Home Remedies for Knee Pain

Knees bear a lot of weight and are therefore prone to getting worn-out and painful once in a while. The load bearing organs degenerate as one grows older causing the cartilage to be stiff which in turn could lead to pain. However, there are so many other things that could lead to knee pain apart from age. The major causes of knee pain are arthritis and osteoporosis which can be extremely painful especially if left untreated.

Other conditions such as fractures, dislocations and spraining also lead to knee pain. Inflammation of different knee parts is another cause of knee pain and calls for attention if one is to manage walking, running errands or dealing with day to day chores. People engaged in sporting activities normally suffer from knee pain as a result of injuries caused by small or minor accidents on the field. Knee pain could also be a sign of a bone tumor or a serious disease hence the need to seek medical advice.

Symptoms of knee pain include locking of the knees making it hard to straighten or bend, instability, tenderness and inflammation. The pain only seems to get worse if left untreated making it quite difficult to use the legs properly. The pain can be excruciating hence a need to get proper treatment.

While most people will knock on the doors of their doctor, there are various home remedies that are effective in dealing with the pain safely at home. Natural remedies for knee pain are simple and easily accessible and have been proven to be useful and effective. The natural path of healing has always been a better option compared to other modes of treatment, hence there is a need to try out the natural remedies for managing the pain yourself.

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Home Remedies for Knee Pain

Fenugreek Seeds as Home Remedy for Knee Pain

Fenugreek Seeds Properties: Fenugreek seeds have been in use for the longest time in the treatment of various conditions. The seeds contain healing properties making them among the best natural home remedies for curing knee pain. The seeds work by increasing blood flow thereby enhancing proper lubrication of the cartilages.

Using Fenugreek Seeds as Cure for Knee Pain:
Take the seeds and roast them before crushing into powder. Use a small amount of water to make a thick paste which should then be applied generously all over the knee. Massage the areas feeling the pain to effectively get rid of the pain. The remedy should be used for a couple of days or used till the pain disappears.

Bishop's Weed as a Natural Remedy for Knee Pain

Bishop's Weed Properties: Bishop's weed is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties making it very effective in dealing with all kinds of inflammation. This is among the very best natural remedies for knee pain as it gives quick pain relief.

Using Bishop’s Weed as Cure for Knee Pain:
Wash and dry the weed before crushing into powder. Add to a glass of warm water and then drink once every day, first thing in the morning for effective results. The powder can also be mixed with water to make a paste to be applied on the knee to give quick pain relief.

Ginger as a Home Remedy for Knee Pain

Ginger Properties: Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties making it very helpful and useful in the treatment of knee pain. This remedy is very therapeutic for patients suffering from knee pain and is widely used for the treatment of other painful conditions.

Using Ginger as Cure for Knee Pain:
Grind the root and add into a glass of water or milk before drinking. The mixture should be taken at least twice a day to effectively get rid of the pain. Those who find the taste unpleasant can add a little honey into the mixture.

Devil’s Claw as a Home Remedy for Knee Pain

Devil’s Claw Properties: The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of this herb are what make it a great remedy for knee pain. Although not commonly mentioned, the herb is widely used in some regions as treatment for extreme pain and has been proven to be good in dealing with knee pain.

Using Devil’s Claw as Cure for Knee Pain:
Boil a few leaves in water for at least ten minutes. Allow cooling before straining and drinking. This can be taken once daily for at least a week by which the pain should have been eliminated effectively. Other great herbs for the same purpose are cat’s claw and wintergreen.

Olive Oil as a Home Remedy for Knee Pain

Olive Oil Properties: Olive oil has healing properties making it good for the treatment of knee pain and especially in reducing knee inflammation as it has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Using Olive Oil as Treatment for Knee Pain:
Warm a few drops of olive oil and apply the warm oil onto the knee area and massage gently thrice a day. You should be in a position to feel the pain subside a few minutes after massaging the oil into the knee. Continue for a week even when the pain reduces, to help in healing the knee completely.

Turmeric as Natural Remedy for Knee Pain

Turmeric Properties: Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties which work very well in the treatment of knee pain. It deals with the inflammation thereby dealing with the problem at the root allowing proper healing.

Using Turmeric as Treatment for Knee Pain:
Grind dried turmeric into powder. Add the powder to a glass of milk and then consume this at least twice daily. This is one of the most effective natural remedies for knee pain. You can also add castor oil and butter into the milk for better and faster results.

Flaxseed as Remedy for Knee Pain

Flaxseed Properties: Flaxseed contains a variety of minerals and compounds found to be very beneficial in treating knee pain. The remedy is an excellent way of reducing inflammation and getting rid of the pain thereby giving quick relief from knee pain.

Using Flaxseed as Treatment for Knee Pain:
Best used in its oil form, flaxseed should be massaged onto the area of pain and allowed to sit for an hour. The plant itself can also be steeped in hot water and the water drunk or used to make a paste applicable to the knee. The remedy is essential in reducing inflammation.

Pineapple as a Natural Remedy for Knee Pain

Pineapple Properties: Pineapple contains Bromelain which is an anti-inflammatory speeding up healing. For this reason, the fruit is highly recommended for those suffering from knee pain as it provides quick pain relief besides helping in the healing process.

Using Pineapple as Treatment for Knee Pain:
Take a glass of pineapple juice twice a day. The extracts can also be massaged into the knee area experiencing the pain to relieve the pain. However, it you experience itching, wash the paste off and find other remedies that work for you.

Other Home Remedies for Knee Pain

Massage mustard seed oil onto the knee to get quick pain relief. The oil has essential minerals and compounds which are effective in dealing with pain. This should be done at least twice daily for better results.

You can also use coconut oil as a natural remedy for knee pain. Take the oil and gently but firmly massage into the areas experiencing the pain. This helps in reducing inflammation and reduces the pain assisting in proper knee movements and eventually gets rid of the pain. The oils should be massaged thrice daily. Cod liver oil is beneficial oil that can be used to treat knee pain.

Crush peanuts and make a paste by mixing in a small amount of water. Use the paste as ointment on the knee to get the desired relief from the pain. This is a great home remedy for knee pain as it is very effective.

To promote proper blood circulation within the knee and eventually getting rid of the pain, apply hot compresses onto the knee. This is best done as many times as possible to get relief. Cold compresses can also be used on the knee to keep the knee cool and thereby relieving any pain that might have existed.

Keep the knee well elevated to relieve weight and pressure amounted onto it hence reducing the pain. This is however a temporally measure of dealing with the pain. It is always a good idea to allow the feet and legs to relax to ensure that blood circulates well through them keeping pain and inflammations at bay.

Take steam baths regularly during the day to reduce the pain. This remedy is especially good for knee pain caused by arthritis and should be used to prevent the pain as well.

Keep the knee muscles strong enough and flexible by adopting an exercise program. Exercising is the most natural ways of treating knee pain and remains to be the best home remedies for the condition. Apart from taking care of the knee by getting rid of the pain, this remedy also enhances proper blood circulation keeping the body healthy and free from infections.

Make a paste using goat’s milk, butter and castor seeds. Mix well before applying onto the knee to treat knee pain. The remedy reduces inflammation and soothes the knee, keeping it cool thereby getting rid of the pain with ease.

Take rasna leaves, castor, sandal and black phaseolus and prepare a hot paste. Take the paste and generously apply and massage into the knee to get rid of knee pain. This home remedy for knee pain is very beneficial and is effective in treating knee pain among other kinds of pain.

Take a glass of warm milk and add wheat flour, turmeric powder, castor oil and butter. Mix well to come up with a paste. This should then be applied to the knee to give quick pain relief. The remedy should be used at least three times a day and can be used till the pain subsides leaving your knee feeling a good as new. This is among the simplest and the most effective home remedies for knee pain.

Diet for Knee Pain and Precautions

Diet has a big role to play in how healthy the body is and how strong the immune system is in combating diseases and infection. To keep the body as healthy and free it from diseases, it is important to always take a healthy and balanced diet.

Those suffering from knee pain should increase their intakes of fresh vegetable and fruits as diet for knee pain. Nuts and seeds should also be included in daily meals as they are quite nutritious supplying the body with all the nutrients and minerals it needs to fight diseases. Foods such as garlic, spinach, dates, grapes and bananas are nutritious and should be taken on a regular basis as diet for keeping knee pain at bay. They also aid the healing process of knee inflammations and other conditions affecting the knee.

Avoid junk foods or foods which are processed and refined as they deprive the body of the essential nutrients and also hinder proper digestion exposing the body to various infections and diseases.

Overweight people should ensure that they come up with a plan to help reduce weight. This greatly reduces knee pain as the body will have a lighter load to bear.

Avoid carrying heavy loads or objects for a prolonged period. This only aggravates the problem and exposes the knee to inflammation, hence pain. It is also important to maintain the right posture especially when carrying heavy loads. By lessening the pressure on your knees, you will be avoiding knee pain as well as making the knees stronger.

Increase your intake of food rich in calcium as well as good amounts of Vitamin D which helps in the absorption of calcium. Vitamin D can easily be got from the sun or taken in supplement form.
Avoid alcohol consumption as well as smoking as they make the situation worse.

Drink lots of beverages within a day to keep the body well hydrated and promoting proper body mechanisms. It is important to ensure that you take at least eight glasses of water on a daily basis to promote good health. The water is also essential in maintaining elasticity or joints and bones keeping the knees strong.

Another important thing that should be taken into consideration is ensuring that one gets enough rest and sleep. This is especially good as it allows enough time for the body to rejuvenate worn out tissues, keeping diseases and infections at bay.

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