Home Remedies for Body Odor

In common man’s language, body odor refers to the unpleasant smell emanating from the body of a person. The smell normally emanates from the armpit, skin, hair, feet, ears and the pubic region. Normally, the smell is caused by sweat. But there are other reasons for body odor like alcohol, smoking, taking strong medicines regularly, stress, problems connected with the skin, inefficient metabolism, poor hygiene, hereditary etc.

According to researchers, body odor is caused by bacteria present on the body of the person. These bacteria, apart from causing unpleasant odor, also affect the health of the person. Another interesting factor is that the odor does not depend on the quantity of perspiration. Even small amounts of perspiration can cause unbearable odor and in some cases a person sweating profusely may not emanate any odor at all. Therefore, researchers say that body odor depends on many factors.

However, insofar as a cure is concerned, doctors advise that the person should bathe at least twice a day using good quality soap. Odor causing areas like the armpits, hair, feet etc should be thoroughly washed with hot water. You must use a clean dry towel to remove the water from the body. Then apply a good quality deodorant particularly on the armpit. Some people, before putting on the shoe, sprinkle good quality powder inside and then put on the socks and the shoe. All these are preventive measures so that odor does not become unbearable to those in your immediate vicinity. Although western medicine (allopathic system of medicine) has yet to develop appropriate curative medicines, the ancient Indian system of Medicine Ayurveda, Homeopathy and even the Chinese system of medicine has some answers to prevent body odor. Particularly the Ayurveda system of medicine and the Chinese system of medicine have many herbal based medicines. Many of these herbs can be used as a home remedy to prevent body odor. Let us understand some of these herbs, how they can be used as a home remedy and their curative values:

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Home Remedies for Body odor


Properties: This is a flowering plant and belongs to fabaceae family. This plant is cultivated in New Zealand, UK, and Australia etc. However, it is now grown in many other parts of the world including India. Alfalfa is now recognized as n herb with high medicinal value. It is also used as cattle feed. Insofar as prevention of body odors using Alfalfa is concerned, researchers say that the chlorophyll present in the leaves and the sprout of the Alfalfa has the tendency to kill bacteria causing odors.

Treating body odors using Alfalfa:
Medicines are available in the form of tablets and powder specially to fight body odors. These medicines have been prepared extracting the chlorophyll from the leaves and the sprout. Those who are desirous of preparing the medicines from the alfalfa leaves and sprouts can do so. All that they have to do is put the leaves and sprouts in boiling water and after cooling it for a while, put the liquid in cup. If the person is desirous he can add sugar or jiggery or honey into the liquid and then consume it. .


Properties: This is yet another herb which is quite effective in killing the bacteria causing body odor. This herb is grown in many European countries. This herb also has great medicinal value. One of the uses of parsley is in its effectiveness in killing bacteria which causes body odor. Parsley is rich in zinc and zinc kills the bacteria which causes body odor.

Treating body odors using parsley:
Normally tea is prepared using parsley leaves. The other method is to take parsley tablets. Parsley is also available in powder form and this powder can be used in preparing the tea. However a word of caution; pregnant women should not use parsley in excess. With continuous use of parsley some patients may develop kidney stones. This diuretic is now recognized as one of the most effective remedies to prevent body odor.

Wheat grass:

Properties: Research has shown that wheat grass is rich in amino acids and minerals and has many curative effects. Wheat grass is different from wheat malt although both of them are the cotyledons of the wheat plant.

Treating body odor using wheat grass:
Preparing the medicine from wheat grass is simple. Just take the wheat grass wash it well and prepare the juice. About 500 ml of wheat grass juice should be taken on an empty stomach. That gives enough power to the body to fight the odor causing bacteria.

Radish Juice:

Properties:This is a vegetable which is grown and used throughout the world. Radish is rich in folic acid, vitamins such as ascorbic acid, copper, calcium, magnesium etc. It also has the property of killing odor causing bacteria in the human body.

Treating body odor using radish:
Prepare small quantity of radish juice and then add about three to four drops of glycerin to the juice. Now apply this juice on the arm pit, neck, foot etc. This mixture prevents body odor.

Rosemary oil:

Properties: According to historians, Romans and Egyptians worshipped the rosemary plant. This plant which belongs to the mint family is used in cooking a great deal. This plant has many therapeutic and curative qualities. One such quality is fighting odor causing bacteria. Apart from this, it is also used in aromatherapy, relieves pain, cures respiratory disorders and also improves mental alertness.

Treating body odor using rosemary oil:
Melt a small quantity of beeswax and add few drops of rosemary oil. Stir well over a low flame. Allow it to cool and then apply this preparation on the armpit, foot and other areas of the body causing odor. A word of caution; this preparation is only for external use. Pregnant women and lactating women should not use rosemary oil or any preparation made from rosemary oil. If beeswax is not available mix the rosemary oil in a small quantity of water and apply this preparation.

Sage tea:

Properties: Its botanical name is ‘Salvia officinalis’. It is largely grown in the UK, Turkey and other Mediterranean countries. Sage tea is grown both for medicinal purposes and cooking purpose. Insofar as its medical benefits are concerned, it activates sensory nerves in the brain, improves concentration and also has antiperspirant qualities.

Treating body odor using sage tea:
Take about two teaspoons of dried sage tea and boil for about ten minutes. Drink this preparation at frequent intervals through the day. If you want you can add some milk and sugar or honey to the preparation.

Another method is to apply the cooled sage tea on the arm pit and other odor causing areas in the body. Liberally apply the tea and allow it dry. When it is fully dried, repeat the procedure for a second time. After it dries the second time, take a bath.

Turnip juice:

Properties:This vegetable is widely grown and used throughout the world. It is more popular in temperate climates. There are many varieties of turnip plants. Turnip is known for its high nutritional value.

Treating body odor using turnip juice:
This preparation is highly useful for preventing body odor emanating from the armpit. All one has to do is to wash the turnip, grate it and then extract the juice. Wash the armpit well. Apply this juice and allow it to dry normally. This preparation will prevent odor from the armpit for almost ten hours.

Other Home Remedies for Body Odor:

The first thing people do when they develop health condition is seek medical attention even though most of the problems can effectively be taken care of at home. There are a few things one can do to effectively take care of bone spurs not just in treating them but also in curing them effectively apart from what’s mentioned above.

Gently rub potato slices on the armpit and allow it to dry. Now apply good quality deodorant.

Squeeze some lemon juice in a cup and add small quantity of baking soda on it. Apply this mixture to the armpit and groin area. This is particularly useful during summer.

You can make a natural deodorant yourself. Take a spray bottle and wash it well. Combine about three tablespoons of vanilla extract with one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol and shake well, then apply. Another preparation is white vinegar or witch hazel could be mixed with white vinegar which also serves as a good deodorant.

Before going to bed apply peanut butter on the armpit area. This drastically reduces the odor from the armpit. This is quite effective during summer.

Take wet cotton and dip it in Milk of Magnesia. After a bath apply this on the armpit and other areas of the body.

Apple cider vinegar is found to be extremely useful in fighting body odor.

For your food eat more of alfalfa, parsley and other leafy vegetables.

Add some tomato juice to the bath tub and stay in the tub for about five minutes.

Drink enough water so that you do not get dehydrated because of excessive sweating.

Stop smoking and using alcohol because they are another reason for body odor.

Take food rich in zinc and other minerals.

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