Home Remedies for Burning Urine

About Burning Urine

Burning Urine, medically termed Dysuria, is widely caused by bacterial infections in the urinary tract. It can easily be spread to partners during intercourse. This burning urination also occurs due to over-heating of the body in hot summers, and is quite common in women aged between 24 to 54 and those who are sexually active. This disorder can also affect men as they grow older.

Symptoms of Burning Urine

  • Pus in urine
  • Blood in urine
  • Fever
  • Decrease in urination
  • Pain in Urethra

Factors which lead to Burning Urine

  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Venereal Diseases
  • Enlargement of Prostate gland in men
  • Formation of stone in Urinary Bladder
  • Shrinkage of urinary path
  • Urine concentration which occurs during hot summer
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Men and Women
  • Vaginitis
  • Reactive Arthritis
  • Chemical irritations caused by soaps, bubble bath etc.

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Home Remedies for Burning Urine

Tender Coconut Water as Home remedy for Burning Urine

Tender Coconut Water Properties: Fresh tender coconut water is highly enriched with minerals; vitamins etc. and are the ideal nutritional beverage to combat the hot season. It increases the semen and benefits the digestive system. It is one of the most popular home remedies for healing urinary disorders. Tender coconut water is characterized as tonic, diuretic, nutritive, antiseptic etc. and is an ideal cure for chicken pox, small pox, etc which are caused by heat. It acts as a blood plasma substitute.

Treatment for Burning Urine using Tender Coconut Water:
Consumption of tender coconut water thrice every day will minimize the burning sensation caused in the urethra and aid the free flow of urine. It is also good to regularly take tender coconut water instead of plain water.

Radish as Home remedy for Burning Urine

Radish Properties: Being highly diuretic and a stimulant, radish is a widely used home remedy for soothing the digestive system. Raw radish juice helps to cure Catarrhal conditions. Mustard oil, one of the ingredients in radish makes it eliminate the gall bladder stones. It also serves as a cure for nervous disorder. It is enriched with Vitamin A, iron, Calcium etc.

Treatment for Burning urine using Radish:
One can take radish as salad by mixing with other vegetables. Juice can be made from fresh radish. Consumption of this juice will aid the urethra and kidney and minimize the burning sensation.

Carrot as Home remedy for Burning Urine

Carrot Properties: Carrot is one of the best home remedies which nourishes the body rather than heals. Being highly diuretic, it revitalizes the blood and re-mineralizes the body. It is anti-diarrheal and anti-anemic by nature. Grated carrot will soothe burns on skin and cure nervous tensions. Carrot is rich in Vitamin A which is good for eyesight. It is also a carminative, contraceptive and stimulant.

Treatment for Burning Urine using Carrot:
The consumption of carrot in the form of fresh juice or salad will help to eliminate burning urine disorder. It is a perfect cure for concentrated urine due to its diuretic nature.

Sugarcane as Home Remedy for Burning Urine

Sugarcane Properties: Sugarcane enhances the quality and quantity of sperm count and semen. It is one of best home remedies for curing jaundice and stabilizing the liver. Vitiation of blood is normalized by sugarcane. Being rich in iron and carbohydrate it instantly energizes the body. Its aphrodisiac property cures erectile dysfunction. The diuretic nature of sugarcane enhances and cleanses the kidney.

Treatment for Burning Urine using Sugarcane:
Fresh juice made of sugarcane and lemon juice will remove the burning and irritation in the urethra and aid the free flow of urine. It is thus a simple cure for Dysuria.

Lemon as Home remedy for Burning Urine

Lemon Properties: Lemon is a wonderful cooling agent for the human body. Enriched with Vitamins C, B, and B12, calcium and iron, it strengthens the immune system of the human body. It purifies the blood and enhances blood flow, and thus controls blood pressure. It is one of the ideal home remedies for reducing swelling in the spleen. It is also anti-microbial in nature.

Treatment for Burning Urine using Lemon:
Prepare fresh juice using lemon. Add few drops of honey for taste. Take this juice thrice daily to cleanse the toxins and microbes in the urinary tract and urethra. Thus it is the cheapest cure for Burning Urine disorder.

Echinacea as Natural remedy for Burning Urine

Echinacea Properties: This herb is an excellent natural remedy for curing various health ailments. It enhances the white blood cells and strengthens the immune system. It is anti-microbial in nature and a prefect cure for infections caused by bacteria and viruses. It soothes insect bites and is also used for skin allergies.

Treatment for Burning Urine using Echinacea:
Brew tea using this herb. Take 1-2 tsp of Echinacea powder and add it to a cup of water. Heat the mixture until it boils. Now simmer and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Filter and take this tea thrice daily to purify the toxins in Urinary Tract. It eradicates the burning sensations caused by microbes.

Uva Ursi as Natural remedy for Burning Urine

Uva Ursi Properties: Being diuretic in nature, Uva Ursi is a well known natural remedy for kidney and urinary disorders, Prostate enlargements etc. It removes stones in the kidney as well. It is also serves a cure for spleen and liver disorders. It is antiseptic and astringent by nature and so cures cuts and sores. Pregnant ladies are advised not to take this herb. Over dosage will cause vomiting and nausea.

Treatment for Burning Urine using Uva Ursi:
Soak a handful of fresh leaves in a pint of brandy to get an infusion. Add 1 tsp of this infusion to a cup of water and drink it thrice daily to get rid of Burning Urine disorder.

Buchu as Natural remedy for Burning Urine

Buchu Properties: Buchu leaf is highly diuretic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory by nature. It is a popular natural remedy for kidney infections, UTI, and bladder infections. It also gives relief in case of prostate enlargement. It controls the blood pressure and eliminates coughs.

Treatment for Burning Urine using Buchu:
Brew a cup of tea with a handful of fresh Buchu leaves. It soothes the urinary tract and removes bacteria from the inner layer of the tract, thus reducing the burning urine disorder.

Lemon Balm as Natural remedy for Burning Urine

Lemon Balm Properties: Lemon Balm is one of the popular natural remedies for soothing the digestive system. It also aids the healing of cuts and sores. It is antiviral and a tranquilizer and so fever can be easily cured by lemon balm consumption. It lowers the blood pressure and stops tumor cells from dividing. It also serves as a cure for thyroid problems.

Treatment for Burning urine using Lemon Balm:
One can drink tea brewed of lemon balm leaves to reduce the effects of Dysuria. Also a drop of oil extracted from lemon balm can be added to tub of water and wash the urethra and vaginal area thoroughly to cure the infections caused by bacteria in those areas.

Oats as Natural remedy for Burning Urine

Oats Properties: Herbalists consider that the straw and grain of oats have high medicinal value, making it one of the finest natural remedies for heart problems. It is rich in fiber content and low in cholesterol. It controls the blood sugar level. Thus it is a recommended diet for diabetic patients. Oats are calcium enriched, heal nervous disorders and relax the muscles. They contain zinc, iron, and Vitamin B and are also diuretic in nature.

Treatment for Burning Urine Using Oats:
Add 1-2 pounds of oats straw to three quarts of water. Boil it for half an hour. Set it aside to cool. Add this straw brew to bathing water. Take a bath or wash the Urethra and Vaginal area thoroughly twice daily to minimize the burning and irritating sensation caused by this disorder.

St. John's Wort as Natural remedy for Burning Urine

St. John's Wort Properties: St.John's Wort is anti-depressant, antiseptic and anti-viral in nature. In recent times it has become one of the most wanted natural remedies for healing various diseases. Ointment made of this herb is used as a cure for sunburn, sores, sciatica, and nerve pains. Its oil is used for massage to minimize back pain in spinal cord related problems.

Treatment for Burning urine using St.John's Wort:
Take a handful of the herb and brew tea in water. Take this tea mix twice daily in the morning and night to eliminate the effects of Dysuria.

Bilberry as Natural remedy for Burning Urine

Bilberry Properties: The presence of potent antioxidants in bilberry makes it wonderful natural remedies for various health ailments. The anthocyanidins are the strongest among the antioxidants which act as a shield to the body and prevent diseases. It also enhances the eyesight and improves the flexibility of blood vessels.

Treatment for Burning Urine using Bilberry:
Bilberry herbal supplements are available in all leading herbal shops. Take the capsules regularly until the burning urine gets eliminated.

Coriander Seeds as Home remedy for Burning Urine

Coriander Seed Properties: Coriander seeds are rich in minerals and vitamins like thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and Vitamin C. Iron and proteins are also constituents of coriander seeds. Coriander leaves are tonic and stimulant by nature, and increase the urine and excrete the toxins from the body and also soothe the digestive system.

Treatment for Burning Urine using Coriander Seeds:
Mash either the coriander leaves or seeds and add to boiling water. Boil for about 5 minutes. Filter the mix and consume between meals leaving a 2 hour gap. It will give relief from burning urine. Avoid taking the mix just immediately before or after meals.

Cardamom as Home remedy for Burning Urine

Cardamom Properties: Cardamom, the aromatic spice, is highly diuretic in nature thus preventing concentrated urine during the hot summer. It enhances the functioning of the digestive system. It also serves as an aid for erectile dysfunction. It is used to soothe sore throat and reduce cough.

Treatment for Burning Urine using Cardamom:
Powdered cardamom seed along with amla juice and banana leaf will reduce the effects of scanty urine and reduce the irritation in the urethra.

Other Home Remedies for Burning Urine

Consumption of buttermilk mixed with cumin seed paste at regular intervals will cure the burning sensation and aid the free flow of urine.

Ginger paste mixed with milk will keep away this disorder. Don’t take more than once a day.

Drink honey mixed water every two hours to reduce Dysuria effects.

Mix ground drumstick leaves with jaggery and take it to eradicate Dysuria effects.

Consumption of cucumber juice will make the body cool and scanty urine with burning sensation can thus be eliminated.

Aloe Vera juice also cools the human body and thus cures the burning sensation in the urethra and urinary bladder.

Barley water also acts as a cooling agent and aids elimination of burning urine disorder.

Soak raisins, gooseberry powder and sugar candy in a cup of water overnight. Filter and drink the mix in the morning to enhance the free flow of urine with irritation in the urethra.

Diet for Burning Urine

Take ample water every day. This is the perfect diet for eliminating the burning urine disorder.

Eliminate oily stuff from the diet for Dysuria

Spicy foods should be eliminated from the diet for this disease.

Alcohol should be excluded from the diet for curing this disorder.

Barley water consumption is an ideal diet for reducing the burning sensation and enhancing the free flow of urine.

Asafoetida must be excluded from diet for healing Dysuria.

Other Precautions Against Burning Urine

Ensure genital hygiene. Especially women must clean the vaginal area from back to front to prevent the germs entering the urethra.

Women should change their tampons and sanitary pads at regular intervals.

Men should pull over the foreskin and clean the tip of the urethra thoroughly after Urination.

Safer intercourse is a must to prevent contracting venereal diseases from the partner.

Avoid Smoking.

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