Home Remedies for Halitosis

Halitosis is a medical term referring to bad breath which is a social problem causing psychological trauma and disorders to the sufferer. Although no pain is involved in this condition, it causes embarrassment thereby hindering social interactions and proper relationships even at the workplace. Individuals suffering from this condition have great difficulties with their confidence and self esteem and eventually fall into depression.

It is common to find individuals suffering from this health condition isolating themselves to avoid embarrassment. There is an another group of sufferers who choose to be ignorant of this problem, hence causing lots of discomfort to people around them who will in turn start avoiding them still causing social problems.

Halitosis is caused by poor dental hygiene. However, there are individuals who suffer from the same even after maintaining proper dental hygiene. Some of the other causes for bad breath include gum disease, dental decay which in turn gives foul smelling pus, throat and nose conditions as well as respiratory track conditions. Smoking is also a common cause for bad breath and can end up causing gum diseases. There are certain foods that can cause foul smell such as onion, garlic and other spices which are strong. Foods rich in proteins also cause halitosis and so does a dry mouth.

There are several home remedies for bad breath that one can undertake to have fresh breath and improve on social interactions without the need to be embarrassed. The best natural remedies for halitosis are natural home remedies which have proven to be very effective in achieving the desired goal. The natural remedies for halitosis are simple to find and use and what’s more, they do work, eliminating the problem for good.

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Home Remedies for Halitosis

Fenugreek as a Home Remedy for Halitosis

Pineapple as a Home Remedy Properties: Fenugreek has various healing properties and works well in halitosis cases caused by dental conditions as well as respiratory tract infections. It deals with the problem from the root thereby effectively taking care of the condition.

Using Fenugreek as Treatment for Halitosis:
Take fenugreek seeds and brew some tea using them and take at least three times a day. A teaspoon of the seeds should be added to a liter of water and then allowed to simmer under a low flame for about 15 minutes before straining and drinking this.

Avocado as a Natural Remedy for Halitosis

Properties:The fruit has compounds which effectively remove decompositions of the intestines which happen to be among the major causes for this condition. By getting rid of the putrefactions, avocado deals with the root of the problem.

Using Avocado as Cure for Halitosis:
individuals suffering from this condition should make a point of eating the fruit on a regular basis. It can be eaten with every meal during the day or made into juice together with a fruit like banana to enhance the taste. Continued use of the fruit will eventually get rid of the underlying problem.

Guava as a Natural Remedy for Halitosis

Properties: Unripe guavas are the most effective when it comes to dealing with halitosis as they contain minerals such as manganese, oxalate, phosphoric acid, tannic and calcium. The various minerals work by dealing with dental problems such as bleeding gums and other infections that result into bad breath.

Using Guava as Treatment for Halitosis:
The unripe fruits should be well chewed to make a tonic for both gums and teeth promoting good health. People suffering from the condition can also chew young tender guava tree leaves which are as beneficial as the fruit itself. This is among the best home remedies for halitosis you can choose.

Parsley as a Treatment for Halitosis

Properties:Parsley has medicinal properties which help in the cure of bad breath. The various compounds and minerals found in the plant makes it stand out in the effective treatment of halitosis.

Home Remedies For Halitosis Using Parsley:
Boil two cups of water together with coarsely chopped parsley sprig. Add a small pinch of ground cloves to the mixture and stir every now and then, especially during the cooling period. After cooling, strain and use the water as mouthwash. You should gargle this for at least four times daily. This is a good remedy for dealing with mouth infections which in turn cause bad breath.

Raw Juices as Home Remedy for Halitosis

Properties:The various nutrients and minerals found in fresh raw juices are good in treating bad breath. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices contain all the nutrients the body needs to keep healthy and strong to fight infections and diseases.

Treating Halitosis using Raw Juices:
Simply make fresh vegetable juice and drink a glass three times or two times a day. You can alternate by taking fresh fruit juices to effectively take care of the condition and supply your body with all the essential nutrients it requires to function properly.

Cardamom as a Cure for Halitosis

Properties:Cardamom has a sweet aroma that can be used to sweeten the breath of individuals suffering from halitosis. This aroma which acts as a breath freshener is what makes it effective in dealing with bad breath although it does not offer a permanent solution for the problem.

Using Cardamom as Treatment for Halitosis:
Take a few cardamom seeds and chew them to sweeten your breath. You can chew the seeds after every few hours to give you the freshness you need. This is a fast home remedy for those who need a quick fix for their problem.

Lemon as a Natural Remedy for Halitosis

Properties:Lemon contains antiseptic properties which are very essential in dealing with most kinds of infections. This is a god remedy for treating gum diseases as well as conditions of the respiratory system which cause bad breath.

Treating Halitosis Using Lemon:
Take a glass of water and squeeze a lemon into it. You can then use the water as mouthwash by gargling it frequently. It is also advisable to drink lemon juice on a regular basis to deal with other underlying problems. The home remedy is simple and works effectively in most common cases of bad breath.

Other Natural Remedies for Halitosis

Get rid of foul smell by drinking pineapple juice. The fruit contains compounds which are good in dealing with bad breath thereby giving you fresh breath. The fruit can also be taken as diet for halitosis as it is very beneficial.

Take lots of water to keep your mouth fresh by avoiding a dry mouth. Lack of enough water can lead to constipation which has a direct relation with bad breath.

Munch a raw guava or apple after taking your meals to get rid of food particles that could be trapped in between your teeth. Twigs of margosa tree make a very good toothbrush and can be used to get the particles off your teeth as well. Food particles trapped can rot in between the teeth causing bad breath and there is the need to make sure that your teeth are well cleaned after meals.

You can freshen up your breath by chewing a few mint leaves. This is among the simplest and effective home remedies for halitosis. The leaves are not hard to find making the remedy very workable with most people.

Ensure that you brush your teeth thoroughly after each meal to prevent halitosis. Baking soda that is well dissolved in a glass of warm water is another useful remedy for the condition. Apart from cleaning your teeth, it cleans the tongue as well making it a very good and effective remedy for people suffering from bad breath.

Brew a cup of tea that is not sweetened and drink several times during the day. This is a good cure for halitosis and is very simple to achieve as well. The tea should be drunk while still hot.

Individuals suffering from bad breath can make a point chewing a few seeds of sunflower and then drinking water to treat halitosis. This is best done after meals for best results.

To completely get rid of bad breath, eat yogurt for a total of six weeks. Yoghurt contains good bacteria which fight the bad bacteria mainly found in the mouth and other body systems, thereby cleaning the body and getting rid of bad breath.

Eat at least two apples a day to keep your mouth well purified from the bad bacteria which cause bad breath. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to rinse your mouth after properly brushing it. Precaution should however be taken to ensure that you do not end up swallowing the peroxide.

Take deep breaths for half an hour as a simple remedy for curing bad breath. After the exercise, ensure that your meals are well balanced to help in solving the dental problem.

Add honey to lemon juice that is freshly squeezed and take the mixture at least two times daily. You can take this first thing in the morning and in the evenings as a useful treatment for bad breath.

Take a glass of water and add a few drops of oregano oil, then drink to deal with halitosis effectively. You can take the water on a daily basis.

Chew eucalyptus leaves to freshen up your breath. If you find this too hard to do, you can boil a few leaves in water and use as mouthwash. There are also mouthwashes available in the market that contain this important herb and work very well in dealing with bad breath. Thyme is also a very good herb in treating halitosis and should be considered.

Use mints as breath fresheners on a regular basis and you will not have much to worry about regarding your breath. They work by killing bad bacteria thereby taking control over bad odors. Another good home remedy for halitosis is chewing cloves such as cinnamon among others. You can also choose to boil the cloves to come up with a good mouthwash to take care of your condition.

Chew cinnamon flavored gums that are sugarless to help in saliva stimulation keeping your mouth well lubricated and hydrated thereby preventing cases of bad breath. It also helps to brush your teeth two times a day and do some flossing to ensure that no food particles are left in between your teeth.

When brushing, do not just concentrate on your teeth as the tongue and mouth insides need to be cleaned as well to keep bad breath at bay. You can dip your soft toothbrush in a mouth wash and then use it to clean your tongue and the rest of the mouth. This will keep your breath as fresh as it should be.

Clean the teeth using tooth pick to keep bad breath at bay.

Diet for Halitosis and Other Precautions

Increase your Vitamin E and C intake to reduce bad breath. A well balanced diet is also essential for managing and controlling halitosis and should not be taken for granted. Every meal should consist of vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts and seeds among other important food groups.

Avoid carbohydrates that are refined such as white bread, white sugar as well as eggs and meat.

Increase your intake of foods that are high in zinc as diet for halitosis as they do help in preventing bad breath. They work since they maintain anaerobic bacteria balance inside your mouth keeping it free of foul smell.

Avoid pungent foods such as garlic, ginger and onions. Some fish such as tunas and anchovies should also be avoided as they cause bad breath. Other foods that should be avoided include cheese and specialty meats as well as alcoholic drinks.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables as diet for halitosis to keep your body well supplied with essential nutrients and minerals.

Always make a point of maintaining correct dental hygiene by brushing your teeth and mouth in the right way leaving no place untouched to prevent halitosis.

Avoid using tobacco or at least cut down on your dosage of products containing tobacco. It is important for smokers to quit the habit as a way of preventing halitosis.

Drink lots of water to keep the mouth and entire body well hydrated to allow normal functioning to take place without causing unnecessary hindrances.

Cut on your coffee intake and instead take green tea which has the ability to sweeten your breath. It is also important to maintain a proper body weight to keep the body as healthy as it should be.

It is important to note that bacteria feed mostly on sugar making it important to cut on your sugar intake to prevent tooth decay and other conditions that are preventable.

Avoid mouthwashes which contain alcohol and dyes as they will give you temporary relief and will not do much for the underlying problem.

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