Home Remedies for Stammering

Home remedies for stammering

Stammering is a speech disorder in which a person finds it difficult to speak or talk fluently. A person who has this disorder repeats some words, syllables and phrases or prolongs them. Although stammering is not a disease but a condition, it causes a lot of anxiety, stress and fatigue in many victims. It becomes difficult for such people to speak in public, sing or carry on their professional duties like lecturing or teaching. This condition has been seen predominantly in males. The condition is not permanent as the appropriate use of natural remedies for it, as well as therapies can give great relief. It is good to note that any person may stammer at any time and this does not signify that he/she has this condition. But, regular stammering without any duress or stress is the differential sign of this condition. The condition has caused a lot of concern as people with this condition find it hard to express themselves to others. Young children suffer a lot as they may not be able to avoid being laughed at.

Stammering does not mean that a person with this condition is not intelligent. Many scientists, educationists and philosophers have been found to have this condition. Stammering starts only in childhood as the chances of getting this condition when old are very minimal. Almost each and every child tends to stammer in early childhood development but some never overcome this condition. There is no concrete known cause to this condition, but it has been greatly associated with genetic factors. Research has shown that many people who stammer do inherit this condition from their parents or from previous generations. Another major cause of stammering is the low speed of speech nerves, which fail to work in the same rate as that of the brain. The brain plays a major role in speech. When an idea is created by the brain, it is transported immediately to the speech organs and muscles and if they fail to convert the message into sound at the same speed, then stammering occurs.

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Natural remedies for stammering

Gooseberry as a home remedy for stammering

Gooseberry Properties: The herb has properties that help in enhancing the memory power and in developing the brain especially the parts that control sound. Through memory enhancement, the herb ensures that the rate of transmitting from the nerves to the mouth function at the same rate as the nerves that produce sound. Gooseberry has been regarded among the best home remedies for this condition, especially in case of small children who have this condition. Use of this herb over time ensures that there is consistency and continuous production of speech.

Use of gooseberry as a cure for stammering:
The best and most effective way to treat this condition among small children is by eating gooseberry on a daily basis. If used regularly for duration of three to four months, the condition can be cured. For a more effective and quicker way to cure the condition, you can opt to grind gooseberry into a powdered form. Take the powder mixed with ghee each day especially in the morning and this will help a lot in curing the condition. Gooseberry should be the first home remedy for stammering to be considered, especially among small children as it has low side effects.

Almond as a natural remedy for stammering

Almond Properties: Almond has been in use for a long time to treat this condition and is used even today by the Chinese and Greeks as a treatment for this condition. The herb is known for its soothing properties that relax the muscles of the tongue and also the nerve-endings which help in producing sound. When a message is transmitted from the brain, the organs which control the production of sound become relaxed and light thus enable the person to produce a continuous and consistent sound. It’s among the most effective natural remedies for treating the condition in both young and old.

Use of Almond as a treatment for stammering:
There are several ways in which one can use almond to treat this condition. First, almonds are soaked in the water to soften them and make them easier to peel. After peeling them, grind them well until you have a smooth powder. Mix the powder of the almonds with ghee. Ensure that you eat the mixture for several months as positive results are seen after four to five months of use. Almonds can also be ground into powdered form and then mixed with black pepper. Sugar may be added to the mixture to act as a sweetener and when used for five months, the stammering starts to reduce. The remedy is most suitable to children who are learning to speak and have a stammering problem.

Vallarai as a natural remedy for stammering

Vallarai Properties: The herb has been in use for ages as a treatment for stammering especially in small children. The herb has some properties that help to stimulate the muscles that enhance the production of sound. The herb also plays a very big role in making the tongue lighter when talking thus reducing the intensity of stammering. The plant also has some very important properties that play a role in the brain to stimulate the nerves that transmit messages to the tongue. The herb has been commonly used to treat this condition as it widely available in many places, and it can be grown in a wide range of environments.

Use of Vallarai as a treatment for stammering:
The use of this plant to cure stammering can take several forms. The leaves are the most effective in treating this condition. Clean a few leaves of the plant and then chew them together with coriander seeds as well as palm candy. When chewed continuously for more than five months, they will show positive results. The leaves of vallarai tree can also be finely ground and then taken with milk. They will offer positive results within months of use. Vallarai herb is among the best and most effective natural remedies for treating this condition within the shortest period.

Lemon balm as a home remedy for stammering

Lemon balm Properties: Lemon balm has been in use for ages to treat this condition due to its ready and cheap availability. This home remedy for stammering has some positive properties that relax many parts of the body including the muscles of the tongue and that of the muscles that help in the production of sound. Through relaxation of the muscles, the tongue becomes lighter and thus when speaking, the flow of words becomes regular and continuous. Lemon balm also helps in relaxing the brain which is very essential, as it aids in regular transmission of messages to the organs of speech.

Use of lemon balm as a cure for stammering:
Make tea using lemon balm and then boil it for 15 to 20 minutes. Add boiled milk and consume for four months continuously, and subsequently, positive results will begin to be noticed. You can also choose to add a sweetener such as sugar or honey since the concoction tastes very bitter. The remedy can be used by both adults and children in measured doses. Lemon balm is in the list of natural remedies for treating this condition as it offers the best treatment within the shortest period.

Dates as a natural remedy for stammering

Dates Properties: Dates have been known to clear the voice and they help both adults and children who have a stammering problem. They also make the tongue more flexible especially when talking. Dates also help in speech production as they have some properties which are needed for the development of the brain. Dates have been among the most important natural remedies for this condition due to the above properties.

Use of dates as a treatment for stammering:
Look for ripe dates and then dry them under a shade for a few days. Moderately ripe dates are best as either raw or over-ripe dates are lower in properties which help to reduce stammering. After drying them, eat them and avoid drinking water or any liquid for about two hours so as not to dilute them. They should be eaten in the late hours especially before bed time and positive results will be seen from three months of continuous use of this remedy.

Ghee as a home remedy for stammering

Ghee Properties: The best ghee that is suitable for curing stammering to both adults and children is that made from cow's milk, as this ghee contains some properties that help in the growth of the brain especially the parts that induce the production of sound. Cow's milk ghee improves the brain function and is also believed to help the sensing capacity. Thus ghee is among the most commonly found and effective home remedies for treating this condition and has been in use for ages by most people in the world. Ghee has also been used in the production of some medicines that help in the enhancement of knowledge, memory capacity and in improving stammering.

Use of ghee as a cure for stammering:
Since ghee is semi liquid, it cannot be used alone as a cure for stammering. In treating this condition among children, boil one cup of water for a few minutes. Add two spoonfuls of cow milk butter and then stir well to make sure that it is fully mixed. Drinking one cup of the solution daily for three months will show positive results. In case of adults, drinking two cups of the solution on a daily basis is enough to cure this condition.

Brahmi as a natural remedy for stammering

Brahmi Properties: There are many species of Brahmi, and any of them can be used to treat this condition in both adults and small children. The herb has some very important properties that do play a big role in the production of sound when talking. These properties loosen the tongue and also stimulate the organs that produce sound. Through this, the muscles of the tongue become more flexible and in due course, this plays a big role in ensuring that the sound is continuous and clear. Brahmi has been amongst the ancient natural remedies for treating this condition that are still in use today.

Use of brahmi as a treatment for stammering:
Grind the leaves of the brahmi plant until you get a fine powdered form. Mix the powder with honey until you get a sticky substance. This is mixed with rice and then consumed in that state throughout the period until the stammering disappears. You can extract oil from this plant and use it as a cure for stammering. Not only that, brahmi oil can be applied on the head and then left for few hours for the oil to soak in the head. The oil plays a big role in enhancing brain growth especially the part that induces the production of sound.

Other home remedies for stammering

Among other common home remedies for stammering is cinnamon which has been in use for ages especially in the case of small children. Cinnamon has some very useful properties which help to stimulate the speech organs. It also plays a big role in loosening the tongue thus making it easy for the pronunciation of words. Chewing cinnamon leaves on a daily basis especially few hours before sleeping in the evening provides good results.

Stammering can also be treated by doing certain exercises which help to improve the functioning of the brain, most particularly the part that helps in the production of the sound.

Wild yam root is another useful natural remedy for curing this condition due to its rich properties that help to improve the hormones and calming the muscles associated with speech.

Another important remedy we can’t forget is Argentums nit which plays a big role especially in children with low speech development. It makes the child have the urge to talk more, and thus helps to fight the condition.

Diet for stammering

There are several varieties of diet for helping a person who has been affected by stammering, and this applies to both children and adults. In every meal, make sure that there are plenty of energy rich foods that help in the development of the brain as it plays a very big role in the production of sound. Foods rich in fat are advocated as the best diet for curing this condition.

Fish and fish products are also regarded the best diet for this condition as they help in brain development. Fresh water fish are better as compared to salt-water fish. Jelly fish, salmon and star fish form the list of fish that will help in improving the condition. They also offer a positive property that induces the organs that produce sound. They also play a big role in helping to relax the muscles of the tongue and the organs that produces sound.

When considering the diet for stammering we should also consider cow products such as milk and butter. They play a key role in development of the brain as well as help in loosening muscles that are found around the organs that produce sound. Make sure that in your diet for the day there is at least one cow product. If ghee or butter is not available, boiled milk will offer an alternative in treating this condition.

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