Home Remedies for Anal Fissures

An anal fissure is not a disease but a condition that takes place around the anal area characterized by either a cut or a tear. This condition can affect any person regardless of age, gender, race or any other factor. This condition is affected by factors such as the food we eat and the nature of our bodies. Anal fissures are not painful but they tend to itch during movement of the bowels due to friction. However there are various causes of this condition, among them being trauma caused to the anus during medication. During medication of the inner organs, there are certain medical tools that are inserted through the anus to treat them. Objects such as an ultrasound probe for biopsy of the prostate gland, a rectal enema tip, a rectal thermometer and an endoscope can cause an anal fissure when inserted through the anus. Furthermore conditions such as such as hard stool and chronic diarrhea are also known to cause trauma to the anus, resulting in anal fissures.

The condition is also seen in women during pregnancy and childbirth. During pregnancy, the lower abdomen experiences a lot of pressure that cause the tissue around the anus to tear off. Again the pressure exerted by a woman during childbirth can cause the tissue around the opening of the rectum to tear. Diseases that cause the body to weaken such syphilis, gonorrhea tuberculosis, cancer, leukemia and other ailments that may affect the lower abdomen can cause this condition. The condition can also be affected by lack of proper meals in the diet as well as massive weight loss due to exercise or an ailment.

Apart from pain during bowel movement, other symptoms of this codition include blood stains on the stool and itching around the anus with a smelly discharge. At times a person suffering from this condition may experience some yellowish discharge from the opening which may occur at irregular intervals. It is good to take steps early on when you experience some unusual pain around the area in order to receive early treatment. It is good to note all these symptoms of anal fissure as one can mistake this condition for anal piles. The main difference is that piles are protruding veins around the anus which can either be internal or external while the anal fissure is tearing inside the anus. Apart from seeking medication in health centers there are various home remedies for this condition that can be applied.

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Home remedies for Anal Fissures

Nettle Juice as a Natural Remedy for Anal Fissures

Nettle Juice Properties: Stinging nettle juice is one the most used home remedies for anal fissures. The juice helps to ease bowel movements in the stomach. The juice also helps to ease the soreness resulted from this condition. The juice acts as a lubricant in the bowels that will attempt to ease the friction around the area when walking.

Use of Nettle Juice as a Treatment for Anal Fissures:
Pluck several leaves of the plant and wash thoroughly. Allow the leaves to dry in the shade for several days and boil them in high temperatures until the concoction changes its color to dark green. Allow the concoction to cool and then drink it. The recommended dose of the blend is one teaspoonful at least three times a day.

Aloe Vera as a Home Remedy for Anal Fissures

Aloe Vera Properties: Aloe vera is one of the most useful herbs known to date as it it’ r mmended intakewill trycurss known to be a natural remedy for several diseases and ailments. The herb is known to contain properties that help to reduce soreness around the anus. The herb also helps to relieve all sorts of pain and itching around the affected area.

Use of Aloe Vera as a Cure for Anal Fissures:
Cut the herb and wash it thoroughly. Then chop the herb into small pieces and squeeze out all the juice. You can opt to cut and squeeze any quantity you like for your medication. Then apply the liquid to the affected area at least three times a day. Frequent use of the herb will give you a lasting solution if you are suffering from this condition.

White Oak Bark as a Natural Remedy for Anal Fissures

White Oak Bark Properties: The plant is known for its properties which help to strengthen the inner walls of the bowel and anus. Anal fissures occur as a result of weakness of the inner tissue surrounding the anus. The bark of the white oak contains proteins that assist in tissue development. The plant is also known to help in absorbing most of the toxins around the opening. It also helps to soothe the inflamed tissue around the anus as anal fissures may be caused by chronic diarrhea. The plant is known to resolve problems associated with diarrhea. White oak bark is among the easiest home remedies for treating this condition.

Use of White Oak Bark as a Treatment for Anal Fissures:
Peel the bark of the white oak tree and wash it well. Break the bark into small pieces and boil them in water at a very high temperature until the concoction changes color. After boiling, cool the concoction and filter through a sieve to remove any particles. It is recommended that this solution be taken in a dose of at least two to three glasses on a daily basis. It is one of the recommended natural remedies for treating this condition.

Barberry as a Natural Remedy for Anal Fissures

Barberry root Properties: Barberry is known due to the fact that it helps to purify the blood in the body by helping to remove wastes and toxins. In doing so, it removes the waste that may be found around the anal area. The herb also assists in promoting the microbial balance in the intestine and other organs such as the liver that help to remove waste from the body. Apart from being used as a home remedy for anal fissures, barberry has also been used as a treatment for other anal disorders such as piles.

Use of Barberry as a Cure for Anal Fissures:
Crush the dried roots of the barberry plant and mix with boiled water. Then take the liquid three times a day for a duration not exceeding one week when results will be seen. It is good to note that barberry has many side effects and should not be used for more than one week without the supervision of a medical practitioner.

Horse Chestnut as a Home Remedy for Anal Fissures

Horse Chestnut Properties: This herb has some properties that help to strengthen the tissue and veins around the rectum. This will help greatly when medical tools are inserted through the opening, while passing hard stool or while giving birth as the skin around the area will have gained strength. It has also some properties that act as an anti-inflammatory agent to the surrounding area affected by the anal fissure. If this condition causes a smelly discharge, then use of this herb is recommended and among the most used home remedies for this condition.

Use of Horse Chestnut as a Treatment for Anal Fissures:
Collect the seeds from the horse chestnut tree and wash them well. Crush the seeds and mix with plenty of water. You can also take an extract made from the leaves of the plant. Take 50 ml of the solution for one week when results can be noticed. It is good to note that horse chestnut should not be taken in raw form, neither leaves or fruits, as it contain traces of poisonous substances. It is also recommended that you seek medical help if you opt to use the herb for more than one week.

Buckhorn as a Natural Remedy for Anal Fissures

Buckhorn Properties: The herb has been in use since the 16th century to treat many ailments and is also among the oldest known natural remedies for anal fissures. These plants contain some properties that help to thicken the flesh around the anus. It also helps to thicken the veins in the intestines making them stronger to withstand any form of pressure. The herb has also some properties that help to fight off any toxic substances that may be in the rectum.

Use of Buckhorn as a Cure for Anal Fissures:
The commonly used part of the herb used to treat this condition is the berries. Collect a few grams of buckhorn berries equivalent to 2 teaspoonfuls and wash them well. Then add the berries to boiling water and leave them in for around 15 minutes. It is advisable to drink at least two glasses of the decoction on a daily basis, preferably in the morning and in the evening. You can also opt to chew the berries to ease this condition. You should chew at least 10 berries a day. Chewing them during morning hours before eating is advisable as it will try to ease the anal fissure condition before passing stool.

Linseed as a Home Remedy for Anal Fissure

Linseed Properties: Linseed is known to have some properties which try to soften hard stool. It is known to have absorbing properties thereby absorbing the smelly discharge from the anus. Since anal fissures are caused by constipation, linseed is an effective treatment for this condition. It is among the most useful home remedies for this condition as well as other anal ailments.

Use of Linseed as a Cure for Anal Fissures:
To treat this condition, take a few grams of linseed and then drink one or two glasses of water. When the seeds are soaked with water inside the stomach, they swell and provide a soothing effect for the intestines. The linseed can also be taken with any liquid such as milk or honey. It can also be mixed with any cereal to offer quick relief from the condition.

Other Natural Remedies for Anal Fissures

There are various natural remedies that are available to ease and treat this condition. One of the best natural remedies for anal fissures is through the use of warm water. Warm several liters of water until it is lukewarm. Then sit in a bathtub containing this warm water and relax for around 15 to 20 minutes. Warm water is a good remedy for treating this condition as its helps to relax the muscles around the anal area. The water also helps to ease the discomfort resulting from passage of medical tools through the anus or hard stool.

Doing regular exercise is vital for treating this condition. People who have excess weight suffering from this condition are much more prone to discomfort due to sweating. Fat people sweat more, especially in the area around the anus due to presence of excessive fat content. This will result in extreme discomfort while working due to friction. It is therefore advisable to do regular exercise to burn the excess calories.

Application of dry powder around the anal area is one of the best methods to use as a treatment for this condition. You can opt to use baby powder for this matter as it helps to absorb any moisture that may be found around the area. This will relieve the discomfort while walking.

Germ oil is also another important home remedy for treating anal fissure. The oil is applied around the anal area and it is used to smoothen and harden the tissue. The oil is a lubricating substance thus reducing friction while walking, running or doing exercise.

Another major natural remedy many people tend to ignore is the type of tissue paper used. If you are suffering from an anal fissure, it is advisable to use smooth paper to avoid rubbing the sore areas. It is also advisable to use uncolored toilet papers as they can cause irritation if used by a person suffering from anal fissures.

Chamomile is another important natural remedy for this condition as it has been recommended by medical practitioners. As a cure for anal fissures, chamomile offers a lasting solution for your worries. The effectiveness of chamomile can be increased by using it together with other herbs such as hazel. The infusion is best known for properties that help in shrinking blood vessels and aid the healing process.

It’s also recommended that if you are suffering from this condition you should not do any activity that will strain you body. Straining much will cause the tissue around the anal area to be weak, thus breaking or tearing becomes inevitable.

The other important natural remedy for anal fissure is drinking a lot of fluids. Fluids help in softening the waste in the stomach, so when passing the stool won’t cause a lot of injury to the flesh around the anal area.

Personal hygiene is another important aspect cure for this disorder. One should mind about the food eaten so as to curb any form of diarrhea. When dirrhoearing, the stool is soft and watery therefore some moistures are stuck on the walls of the intestines. So instead of the injury healing, it reoccurs again and again. It’s also important to eat good diet that will not harden your stool as it can cause harm to the affected areas.

Diet for anal fissure

Fruits are among the best diet for anal fissure in your meal. It’s known that when eating much fruits, they help a lot in softening the stool. Hard stools are known to rub the sore around the anal tissue, thus making hard to heal.

One is also advised to make sure that cabbage is presence in your daily meal. Cabbages are good diet for anal fissure as they have high fiber content that ease constipation. They also help in softening the stool thus no rubbing will occur on the tissue around the anal area.

While making your meal, you should also ensure that there are no foodstuffs that can cause diarrhea. For instances milk is not a good diet for anal fissure as it causes the stool to be too soft and at some times cause diarrhea.

Other vegetables such as carrots, beetroots, nuts and whole grains are also good diet for this condition. It’s advisable not to take diet supplements as they cause bloating which results bowels to move. Although water is not a diet for anal fissure, it’s recommended that you take at least a glass after very meal. You should also ensure that your daily intake of water alone is five to six glasses. This is very helpful in easing the condition of a person suffering from anal fissure.

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