Home Remedies for Dark Underarms

Dark underarms or armpit is a condition which most people, particularly women, do not like. This is predominantly true of those who have white or light colored skin. Although having dark underarms is not a life threatening disease, it is an important matter for those who care about their cosmetic beauty. Researchers have found many causes of dark underarms. Some of the causes include shaving, use of hair removing cream, dead skin building up under the arms, excessive sweating, use of deodorant, use of antiperspirant, or hyper pigmentation and disorder of the gland leading to a disease called acanthosis nigricans. Experts are of the opinion that wearing a tight blouse may also lead to dark underarms because in such cases friction is generated and the cloth would rub against the skin. Further, tight clothing does not allow sufficient air to the underarm and this in turn would lead to infection. Experts also say that those who are obese are likely to suffer from dark underarms.


Symptoms of dark underarms may include bad odors, gradual increase in darkness of the underarms, and itching in the underarms. If itching of the underarm persists there is likelihood of it becoming infected which may require immediate medical attention.


There are several remedies for dark underarms. Experts suggest using waxing or plucking instead of shaving for hair removal. Before using deodorant experts advise the users ensure that they are not allergic to the product. They also advise not to wear tight clothing. Before going to bed clean the underarm thoroughly with warm water and dry it thoroughly. Using a talcum powder or medicated powder is also beneficial. Experts are of the opinion that there are some creams available that will combat dark underarms. However, these medicines will be useful only in case of any fungus infection caused due to excessive perspiration, etc. However, there are some home remedies which are found to be of help in combating this disease. Some of the home remedies are briefly mentioned here:

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Home Remedies for Dark Underarms

Rose Water as a Home Remedy for Dark Underarms

Properties: Rose water is an extraction of the rose petals through the process of distillation. Rose water is available in most medical stores. However, make sure to buy rose water manufactured by a reputed company. Rose water is rich in vitamins and has antibacterial properties and, therefore, it is very useful in curing infections. It also has the capability to sooth the skin.

Sandalwood as a Home Remedy for Dark Underarms

Properties: Sandalwood tree is largely grown in many Asian countries. The wood is known for its pleasant fragrance which lasts for many years. Sandalwood is widely used in making carving works. The sandalwood paste is also used by Hindus for their daily ritual. Oil is extracted from sandalwood which is used for making soaps, scent, etc. The sandalwood has many medicinal qualities. Some of the medicinal qualities include its antiseptic and stimulant properties which are quite effective on treating the mucus membrane. .

Cure for dark underarms using rose water and sandalwood:
Take about one teaspoon of sandalwood powder and add enough rose water to it to make a paste. Apply this paste on the underarms. After about one hour wash it thoroughly. This paste apart from curing dark underarms also acts as a deodorant.

Gram Flour as a Home Remedy for Dark Underarms

Properties: Chickpeas (also called Chana dal) is processed into a fine powder to make gram flour. Chickpeas are widely used in culinary throughout Asia. Many types of recipes are prepared using chickpeas. Chickpeas are rich in calcium, protein, fiber, carbohydrates, iron, phosphorous and vitamin E. It helps in digesting food and also acts as a defoliant. It is considered to be natural detergent and sooths the skin and at the same time it bleaches the skin. So, it is considered to be the best beauty aid.

Natural remedies for dark underarm using gram flour:
Take about one teaspoon of gram powder and to this add about three or four drops of fresh lime juice and enough curd to make it a paste. Apply this on the affected part and after about two hours wash it thoroughly. Alternatively, mix one teaspoon of gram flour with enough milk and curd and apply this paste. Another procedure is to mix gram flour with enough rose water to make it a paste.

Alum as a Home Remedy for Dark Underarms

Properties: Alum is a chemical compound which contains the hydrated potassium aluminum sulfate (also called as Potassium alum). There are other forms of alum like Soda alum and ammonium alum which have various other uses. The alum referred to here is the Potassium alum which has the property to stop bleeding and is used as a wax for removing body hair and for smoothing the skin. Many use alum as an after shave product where alum is pressed on the face so that it cools the area and stops bleeding in case there are any cuts during shaving.

How to treat dark underarm using Alum:
Alum is normally available in small rock or crystal form. Take enough alum and powder it. Apply this powder on the underarm.

Vinegar as a Treatment for Dark Underarms

Properties: By processing ethanol an acid is produced called vinegar. Vinegar is also produced by fermenting vegetables like apple, grapes, etc. Vinegar has many medical utilities including reducing cholesterol, controlling infection, and reducing risk of heart diseases etc.

How to treat dark underarm using vinegar:
Make a paste of vinegar and baking soda. Apply this paste on the underarm. After about fifteen minutes wash the area thoroughly with fresh water. A word of caution; excessive use of certain types of vinegar could cause serious side effects.

Saffron as a Home Remedy for Dark Underarms

Properties:Largely grown in the Himalayan region, Saffron has the botanical name Crocus sativus. It is derived from the flower of the saffron plant. Saffron has many medicinal qualities. It is also called ‘metallic honey’. Saffron has cancer prevention qualities. It is also known to prevent mutation, has a large number of anti-oxidants, prevents degeneration and improves the health of skin. It is also used in preparation of aroma and is used as an agent for the dyes to be used on cloths. It is one of the important spices in culinary.

How to prevent dark underarms using saffron:
Add milk to about 6 to 7 strands of saffron. Allow the saffron strand to dissolve in the milk. To ensure that it is completely dissolved gently squeeze the strands using a spoon. It normally takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the strands to completely dissolve. Once it is completely dissolved apply this mixture on the affected part. After about one hour wash the area thoroughly.

Neem as a Home Remedy for Dark Underarms

Properties:Called Azadirachta indica, Neem is largely grown in many Asian countries. It is called a wonder tree because it has many medicinal qualities. In some of the Asian countries Neem trees are worshipped. It fights infection, is anti-bacterial, fights tooth decay, is used as a medicine for treatment of diabetes, used as a pest control, etc.

How to prevent dark underarms using neem:
Neem oil is available in most medical stores. Apply this oil on the underarms and after about one hour wash it with warm water. Many people do not relish the smell of neem oil; but considering the benefits and the speed with which the disease is cured, it is certainly beneficial to use neem oil for the treatment of dark underarm.

Other home remedies for treating dark underarms:

Potato juice is found to be effective in curing dark underarms. Apply potato juice (or potato mashed) on the underarms and after half an hour wash thoroughly.

Rub lemon or apply coconut oil on the underarms. This is also quite effective in curing dark underarm.

Another simple way to cure dark underarm is to apply baking soda after taking bath.

If you prefer shaving the underarm, then use a good quality razor and blade. Before shaving wet the area with warm water. Shave only when sufficient hair has grown so that shaving is easy.

Apply any cream containing Vitamin E. However, ensure that the cream is manufactured by a reputed company.

Exfoliation can also be done by laser therapy treatment. This procedure, apart from being expensive is also known to cause some side effects. It also requires post treatment medicines. So, before going in for this treatment, consult the physician.

Take some turmeric powder and add fresh lime juice and cucumber juice. Apply this paste and after about one hour wash it thoroughly.

Mix fresh lemon juice and honey in equal quantity and apply this mixture on the affected part. After about half an hour wash with warm water. Alternatively, mix milk with honey in equal quantity.

Wear cotton clothes as much as possible.

There are many de-pigmentation agents or medicines; but ensure that these medicines do not contain chemical based medicines.

Take orange peel and dry it in the shade and make powder of the peel. Take enough yogurts and mix the orange peel powder and apply it on the armpit. After about twenty minutes wash it well with warm water.

Mash fully ripe papaya and apply it on the underarm. After about 20 minutes wash with warm water.

Powdered orange peel can also be mixed with enough rose water to make it a paste.

Physicians also suggest that balanced diet and diet rich in vitamins and minerals will act as a de-pigmentation agent.

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