Home Remedies for Jaundice

Jaundice is a condition characterized by yellowing of the skin and the white parts of the eyes. The condition is mostly as a result of high levels of bilirubin inside the body. Jaundice is also a common disorder of the liver, resulting from bile duct obstruction or failure of the liver cells to produce the needed bile. Bile is an essential element, as it plays a big role in the digestion process. It is actually the digestive fluid in the body, and a prevention of this product to reach the intestines leads to increased cases of gases.

Jaundice is caused by a variety of aspects which include bile duct blockage, liver disease caused by excessive alcohol consumption and acute hepatitis. Cancer of the pancreas and hemolytic anemia are other causes of the condition, which can attack people of all ages. The condition does not just affect adults suffering from various medical conditions, as it is also quite common in newborns.

The major symptoms patients suffering from this condition will experience include headaches, extreme body weakness, loss of appetite, fever and constipation which can be severe. Others are nausea and yellow discoloration of the tongue, urine, skin and the eyes. Some patients will also feel some pain around the liver region, as well as itching in some parts of the body.

When suffering from the condition, there are a several home remedies for jaundice that one can try to treat and cure it without the need to take other forms of medication. The natural remedies for jaundice are better options as they do not have any side effects on the patients taking them and should therefore be tried before engaging synthetic drugs, which may cause other side effects. The home remedies for jaundice have been tested and proven to work effectively.

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Home Remedies for Jaundice

Radish Leaves as Home Remedy for Jaundice

Radish Leaves Properties: Radish leaves contain valuable compounds which assist in proper bowel evacuations as well as in inducing appetite. The remedy is very effective in the treatment of jaundice among other conditions affecting the digestive system.

Using Radish Leaves as Treatment for Jaundice:
Take the leaves and pound them to extract juice using a piece of sieve. The extracted juice should then be taken on a daily basis in the measurements of half a liter per day for grownups. Although the results are gradual, the condition should be completely cured within ten days of drinking the juice.

Tomato as a Natural Remedy for Jaundice

Tomato Properties: Tomato is rich in minerals which work by enhancing proper digestion by providing the proper nutrients, thereby acting as one of most popular natural remedies for treating jaundice. The vegetable is a great jaundice remedy and is simple in using and finding, as most kitchens do not lack tomatoes.

Using Tomato as Cure for Jaundice:
Make fresh tomato juice and then add a little salt into the juice. Some pepper should also be added into the juice to give better results. This remedy is best taken first thing in the morning while the stomach is still empty. The remedy is very effective in dealing with the disease.

Snake Gourd Leaves as Home Remedy for Jaundice

Snake Gourd Properties: Snake gourd leaves have essential medicinal properties for the treatment of jaundice. The leaves are not commonly known, but they have been in use in treating varying diseases and conditions especially those affecting the digestive system.

Using Snake Gourd Leaves as Natural Remedy for Jaundice:
Take dry leaves of the snake gourd plant and boil in water. Separately make a concoction of coriander seeds, then take a mixture of the two concoctions on a daily basis, at least three times, to get relief and complete treatment from the condition.

Pigeon Pea Leaves as Home Remedy for Jaundice

Pigeon Pea Leaves Properties: Pigeon pea leaves help in improving jaundice as they contain minerals which enhance bile production, hence proper food digestion in the body. The leguminous beans are very nutritious and should also be taken as a diet for jaundice.

Treating Jaundice Using Pigeon Pea Leaves:
Extract juice from the leaves by crushing them while well wrapped with a piece of cloth. Take at least 60 ml of the juice on a daily basis as an effective way of treating and curing jaundice. The remedy is one of the best natural remedies for treating jaundice.

Almonds as Home Remedy for Jaundice

Almonds Properties: Almonds contain a variety of properties making them a good remedy for various conditions of the respiratory and digestive systems. They have been tested and proven to be very effective in treating jaundice, especially when used together with other things such as cardamoms and dates.

Using Almonds as Cure for Jaundice:
Take at least 8 kernels of almonds, five cardamom seeds and two dates and soak them in water. The water should be left to sit overnight with the seeds in it to allow easy removal of the almond's coating and the dried date’s inner seeds. After removing, rub to make a paste and add sugar and butter. Mix well before taking the mixture several times a day.

Sugarcane Juice as Home Remedy for Jaundice

Sugarcane Juice Properties: The various minerals found in sugarcane juice helps patients recover from jaundice within a short period of time by enhancing proper food digestion and liver functions.

Treating Sugarcane Juice as Treatment for Jaundice:
Take a glass of the juice and mix with lime juice. This should then be taken at least two times daily to treat jaundice. The sugarcane should be well cleaned before extraction of the juice is done, as it carries a lot of dirt, which could end up aggravating the situation.

Lemon as a Natural Remedy for Jaundice

Lemon Properties: The anti-inflammatory properties found in the lemon makes it a great remedy for various conditions, among them jaundice. The remedy works well in unblocking bile ducts and is, therefore, highly recommended for people suffering from the condition.

Using Lemon as Cure for Jaundice:
Simply squeeze juice from a couple of lemons and add in a glass of water. The mixture should be taken several times during the day, but not less than three times a day, as a way of protecting liver cells from damage.

Barley Water as Home Remedy for Jaundice

Barley Water Properties: Barley contains lots of minerals and nutrients found to be effective in dealing with jaundice and other conditions of the digestive system.

Using Barley Water as Treatment for Jaundice:
Boil a cup of barley water in three liters of water and allow it to simmer for about three hours. The water should then be taken several times throughout the day to effectively treat jaundice.

Jaundice Berry as Home Remedy for Jaundice

Jaundice Berry Properties: Jaundice berry is a useful herb in the treatment of jaundice and works by improving liver function and bile production, thereby, dealing with the condition from the root.

Treating Jaundice Using Jaundice Berry:
Make juice using the herbs bark and take a teaspoonful several times on a daily basis to effectively cure jaundice.

Chamomile as Natural Remedy for Jaundice

Chamomile Properties: Chamomile has medicinal value and contains minerals which are effective in treating cases of jaundice. The herb also contains laxative compounds which deal with cases of constipation, enhancing the healing process of the disease.

Using Chamomile as Treatment for Jaundice:
To improve liver functions, simply make tea using the herb and take once per day for several weeks. Although the remedy gives quick relief from the condition, it should be taken regularly as a preventative measure from jaundice.

Turmeric as Remedy for Jaundice

Turmeric Properties: Turmeric contains beneficial minerals with the ability to treat cases of jaundice. The powder is one of the best and the most commonly used remedy for jaundice, as it is very effective in dealing with the disease.

Treating Jaundice Using Turmeric:
Add a tablespoon of the powder to a glass of water and mix well. The mixture should then be taken at least thrice per day to get rid of jaundice symptoms, as well as completely cure the condition.

Indian Gooseberry as Remedy for Jaundice

Indian Gooseberry Properties: The Indian gooseberry has been in use for the longest time and is famed for the various medicinal properties it has in treating common diseases, among them jaundice. The herb also known as Amla is great in improving liver functions, which in turn reduces jaundice and eventually cures the condition.

Using Indian Gooseberry as Treatment for Jaundice:
Make juice from the herb by mashing and then add to a glass of water before taking. The juice is effective within a few days of use and should, therefore, be taken on a daily basis till the symptoms have completely disappeared.

Papaya Leaves and Jaundice

Papaya Leaves Properties: Papaya leaves contain lots of minerals and nutrients effective in dealing with a variety of conditions affecting the digestive system. This is one of the best natural remedies for jaundice remedy which have been tested and proven to be effective, as it improves liver function by improving bowel activities.

Treating Jaundice Using Papaya Leaves:
Take the tender leaves of papaya and grind well to come up with a paste. Add a little honey into the paste and lick to cure jaundice. The mixture can also be added to water before taking, to get quick relief from the condition. This is one of the most effective cures for jaundice.

Other Home Remedies for Jaundice

Roast bottle gourd and then mash to allow proper juice extraction from the gourd. Take the juice and add a little sugar to taste before then drinking the concoction once daily. This is an effective cure for jaundice and is widely used.

Mix lime juice, mint and ginger juice and then drink the mixture to relieve symptoms of jaundice.

Make carrot juice and drink several times a day to effectively treat jaundice. The juice can also be taken regularly as diet for jaundice as it contains very important minerals.

Take lemon plant leaves and add to boiling water for about five minutes. As the water boils, ensure that it is well covered to keep the fumes in. This should then be taken daily, at least four times, as a useful natural remedy for the condition.

Take buttermilk and then add roasted alum, before drinking three times daily. The remedy is great in improving liver functions, thereby, treating jaundice. Black pepper can also be added into buttermilk and blended well before consuming. The mixture is best taken at least three times a day to improve liver functions, preventing cases of jaundice.

Crush ripe banana to make a pulp and then add a teaspoonful of honey. Eat the mixture two times daily as an effective cure for jaundice. The remedy is quite simple and is among the most beneficial in dealing with jaundice.

Grind one Indian aloe leaf, then mix with ginger and black salt. This should then be added into a reasonable amount of water and taken on a daily basis for ten consecutive days to completely cure jaundice.

Take all parts of chicory and make a concoction using a liter of water. The mixture is best taken once a day to effectively promote liver functions, and hence treat jaundice.

Take roasted gram and crush to make a powder. The powder is then mixed with sugarcane juice and drunk once daily. The juice should be measured in a glass and taken as a daily dosage for jaundice treatment. The remedy gives permanent result as it inhibits future jaundice attacks.

Take bael tree leaves and grind before mixing in water. The remedy is very effective in treating severe jaundice cases. It should therefore be taken once on a daily basis.

Make a half cup of beetroot juice and squeeze a lemon into it to effectively cure jaundice. The remedy gives positive results within a short period of use, making it very effective.

Diet for Jaundice and Precautions

Always ensure that your diet is well balanced and healthy.

Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables as they contain essential minerals and nutrients. It is also important to ensure that you drink enough water on a daily basis to keep the body well hydrated and functioning well.

Diet for jaundice should be light in carbohydrates to keep the condition at bay.

Avoid oily foods, canned food, junk and fast foods which interfere with the digestion process increasing the chances of getting jaundice.

Avoid stimulating beverages such as alcohol, tea and coffee. People suffering from the condition should also stop smoking, as it only aggravates the problem.

Increase your intake of foods rich in calcium, iron and other important minerals as diet for jaundice, as well as quicken the healing process.

Always ensure that you boil your water before drinking and avoid taking unpasteurized milk.

Personal hygiene is highly recommended to ensure that the body remains as healthy as it should be and strong enough to fight diseases and infections.

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