Home Remedies for Mastitis

Mastitis is a bacterial infection that mainly affects the breast tissues. It is a very common condition especially in women who are breastfeeding. Mastitis can make the breasts very painful making it hard to breastfeed. Most women go through the horrifying and unpleasant feeding experiences not knowing what to do to effectively treat the condition.

The bacteria causing mastitis is transferred from the mouth of the baby during breastfeeding and mostly occurs within the very first months of feeding a new born baby. It is common for most first time mothers and women approaching menopause to have the disease. The more severe cases of mastitis can be a sign of an underlying problem such as cancer. When faced with the bacterial infection, most women find it almost impossible to suckle their little ones yet this is the only recommended food for the baby therefore leading to them to enduring a lot of pain.

The most common symptoms of mastitis include swelling of the breasts, nausea, body aches, vomiting and fatigue. Others include tenderness of the breasts, muscle aches and chills. Fever and shaking is also very common in patients suffering from mastitis and can be very uncomfortable interfering with the joy that comes with having a baby for mothers who have recently given birth. Women who feel lumps or experience pus from their nipples should get medical help as they could be suffering from severe cases of mastitis or it could be a sign of cancerous cells in the breasts.

Mastitis is caused by a number of things which include bacterial infections which easily get into the breast tissues through the nipple skin and splits found there. The milk ducts are also open to such infections leading to the condition. Other causes are rapid weaning, poor breastfeeding habits and direct bacterial infection from the mouth of the baby onto the broken skin of the breasts.

Mastitis is curable and preventable and women can save themselves from all the pain that comes with the disease by observing the right hygienic measures and getting proper treatment. Natural remedies for mastitis are available and are very effective in treating the condition that can be extremely uncomfortable. The natural remedies for the condition pose no harm to the general health of the mother and child as they contain no chemicals.

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Home Remedies for Mastitis

Cranberry Juice as a Home Remedy for Mastitis

Cranberry Juice Properties: Cranberry juice contains natural disinfectant agents which help in killing the bacteria causing mastitis. The juice is also very effective in boosting the immune system and is one of the best natural remedies for mastitis.

Using Cranberry Juice as a Treatment for Mastitis:
Take the berries and extract juice from them by blending. The juice should then be taken several times in a day to get rid of the symptoms caused by the infection. The berries can also be rubbed gently into the breast tissue after breastfeeding and allowed to stay for at least 20 minutes as a way of quickening the healing process.

Cabbage as a Natural Remedy for Mastitis

Cabbage Properties: Among all natural remedies for mastitis, cabbage is the simplest to use and is very effective in taking care of breast problems fast. This is because cabbages contain anti-bacterial properties which help in absorbing and killing the bacteria. They also have cooling effects giving relief from any pain that could be present.

Using Cabbage as a Cure for Mastitis:
Take the leaves of the vegetable and place them inside the bra for around 3 hours daily. When done on a daily basis, positive results will be experienced within a short period healing the breasts completely. Cabbages can also be taken in meals as a diet for mastitis.

White Vinegar as a Home Remedy for Mastitis

White Vinegar Properties: White vinegar contains healing properties which assist in the fast healing of infected breasts. The natural remedy is one of the most effective in the treatment of mastitis and is widely used for this purpose as well as for the treatment of other condition affecting the skin.

Using White Vinegar as a Treatment for Mastitis:
Add a spoonful of the vinegar in a cup of water and then soak the affected nipple into the mixture. The nipple should stay soaking for at least five minutes before the mixture is then applied onto the breasts and allowed to dry before washing off. The home remedy offers fast relief from symptoms including pain.

Rosemary as a Natural Remedy for Mastitis

Rosemary Properties: Rosemary contains anti-bacterial properties making it one of the best home remedies for mastitis. The plant is available in most kitchens and homes either in its natural form or in powder form and is therefore very convenient to use.

Using Rosemary as Cure for Mastitis:
Take rosemary and dry it well, then grind it to a powder or simply purchase the powder from the local food stores. The powder should then be added into a reasonable amount of water and boiled before drinking. This should be repeated on a daily basis until the symptoms of mastitis subside.

Fenugreek Seeds as a Home Remedy for Mastitis

Fenugreek Seeds Properties: The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of Fenugreek seeds make it very effective in dealing with cases of mastitis. Apart from getting rid of the pain fast, the seeds offer speedy healing by killing the bacteria and assisting in the healing process of the affected tissues.

Cure for Mastitis Using Fenugreek Seeds:
Soak a handful of the seeds in water until soft then grind well to come up with a paste. A clean piece of cloth should then be used to apply the paste gently onto the affected areas of the breast and nipple. This should be repeated every day until the desired results are achieved.

Garlic as a Home Remedy for Mastitis

Garlic Properties: Garlic contains anti-inflammatory properties and Vitamin C. The anti-inflammatory properties help in the healing process while the Vitamin C helps in drawing out toxins from the breast tissues. It is also one of the best home remedies for the purposes of boosting the immune system.

Using Garlic as a Treatment for Mastitis:
Take a few cloves of garlic and chew throughout the day to keep the body well supplied with the nutrients it needs in fighting the bacteria. The garlic cloves can also be crushed and added into water before consumption twice a day as an effective way of treating the condition.

Poke Root as a Natural Remedy for Mastitis

Poke Root Properties: Poke root has antibiotic properties which help in the treatment of mastitis and is also very effective in stimulating proper functioning of the lymph system. The proper lymph functioning ensures that proper drainage of the milk ducts take place keeping the infection at bay. The home remedy is also very good in dealing with any pain that the patient could be going through.

Using Poke Root as a Cure for Mastitis:
The root is easily found in oil form and should be used on a daily basis to treat the disease. The best way of using the root is to apply only two drops to the area everyday, as it is very strong. Fast relief from pain should be experienced with most of the symptoms going away within the very first days of use.

Echinacea as a Natural Remedy for Mastitis

Echinacea Properties: Echinacea is a good remedy for mastitis as it boosts the immune system helping in the healing process. It is an effective remedy for the treatment of the disease and is widely used even for the treatment of other conditions.

Treatment for mastitis using Echinacea:
When found in oil form, two drops applied daily are effective in treating mastitis. The plant itself can be steeped in hot water and then decoction taken in a regular basis.

Apple Cider Vinegar as a Natural Remedy for Mastitis

Apple Cider Vinegar Properties: Apple cider vinegar contains antibiotic properties which play an essential part in the treatment of mastitis. The natural remedy is among the best home remedies for the treatment of the disease and is highly recommended for those suffering from the condition.

Treatment for Mastitis Using Apple Cider Vinegar:
A few drops of the vinegar can be taken in water on a daily basis as an effective way of treating the disease. The drops can also be added in a small amount of water and the affected nipples dipped into the water to help in the fast healing of the disease.

Other Home Remedies for Mastitis

Add dandelion root into boiling water and allow it to boil for a few minutes. Bring the water to cool before straining and drinking this twice daily as a simple way of treating mastitis. The root can also be ground into powder and a paste made from the powder before applying into the affected area.

Take marshmallow root and make a paste after grinding then apply onto the affected breast tissues. The root can also be crushed in water to make the paste for the treatment of the breast disease as a quick way of relieving pain and aiding healing.

Take calendula and crush it in water to come up with a paste which should then be gently and thoroughly applied onto the affected areas of the breast for an effective treatment of mastitis.

Use hot compresses on the breast for 10 minutes several times a day to improve the flow of milk thereby getting rid of any toxins and wastes that have accumulated in the tissues.

Wrap several ice cubes in a clean piece of cloth and then apply on the breast as a simple way of getting rid of pain. This is one of the simplest home remedies for the treatment of mastitis. The ice cubes can also be left inside the bra when well wrapped for several minutes to give the right kind of relief.

Use lanolin oil on the nipples and the areas affected by the disease to heal the cracked and sore areas of the nipple. This remedy is very effective in treating the condition allowing the mother to breastfeed the baby properly without going through all the torture that comes with the disease. Mothers who find the breast too painful, should compress them to release milk avoiding breastfeeding until they feel better.

Bring water to boil and add a good amount of salt before dipping the nipple into the salty warm water or use a clean cloth to apply the mixture onto the nipple and breast. Even though the remedy can be a bit bitter on the breast, it works well and is very simple besides being effective.

Diet for Mastitis and other Precautions

Even though there is no specified diet for mastitis, eating a healthy balanced diet is essential as it helps in promoting good general health of the body. The only way the body can manage to fight illnesses is by having the proper nutrients that boost the immune system keeping it strong against the diseases.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables as a diet for mastitis through the building and strengthening of the immune system. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain all essential minerals and nutrients that are essential for the well being of the body.

Increase your intakes of foods rich in Vitamin A and B to help in fighting mastitis. Vitamins E and C are also essential in fighting infections such as mastitis and food rich in the Vitamins should be included in daily meals.

Always make a point of placing a warm cloth onto the affected breast before breastfeeding your baby. The cloth should be left for about 20 minutes as a way of increasing milk flow to the breast.

Massage the breasts to allow proper milk flow and also as a way of getting rid of any pain that could be present.

Even though the nipples and breasts could be affected, it is advisable to still breastfeed from both breasts. The breasts need to be emptied if the proper healing from mastitis is to take place. Feeding the baby is also a good way of massaging the breasts thereby promoting proper flow of the milk.

Always express milk when the pain is too much to bear as a way of getting rid of the soreness that comes with the disease.

Drink enough water and healthy beverages such as fresh fruit juices to keep the body well hydrated and to help in the production of enough milk for your baby.

In the cases where pus comes out of the nipples, patients should wash properly and then leave the breasts in the open air for a few hours before putting a bra over them. Air is helpful in the healing process unlike keeping the breast tightly in place every single day.

Those using breast pads should ensure they change them frequently to avoid accumulation of bacteria leading to the condition.

Ensure that you have enough rest and sleep every single day as a way of helping the body rejuvenate and work on damaged tissues thereby taking care of the condition.

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