Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are inflamed veins inside or outside the rectum. This inflammation is also commonly referred to as piles and is characterized by bleeding, itching and lots of pain. Blood vessels swell in the rectum, making it very painful to pass stool. External piles are those located outside the anus while internal piles are found inside the anal area. After the swelling, any amount of pressure exacted on the piles could end up bursting them, causing pain and bleeding.

The major causes of piles include constipation, chronic diarrhea, low fiber diets and pregnancy. Most pregnant women have hemorrhoid attacks during pregnancy due to increased blood flow as well as the heaviness that comes with an enlarged abdomen. Heavy lifting could also lead to the condition as well as consuming excessive amounts of condiments and spices.

Hemorrhoids develop in three different stages. The first stage is where they can be felt outside the anus during passage of stool after which they go back in. The next stage occurs when the hemorrhoids do not go back inside the anus, even after passing stool. At this stage, they can only get back in with some help. The last stage occurs when they can no longer go back inside, even after pressing inwards. This is the worst of all stages since it is accompanied by a lot of pain and itching, which could eventually lead to bleeding.

Piles can be extremely painful, making it hard for the sufferer to attend to normal duties. Therefore there is a great need to get help as soon as the growths develop. There are good natural remedies for hemorrhoids which have proven to be effective in dealing with this condition. The natural home remedies for piles are advantageous compared to other forms of treatment since they are inexpensive, easily accessible and quite easy to use. People who are too shy to disclose their condition suffer the most. But with natural remedies for piles, it is easy for such people to get the relief they need from this painful condition. The natural remedies for the hemorrhoids gives sufferers the chance to effective treat it in the privacy of their homes

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Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Yogurt as a Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Yogurt Properties: Yogurt has natural minerals which help to relieve the pain that comes with piles. This remedy is also very effective in reducing the inflammation which causes the extreme pain experienced by most people.

Using Yogurt as a Treatment for Hemorrhoids:
Take a bowl of yogurt and add tamarind and pomegranate juice. In a separate bowl combine ginger and corianders leaves and make a paste; combine this with the yogurt mix. After your meals, eat the yogurt mixture and repeat with every meal. In addition to reducing the pain, the mixture will promote proper bowel movements.

Onion as a Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Onoion Properties: Onion has anti-inflammatory properties which are effective in treating inflamed blood vessels. This is very helpful for healing the wounds associated with hemorrhoids, which can be very painful, and get rid of the piles over time. Raw onion is best when treating piles.

Using Onions as a Cure for Hemorrhoids:
Squeeze juice from raw onions and add sugar to taste. The mixture should be eaten at least twice daily for the best results. This is one of the very best natural home remedies for piles.

Aloe Vera as a Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Alovera Properties: Aloe vera is widely used for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. These properties are what make the plant useful and effective in treating hemorrhoids. It is one of the most effective home remedies for hemorrhoids.

Using Aloe Vera as a Cure for Hemorrhoids:
Aloe vera pulp should be applied directly to the anus to help relieve the pain associated with piles. This also eliminates the burning sensation most patients suffer from when suffering from this condition. This home remedy is very effective in treating hemorrhoids.

Cumin Seeds as a Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Cumin Seeds Properties: Cumin seeds contain important natural minerals and nutrients which are very effective in treating piles. They also contain fiber which enhances proper bowel movements, thereby reducing instances of constipation which only aggravate the condition.

Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids Using Cumin Seeds:
Roast a tablespoon of cumin seeds and mix with an equal amount of unroasted seeds. Grind the seeds to make a powder, which should be taken daily mixed in a glass of water. This home remedy has proven to be very effective in dealing with painful hemorrhoids.

Mango as a Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Mango Properties: Mangoes are rich in fiber, which is essential when treating hemorrhoids. The seeds are very effective in the treatment of piles as they contain anti-inflammatory properties. The seeds not only get rid of pain but also help in healing the painful growths completely.

Using Mangoes as a Cure for Hemorrhoids:
Extract the seeds from ripe mangoes and allow them to dry in the shade. After they are completely dry, grind them into a powder. Two tablespoons of this powder mixed with honey should be eaten twice daily during each piles attack. This is one of the simplest and most effective home remedies for piles.

Honey as a Natural Remedy for Honey

Honey Properties: Honey contains analgesic properties making it very effective in dealing with hemorrhoid pain. It also contains various minerals which enhance the healing process of piles thereby dealing with them effectively.

Using Honey as Treatment for Piles:
Mix some honey with a bowl of sliced onions. This should then be placed onto the hemorrhoids and covered with a woolen pad. This mixture should be removed after about 3 hours to effectively treat hemorrhoids.

Sesame Seeds as a Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Sesame Properties: Sesame seeds contain anti-inflammatory properties which greatly help patients suffering from piles by eliminating the pain as well as reducing the bleeding that comes with the condition.

Using Sesame Seeds as Treatment for Hemorrhoids:
Take a few grams of the seeds and add them into water. This should then be boiled then cooled and mashed. This should then be taken before meals especially by those experiencing bleeding from the piles. Some butter can be added to the paste before eating to effectively treat piles.

Banana as a Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Banana Properties: Bananas are rich in various minerals and nutrients which have been proven to be effective in eliminating the pain that comes with piles. This remedy can accurately be called one of the best cures ever found for hemorrhoids.

Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids Using Banana:
Mash a ripe sliced banana with milk to come up with a paste. The paste should then be applied onto the area of infection at least three times daily. Pain is typically relieved within a few minutes of applying the paste.

Psyllium as a Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Psyllium Properties: Psyllium acts as a laxative and is extremely demulcent which in perfect for treating constipation. In addition to effectively treating the effects of hemorrhoids, this herb is used in dealing with other conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and high cholesterol.

Using Psylluim as a Treatment for Hemorrhoids:
Mash a few leaves with a reasonable amount of water to make a paste. The paste should then be applied directly onto the piles. It can also be mixed with water and a little sugar and drunk once daily after a meal to avoid constipation.

White Oak Bark as a Remedy for Piles

White oak bark Properties: White oak bark contains astringent properties which strengthen the vascular walls by encouraging tightening of the proteins in the tissue. It also soothes tissues that are inflamed, hence its effectiveness in treating hemorrhoids.

Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids Using White Oak Bark:
The bark should be boiled in water and the solution drunk on a daily basis. Honey can be added to the mixture to improve the taste. Patients can also crush the dried bark into powder from which a paste can be made and applied onto the hemorrhoids to soothe inflamed tissues. This remedy is also very good in dealing with diarrhea.

Other Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Make a paste using slippery elm and apply to the hemorrhoids as a way of soothing and softening the tissues, making them less painful. The paste can also be added to water to make a solution which should then be drunk.

Witch hazel is another amazing plant when it comes to treating piles. Patients should simply make a paste and apply onto bleeding piles so as to stop blood flow. It is also a good way of reducing hemorrhoid secretions.

Take several turnips and extract their juice. The juice can then be mixed with carrot and spinach juices and taken at least twice daily. This remedy is extremely effective in curing hemorrhoids completely. It can also be eaten as part of one’s diet for treating the condition.

Extract the juice from a white radish and add a little honey before applying the mixture onto the area of infection. This treatment is highly recommended and is an effective cure for piles.

Boil pomegranate peels, then drink solution after cooling. The solution should be taken twice daily to effectively treat hemorrhoids.

Soak figs overnight and drink the water first thing in the morning. This is best taken when on an empty stomach. The figs can also be crushed in the morning to make a paste which should then be applied onto the hemorrhoids.

Add peppercorns, ginger and rock salt to buttermilk, then drink the mixture twice daily to get quick relief from hemorrhoids.

Crush mustard seed in a bowl and add some yogurt. The mixture should then be consumed and the mustard chewed well. After eating the seeds, drink buttermilk to wash it down. This is an effective home remedy for piles.

Make a mixture of honey, the juice of mint leaves, ginger juice and lime juice then drink the mixture once a day. This is a quite effective hemorrhoid treatment.

Extract the juice from radishes by grating them, then add milk before applying directly to the hemorrhoids. This is a good remedy for relieving the pain associated with hemorrhoids.

Coconut oil can also be applied to painful hemorrhoids to get quick relief from the pain. However, this is a temporally solution and is recommended only when the pain becomes unbearable and the patient needs a quick fix.

Allow goat’s milk to curdle overnight, then add carrot juice and drink the blend. Fresh goat milk yogurt can also be eaten with chopped carrots as an effective way of treating bleeding piles.

Add alum powder to water and apply this solution to the area of infection frequently throughout the day. This natural remedy is a sure way of relieving pain.

Eat jambul fruit with salt, preferably in the morning, as an effective way of dealing with hemorrhoids. Patients can also relieve pain by sitting in cold water for several minutes every day. This is a good remedy for shrinking the oversized veins.

Apply cold compresses onto the area of infection an hour before retiring for the night to get quick pain relief. Grind turmeric into powder, then make a paste using the powder and apply onto the rectal area to get relief.

Slice yam into pieces and let them dry out before grinding them into powder. Mix the powder with white leadwort, black pepper and jiggery, then mold the mixture into pellets. A single pellet should be taken every morning and evening as an effective way of eliminating piles completely.

Diet for Hemorrhoids and Precautions

Dietary changes have a lot of impact in keeping the body free of infection and disease. A little change in lifestyle can positively or negatively affect health, making it very important to maintain good dietary habits.

Patients suffering from hemorrhoids should increase their fluid intake and eat balanced diets at all times. For instance, the diet for piles should have foods rich in fiber and should contain lots of green leafy vegetables.

Fresh fruits are rich in fiber, which promotes proper bowel movements. Therefore several servings of fresh fruit should be eaten daily as diet for hemorrhoids.

Avoid fast foods and foods that are highly processed as they lack the essential nutrients to prevent hemorrhoids.

Always keep the area of infection clean and dry and avoid scented toiletries as they may end up aggravating the condition. Body soap and body wash should be free of chemicals to keep irritations at bay.

Avoid sitting on hard surfaces for too long and do not eat foods known to cause constipation. It is also a good practice to do exercises focusing on the abdomen on a regular basis.

The internal pressure caused by hard sneezing and coughing should be avoided while standing as gravity is also a common cause of hemorrhoids which is made worse by pressure.

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