important compounds and mineral which boost the immune system and also combats various infections and illnesses among Lyme disease. The herb is widely used for the treatment of varying condition attacking the human body.

Cure for Lyme Disease Using Echinacea:
The herb can be added into boiling water and then strained before consumption. Another way of using it as treatment for the disease is to dry and grind into a powder before adding it in drinking water. This should be taken at least twice every day to give effective results. .

Green Tea as a Natural Remedy for Lyme disease

Green Tea Properties: Green tea contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents making it one of the best home remedies for Lyme disease. It also promotes the health of the heart keeping the body protected against heart diseases.

Cure for Lyme Disease Using Green Tea:
Take the leaves of the tea plant and add it to boiling water. Add a little sugar into the water and strain before drinking. The tea is best taken while still hot. It can also be used on a long-term basis as a diet for Lyme disease.

Other Home Remedies for Lyme disease

Take ginseng and steep it into boiling water then drink it after it cools as an effective way of dealing with the disease. The herb can also be ground and then taken on a daily basis in water as a treatment for the condition. The leaves can be crushed to make a paste which is then applied onto the bites as a way of relieving the pain and aiding the healing of the rashes and bites.

Apply blue green algae onto the affected area once per day as an effective way of healing the rash. The algae contain essential minerals that aid healing and relieve the various symptoms of the disease once absorbed into the bloodstream.

Apply Oregano oil onto the area affected twice daily and allow it to sit for at least an hour before washing it off. A few drops of the oil can also be added in a warm glass of water and then taken as a way of getting rid of the condition. This is a fast way of relieving symptoms and pain that patients could be going through.

Extract juice from Bilberry and then drink it on a daily basis. A little honey can be added into the juice to improve the taste and then consumed until positive results are attained. The leaves of the plant can be crushed and applied to the bites or rashes to relieve pain and get rid of the condition.

Get into a steam room and relax for about 30 minutes to aid the healing process of Lyme disease. The hot steam exposure has been found to be very effective in getting rid of swollen joints, and it relieves pain as well as helping the body relax. This is one of the simplest home remedies for Lyme disease and it is widely used.

Mix Goldenseal and Echinacea to fight fevers and other symptoms related to Lyme disease. The oils of the two remedies can be used for this purpose and then added into drinking water. One can also relieve pain from the infected area by applying the oils onto it directly. It is also a good way of boosting the immune system.

Apply lemon and eucalyptus decoction onto the areas affected as a natural way of treating the disease and preventing spread of the rashes

Diet for Lyme disease and other Precautions

Always ensure that you take a balanced and healthy diet as a way of keeping the immune system strong in fighting common diseases and illnesses. Taking enough water is also essential in promoting proper body functions and flushing out toxins from the body.

Increase your intakes of foods rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin B complex as a way of building a strong immunity from diseases.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetable in daily meals to keep the body well supplied with important nutrients and minerals that help in fighting illnesses. Include wild grains, fish and other types of foods in a daily diet to aid recovery.

Eat lots of fibrous foods and avoid using common table salt as it only aggravates the problem. Eat lots of citrus fruits such as oranges, limes and grapefruits as they contain high concentrations of Vitamin C which is essential in treating Lyme disease.

The best of all natural remedies for lyme disease is exercising. One can come up with an exercise regime which should be followed faithfully as a way of dealing with stress and keeping the body energized and active.

Always ensure that you wear closed shoes and long sleeved shirts while outdoors or in areas that are infested with ticks. Insect repellents can also be used in these areas to get rid of the ticks and other insects that could be harmful.

When in areas infested with the insects, it helps to wear light colored clothing, as it can be easier to see those ticks that are already on your body. Dark clothes hide the insects making it hard to get rid of them or remove them from clothes.

Avoid sitting for too long on the ground especially in areas that are likely to have ticks. Ensure that after all outdoor activities you take a thorough bath and wash your clothes well.

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