Home Remedies for Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease is one form of disease which affects the small intestine. Those suffering from Celiac Disease will have damaged ‘villi’ in the small intestine. Villi are the small protrusions inside the small intestine which absorb the nutrients from the food and deliver it to the blood stream. Gluten is a nutrient present in the wheat and interestingly, those suffering from Celiac Disease develop a sort of resistance to Gluten. Even a small quantity of gluten makes them feel sick. Symptoms of the disease include vomiting, weight loss, constipation, abdominal bloating and pain in the abdominal region, stool with bad smell and diarrhea. Other effects of the disease are that it causes arthritis, affects the functioning of other glands like the thyroid gland, liver etc. Addison’s disease and Sjogren’s syndrome are the other diseases associated with Celiac Disease. According to a recent survey millions of people the world over are suffering from this disease

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Home Remedies for Celiac Disease

Extensive research is going on in many parts of the world to understand more about this disease and to find out the appropriate medicine. Experts are of the opinion that resistance to gluten could be hereditary. However, the medical science is yet to make a breakthrough in treating Celiac Disease. The patient is advised to strictly follow a diet that is free from ‘gluten’. Even a small quantity of gluten would have a serious effect on the health of the patient.

There are some home remedies for treatment of Celiac Disease. But, experts say that here there is little choice for the patient. At the same time experts are of the opinion that effects of most of these herbs are not scientifically analyzed. Some of the home remedies are briefly discussed here.

Horse tail tea as a Home Remedy for Celiac Disease

Properties: TThis type of tea got its name for the simple reason that the tea plant was being tied to the tail of the horse to keep the mosquitoes and flies away. The tea is rich in silicic acid, potassium, aluminum, flavonoids including manganese.

Treating Celiac disease using horse tail tea
Take the green part from the plant, wash it thoroughly and dry it. Once dry, take about two or three spoonful of horse tail tea and put it in one cup of water. Allow it to soak for about fifteen minutes. Add honey to taste and drink it. The patient is advised to drink about two cups a day. Results of this preparation can be seen after about two weeks of continuous use. A word of caution! Pregnant women, those having kidney stones and those who have ailments of the heart should consult a doctor before use. At the same time, excessive use of horse tail tea may also cause nausea, variation in electrolyte levels and in some case it may also cause skin problems.

Dandelion as a Home Remedy for Celiac Disease

Properties: This plant has its botanical name ‘Taraxacum officinale’. According to ancient Indian system of medicine called Ayurveda, this plant is called as ‘Priests Crown’ or ‘Bowball’. It is widely grown throughout the world. In treating Celiac Disease the leaves of this plant ‘Dandoelion’ is used along with some quantity of saffron and leaves of yellow dock herbal teas are also used.

Treating Celiac disease using dandelion
Take the leaves of dandelion plant and the leaves of yellow dock herbal tea plant. Wash them well. Dry them and prepare the tea. Add little saffron and honey to taste. This herbal combination also purifies the blood stream.

Agrimony as a Home Remedy for Celiac Disease

Properties: This plant is believed to have originated from Greece. However, now it is grown in abundance throughout the world. Leaves grow to a maximum of about seven inches.

Treating Celiac disease using agrimony
Tincture made out of the leaves is readily available in the market. Every day, take about four drops of this tincture and add this to water. Take this preparation three times a day.

Evening Primrose Oil as a Home Remedy for Celiac Disease

Properties: Evening Primrose is a plant in which the flower blossoms during evening time. This plant is a native of North America and is now grown in many parts of Europe. Evening Primrose contains Gamma linolenic acid. This is a fatty acid which is very essential for the body. The medicines prepared out of this oil are very beneficial in treating gynecologic problems, eczema and arthritis. It is also very useful in treating Celiac Disease.

Treating Celiac Disease using Evening Primrose oil:
Oil prepared out of the Primrose is readily available in the market. Take about 5 to 6 drops of the oil with water. The result is slow. Those who are using this oil have reported remarkable improvement in their fight against Celiac Disease. The mild side effect is that some people may experience headache if excessive dosage is consumed

Alfalfa as a Home Remedy for Celiac Disease

Properties: This herb has great medicinal value. Earlier, alfalfa was grown in abundance in European Countries. But, today it is grown in many parts of the world. Now, it is grown in India as well. The medical fraternity has recognized the medicinal and curative qualities of alfalfa.

Treating Celiac disease using alfalfa:
Use alfalfa along with other leafy vegetables as your daily food. Alfalfa supplies enough minerals and vitamins to the blood stream.

Bael Fruit as a Home Remedy for Celiac Disease

Properties: This fruit is native to India and Pakistan and is now grown in many other Asian countries. Bael (Bilwas) fruit and the bael tree is a sacred tree for the Hindus who worship this tree. The bael fruit has the quality of fighting the common cold, diarrhea, dryness of the eyes, cold, constipation and it also fight the Celiac disease. The leaves of this tree are used for fighting sinusitis.

Treating Celiac disease using bael fruit:
The procedure is very simple. Break open the outer shell of the fruit. Remove the seeds, add honey or powdered jiggery.

Apple Cider Vinegar as a Home Remedy for Celiac Disease

Properties: This is yet another natural remedy to fight Celiac disease. In fact the vinegar is prepared using modern processing technology. This is to ensure that the apple cider does not become stale and unfit for human consumption.

Treating Celiac disease using apple cider vinegar:
Experts suggest that about two to three glasses of apple cider vinegar should be drunk every day. It acts as a good supplement for the diet of the patient. However, some apple cider vinegar would cause acidity. Therefore, those who are suffering from acidity should regulate the use of apple cider vinegar

Pickled Ginger as a Home Remedy for Celiac Disease

Properties: Ginger is grown and used all over world. Normally, the ginger grown is preferred for preparing pickled ginger. Ginger has both antibacterial and antipyretic qualities. It is both a medicine by itself and a good spice in the kitchen.

Ginger pickle is known to be rich in vitamins and antioxidants. In fact this pickle can be prepared at home. The method of preparation is quite easy. The first step is to peel the ginger using a peeler. Cut it into appropriate pieces. Add salt, sugar and cover this with ice water. Ensure it is soaked for at least one hour. Now drain out the water completely. Now, in a separate container put vinegar, sugar, cloves, chill and peppercorns. Heat it well and when it reaches the boiling point simmer this liquid for about five minutes. Now, pour this liquid on the cut ginger. The ginger pickle should be stored in a container which is non reactive. Normally porcelain or plastic containers are preferred. It can then be refrigerated.

Treating Celiac disease using pickled ginger:
The pickled ginger can be used as a delicious side dish at lunch. The pickled ginger activates the digestive system in body.

Other Home Remedies for Celiac Disease

As soon as the skin gets burned, place the injured area directly under the faucet with cold running water. The cold water will help relieve the pain and prevent the Celiac Disease from blistering.

Slice a raw onion in half and place it directly on top of the Celiac Disease for an immediate home remedy.

Slice a potato thinly and place the slices over the Celiac Disease. Hold the potato slices in place with gauze or a bandage.

Create a paste out of some grass and black-eyed peas. Apply the paste on the Celiac Disease regularly until the skin has sufficiently healed.

Soak the areas injured by the Celiac Disease in some milk. Make sure the affected areas are thoroughly submerged in the milk.

Diet for Celiac Disease

A healthy diet is a very important factor in the healing of Celiac Disease aside from the many home remedies that can be used. To help make the Celiac Disease heal faster, eat a high protein and high calorie diet.

Also include foods that are rich in minerals such as copper, zinc and selenium. These minerals are important to speed up the healing process and prevent the Celiac Disease from getting infected. Vitamin B complex, glutamine and vitamin C are just some of the vitamins that are also needed by the body for a faster recovery from Celiac Disease.

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