Home Remedies for Palpitation

Palpitation is a state of the heart characterized by forceful heart heat or beats that are not regular. The condition is very common and can be distressing at some point calling for treatment. The irregular heartbeats are normally too fast compared to what is regarded as normal and can actually be risky if they happen for too long without taking good care of them. In most cases however, the state is short lived and does not pose any serious risks.

The most common symptom of this state of the heart includes chest thumping and an increase in pulse rate. This can be quite uncomfortable and can lead to a lot of sweating especially if it goes on for a long period of time. At times, it can be hard to concentrate on anything with the increased pulse rate that gets individuals concerned about their health.

Heart palpitations are caused by a variety of aspects some of which are not related to the organ. Some of the things that can easily lead to the palpitations include heavy workload to the heart from activities that involve lots of energy. Such activities that need extra energy could be fast running or carrying of heavy loads. Lying on the left hand side is also a major cause of the condition, as in this position the heart comes nearer to the wall of the chest. People who are nervous or who find themselves in nerve wrecking situations also find that they suffer from heart palpitations. Other causes of the condition are anxiety, heart diseases, constipation, smoking, flatulence and too much eating.

Although the condition can be termed as harmless, it is common for people suffering from it to feel insecure and sickly wondering if they are coming down with something serious. There are however effective natural remedies for the condition that offer fast relief from the palpitation and getting the pulse rate back to normal. The natural remedies for palpitation are safe and simple to use which is why they are preferred compared to other kinds of treatment.

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Home Remedies for Palpitation

Grapes as a Home Remedy for Palpitation

Grapes Properties: Grapes contain soothing properties which help in calming the heart down hence taking care of the uncomfortable palpitations. This is a fast way of relieving the discomfort and getting the pulse back to normal.

Using Grapes as a Treatment for Palpitation:
Prepare juice using the grapes and then drink it when faced by the condition. This can be taken in intervals that are frequent to effectively take care of the condition and to prevent other attacks. It is one of the best natural remedies for the condition.

Guava as a Natural Remedy for Palpitation

Guava Properties: Guava has beneficial properties which help in taking care of anemia and nervousness thereby treating palpitations that are a result of these. The remedy is very effective and is widely used as treatment for the condition.

Using Guava as a Cure for Palpitation:
The fruits are best taken raw. Patients suffering from the condition should simply consume a ripe guava when the stomach is empty. The remedy should be taken on a daily basis to offer complete cure from the palpitations and to maintain proper blood flow to the heart. It can be used as a diet for the condition in the long run.

Snake Gourd Leaves as a Home Remedy for Palpitation

Snake Gourd Leaves Properties: The leaves are known to contain beneficial minerals which help in calming the nerves. They also contain compounds which promote good health to the heart keeping heart conditions at bay.

Using Snake Gourd Leaves as a Cure for Palpitation:
Juice can be extracted from the leaves through pounding with the help of a clean piece of cloth. The extracts can then be taken on a daily basis in the dosages of two tablespoons. The dosages can be administered three times a day. This is one of the most beneficial home remedies for palpitations.

Honey as a Natural Remedy for Palpitation

Honey Properties: Honey has been used for the longest time for heart conditions as it is considered proper food for the organ. This is probably because it is easily digested and absorbed taking all essential nutrients to the heart. It has proven to be an effective home remedy for treating palpitation.

Using Honey as a Cure for Palpitation:
People suffering from the palpitations should add one tablespoon of the honey to a glass of water. Lemon juice can also be added into the mixture to improve the effectiveness and then this taken before retiring to bed. Honey can be used on a regular basis as a diet for the heart.

Indian Spikenard as a Home Remedy for Palpitation

Indian Spikenard Properties: The Indian spikenard has essential minerals which help in calming the nerves and taking care of palpitation. The herb also makes the heart strong maintaining its good health. This is a good home remedy for keeping heart conditions including palpitations at bay. It also stimulates proper heart function.

Using Indian Spikenard as a Treatment for Palpitation:
The herb can be added to boiling water to make a decoction. This should then be taken at least twice a day to take care of the condition. Cinnamon and camphor can be added into the solution to improve on the effectiveness. This is one of the very best natural remedies for palpitation and is very popular.

Aniseed and Coriander as a Natural Remedy for Palpitation

Aniseed and Coriander Properties: These two natural remedies for palpitation have been found to contain essential ingredients which help in bringing heart pulse rate back to normal levels. The ingredients take care of the underlying problem and promote good heart health effectively taking care of the condition. The remedies are also very good in soothing the heart back to normal.

Using Aniseed and Coriander as a Cure for Palpitation:
Dry coriander powder should be well mixed with aniseed powder and then added in meals as an easy way of treating palpitations. The two can be used on a regular basis as a way of keeping the heart healthy and avoiding cases of palpitation.

Chamomile Tea as a Home Remedy for Palpitation

Chamomile Tea Properties: Chamomile is a natural sedative making it a very beneficial natural remedy for calming down the heart during palpitation attacks. It is actually one of the best home remedies for the condition and is also used in the treatment of other conditions as it has great medicinal value.

Using Chamomile as a Treatment for Palpitations:
Tea bags containing chamomile can be used in making tea. On the other hand, the leaves of chamomile can be used together with cabbage leaves to make soup. Although the soup may lack a pleasant taste, it is one of the best ways of using the remedy and getting the very best out of it.

Peppermint as a Natural Remedy for Palpitation

Peppermint Properties: Peppermint has soothing properties helping a great deal in getting pulse rate back to normal. This is also a great natural remedy for calming down the nerves.

Using Peppermint as a Cure for Palpitation:
Take peppermint and steep it in boiling water to make tea. A mug of the tea should be taken on a daily basis as an effective way of dealing with the condition. This remedy is very helpful and effective every time palpitations occur.

Black Haw Root as a Remedy for Palpitation

Black Haw Root Properties: This root is an antispasmodic helping in the calming down of the heart. Although not commonly mentioned as a treatment for most condition, the herb is very effective in taking care of most conditions from which the human body suffers. It is one of the most helpful natural remedies for palpitation.

Treating Palpitation Using Black Haw Root:
The hack of the root should be added in boiling water and allowed to boil for at least 15 minutes. The water should then be left to cool before straining and drinking in intervals to offer quick relief from the heart condition. It can also be found in tincture form then used in water every day.

Other Home Remedies for Palpitation

Mix several vegetable and steam them on a medium heat before taking them to improve the heart condition. The vegetables can be taken over a period of time to promote good heart and body health.

Take a glass of milk several times in a day as a simple way of taking care of the condition. The milk can also be used together with meals as a diet for the condition as it contains essential minerals that help in promoting proper heart functions.

Take buttermilk several times in a day as a treatment for palpitations and also as an effective way of keeping the attacks at bay.

Take a handful of seeds or nut every single morning most especially on an empty stomach as home remedy for the palpitations and also as an effective way of keeping palpitation attacks at bay. Nuts and seeds have been found to contain essential minerals and nutrients helpful in promoting proper health of the heart.

Take alfalfa seeds and soak in water before grinding them into a paste. The paste can be added in water and taken as treatment for palpitation. Green grams can also be ground and the powder used in water to treat palpitations. This is one of the very best home remedies for the condition.

Take breathing and yoga lessons or engage in such techniques when the palpitations attack as a way of suppressing them. The exercises work by calming the heart promoting regular pulses. This is a simple way of dealing with palpitation regardless of the location one is in at the time of the attack.

Make a decoction using Brahmi herb and drink a glass twice daily to effectively cure the condition. Another herb that has the ability to nourish and calm the heart is Shatavari. It can also be taken as a decoction by adding in boiling water and taking after cooling.

Squeeze juice from several lemons and then mix well with limejuice and a little honey to offer fast relief from the palpitations. The remedy can be used on a regular basis as a way of preventing the occurrence of heart palpitations.

Soak flaxseeds in water overnight. The water should be strained and taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. The seeds contain essential minerals which promote good health of the heart and also promote blood circulation even during hard activities.

Diet for Palpitation and other Precautions

Always ensure that you take a healthy and balanced diet to keep the body healthy and free from diseases and conditions such as palpitations.

Take natural foods as compared to foods that have artificial additives and flavors, as they are known to cause most of the common problems.

Increase your intake of fresh fruits and fresh green vegetables as they contain all essential minerals and nutrients thereby promoting good health not just for the heart but for the whole body as well.

Instead of cooking your vegetables, steam or eat them as raw as you possibly can. This ensures that all nutrients are obtained from the vegetable keeping the body well supplied with important nutrients.

Avoid foods that are too salty or too sugary as they cause infections which could easily lead to heart problems hence common attacks of palpitations.

Keep off caffeinated foods and beverages such as coffee, chocolate among others. Soft drinks, carbonated beverages and tea should also be avoided or limited.

Avoid foods made using white flour and instead go for products made using whole wheat. Spices and foods that are too hot should also be avoided as they only aggravate the problem.

Avoid excessive intakes of alcohol and instead ensure that you take enough water on a daily basis. Fresh fruit juices can also be taken instead of alcohol as a way of promoting good health.

Do physical exercises and meditate when faced with heart palpitations as a way of calming the nerves. Short brisk walks, cycling, skipping and swimming are some of the activities one can engage in as a way of taking care of palpitation on the long term.

Avoid engaging in activities that are too demanding or are too hard for the body to handle as this ends up amounting to unnecessary pressure on the heart.

Avoid oily foods as they contribute to heart conditions known to be major causes of palpitations.

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