Home Remedies for Urticaria

Urticaria also referred to as hives is a disorder that is characterized by weal formation in the skin. It also goes by the name "nettle rash" as it resembles the rash caused by nettles or that of a bee sting. This disease can be acute, recurrent or chronic depending on the intensity and the underlying cause.

This skin disease comes with a variety of symptoms, which are notable. It is mainly characterized by white and red patches on some skin areas. The patches are mostly itchy, stinging and may also have an intense burning. The patients suffering from the situation may find it irresistible to scratch or rub the skin affected, which only aggravates the problem further. There may eventually develop bumps which vary from very tiny to big ones after scratching, but they normally fade away within a short period of time; at times even within an hour.

Other symptoms of urticaria are fever, prostration and digestive disorders. Although it is common for the symptoms to disappear within some period of time, they normally tend to reappear. The known causes of the skin disease are drugs such as penicillin, aspirin and quinine, digestive disorders, certain foods, emotional excitement and bug bites.

Urticaria can be a very irritating disease that requires attention if the patient is to recover fully. There are simple home remedies for the treatment of the disease that have proven to be very effective to patients suffering from this common condition. The natural remedies for Urticaria are mostly made of natural herbs and simple home products that have essential properties of fighting this disease. They are preferred by most people because they are easy to find and use besides being inexpensive and effective.

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Home Remedies for Urticaria

Salt as a Home Remedy for Urticaria

Salt Properties: Salt has antiseptic and other healing properties that have been found to work well with urticaria conditions that happen as a result of digestive disorders. The remedy helps in soothing the stomach by inducing vomiting, which then leaves the patient feeling relieved from the condition.

Using Salt as a Treatment for Urticaria:
dissolve a few grams of salt in water and then drink it to get rid of the symptoms, hence eliminating the disease. The intake should also manage to cure any skin eruptions that are present on the skin areas. This should be used until there is an improvement of the digestion process keeping the disease at bay. Salt is among the simplest natural remedies for the disease.

Red Ochre and Alum as a Natural Remedy for Urticaria

Red Ochre Properties: Red ochre and Alum have been found to have essential minerals which help in reducing the burning sensation and the itchiness that comes with urticaria. They are also amazing in dealing with the eruptions that appear on the skin, hence are popular modes of treating the disease.

Using Red Ochre and Alum as a Cure for Urticaria:
the substances are best used in powder form. They can be ground together to come up with a fine powder. The powder should then be mixed with a small amount of water before being applied onto the skin areas that are affected by the disease. This should be done twice a day until the weals appearing on the skin have cleared and there is no longer any itching of the skin.

Vinegar and Rose Water as a Home Remedy for Urticaria

Vinegar Properties: Vinegar and rose water both have anti-inflammatory and healing properties making them some of the most popular natural remedies for urticaria. A combination of the two has proven to be more effective and beneficial to patients suffering from skin itching as a result of the eruptions, and it is therefore preferable to use the two together for better results.

Using Vinegar and Rose Water as a Treatment for Urticaria:
vinegar should be added to rose water and the two mixed well. The solution should then be applied thoroughly onto the affected areas of the skin to offer the desired relief. Patients should actually experience immediate relief from the itchiness on applying the solution.

Mint as a Natural Remedy for Urticaria

Mint Properties: The soothing property of mint is what has made one of the most useful home remedies for urticaria. It also has healing properties that take care of the skin eruptions leaving the skin looking smooth and beautiful. It is a remedy that is also used as a treatment for a variety of other skin conditions as it has proven to be very effective.

Using Mint as a Cure for Urticaria:
The leaves of mint should be added to boiling water and allowed to boil until only a small amount of the water is left. This should then be allowed to cool before straining and using it on the affected skin. The powder of mint leaves can also be mixed with brown sugar and added to water then taken to take care of the condition effectively.

Turmeric as a Home Remedy for Urticaria

Turmeric Properties: This remedy has anti-inflammatory properties, which help in curing the itchy skin eruptions giving relief to patients. It also helps in enhancing proper digestion keeping attacks of the disease at bay. It is one of the finest and popular natural remedies for the disease and is also used to treat a variety of other conditions.

Using Turmeric as a Treatment for Urticaria:
The herb is best taken in powder form. The powder should be added to a glass of water and then taken on a daily basis to provide an effective treatment. It can also be added in meals as a diet for the disease and also as a way of promoting proper digestion.

Rauwolfa as a Natural Remedy for Urticaria

Rauwolfa Properties: Rauwolfa herb has healing properties and antiseptic properties. It works by eliminating itching thereby promoting the speedy healing of skin eruptions. Although not many people know about the herb, it can easily be found in food stores or herbal stores as it has proven to be medicinal.

Using Rauwolfa as a Cure for Urticaria:
This root should be dried and ground into powder. The fine powder can then be added to water and drunk as a simple way of taking care of the disease. A gram of the powder is enough for every glass of water, and should be taken on a daily basis until the desired results from the condition are achieved.

Chamomile as a Home Remedy for Urticaria

Chamomile Properties: Chamomile improves the healing speed of urticaria as it has calming effects to the body. Most people tend to make the condition worse by exposing the body to situations that are stressful. This remedy helps calm the nerves and is also very good in healing the skin eruptions.

Using Chamomile as a Treatment for Urticaria:
Chamomile tea should be prepared using the fresh leaves or powder of the herb. There are also tea bags available in stores, which can be used to help the nerves relax. The tea can be taken several times a day to help in speeding up the healing process offering relief to patients especially those suffering from the chronic cases of urticaria.

Cornstarch as a Natural Remedy for Urticaria

Cornstarch Properties: Cornstarch has proven to be beneficial in dealing with cases of hives as it has essential minerals and compounds. Apart from reducing the itching and the skin swellings, it helps in clearing the weals from the skin leaving it looking as beautiful as ever. It is also used widely as treatment for a variety of other conditions.

Using Cornstarch as a Cure for Urticaria:
The remedy should be measured with half of a cup of cornstarch to half of a tub of bathing water. Baking soda of the same amount should be added to the mixture and stirred before the patient soaks the body for several minutes. This should be done at least once daily until the desired results from the treatment are achieved.

Aloe Vera as a Home Remedy for Urticaria

Aloe Vera Properties: Aloe Vera has a variety of properties among them anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It is therefore one of the most popular and widely used home remedies for skin diseases among other diseases and infections to which the body is exposed. The herb is actually used widely as an ingredient for major beauty products as it has the needed minerals to promote good health.

Using Aloe Vera as a Treatment for Urticaria:
The herb should be cut down the middle to help in the easy application of the gel. It is advisable to get rid of the sharp edges first to avoid injuring the skin when applying the gel. The gel should be thoroughly applied onto the affected areas of the skin and left to dry before washing it off. This can be done on a daily basis until the weals have completely healed and disappeared from the skin.

Cayenne as a Natural Remedy for Urticaria

Cayenne Properties: The healing properties of this remedy are what make it stand out in the treatment of hives. It is one of those remedies that are used for treating a variety of diseases and health conditions as it has essential minerals and compounds found to be effective in achieving the desired results within a short period of use.

Using Cayenne as a Cure for Urticaria:
Cayenne pepper powder is the best to use when suffering from hives. It should be mixed in water to make a paste which should then be applied to the skin areas that have the infection. The pepper can also be added in meals and taken as a diet for the disease or taken in capsule form, which can be found in drug stores.

Olive Oil as a Home Remedy for Urticaria

Olive Oil Properties: Olive oil has healing and soothing properties which have made it a great remedy for skin conditions including hive attacks. The remedy is largely used to promote the good health of the skin. It works on the weals by soothing the itchiness and burning sensation away thereby speeding up the healing process of the skin. It is among the best natural remedies for the disease.

Using Olive Oil as a Treatment for Urticaria:
The oil should be applied directly onto the skin areas that have the rash. Patients should find fast relief from the itchiness and burning, but it is advisable to continue the treatment for several days to ensure that the condition is cured.

Grapefruit as a Natural Remedy for Urticaria

Grapefruit Properties: Grapefruit has healing properties and also helps in improving digestion. It is therefore especially wonderful for people suffering from hives that are a result of digestive disorders, as it promotes good digestion. The remedy is also used widely as a treatment for a variety of other diseases and conditions.

Using Grapefruit as a Cure for Urticaria:
Seeds of the grapefruit should be pounded to get the extract. They can then be mixed with olive oil and applied or sprayed onto the skin that is affected by the disease. The seeds can also be added in meals as a diet for the condition and should be taken until there is an obvious improvement in the situation.

Other Home Remedies for Urticaria

Mix cornstarch and oatmeal and then make a paste before applying onto the skin. The paste should be allowed to stay on the skin for 30 minutes before washing it off. This should be repeated several times a day.

Another simple way of treating hives is going for a swim in water that has chlorine. The chlorine levels in the water helps in soothing the itchiness, hence it speeds up the healing process of the skin rashes. This is among the simplest but effective home remedies for hives.

Add lemon juice in water and drink it during meals to promote proper digestion of the food. This is a good way of preventing the occurrence of hives especially for people who have the tendency to face chronic cases of the disease. It is also a simple way of flushing out toxins and wastes from the body.

Patients can also make a point of drinking warm water regularly during the day to keep the disease under control. To get rid of the itchiness and burning skin sensation, wrap a few ice cubes in a piece of cloth then place them on the skin areas affected. A towel can also be dipped in cold water and placed on the skin to provide fast relief from the itchy situation.

Dip a cotton cloth in milk of magnesia and apply the milk onto the skin as a way of relieving the irritation. The alkaline solution has proven to be amazingly helpful in dealing with the condition.

Apply Vitamin E oil to the skin at least two times daily until you get the desired results from the condition.

Take several papaya pieces and mash them into a pulp before applying it to the rash. The remedy has cooling and soothing properties, which provide relief from the irritation and itchiness that comes with the skin disease. The fruit can also be taken as a diet for the disease.

Diet for Urticaria and other Precautions

Increase intakes of foods that are rich in Vitamin E, C and zinc as they have proven to be beneficial in getting rid of the disease. The Vitamins can also be taken in pill form and until the situation has cleared.

Daily diet should include foods that are highly concentrated with Vitamin A as well. The essential vitamin can be found in fruits such as oranges, papayas, pineapples and grapes among others.

Increase intakes of fresh, green, leafy vegetables as they keep the body well supplied with all essential nutrients and minerals.

Avoid exposing the affected skin areas to too much heat as this only makes the situation worse.

Packaged and processed foods should be avoided as they only aggravate the disease.

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