Home Remedies for Heart Attack

About Heart Attack

Heart Attack is one of the most deadly diseases when not taken care of immediately. Heart attack is caused by the blockage of oxygen-rich blood flow to the heart muscles. The waxy substance, named plaque or plak, which is accumulated on the inner walls of arteries, plays a vital role in Heart Attack. This condition where plaque is formed is called as Coronary Heart Disorder (CHD). If immediate medical attention is not paid for this disorder, then the part of heart wall which has shortage of blood flow will slowly begin to die.

Heart Failure and Arrhythmias are two major health problems which occur due to Heart Attack. When the heart is unable to pump enough blood to the body, then it is called Heart Failure. Ventricular Fibrillations that are irregular heartbeats are named as Arrhythmias.

Let us take a look at the symptoms of Heart Attack

Symptoms of Heart Attack:

  • Pain, uncomfortable fullness or squeezing pain are felt in the centre or left side of the chest. These symptoms will occur at regular intervals.
  • Uneasiness felt on arms, the back, neck, upper part of abdomen and neck.
  • Shortness of breath accompanied with chest pain.
  • Vomiting, light headedness and breaking into cold sweat are also symptoms of Heart Attack.

Factors which lead to Heart Attack:

  • Vitamin B deficiency causes heart attack.
  • High Blood pressure will end up in this deadly disease.
  • Hardening of arteries also causes heart attack.
  • Blood clot formation in arteries (Thrombosis) also causes heart attack.
  • A sudden decrease in Barometric Pressure (Air Pressure) leads to Heart Attack.
  • Cold Air Temperature causes malfunctioning of heart. Thus chances of getting heart attack during winter are comparatively high.
  • Spending more years in highly polluted area will end up in heart attack.
  • People will be more prone to heart attack when they are inhaling diesel exhaust or fumes continuously.
  • People who have anxiety disorder or who suffer from emotional stress have high risk of heart attack.
  • In case of women, woman who is pregnant at the age over 40 has increased chances of getting heart attack than the woman who is pregnant at the age below 30 years.
  • Consuming alcohol for prolonged time will lead to Heart Attack.
  • There are many home remedies and natural remedies with which one can survive from Heart Attack. The rest of the article will let you know about these life saving remedies.

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  2. Other Remedies
  3. Diet
  4. Other Precautions

Home Remedies for Heart Attack:

Gooseberry (Amla) as Natural remedy for Heart Attack

Gooseberry Properties: Being refrigerant, diuretic and laxative in nature, Gooseberry fruit is stomachic. Gooseberry is highly rich in Vitamin C among other fruits. 3000 mg of Vitamin C is found in one fruit. On consuming gooseberry the red blood cells can be rejuvenated and increased.

Treatment for Heart Attack using Gooseberry:
This Vitamin C rich Gooseberry is a best suited Natural Remedy for Heart Attack. It can be taken in the following forms like decoction, Infusion of leaves and seeds, powder, paste and pickles.

Lemon as Home Remedy for Heart Attack

Lemon Properties: Lemon is fully packed with vitamin C, B, B2, Calcium and Iron. These medicinal values help lemon to control blood pressure, purify blood and reduce swollen spleen. It enhances the immune system of human body.

Treatment for Heart Attack using Lemon:
Mix Lemon Juice along with Honey and hot water. This mixture will help you to reduce the cholesterol accumulation in the body. It thus helps to prevent Heart Attack.

Honey as Natural remedy for Heart Attack

Honey Properties: Honey has been used as a major remedy for various diseases for centuries. It has absolutely no side effects. In spite of being sweet, the intake of right portion of honey will never harm diabetic patients.

Treatment for Heart Attack using Honey:
A paste made up of Honey and Cinnamon powder will do wonders on Heart Attack patients. One can use this paste on bread, chapatti, etc. This paste will revitalize the arteries and veins, reduce cholesterol and eliminate the blocks in the blood vessels. Persons who have already suffered heart attack can avoid further attacks by using this paste. It also strengthens the heartbeat.

Cinnamon as Home Remedy for Heart Attack

Cinnamon Properties: Cinnamon is obtained from inner bark of carefully chosen shoots of small bushy tree. Cinnamon, aromatic by nature is enriched with Vitamin C and A, protein, thiamine, riboflavin, iron, etc. Essential oil called cinnamon oil can be extracted from cinnamon.

Treatment for Heart Attack using Cinnamon:
2 tbsp of honey and 3 tsp of Cinnamon Powder are mixed with 16 oz of tea water. Heart Attack patients can take this mixture so that the cholesterol in them can be reduced 10 % within 2 hours. This is the apt remedy for chronic disorders.

Beet Root as Natural remedy for Heart Attack

Beet Root Properties: This is one of the anticancerous foods enriched with iron, minerals, flavonoids and folic acid. Beet Root can be used along with other vegetables, fruits, etc.

Treatment for Heart Attack Using Beet Root:
Beet Juice which is prepared by blending with fruit like apple or carrot will help persons with retentions of fluids. This in turn will help to reduce the weight and obesity. As obesity can be controlled, heart attack can also be controlled.

Garlic as Home Remedy for Heart Attack

Garlic Properties: This easily available remedy is the best option to eliminate Heart Attack which is mainly caused by increased Blood Pressure. Allicin, the main constitutent of Garlic is anti-bacterial and anti-viral in nature. Enriched with anti-oxidants, garlic revitalizes the cell membranes. Garlic minimizes the Low density lipoproteins and total cholesterol level in the human body. It also increases the good cholesterol content. Consuming Garlic orally can reduce blood pressure.

Treatment for Heart Attack Using Garlic:
Mix 2 pieces of Garlic with milk and boil it. Consumption of this milk will help to prevent heart attacks.

Parsley as Home Remedy for Heart Attack

Parsley Properties: Parsley, the well known member of carrot family, is widely used for garnishing purposes. Besides this, it is also used as a remedy for many diseases. Phytochemicals found in Parsley are mildly estrogenic. Parsley is rich in boron and fluorides which help to cure osteoporosis.

Treatment for Heart Attack using Parsley:
Brew tea with parsley added to it. Take this tea 2 – 3times a day. This will make the Heart function in a healthy state.

Grapes as Natural remedy for Heart Attack

Grapes Properties: In general Red Grapes have high medicinal value. Quercetin, found that grape skin reduces the artery clogging effects by regulating the levels of blood cholesterol. Raisins, the dried form of grapes are rich in iron content. Bioflavonoid of Grapes will help the human body to absorb Vitamin C. One cup of grapes will increase the blood flow in bronchitis artery within 3 hours of consumption.

Treatment for Heart Attack Using Grapes:
Grapes can be eaten raw. Prepare the juice from Grapes and consume it on regular basis.

Apple as Natural remedy for Heart Attack

Apple Properties: Even though the water content in apple varies from 80 % - 85 %, it is rich in vitamins. Its acidic nature makes it easily digestible. Eating apple with its skin is healthier as all its vitamins are restrained under its skin.

Treatment for Heart Attack Using Apple:
Apple can be consumed in the form of juice, fruit salad, apple jam, etc. Apple everyday will reduce the chances of Heart Attack.

Hawthorn Berries as Natural remedy for Heart Attack

Hawthorn Berries Properties: Hawthorn is a well known Natural remedy for Heart Attack in European countries. These berries are fully packed with Bioflavonoid, Flavonoids, Quercetin, etc. These components ultimately dilate coronary arteries and blood vessels. They also improve the blood circulation in the heart. Hawthorn Berries are popular cure for arrhythmia and angina. It is otherwise called as Heart tonic.

Treatment for Heart Attack Using Hawthorn Berries:
Add 1-2 tsp of Berries to a cup of boiling water. Set it aside for 10-20 minutes. Then drink this mixture 2-3 times a day. This will strengthen the heart. Intake of more berries will lead to sedation. This is a popular cure for speedy recovery from heart problems.

Also one can intake 10 drops of its liquid extract or 1 tsp of Hawthorn Berries tincture 3 times daily for a month.

Ginkgo Biloba as Home Remedy for Heart Attack

Ginkgo Biloba Properties: Being world’s oldest living tree species, Ginkgo Biloba is anti oxidant in nature. Terpene Lactones and Gingko flavone glycosides are two major constituents which provide high healing properties for this herb. Accumulations of blood platelets can be controlled and angina is eliminated.

Treatment for Heart Attack Using Gingko Biloba:
Tincture which is extracted can be taken as 20 drops three times a day. This is the ideal cure for angina caused by heart attack.

Ginger as Home Remedy for Heart Attack

Ginger Properties: Ginger is highly rich in fiber, ascorbic acid, minerals and oil extracts. This is widely used for intestinal diseases. Also it is anti bacterial in nature. It is widely used in circulatory disorders. It reduces the cholesterol level in blood. It enhances the blood flow in heart. It eradicates the blood clots and minimizes the chances of heart attack.

Treatment for Heart Attack Using Ginger:
Add 2 slices of fresh ginger root to a cup of water. Boil it for 10-15 min. This will give a fine ginger infusion. Intake of this infusion twice daily is a perfect cure for Heart Attack.

Mistletoe as Natural remedy for Heart Attack

Mistletoe Properties: This semi-parasitic evergreen plant grows largely on transitory trees. Mistletoe is an excellent stimulant and Diuretic in nature. It helps to overcome circulatory disorder. It speeds up the pulse by raising the pulse and then reducing the pulse below initial level. It also heals the capillary walls.

Treatment for Heart Attack Using Mistletoe:
Take a cup of water. Add ½ tsp of this herb to the water and set it aside for 12 hours. Then strain the water and consume the water thrice daily. Over dosage of this herb will deteriorate the heart’s functioning.

Oat Straw as Home Remedy for Heart Attack

Oat Straw Properties: Usage of oat straw for health ailments is slowly becoming popular. It regulates the arrhythmias. It is nervine, nutritive and diuretic in nature. It controls the blood sugar level and enhances the circulatory system.

Treatment for Heart Attack using Oat Straw:
Mix ¼ cup of fresh oat straw or 2 tsps of either bark or dried material of oat straw to a cup of boiling water. Leave it still for 5- 10 minutes. Once it is brewed well, add honey and lemon drops for sweetening. Consuming this oat straw tea daily is an excellent cure for heart attack.

One can also prepare porridge or broth using the oats grain and have it twice a day. This will reduce the cholesterol level in blood and reduce the chances of heart attack.

Rosemary as Home Remedy for Heart Attack

Rosemary Properties: This sweet smelling herb grows up to 2 m high. Being highly aromatic and bitter in nature, Rosemary is antioxidant and acidic in nature. Volatile oil can be extracted which is used for preparing medicine. It is widely used to eliminate the effects of angina.

Treatment for Heart Attack using Rosemary:
A tincture is prepared by mixing 5% Rosemary Oil along with alcohol. This tincture is used to stimulate the heart. It also enhances the circulatory system and acts as a cardiac stimulant. It is the perfect cure for heart attack.

Other Home Remedies for Heart Attack

Green Tea which is enriched with antioxidant will help to avoid heart attack. Consume this tea twice daily.

Inclusion of Turmeric in day to day food will enhance the functioning of the heart.

Consuming herbal Tea made up of yarrow, lemon balm, lavender, daisy, hops, nettle, Horsetail, etc. is the best cure for heart aliments.

Intake of Infusion prepared using Lime Blossoms and water will minimize the arteriosclerosis.

Usage of saffron in daily cooking or tea brewing will help to reduce the heart attack risks. The crocetin constituent in saffron is the best cure for heart attack.

Diet for Heart Attack

Vegetarian diet is fully packed with potassium, complex carbohydrates, calcium and fiber content. This is widely recommended for heart patients.

Intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin A enriched fruits is a perfect diet for person affected by Heart attack.

Seafood is the best diet for Non-Vegetarian people who suffer heart attack.

High Fiber foods like apple, oat barn will do wonders on heart ailments caused by hypertension.

Avoid high intake of sugar and salt in day to day food.

Usage of oregano, black pepper, basil, etc. will reduce hypertension and act as a cure for heart attack.

Inclusion of Garlic, tomato, celery, Onion, Carrot and Broccoli in your daily food is a perfect diet for heart attack.

Other Precautions against Heart Attack

Avoid more sweets and oily foods.

Avoid excessive alcohol.

Avoid meats as they affect the arteries.

Dairy foods will increase the cholesterol levels. Thus avoid them.

Grilled and packed foods must be avoided.

Avoid coffee and black tea.

Regular exercises will keep you fit.

Aerobics and Yoga will also reduce the chances of heart attack.

Consumption of more water prevents heart problems.

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