Home Remedies for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis refers to the thinning of the bones, a medical condition that affects the bone density greatly reducing it. This leads to tissue deterioration which can lead to more complicated situations some of which can make life unbearable. The bones affected by this condition become brittle and very thin making them more prone to breakages. This can cause injuries to the patient suffering from the condition even with the slightest provocation. Strong bones are determined by their density and can actually be hereditary.

The condition takes a long period to be visible meaning that by the time patients gets to see symptoms, the condition had been present for a long time and might have already resided the bones. Some of the symptoms to look out for when it comes to the condition are back pain that can be acute affecting the lower mid part of the back without a reason at all, sharp pain on wrists, hip, ribs and back and a hunched stature. Patients may also suffer from fractures of thighbone and other parts of the body and might lose height since the vertebrate is slowly collapsing. Moving can also be difficult for those suffering from this condition.

Osteoporosis is caused by a variety of factors among them estrogen deficiency in women that can be because of menopause and aging. Testosterone deficiency, lack of calcium, Vitamin D phosphorus and other minerals can also lead to the problem. Others are diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and thyroid over activity. Excessive alcohol taking, smoking, lack of physical activity and the disease’s history in the family could cause the condition.

This bone condition is not only painful and dangerous but can also be very embarrassing to those suffering from it especially those experiencing stooping at some stage. It also hinders mobility making it hard for people to continue with normal day-to-day duties. The good news however is that there are effective remedies that do help in correcting the problem promoting good health. The natural remedies for the condition are easy to use and come in handy for those who may not have the needed money to get kinds of treatment available. The home remedies for the condition are also safe to use, as they are mainly composed of herbs.

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Home Remedies for Osteoporosis

Dandelion as a Home Remedy for Osteoporosis

Dandelion Properties: Dandelion contains essential minerals which help in building the bone density. This effectively takes care of the receding bones. The remedy is considered to be among the best home remedies for the condition and is widely used.

Using Dandelion as a Treatment for Osteoporosis:
Make tea and add the herb into the boiling water. This should then be taken at least three times a day for an extended period of time to effectively get the bone density back to normal.

Soya as a Natural Remedy for Osteoporosis

SoyaProperties: Soya has active ingredients which help in keeping hormone levels in check. The ingredients have the ability to balance the levels of estrogen thereby getting rid of one of the major causes of the condition. The remedy is especially good for women going through menopause or the aged in general.

Using Soya as a Cure for Osteoporosis:
Soya can be taken on a daily basis in the dosages of 40mg. Products made using soya can also be used to supply the body with the important ingredients and can also be taken in supplement form. This remedy can be included in meals as a diet for the bone condition.

Chaste Berry as a Home Remedy for Osteoporosis

Chaste Berry Properties: Chaste berry is one of the best natural remedies for the bone disease as it has vitricin and vitexicarpin which help in balancing body hormones. The remedy is widely used for this kind of treatment as it has proved to be very effective in fetching positive results within a short period.

Using Chaste Berry as a Natural Remedy for Osteoporosis:
Take the leaves and add into boiling water to get the essential extracts. The extracts should then be taken on a daily basis and treatment should last for up to three months to effectively take care of the condition.

Dong Quai as a Natural Remedy for Osteoporosis

Dong Quai Properties: The essential minerals and compounds found in this Chinese herb are helpful in maintaining good hormonal levels aiding healing from the bone condition. It has actually been in use for years as treatment for infertility and menstrual problems among other conditions that come as a result of hormonal imbalance.

Using Dong Quai as a Cure for Osteoporosis:
The herb can simply be used as a tonic by adding it in boiling water. The decoction should then be taken twice daily to get the hormone back in balance and should be continued until positive results are achieved. It is one of the most beneficial home remedies for the condition and is very effective.

Black Cohosh as a Home Remedy for Osteoporosis

Black Cohosh Properties: The herb contains beneficial medicinal properties found to work well in the treatment of osteoporosis. It is a popular herb also used as treatment for various other conditions especially those affecting the respiratory and the digestive systems.

Using Black Cohosh as a Cure for Osteoporosis:
The extracts of the herb can be obtained by adding it to boiling water. This should then be taken after cooling. For best results, take the decoction twice a day for several months.

Sesame Seeds as a Natural Remedy for Osteoporosis

Sesame Seeds Properties: Sesame seed contain important minerals and compounds which help in the treatment of the bone condition. They also contain calcium which is one compound necessary in keeping the bones strong. It is one of the best natural remedies for correcting the problem.

Using Sesame Seeds as a Cure for Osteoporosis:
A handful of the seeds can be taken and added into a glass of milk before consuming twice daily. The seeds can also be roasted and grinded into powder before adding in a glass of water of milk. They can be used over a long period and as a diet for the condition.

Almond Milk as a Home Remedy for Osteoporosis

Almond Milk Properties: Almond milk is rich in calcium which is an essential compound for making the bones strong. It works by building bone density thereby getting the bones back into shape. Almonds are also used to treat other conditions as they contain essential oils.

Using Almond Milk as a Treatment for Osteoporosis:
Soak a handful of almonds in warm water. Peeling should be easy after soaking after which the seeds can then be blended and added into a glass of any kind of milk. The milk can also be included in meals as diet for the condition as it is very effective.

Broccoli as a Natural Remedy for Osteoporosis

Broccoli Properties: Broccoli is highly concentrated with calcium making it an essential home remedy for the bone condition. It is also rich in Vitamin C which helps in boosting the immune system. The fiber levels found in the vegetable also make it very good in dealing with other condition and promote proper body functions.

Using Broccoli as a Cure for Osteoporosis:
The vegetable should be included in daily diet as treatment for the condition. It is a very good home remedy for dealing with cancer cases. When preparing vegetable juice, broccoli can be included to offer the right nutrients to the body thereby helping in the fighting of diseases. This is one of the best natural remedies for the condition.

Fish Oil as a Remedy for Osteoporosis

Fish Oil Properties: the omega 3 acids found in fish oil are what make it a good natural remedy for the condition. The oil also has Vitamin D which is essential in increasing density of the bones.

Treating Osteoporosis Using Fish Oil:
The oil should simply be added in every meal to help in the cure for the condition. It should be used for an extended period of time to offer the desired results. It can also be taken in the form of supplements but this should be done under medical supervision.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Osteoporosis

Apple Cider Vinegar Properties: Apple cider vinegar has good levels of calcium and minerals that are essential in promoting bone density. It is also a great natural remedy for the prevention of osteoporosis and is therefore very popular when it comes to the condition.

Treating Osteoporosis Using Apple Cider Vinegar:
A few spoonfuls of the vinegar should be added in water and then this taken every morning. It can be taken on an empty stomach as a way of ensuring that all-important minerals are absorbed to offer quick recovery from the condition. This is one of the simplest and most effective natural remedies for the condition.

Other Home Remedies for Osteoporosis

Make salad using raw cabbage and then eat it on a daily basis as an effective way of dealing with the bone condition. Cabbage has high concentrations of boron which in essential in increasing estrogen levels thereby dealing with one major cause of osteoporosis. The remedy can also be taken while steamed with daily meals.

Add black pepper in a glass of warm water and then drink as treatment for the condition. A little honey can be added to improve the taste. The remedy has essential ingredients which aid in the healing of the condition and can be used as a spice in daily meals. It should however not be taken in excess as it can be very hot.

Eat several apples and grapes on a daily basis as an effective way of dealing with the bone disease. They can be included in daily meals and are best taken after meals.

Take pears and slice into pieces before eating several times a day to supply the body with essential minerals that it requires in fighting osteoporosis. Prepare vegetable juice using spinach and other leafy vegetables and take twice daily to keep the body well supplied with nutrients helpful in keeping the immune system in top shape and strong in fighting diseases such as this bone condition.

Eat lots of pineapples, as they are rich in manganese an essential compound helpful in dealing with osteoporosis through the building of bone density. The fruit can also be blended into juice and taken several times a day for a period of three months or more or till the desired results are seen.

Take powdered milk and add into soups or a glass of water as treatment for osteoporosis. The milk is rich in calcium and therefore a great home remedy for treating the condition.

Protect your bones by taking lots of sprouts. The sprouts can be steamed and taken with meals or eaten raw in salads. Another way of treating the condition using this remedy is by preparing juice and drinking it several times a day to take care of the condition effectively over a period of time.

Take a tablespoonful of honey every morning as a way of reducing occurrences of this disease. This is one of the simplest but very effective home remedies of treating the bone condition.

Prepare tea and take a cup on a daily basis. Although this remedy may take time before showing positive results, research shows that tea has the proper nutrients needed in keeping the bones strong reducing the chances of getting osteoporosis. The tea is best taken with a high amount of milk to supply the body with all essential compounds it might require in fighting the disease.

Diet for Osteoporosis and other Precautions

Diet plays a big role on the health of the body and largely determines how strong the immune system is in fighting illnesses. There is great importance of ensuring that every single meal is well balanced and is healthy.

Increase your intakes of food rich in Vitamin D such as sardines, tuna and salmons. This helps in building bone density.

Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin K such as sprouts to help in fighting the bone disease.

It is important to engage in activities and exercises. For, instance, it is very helpful to walk in water to help reduce stress on the bones. This is also a great way of strengthening the bones and joints helping in the healing process of the condition.

Avoid eating foods that are too salty as they only worsen the condition. Alcohol and smoking should also be limited or avoided completely as they are some of the aspects that lead to the bone disease.

Limit your intakes of caffeinated beverages and foods as they cause calcium loss hence easily leading to the condition.

Take foods that are rich in manganese. Such foods include beans, whole wheat products, spinach, nuts and pineapples.

Increase intakes of food that are rich or highly concentrated with boron. Boron helps in bone density building making it very effective in treating the condition. This compound is found in fruits such as pears, grapes, apples and also in nuts, legume and honey.

Avoid taking meat in diet and instead replace it with vegetable. Green vegetable are preferable in this case as they protect the bones from becoming hollow.

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