Home Remedies for Chlamydia

This is an STD (Sexually Transmitted disease) caused by a bacteria called Chlamydia trachomatis. Interestingly, two other types of bacteria named Chlamydia pneumonia and Chlamydia psittaci also transmit this disease. This disease gets transmitted when the patient sneezes or coughs, through the urine passed by the patient etc. So, a stranger could easily be affected by this disease. So, before using a public toilet flush it well because normally public toilets are one of the main sources for becoming infected with chlamydia. If left untreated, it could cause serious impairment, like loss of vision, pelvic inflammatory disease, and infertility and in some cases it could lead to various other complications which could also be fatal.

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Natural Home Remedies for chlamydia

Many prefer home remedies simply because they are safe to use and do not have any side-effects. They are readily available and are not expensive. On top of that, they get the satisfaction of enacting a cure by themselves. To derive these benefits many prefer home remedies for treating Chlamydia. Some of the home remedies are briefly discussed here:

Anthocleista as a Home Remedy for Chlamydia

Properties: This tall and straight stemmed tree with large leaves and flowers at the top is native to Africa. It bears fruit which is fleshy. Anthocleista is used for various ailments including inflammation, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Herpes, HPV, Cystitis etc.

How to treat, Chlamydia using Anthocleista:
Experts say that the roots of Anthocleista contain high levels of anti-pathogenic components. It also has many components which help urogenital tissues. In fact some exerts equate the Anthocleista to the antibiotic tablets Fluoroquinolones or Doxycycine. Take about 50 grams of the root of Anthocleista and dip it in water and boil it for about 30 minutes. Ensure that the roots have become soft after boiling which indicates the ingredients of the root have been distilled to the water. Now, strain the liquid and drink it twice a day.

Olive leaf extract as a Home Remedy for Chlamydia

Properties:This tree is grown in abundance in Asia, parts of Africa and the Mediterranean region. This evergreen tree is popular for its medicinal qualities. It has anti-inflammatory properties. It also boosts the body’s immune system and it effectively prevents pathogens. It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and improves blood circulation.

How to treat Chlamydia using Olive leaf extract:
Tea is prepared using the olive leaves. Take this tea at least four times a day. Many olive leaf extracts are available which can be bought over the counter. The usage procedure will be available on the label. However, buy the tablets from a reliable manufacturer.

Usnea as a Home Remedy for Chlamydia

Properties: Generally grown in forests, Usnea belongs to the family of Parmeiaceae., more specifically to the lichen family. It grows hanging from tree branches and is grayish in color resembling a beard. That is why Usnea is also called Old Man’s Beard. The plant has been used for medicinal purposes for more than 1000 years. Experts say the plant has antibiotic properties.

How to treat Chlamydia using Usnea:
Just a word of caution: Usnea tastes very bitter. Therefore it is advisable to take Usnea tablets or tincture. It can be used externally also. For external use, tincture can be used. The dosage will depend on the severity of the infection.

Goldenseal as a Home Remedy for Chlamydia

Properties: This is yet another herbal treatment that is commonly used to cure Chlamydia. Goldenseal is largely grown in Canada and the US and belongs to the buttercup family. Goldenseal is known to cure many ailments including allergies, hemorrhage, ulcer, gallstone, leucorrhea, chronic cerebral engorgement, breast swelling, infections etc.

How to treat Chlamydia using Goldenseal:
Like Unea, goldenseal is bitter in taste. It is available over the counter in tablet, capsule and tincture form. Just buy and use as directed on the wrapper. If the patient has any visible external sores, then Goldenseal tincture can be used. Alternatively, for external use take a cup of water; add one teaspoon of Goldenseal powder and one teaspoon of Myrrh powder. Boil the contents. Now apply this mixture on any external sores.

Echinacea as a Home Remedy for Chlamydia

Properties: Native to Central America, the flowering plant Echinacea belongs to the Daisy family. The plant is also known for its beautiful flowers. There are many species of this plant and each of the species bears different colored flowers. The plant is being widely used to fight various types of infection and to develop the immune system. The extracts of this plant have been successfully used to cure Chlamydia.

How to cure Chlamydia using Echinacea:
Echinacea can be taken thrice a day. Alternatively, depending on the severity, 200 mg to 500 mg tablets should be taken four times a day for ten days. After this, stop the tablets for about 15 20 days and then repeat taking the tablets in the same dosage for another ten days. Doing so will ensure that the body’s defense system is revitalized.

Astragalus as a Home Remedy for Chlamydia

Properties:Astragalus has about 2000 species and they are grown in the Northern Hemisphere. According to history, the natives of Hong Kong specialized in preparing medicines from this plant. Understandably, the plant has many medicinal and curative qualities.

How to use Astragalus to treat Chlamydia:
Just make tea using the leaves of Astraglus plant and take it thrice a day. Even a healthy person can eat the Astragalus plant. He can make a drink out of this plant or use it as a regular vegetable in food preparation. By that the immune system of a healthy person becomes stronger.

Hypoxis Rooperi as a Home Remedy for Chlamydia

Properties: Also known as African Potato it is largely grown in Africa and Europe. The plant has been used for medical and culinary purposes for thousands of years. The plant supplies enough enzymes to fight viral diseases. Experts say that African potato is the appropriate remedy for all types of viral and infectious diseases. It fights diabetes, enhances blood count, heals wounds fast and a host of other medicinal and curative properties have been observed.

How to use Hypoxis Rooperi to treat Chlamydia:
Since preparation involves various stages it is suggested that the medicine which is available both in tablet and capsule form be taken as per directions given on the label.

Saw Palmetto Berries as a Home Remedy for Chlamydia

Properties: Saw Palmetto plant is known for its curative properties. According to available historical records Aboriginal Americans were using the fruits and leaves of this plant to prepare medicines for urinary infections. Recent research has revealed that apart from urinary infections, Saw Palmetto has curative qualities for many other ailments. The berries of this plant are used for making medicines.

How to use Saw Palmetto Berries to treat Chlamydia:
Make a decoction of the berry and drink at least half cup of the decoction mixed with water at least thrice a day. Alternatively 10 to 15 drops of tincture of the berry can be taken every day three times a day.

Oregano as a Home Remedy for Chlamydia

Properties:This plant is largely grown in the Mediterranean region. It is one of the popular culinary items in every kitchen and it is also one of the most popular herbal medicines for various ailments. The herb is known for its antibacterial and curative qualities.

How to use Oregano to treat Chlamydia:
Extracts of the plant are available over the counter. Take 75 mg of the extract thrice a day for at least three days.

Sage as a Home Remedy for Chlamydia

Properties:There are many varieties of this herb which is grown all over the world. The plant referred to here is the medicinal plant. These ‘sage’ medicinal plants are abundantly rich in their healing qualities.

How to use Sage to treat Chlamydia:
Take about 50 grams of this herb and wash it thoroughly. Now, put the herb in a water and heat to boiling. After the water cools, drink the water throughout the day. This water can be used to make a tea of this herb.

Other Home Remedies for chlamydia

Stone compress is yet another way of treatment of chlamydia. Take a piece of volcanic rock and put the rock in boiling water for some time. Now, cool the rock to the required temperature and tie it on the breasts.

Other home remedies include placing warm towel or heating pad on the nipple for some time. This will remove the blockage of the milk duct. Never use tight bras or bras with underwires because they actually prevent easy flow of milk and result in blockage of milk ducts.

The best remedy to prevent the blockage of milk ducts is to drain out the milk in regular intervals by feeding the baby.

Practice good sleeping habits and never get tense because any depression will affect the secretion and flow of milk.

Take the home remedies for some time and if the results of the home remedy is not satisfactory, then it is advisable to get the help of a doctor.

Before feeding the infant, gently press the breasts or use a warm towel and keep it on the breasts for some time. This will help easy flow of milk.

The Best Diet for the blockage of milk ducts

According to medical experts, Vitamin ‘C’ plays vital role in removing the blockage of milk ducts. Doctors advise pregnant and nursing mothers to take more fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin ‘C’.

Further, nursing mother is advised to drink enough liquids like water, fruit juice (particularly juice rich in vitamin ‘C’) etc.

Some even advise mothers to take Gatorade as it is rich in necessary electrolytes.

Precautions to prevent the blockage of milk ducts

Sleeping position also has its say in ensuring unhindered flow of milk through the ducts. Nursing mothers are advised to sleep on their back or sideways and never on the stomach. This is because sleeping on the stomach will cause blockage of milk ducts and easy flow of milk will be affected.

If milk plugs are noticed they should be removed. Locate the milk plug and gently squeeze it and gently bring it down to the nipples. While doing so ensure that it is done in a hygienic condition. The entire process should be done as gently as possible as otherwise it could be painful for the nursing mother. After feeding the infant, if the mother observes any area where the milk is not drained out use a warm towel and place it on the affected part and gently squeeze the part so that the blockage is removed.

Prevention is better than cure. One of the reasons for the blockage of milk ducts is incomplete draining of the milk which has secreted. Therefore, nursing mothers should periodically feed the infant so that the milk is completely drained out. This prevents blockage of milk in the duct.

Nursing mothers are advised that before each feeding, they must gently compress the breasts which ensure unhindered flow of milk

Nursing mothers can try different feeding positions like feeding by lying down or holding the infant in the nurse laying down position etc. By using this procedure, it will be possible to drain out the milk.

In some cases the un-drained secretions cause pain. In such cases, the nursing mother should gently massage the top portion of the area which is causing pain and gently bring the milk towards the nipple. Once the secreted milk comes out then the pain disappears.

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