Home Remedies for Cellulite

About Cellulite

Presenting an “Orange peel” or “Cottage cheese” texture, cellulite gives an unpleasant appearance to the skin on certain body parts like thighs, stomach, buttocks and hip. This bumpy look is due to accumulation of unnecessary fats in these areas. This fatty substance gets accumulated below the skin that covers the human body. Regardless of size, weight and body shape, women are mostly affected by this syndrome, as they have a different type of fat, muscle and connective tissue (Septae) when compared to men and so they suffer from cellulite disorder more often. Cellulite occurs because the connective tissue, or Septae, is pushed downwards whereas the fat cells, which are tightly packed by Septae, are moved upwards, causing the lumps.

Fat which is solely responsible for Cellulite is more visible than fat which is present deep inside our body. As one gains weight, the cellulite grows bumpier and causes a dimpling effect on our body. It occurs during pregnancy in ladies. As one grows older, the skin texture becomes thinner and thus the visibility of fat accumulation is clearer than in younger people.

Cellulite disorder develops in five stages as given below

  • Blood microcirculation, Lymphatic drainage and venous flows are not functioning well.
  • Capillaries and veins become feeble as the blood circulation is improper.
  • Piling up of Lymphatic fluids after few months will cause lumps on outer skin.
  • Lymphatic fluid makes the connective tissues starve for oxygen and so it becomes thicker. This in turn makes the fat cells thicker and so lumps are visible on skin.
  • Due of re-routing of blood, Septae become highly fibrous and so fat cells are trapped very well by the stagnant lymphatic fluids. All these factors form a honey comb mesh which appears to be the hallmark of Cellulite Disorder.

Symptoms of Cellulite

Following are the symptoms of Cellulite
  • Lumps on inside surface of thighs and knees
  • Skin will be of elastic consistency
  • No mobility in skin and it cannot be squeezed
  • Pain caused when the skin is touched
  • Bruises occur quite easily and often

Factors which lead to Cellulite

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes in women
  • Pregnancy
  • Stressful life
  • Torpid lifestyle
  • Smoking
  • Tissue damage caused by Harsh Massage
  • Liposuctions and pelvic surgeries
  • Improper functioning of Lymphatic system
  • Obesity

  1. Home Remedies
  2. Other Remedies
  3. Diet
  4. Other Precautions

Home Remedies for Cellulite

Grapefruit as Natural remedy for Cellulite

Grapefruit Properties: Grapefruit, which is rich in Vitamin C and Potassium, is a wonderful natural remedy for an array of diseases. Red and pink grapefruits are rich in vitamins due to the presence of Carotene. It is high in fiber and is beneficial in cases of diabetes and blood cholesterol. Being rich in bioflavonoids, grapefruit is the perfect cure for heart diseases and cancer. It is a well known natural remedy with enhanced properties like digestive, appetizer, tonic stomachic and diuretic. A serving of grapefruit contributes only 100 calories and thus is the best food to be included to reduce excess fat. Pectin, a soluble fiber in grapefruit, helps to controls blood cholesterol.

Treatment for Cellulite using Grapefruit:
Intake of grapefruit, either as freshly made juice or as raw fruit, will help to reduce the lumps caused by the deposition of fat cells in cases of Cellulite disorder.

Coconut Oil as Home remedy for Cellulite

Coconut Oil Properties: Coconut oil is one of the less expensive home remedies for cellulite. The presence of Capric acids, Caprylic acid, Caproic acid and Lauric acids makes it a medium chain fatty acid substance. These constituents make coconut oil a perfect cure for increasing HDL and reducing LDL cholesterols and thus enhance the metabolism of the human body. It thus serves as aid to weight loss. Being rich in Vitamin E, it makes the hair shiny and the skin healthy. It is also anti-microbial in nature. It is stomachic and antioxidant as well.

Treatment for Cellulite using Coconut Oil:
Gently massage the area infected by Cellulite using a handful of coconut oil. This will enhance the connective tissues and reduce the effects of Cellulite.

Almond Oil as Home remedy for Cellulite

Almond Oil Properties: Almond, the king of nuts, has high nutritional values, which make it one of the finest home remedies for various health ailments. It is easily digestible and also rich in protein which aids old people. It is the perfect cure for the formation of new red blood cells. It stabilizes the brain, nerves, bones, and heart. It is tonic in nature. It also acts as a cure for bronchitis.

Treatment for Cellulite using Almond Oil:
Apply a handful of almond oil over the lumps and massage gently. This will effectively reduce the effects of Cellulite.

Rosemary Oil as Natural remedy for Cellulite

Rosemary Oil Properties: Rosemary, nature's preservative, is an excellent natural remedy for healing many diseases. It soothes the digestive system. It is antimicrobial by nature. It helps to control food poisoning. Rosemary oil stimulates and invigorates physical and mental levels, increases blood circulation and is thus used for muscle relief, aches, pains etc. It effectively controls cold and cough caused by Flu. It is an excellent stimulant of the Adrenal Glands.

Treatment for Cellulite using Rosemary Oil:
Lumps caused by Cellulite can be reduced by gently massaging the area with a handful of rosemary oil. Rosemary oil will enhance the connective tissue by stabilizing the blood circulation.

Saunf Oil as Natural remedy for Cellulite

Saunf Oil Properties: Saunf, otherwise termed Fennel, is enriched with minerals and vitamins which makes it one of the best natural remedies for treating cellulite. The oil extracted from Fennel seeds serves as a natural remedy for several disorders. The ingredients of this oil are as follows, anethole, fenchone, palmitic acid, and petroselinic acid. It is aromatic, carminative and anti-spasmodic by nature. It is the finest cure for digestive disorders. Saunf is a strong stimulant and appetizer.

Treatment for Cellulite using Saunf Oil:
Mix equal portions of Almond oil, Rosemary Oil and Saunf Oil. Apply this mix over the lumps and massage gently to reduce the fat content. Saunf oil is an ideal cure for Cellulite.

Echinacea as Natural remedy for Cellulite

Echinacea Properties: The immune system of the human body is much benefited by Echinacea, which is one of the best natural remedies for many health ailments like flu, digestive disorders etc. Its roots serve as a cure for toothaches and sore throats. Hyaluronidase compound found in it helps to keep the connective tissue (Septae) healthy. Its anti-bacterial properties are well known. This herb is a fine stimulant and enhances the functioning of the lymphatic fluid system.

Treatment for Cellulite using Echinacea:
Brew a cup of tea using a handful of dried Echinacea roots. Consume this tea twice daily to make the lymphatic system function well and thus eliminating Cellulite.

Poke Root as Home remedy for Cellulite

Poke Root Properties: Poke root is an alternative home remedy for curing many diseases. It is an excellent detoxifying agent and stimulates the metabolism very well. It eliminates rheumatism and conjunctivitis and is one of the best anti-cancer herbs. It makes the lymphatic system healthy and is used as a poultice or internally to reduce the lumps. It can be used externally for uterine cancer. It also aids in fighting breast cancer.

Treatment for Cellulite using Poke Root:
Brew a cup of tea using dried Poke root herb. Drink this tea twice to strengthen the Lymphatic System. One can also use this herb in a poultice to reduce the lumps caused by Cellulite.

Cleavers as Home remedy for Cellulite

Cleavers Properties: Cleavers is not only edible but also an effective home remedy for several disorders. It effectively controls blood cholesterol and thus aids in weight loss. Cleavers has the same aroma as coffee and so it can substitute for coffee. The dried herbs are astringent, diaphoretic, diuretic, depurative etc. It is an ideal detoxifying agent in curing cancer. Its main ingredients are Flavanoids, Tannin, organic acids, citric acids etc. It is also laxative in nature and thus soothes the digestive system. The infusion of this herb acts as a cure for cystitis and glandular fever. It strengthens the lymphatic system and heals many skin problems.

Treatment for Cellulite using Cleavers:
Make a poultice using the fresh juice extract or using the dried herb. Use this poultice daily over lumps caused by Cellulite and will gradually aid in curing this disorder.

Coffee Powder as Home remedy for Cellulite

Coffee Powder Properties: The presence of caffeine makes it a refreshing and stimulating substance. Caffeine is a well known alkaloid. Being a stimulant, coffee increases the pulse rate and enhances the heart. It is anti-soporific in nature. Freshly roasted and ground coffee is an excellent disinfectant. It also serves as a cure for spasmodic asthma. It replaces quinine in the treatment of malaria. The combination of coffee and pepper does wonders for rheumatic patients. The vapors of freshly prepared coffee will benefit the eyesight. It further enhances the blood flow throughout the body

Treatment for Cellulite using Coffee Powder:
Apply a paste of freshly ground coffee powder over the lumps. This will increase the blood flow in those areas and thus minimize the effects of Cellulite.

Apple Cider Vinegar as Home remedy for Cellulite

Apple Cider Vinegar Properties: Apple cider vinegar is one of best home remedies for diabetes. It stabilizes the blood pressure and cholesterol. It is anti microbial in nature and thus serves as a cure for earache and candida. It is an excellent skin detoxifier and reduces weight. It cures digestive disorders. However, being alkaline in nature, in a concentrated form it can destroy the esophagus of the digestive tract and also affect the enamel of teeth and can cause scars and allergies on the skin if it comes in contact with it.

Treatment for Cellulite using Apple Cider Vinegar:
Add two tbsp of apple cider vinegar to a cup of warm water or to any juice and drink in the morning regularly to help to minimize the occurrence of fat cells just below the overlying skin layer.

Cayenne as Natural remedy for Cellulite

Cayenne Properties: The reputation of Cayenne makes it one of the most renowned natural remedies for various health disorders. It increases human metabolism and so enhances the venous structure. It has astonishing effects on the circulatory system and induces the vital nutrients to flow into capillaries, veins, and arteries. It controls LDL and triglycerides and so heals heart disorders effectively. It aids the assimilation and elimination process of the intestine. It helps in rebuilding the flesh in case of frostbite. It also cures ulcers.

Treatment for Cellulite using Cayenne:
Add a pinch of Cayenne powder to a cup of water. Squeeze half a lemon into it. Take this mix regularly. This will help to eradicate the lumps of Cellulite.

Other Home Remedies for Cellulite

Skin cream made up of Kola nut, Ivy, Barley, Strawberry, Sweet Clover and algae will serve as an excellent Anti-Cellulite cream. This cream is a fine natural remedy for Cellulite.

One can also mix 3 parts of cider vinegar with any massage oil and knead the affected area to reduce the lumps. This is one of the best natural remedies for Cellulite.

Diet for Cellulite

Avoid foods with additives for reducing the lumps.

Food items made of refined flour should be eliminated from the diet for Cellulite.

Exclude caffeine intake from the diet for Cellulite except when being applied topically as an Anti- Cellulite cream.

Fish can be added to the diet for removing Cellulite.

Chicken and mutton are high in fat and must be avoided for reducing the effects of Cellulite.

Fat free dairy products can be included in the diet for Cellulite.

Drinking plenty of water will cleanse the skin. This is the simplest diet for minimizing Cellulite lumps.

Other Precautions Against Cellulite:

Avoid junk foods like chats, pizza, burger etc

Keep away from alcohol and smoking.

Workouts which benefit the stomach, thighs, hip and buttock will prevent cellulite.

Indulge in household works like cleaning the rooms, kitchen works etc, as they will help you to burn the fat in body.

Yoga and Pranayam are the natural way to prevent the Cellulite problems.

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