Home Remedies for Migraine

Migraine is an ailment that is characterized by a severe headache, normally on one side of the head. It is believed that the condition has a close association with disorders related to sight, the liver and digestion. People have attacks of migraine headaches every once in a while, especially those who overdo work as the muscles become strained. When the muscles found in the neck and head areas are stressed, proper blood flow is hindered and leads to a migraine since the muscles end up squeezing the arteries.

Migraine headaches come with various symptoms, some of which include pain on one side of the head, and will normally start somewhere under the eye. Such pain normally attacks the left side of the head and rarely on the right side. Loss of appetite, irritability and attacks of depression are the other common symptoms of migraine. Others are vomiting, nausea, pounding headache pain and numbness of the limbs. The symptoms can be quite disturbing if left untreated, so it is imperative to seek proper treatment when suffering from the condition.

The known causes for migraine include overmedication, infections resulting from allergies, low levels of blood sugar and menstruation in women. Overwork, nutritional deficiencies and lack of sufficient sleep are some of the other conditions that can easily lead to the ailment. Once the trigger is identified, an individual can take corrective action to prevent the migraines.

Although migraines can be very painful and can even hinder one from continuing with normal activities, the good news is that there are simple ways of getting rid of the headaches. Apart from the various medications found over the counter, there are simple but very effective natural remedies for the treatment of such headaches. The natural remedies for migraine are inexpensive and are very effective, ruling out the need for a doctor or medications.

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Home Remedies for Migraine

Grapes as a Home Remedy for Migraine

Grapes Properties: Grapes are known to contain antibiotic properties, making them very effective in the treatment of the occasional migraine. The compounds found in the juice work well in relaxing the strained muscles, allowing proper blood flow and thereby getting rid of the pain. This is one of the most effective natural remedies for migraine.

Using Grapes as a Treatment for Migraine:
Extract juice from the grapes and then take the extract twice a day to get rid of the intense headaches. The other way of using grapes for the treatment of migraines is by grinding them whole and then adding them to water before consuming. Pain relief should be experienced a few minutes after drinking the water/grape mixture.

Niacin as a Natural Remedy for Migraine

Niacin Properties: Niacin is an essential vitamin which aids in treating migraines. It deals with the pain that comes with the ailment, relieving it within minutes. The vitamin can be found in foods such as sunflower seeds, liver and green vegetables, among other foods.

Using Niacin as a Cure for Migraine:
Patients should simply increase their intake of foods which are rich in niacin, such as those mentioned above, as a way of treating the condition. This vitamin is also found in the form of tablets which can be taken whenever a migraine strikes.

Cabbage Leaves as a Home Remedy for Migraine

Cabbage Leaves Properties: Cabbage leaves contain essential minerals and nutrients which help in dealing with migraine. They also contain soothing properties which help the strained muscles to relax, allowing proper blood flow and thereby eliminating the pain. This is one of the simplest and most effective home remedies for the treatment of migraine.

Using Cabbage Leaves as Home Remedy for Migraine:
Take a few leaves of cabbage and crush them before applying to the forehead with a piece of cloth. This cloth should remain secured on the forehead for about an hour before removing it. This procedure can be done several times a day until the migraine stops.

Lemon Peel as a Natural Remedy for Migraine

Lemon Peel Properties: Lemon peel contains anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, which make it one of the best natural remedies for migraine. The good thing about this citrus fruit is that it is easily found, therefore convenient to use. It is actually a good cure for migraine as it prevents recurrences in the near future.

Using Lemon Peel as a Cure for Migraine:
The lemon peel should be ground up well and made into a paste by adding a little water. This paste is applied to the forehead as treatment for headaches. One can also boil the lemon peel and drink the water several times a day to help in getting rid of a migraine and also as a good way of promoting healthy bowel movement.

Primrose Oil as a Home Remedy for Migraine

Primrose Oil Properties: Primrose oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help in treating migraine by keeping blood vessels from constricting. It is therefore considered to be among the best natural remedies for migraine treatment and is highly recommended.

Using Primrose Oil as a Treatment for Migraine:
The oil can be made at home by crushing the plant or it can be bought ready to use at the store. The oil should then be applied to the forehead or the part of the head experiencing the pain. It can also be made into a drink by adding it to water with a little honey.

Henna as a Natural Remedy for Migraine

Henna Properties: Henna contains important minerals and compounds found to work effectively in eliminating migraines. It relieves pain by aiding proper blood flow to the neck and head regions. This remedy offers fast relief for those experiencing extreme pain as a result of migraines.

Using Henna as a Cure for Migraine:
Dip the flowers of henna in a reasonable amount of vinegar and then gently but firmly rub the flowers on the forehead and the sides of the head, concentrating on the side experiencing the pain.

Chamomile Tea as a Home Remedy for Migraine

Chamomile Tea Properties: Chamomile contains anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties which are effective in the treatment of migraine. The tea also helps in soothing the body, allowing it to calm down and relieving any muscle tension. It is one of the most useful home remedies for the treatment of this ailment.

Using Chamomile Tea as a Treatment for Migraine:
Take chamomile in its powder form or simply grind the herb into a fine powder. This powder can then be used to brew a tea by adding it to a cup of boiling water. It is best taken while the water is hot to provide fast relief to patients suffering from migraine.

Garlic as a Natural Remedy for Migraine

Garlic Properties: Garlic contains anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, making it helpful in the treatment of migraine. It is also a good detoxifier which helps in the treatment of migraine, among other ailments.

Using Garlic as a Cure for Migraine:
The garlic is best eaten in its raw form. A few cloves can be chewed or used in cooking. They can also be ground up in a small amount of water to make a paste which can then be applied to the forehead and the sides of the head as treatment for migraine. Garlic can be used on a regular basis as a diet for migraine prevention.

Other Home Remedies for Migraine

Mix spinach juice with carrot juice and drink the mixture several times a day for the treatment of migraine.

Patients can also combine 100 ml each of carrot juice, cucumber and beet juice. The mixture can then be consumed at least twice a day for the effective treatment of migraine.

To help in cleansing the bowels, getting rid of wastes and flushing out toxins as a means of preventing migraines, a warm water enema should be used. This should also be adopted in the long run as a great way of preventing several other illnesses by keeping the body free of toxins and free of harmful wastes.

Take a towel and dip it in hot water. After wringing out the towel, place it on the forehead as a simple way of getting rid of migraines. Cold compresses can also be used on the neck and head to give fast relief from this ailment, which can prove to be very troublesome.

Use peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus and sandalwood oils for aromatherapy. These essential oils are known to be very effective in treating migraines by helping the muscles of the body relax, thereby promoting proper blood flow. Aromatherapy is a wonderful way of getting rid of unnecessary tension that leaves the body exhausted and sickly. The oils can be put in hot steaming water for a bath, to relax the body and ease migraine pain.

Take a few leaves of feverfew and crush them to come up with a paste. The paste can then be used on the forehead and other parts of the head, especially the side experiencing the pain, as a fast pain reliever. The remedy can also be found in powder form, which can be made into a paste by mixing the powder in a small amount of water. The paste can then be applied to the affected areas. This home remedy for migraines is effective in dealing with the pain and is highly recommended.

Grind up fresh sandalwood root and then apply to the forehead as a way of eliminating the pain that comes with migraine. The paste should be left to dry on the forehead and then rubbed off. This is one of the very best home remedies for the treatment of migraine as it also helps in relaxing body muscles.

Diet for Migraine and other Precautions

One of the best things an individual can do to keep the body healthy is to maintain healthy dietary behaviors. This is the only way of keeping the immune system healthy and strong to fight the illnesses to which the body is exposed every single day.

Patients suffering from migraines can undertake a juice fast with the only meals being fresh fruits and fresh fruit juices. Water can also be included in the fast as it helps to keep the body well hydrated. This is a good way of initially cleansing the body by flushing out toxins and wastes, thereby aiding in the healing process. Besides drinking orange juice for this fast, celery, carrot and cucumber juices are also good alternatives.

Adopt a healthy and well-balanced diet for migraines, which should consist of nuts, vegetables, grains, fruits and seeds. Milk, as well as milk products like buttermilk and yogurt, should also be consumed as part of a migraine prevention diet.

Avoid foods which are produced using white flour, which are preserved or which are tinned as they lack the proper nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy. Foods which are too salty, too greasy or too sugary should also be avoided as they only tend to worsen the condition.

Take a few grams of ginkgo biloba extract and add to water. This should then be consumed at least two times a day as diet for migraines. This herb is helpful in dealing with migraine as it helps to increase blood circulation which, in turn, provides relief from migraine pain. The mixture is best taken before meals to allow it to absorb well and give maximum relief.

Avoid foods which are too spicy or too hot as they can lead to illnesses of the digestive system which then contribute to various other illnesses.

Ensure that you get enough exercise. Exercises targeting the neck area are best when trying to get rid of the pain that comes with this condition. Massage sessions can also help with migraines, especially with concentration on the strained muscles that are likely to cause the headaches.

Include foods rich in vitamins at every meal during the day. Patients can also take minerals and multivitamins to supply the body with all the nutrients it requires, promoting proper functioning of the body.

Increase your intake of foods rich in vitamin C as this vitamin is essential in reducing the occurrence of migraine. It also plays a crucial role in dealing with numbness of the limbs, a common symptom of migraine, making it one of the most beneficial home remedies for this illness.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight when suffering from migraine as the bright light only worsens the situation by irritating the eyes.

Drinking alcohol and smoking should be eliminated since they are known to trigger cases of migraine.

Take some time to meditate when suffering from a migraine to help release tension and anxiety which could be causing the pain. Frequent meditation is essential in preventing future migraine attacks and should therefore be taken into consideration.

Be sure to drink enough water every single day to keep the body well hydrated, thereby keeping the condition at manageable levels.

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