Home Remedies for Cough

A cough is a symptom of tightened and blocked airways and it is the body’s natural way of getting rid of the mucus and foreign material found on the throat area as well as the lungs that interfere with the functioning of the respiratory system. It can be classified into productive and non productive cough.

In productive cough there is presence of mucus coming with the cough while the nonproductive one is majorly dry and without any mucus coming from the lungs and throat. A cough can attack any person regardless of age and it can be classified into chronic or acute depending on the length of time it lasts. Scientifically, a cough is generally a reflex action triggered by stimulated sensory nerves around the respiratory passage lining through which a human being breathes.

The main causes of a cough include asthma, changes in weather condition and allergic reactions towards pollen grains, chemical fumes, smoke and dust as well as smoking. It can also be as a result of pharynx or larynx inflammation. Most people do not take treatment measures for coughs as they wait for them to go away on their own. While this does happen in some cases, there are coughs which are persistent and need attention. Some can be irritating and even cause pain when left untreated, hence the need to have any cough under control.

A number of people will rush to the nearest drug store to get syrups and other medications in order to treat coughs. However, among the very best treatments is the use of natural home remedies for coughs which have been proven to work wonders without posing any health dangers. The good thing about the natural remedies for coughs is that they do not have any side effects, are inexpensive, easy to use and effective.

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Home Remedies for Cough

Almonds as Home Remedy for Cough

Pineapple as a Home Remedy Properties: Almonds have proven to be very effective in the treatment of coughs as they contain anti-inflammatory properties that are quite beneficial. They are particularly very good for dry cough or non productive cough which can be painful.

Using Almonds as Treatment for Cough:
Soak almonds in water and then make a paste after you remove their outer brown skin. The paste should also include sugar and butter and taken twice daily during morning and evening hours. For easy removal of the skin, soak at least 7 almond kernels overnight, then make the paste in the morning.

Grapes as Natural Remedy for Coughs

Properties:The minerals found in grapes act as expectorant making them very effective in toning the lungs and relieving coughs as well as colds within a short time of use. The juice extracted from grapes is widely used in treating respiratory conditions as well as heart conditions.

Using Grapes as Cure for Cough:
For fast cough relief, combine the juice with a little honey. The mixture works by loosening mucus and cleaning the passages, thereby improving and eventually treating coughs. Simply take 3 tablespoons together with one tablespoon of honey to effectively cure the cough. This is among the very best and most helpful home remedies, especially for dry cough.

Onion as a Home Remedy for Cough

Properties: Onions are known for their antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties making them very effective in dealing with various problems, among them cough. The medicinal minerals found in the vegetable work by removing phlegm, hence clearing blocked airways and effectively treating the cough.

Using Onion as Treatment for Cough:
Chop and extract onion juice and mix well with honey in equal amounts. The mixture should then be allowed to sit for at least five hours to come up with syrup which should then be taken twice every day. You can also boil a crushed onion together with lemon and add honey, then take at least three times daily. This home remedy has proved to be efficient and helpful to patients within a short period of use.

Turmeric as a Home Remedy for Cough

Properties:Turmeric possesses great medicinal properties known to improve breathing and loosen congested chests, thereby dealing with coughs in a very effective manner. It works by loosening mucus and clearing blocked or congested mucus membrane and is considered to be a very good home remedy for cough.

Natural Remedies for Cough Using Turmeric:
Roast and grind turmeric root to come up with a powder. Take the powder and mix with carom seeds powder in water to make a paste. You can add some honey to taste and then take the mixture thrice daily. The powder can also be added in warm milk and taken twice daily for faster and effective results.

Raisins as Home Remedy for Cough

Properties: Raisins have been proven to contain nutrients and minerals that are good for the treatment of cough. The home remedy is commonly used in conditions affecting the respiratory system because of its effectiveness and is therefore credible for the treatment of cough.

Home Remedies for Cough Using Raisins:
Prepare a sauce using raisins and water and then add a reasonable amount of sugar before heating. The sauce should then be well preserved and 20 grams taken daily when going to bed. The remedy stands to be one of the best home remedies you can have for your cough.

Aniseed as a Home Remedy for Cough

Properties:Aniseed is a very useful home remedy for cough as it melts and removes mucus that accumulates in the chest and lungs as well as throat, thereby causing cough. It is especially very good for dry cough.

Using Aniseed as Cure for Cough:
Use the spice to make tea and drink regularly. If possible, patients should drink the tea up to three times in a day to effectively take care of the cough. Soon after drinking the tea, you will start experiencing some relief and eventually the cough will go away after consistent drinking.

Oranges as Home Remedy for Cough

Properties:The various minerals and nutrients found in oranges work well in relieving coughs and therefore the fruit has been widely used in taking care of coughs. The fruits are effective even in severe cases of cough when taken in the right way and dosages.

Cure for Cough Using Oranges:
Prepare fresh orange juice by squeezing the fruits and take three times daily. Patients experiencing severe cases of cough should take the extract in warm water to get fast relief. Other fruit juices can also be incorporated in this treatment as well as taking plain water regularly.

Garlic as a Home Remedy for Corns

Properties:Garlic has several antioxidant properties making it very good in treating a variety of diseases and conditions, among them coughs. The vegetable is perfect for coughs that prove to be persistent as it loosens the mucus and soothes the throat as well as relieves chest congestion.

Using Garlic as Treatment for Cough:
Add three garlic cloves in milk and let it boil till it reduces to half. Filter the milk and add some sugar to taste before drinking the solution when still hot. This should be done twice daily for fast and effective results. Garlic can also be used together with ginger to make tea after which you can add some lemon juice and honey to taste before taking the mixture on a daily basis. You will be amazed by how well this home remedy works leaving no stone unturned.

Black Pepper as a Natural Remedy for Cough

Properties:Black pepper contains essential compounds used in the treatment of cough. It works by loosening mucus and opening up the congested chest. It can be taken alone or mixed with other home remedies for effective results.

Home remedies for Cough Using Black Pepper:
Chew a few seeds of black pepper or fry them in oil to make them edible. If you find the seeds too bitter, you can add them in milk and drink the milk at least three times daily. You can also mix the seeds with cumin seeds and add salt to taste before chewing them to get rid of cough.

Lemon as a Home Remedy for Cough

Properties:Lemon is highly concentrated with Vitamin C which increases the resistance of the body against disease, thereby cutting down the duration of the disease. This property makes the fruit very efficient in dealing with coughs.

Using Lemon as Treatment for cough:
This home remedy is best taken in juice form that is diluted in warm water. One can add a little honey into the juice for taste and take two times daily for faster results. The lemon fruits still remain to be one of the best home remedies one can find when it comes to coughs.

Lady’s Fingers as a Natural Remedy for Cough

Properties:This vegetable is highly concentrated with mucilage that effectively deals with irritation, pain and swelling which develop as a result of coughing. It is especially very useful for dry coughs.

Natural Remedies for Cough Using Lady’s Fingers:
Cut the vegetable into medium pieces and boil in water to come up with a decoction. Apart from drinking the decoction, patients can inhale the steam coming out when it is boiling to open up blocked or congested airways. The decoction should be taken twice daily for best results.

Other Home Remedies for Cough

Take a pinch of white pepper that is grounded and add a teaspoon honey and take this at least thrice daily for the effective relief of cough. Taking this mixture for about a week will completely cure cough and is among the very best home remedies for cough.

Mix long pepper, dry ginger and black pepper in equal proportions and take the mixture together with some honey thrice daily. This useful home remedy gets rid of coughs within a short period of use and is highly recommended.

Mix ground ginger, apple cider vinegar and red pepper in water. Mix well and take a teaspoonful every time you experience coughing problems. This home remedy works every time and remains to be among the best.

Another way of getting rid of cough is gargling spinach juice that is warm, especially in cases involving dry cough. You can also take care of that dry cough by mixing cuscus grass with coconut milk, then adding honey to taste and drinking it before going to bed. You will definitely wake up feeling better.

Chew black pepper seeds with holy basil leaves to prevent ailments related to the respiratory system. You can also crush onions and add lemon juice before boiling and drink this thrice a day. You can add some honey to taste in this remedy.

Add 10 grams Sprague in water and let it boil for around 15 minutes. After it cools, add some salt and gargle two times daily to soothe your throat and clear mucus giving you relief.

Bring a cup of water to boil and pour it in a teaspoon Marjoram letting it sit for 15 minutes before drinking. This should be taken thrice daily as an effective home remedy for cough.

During the cold season, it is always best to protect yourself from cough attacks by drinking water two hours before moving your bowels at the break of the day as well as an hour before you take your food. This remedy never fails.

Boil eucalyptus leaves together with mint leaves and inhale the steam to help clear congested chest and lungs. This remedy is very useful in curing coughs. You can also drink liquor tea that contains honey, honey suckle or red raspberry as a way of effectively treating cough in a short period of time.

Make syrup using pure honey, comfrey tea and juice from baked onions; then drink the syrup on a daily basis to help stop coughing. Gargling warm salty water several times in a day also works wonders in relieving a cough since it works by clearing the phlegm mostly stuck in your throat.

Add three garlic cloves and oregano in boiling water and let it boil for about 5 minutes. You can then drink this directly or take it in milk as treatment for cough.

Drink a mixture of cinnamon, lemon juice and honey as well as eucalyptus boiled together for a few days to treat and completely cure your cough.

Precautions for Cough

Avoid taking foods or products that are chilled such as ice creams and soft drinks. If you have to take such products, then make sure that the intake is limited.

Cover your face using a handkerchief in the presence of allergens such as fumes, gases, smoke and dust. Make sure that you are well protected if you are allergic to such pollutants to keep coughs at bay.

Keep away from aromas that are not suitable for you as a means of preventing attacks of coughs. You can also make a point of taking a teaspoonful of honey daily if possible as a way of keeping coughs at bay.

Make sure that you live under hygienic conditions and quit smoking if you are a smoker. Too much alcohol consumption should also be avoided as it happens to reduce sugar levels in the blood, exposing the body to infections.

If possible, always avoid crowded places as this is how coughs are spread. Also ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly before handling food or eating.

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