Home Remedies for Bronchitis

Bronchitis involves serious inflammation occurring in the bronchial tubes or windpipe inside the chest. The condition takes the form of two types which are acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. In acute bronchitis, the trachea, bronchial tubes and larynx get inflamed acutely. The tissues normally get swollen as a result of the secreted amounts of mucus which are directed to the bronchial tubes to protect the mucous membrane hence causing irritation. If the mucus is not taken care of well, it could end up blocking the windpipe thereby causing other serious diseases such as pneumonia and atelactasis. Acute bronchitis is caused by the common cold in most cases.

Symptoms of acute bronchitis are breathing difficulties, high fever, hoarseness, constant cough and chilliness of the feet and hands. The chest may also feel compressed and tight because of the dry cough that brings about ringing and tearing thereby making the sternum sore. These symptoms may decrease within a few days although on the other hand the expectoration amount increases.

Chronic bronchitis is different from acute bronchitis since it takes longer to develop. You may first have sinusitis, affected tonsils, adenoids and nasal drip. This is a more serious case as it may mean that some permanent changes have taken place inside your lungs. Infections such as pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema interfere a great deal with the expansion and contraction of the lungs making it hard to breathe. You could end up coughing up blood with this type of bronchitis. The good news is that there are a few home remedies that one can take to reduce the effects of bronchitis and eventually treat and heal the condition.

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Home Remedies for Bronchitis


Properties: Almonds are loaded with nutrients and vitamins which are very beneficial to the body. The calcium, magnesium and potassium found in almonds have healing properties for respiratory illnesses including bronchitis.

Treating bronchitis using almonds:
Simply eat the nuts everyday several times. You can use them to garnish your vegetables or your fruit salad that contains citrus fruits. To add a little taste, you can add some honey into the mixture or add cinnamon and then roast them in the oven. This is a great and tasty home remedy for treating bronchitis. .


Properties: Onions are effective in treating bronchitis as they are natural expectorants. They will help in draining the heavy mucus that comes with bronchitis thus clearing your chest in the process. Onion is used to cure most respiratory conditions as well as conditions of the digestive system.

How to use onion for breast care:
You can effectively treat bronchitis by eating the onions raw, baked or cooked. You can use them in stews, as seasoning and in soups. Another great way of making onions work for you is slicing them up in a bowl and then covering them with honey. Let the mixture stand for a whole night before you finally remove the onion slices and start taking the honey one teaspoon every day. This home remedy works wonders in dealing with bronchitis.


Properties: Lemons have anti-bacterial properties which are very effective in clearing the mucus and bacteria affecting the respiratory system and other health conditions. They have been used for ages for dealing with many conditions and diseases and have proved to be quite effective.

Treating bronchitis using lemons:
Grate a lemon wedge and add to boiling water and let the mixture boil for about 5 minutes. Strain the drink into a cup after boiling and then drink it. If you have a sore throat, you can use the mixture in gargling to effectively take care of it. This way, you will manage to bring the phlegm up. This is one of the best treatments you can easily use at home.

Bay leaf

Properties: This herb was normally used by ancient Greeks and Romans to bring clairvoyance, happiness and other effects into their lives because of the magical properties it has. One of the amazing things about the leaf is that it is an expectorant and effectively takes care of bronchitis.

Treating bronchitis using bay leaf:
In most cases, the herb is used in brewing tea whether in its dried or fresh form. All you have to do is tear a leaf and add it to boiling water after which you can drink. You can also let the leaves sit in a basin of hot water after which you get the poultice and apply it to the chest area. You can use a kitchen towel to cover the chest with the poultice until it cools off. You can then warm it again and repeat several times.


Properties: Thyme herb has anti-bacterial properties making it very effective in getting rid of respiratory system bacteria and mucus. The herb will fight infection by draining mucus and strengthening your lungs and shielding them from bacteria.

Treating bronchitis using thyme:
You can take the herb by adding it as seasoning into your tea when well dried. You should however put only a little amount like half a teaspoon for every cupful since is very strong. Let the mixture steep for a few minute and use honey to sweeten it before you drink. You can also effectively use the herb in its oil form by diluting it together with corn and olive oil and then rubbing it on your chest. This is an effective way of curing the congestion that comes with bronchitis.

Ginger and Savory

Properties:The two are excellent potent expectorants which rid your lungs of mucus. They have very beneficial properties and have been in used for a very long time and have gained popularity because of their effectiveness in treating different condition of the respiratory and digestive system.

Treating bronchitis using ginger and savory:
Both are best taken in tea and you need only add a ½ teaspoon to boiling water. Strengthen the mixture by adding a pinch of cloves and cinnamon and then take your drink once every day till you effectively relieve bronchitis.


Properties:Garlic contains antibiotics and vitamins which are very good in treating bronchitis. These great properties have made it very famous in treating various health conditions effectively. It is very easy to get it at local stores in its raw form or in its oil form.
Treating bronchitis using garlic:
Garlic oil can be used effectively in treating bronchitis by applying it and rubbing it firmly but gently onto the throat and chest. This treatment alleviates coughs and drains mucus. On the other hand, you can chop a garlic clove and chew or swallow it raw. This can be done at least three times a day and soon your bronchitis will be taking a bow.


Properties:Also known as endive, the herb’s roots have useful expectorant properties which are effective in treating bronchitis. The root is normally dried and made into powder to make it easy to use and can be found easily in food stores.

Treating bronchitis using chicory
An effective way of using this home remedy is by mixing a ½ teaspoon with honey and taking the mixture. The doses should be taken three times daily until you feel relieved of bronchitis. This is a great home remedy for chronic bronchitis because of the strong properties of the herb.


Properties:Linseed has healing properties and other essential minerals and nutrients which are known to effectively treat and cure bronchitis and other conditions. Apply hot linseed poultice both on the back and front sides of your chest. To make the very best and effective poultice, use at least 16 tablespoons of linseed in a good amount of water and then gently apply the poultice. This is a great remedy of relieving the effects of bronchitis.

Treating bronchitis using linseed:
Apply hot linseed poultice both on the back and front sides of your chest. To make the very best and effective poultice, use at least 16 tablespoons of linseed in a good amount of water and then gently apply the poultice. This is a great remedy of relieving the effects of bronchitis.

Other Home Remedies for bronchitis:

Relieve your congested lungs by sun bathing and taking steam baths. Apart from relieving congestion, you will end up relaxing the whole body.

Add fresh leaves of spinach vegetable and add a little ammonium chloride and honey and take the mixture at least twice daily to naturally treat bronchitis.

Make a hot cup of grinded root of horseradish and leave it to cool for about 5 minutes before you drink as a very effective cure for bronchitis. Taking this twice every day is advisable. Mixing turmeric and milk and taking the mix daily is also another natural remedy for the treatment of bronchitis.

Use mustard powder together with flour and water and smear this onto your chest to relieve bronchitis. In the same manner crush dried sesame seeds and make a paste with a reasonable amount of water then gently apply it to the chest twice per day.

To effectively cure bronchitis, rub oils such as olive, eucalyptus and lavender into the chest. A few drops in hot water are enough to drain your mucus and clear your lungs when inhaled.

Mix long pepper, black pepper and dried ginger and take the mixture three times a day. Daikon juice is another effective home remedy when mixed with honey and taken in hot water twice daily.

Drink lots of fluids and eat hot spices to clear your mucus membranes. You can also add saffron in warm milk and take the mixture twice every day to effectively relieve the symptoms accompanying bronchitis.

Slice snow pears and add them to three hot bowls of water then strain and remove the pears and add rice to the water. After this, have the rice boil and cook before you drink the soup. To effectively cure bronchitis at home, mix castor oil and planet leaves then spread the mixture on the chest overnight.

Take water and flour then carefully mix with mustard powder. Use the paste on your chest area and leave for some time before washing it off. If you are allergic to mustard, then this is not the best remedy for you as it might sting.

Add half a teaspoon of licorice tea in boiling water and let it sit for ten minutes before straining and drinking the mixture. Take this three times a day for a whole week and it will effectively treat bronchitis.

A good home remedy for acute bronchitis is taking fresh orange juice together with water for the very first stages. Fresh natural juices have been used for the longest time in dealing with different conditions and have proved to be very effective in treating bronchitis.

There are also lots of other herbs that are effective for the treatment and cure of all cases of bronchitis and illnesses of the respiratory system.

Diet for Bronchitis:

It is important to always remember that we are what we eat and a little change in the diet can either bring positive or negative results in our lives. Most illnesses people suffer from can easily be taken care of by a change of diet.

To put bronchitis to an end, eat spicy foods in your diet since they end up making your nose and eyes watery thereby draining all the mucus and clearing your lungs.

Increase your fresh fruit juices intake as well as your vegetable intake. Water is also essential in thinning mucus and therefore should be taken enough every single day. Unsweetened drinks such as lemon water are best and so is hot or cold plain water.

Always eat a balanced diet and include grains and nuts, fruits and vegetables as well as seeds in your meals. Avoid too much sugar, coffee, meats, tea, pickles and condiments. Processed foods should also be kept at a minimum and so should soft drinks and candies.

Other precautions include making sure you rest enough every day especially during the days you experience fever.

Take foods which are easily digested and drink lots of water. Regular exercise is important although it is not wise to expose yourself to those which are too engaging. The best choice of games to engage in is swimming and jogging.

Avoid areas that are polluted and damp areas especially rooms that you sleep in. Make sure you get exposed to enough fresh air every day to deal with bronchitis cases effectively. You can use humidifiers to ensure that your room is well humidified and full of fresh air. Vacuum it and keep it as clean as you can.

Those suffering from bronchitis should quit smoking and drinking alcohol as the two only makes matters worse. The sooner you can quit, the better it will be for you to take care of your body and effectively cure bronchitis.

Bronchitis should not be much of a worry since following the above simple diet and instructions will keep you clean and healthy, and help alleviate your body pain.

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