Home Remedies For Common Cold

A common cold is characterized by an inflammation of the respiratory tract upper regions mostly caused by viruses. This is a very common condition and it is the reason why it is referred to as common because it occurs regularly. It is not unlikely to find one being attacked by the disease several times within a year. In common cases, the disease lasts for a few days and then disappears although it can get worse if left untreated.

A common cold may not be a serious condition but the discomfort it brings to the sufferer can be irritating. The most common symptoms of the disease are nasal congestion, sore throat, sneezing, running nose, chills and a headache. Once infected, you may feel fatigued and experience loss of appetite. Most people run for over the counter medications the minute they have the symptoms yet there are so many effective home remedies for common cold that one can use to take care of a common cold.

A majority of people however know how important it is to take the natural, simple and inexpensive path compared to going for other forms of medication and seek the natural home remedies which work wonders with a few dosages.

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Home Remedies for Common Cold

Lemon as a Natural Remedy for common cold

Properties:Lemon is rich in Vitamin C which increases the resistance of the body against infections, reduces illness and decreases the toxicity in the body. It has been in use for the longest time, especially for skin infections and digestive system illnesses.

Natural Remedies for common cold using lemon:
You can effectively treat a common cold using lemon juice diluted in warm water along with some honey to taste. The mixture should be taken twice every day. Another way of taking this remedy is adding a cut lemon into a cup of boiling water and letting that steep for a few minutes before you take it. It is best to take the mixture while still a bit hot to get the full effects of the lemon.

Garlic as a Natural Remedy for common cold

Properties:Garlic contains antispasmodic and antiseptic properties among other medicinal values making it an effective home remedy for various diseases and infections. This is one of the very best remedies you can easily take at home to cure your common cold. Garlic opens up respiratory passages, thereby helping in relieving common cold symptoms.

Treating common cold using garlic:
Make garlic soup and take it daily to deal with severe cold or simply take the fresh cloves and chew them several times a day. Another great way is to get garlic oil and mix it with onion juice in a cup of water, then drink this at least two times a day. Apart from relieving symptoms, you will be flushing out toxins from your system.

Ginger as a Natural Remedy for common cold

Properties: Ginger contains antiseptic properties which are very effective in treating common cold. Just like garlic, it is used in the treatment of various diseases and infections making it a very good natural home remedy for colds as well as coughs.

Treatment for common cold using ginger:
Take ten grams of the root, chop into small parts and boil this in water. Strain and add sugar or honey to taste and drink the mixture while still hot. Another effective way of taking the ginger is brewing ginger tea. Add well cut pieces into boiling water and then add tea leaves. The tea is very tasty and can be taken twice daily to effectively take care of colds and coughs as well.

Lady’s Fingers as a Natural Remedy for common cold

Properties: Lady’s finger is a type of vegetable which contains mucilage and is very good in dealing with pain, swelling and irritation. The mucilage is valuable in treating a persistent cough that is dry and throat irritation.

Home Remedies for common cold using lady’s fingers:
Cut 100 gm of the vegetable into small pieces and prepare a decoction using one liter of boiling water. Then inhale the decoction twice every day to relieve dry cough and throat irritation. This is a simple home remedy that has proved to be very effective in dealing with common cold and coughs.

Turmeric as a Natural Remedy for common cold

Properties: Turmeric contains healing properties making it a valuable herb when it comes to treating various infections including common cold. It is especially very good in treating throat irritations and colds. It works by increasing nasal discharge, thereby providing quick relief from common cold.

Cure for common cold using turmeric:
Take fresh powder of turmeric in a teaspoon and mix it with 30 ml warm milk. This should be taken at least two times daily to effectively deal with the condition. The powder can also be put in a hot ladle and milk poured gently over it to boil in a fire that is not too hot. Afterwards the mixture should be drunk to start treating common cold. Another effective way of using the remedy especially when faced with a running nose is to burn turmeric and inhale the smoke.

Tamarind and Pepper as a Natural Remedy for common cold

Properties: Pepper and Tamarind contain minerals and compounds which are effective in flushing out toxins from the body system. The two work wonders in clearing a blocked nose or dealing with a congested chest as a result of common cold.

Home Remedies for common cold using pepper and tamarind:
Use 250 ml water to dilute 550 mg of tamarind and boil this mixture before adding half a teaspoonful black pepper powder and clarified butter that is hot. This should be taken thrice daily to effectively deal with common cold symptoms and eventually treat it. You may experience watery eyes after taking this which is important as it clears any blockage caused by the condition.

Other Home Remedies for common cold

Take eucalyptus oil and put a few drops in water and then inhale this for three consecutive days to relieve blocked nose and other symptoms.

Drink lots of hot beverages such as herbal teas and soups. Hot chicken soups with great portions of garlic can be amazingly refreshing and relieving for patients suffering from common cold.

Gargle warm salty water at least three times daily to take care of common cold. Ginger powder boiled in water is also a very good remedy and you can add some honey to taste. This is a natural herbal way of curing cold.

Another herb that is effective in treating common cold is goldenseal which plays the role of an antibody, thereby fighting the viruses causing common cold. Gooseberry mixed well with ginger prevents colds from recurring and works effectively.

Tie carom seeds in a clean cloth and crush them, then inhale this to clear nasal blockage. Pepper powder mixed in milk and sugar added together with turmeric also works very well in dealing with common cold.

Mix 4 teaspoons of onion juice together with the same amount of honey and take this on a daily basis to deal with severe colds. Cinnamon mixed with honey is also a valuable natural remedy that never fails.

Grind green chillies and make a paste adding a little salt. You can use this with chapatti four times daily. The spicy chilli effect will make your eyes water which helps in clearing your throat and nose.

Use asafetida to make a paste and apply this on your chest, throat and nose to relieve any congestion you could be experiencing as a result of common cold.

Use a few drops of warm oil in both ears before you sleep and cover this using a cotton wad to keep your cold at manageable levels ensuring a quick recovery.

Take a ginger node and pierce a small incision on it, then put a pinch of asafetida onto the incision before tying with a thread. Smear your tying with wet mud and bake this on coals. Take the ginger off the flames when it turns red and gently remove the mud. Then grind it into small pieces and eat the pellets every three hours. This remedy is a permanent way of keeping common cold at bay as it is very effective.

Crush coriander into powder and add this to a considerable amount of water. Boil this and add sugar before allowing it to cool. Warm it again till you get a decoction that is thick and remove from fire. You can then lick the syrup at least 4 times a day to deal with common cold problems.

Use water and salt to prepare a bath and dip your feet in the water. With your feet inside the water, completely cover your face with a cloth and sit like this for half an hour to get rid of your cold. You can repeat the same the next day to effectively take care of your cold.

Add ghee into a large amount of dried ginger powder, use this to make pellets weighing around 40 grams and eat them every morning and evening. Two pellets are enough for a day as treatment for common cold.

Mix curds with black pepper and add candy sugar to taste and then eat this at least twice daily, especially in the morning and evening. This simple natural home remedy is very effective in treating common colds.

Another great way of treating colds is by the use of dates. The dates are very good in eliminating phlegm from the body by dissolving it. The best you can do is eat five dates daily and drink a glass of water together with them. You will get fast relief from chest congestion.

Mix nutmeg and cinnamon powder and then lick the powder twice daily. It is best to lick this mixture in the morning and evening. Bishop’s weed powder is also a very effective remedy for treating colds when heated and sniffed through a piece of cloth to decongest the nose and chest.

Diet and Precautions for common cold

Always ensure that you take lots of fluids throughout the day to make sure that you flush out all the toxins found in the body. Water and fresh fruit juices are most recommended while things like tea and coffee should be avoided as they have diuretic properties.

It is good to avoid milk and dairy products as most of them contain compounds which trigger the production of histamine chemical which causes sinus, chest and nose congestion.

Keep your body well hydrated by avoiding alcoholic drinks and increase your Vitamin intake to keep your liver free from toxins that could be harmful. Grapefruit is very high in Vitamin C and can be taken regularly.

Increase foods rich in Vitamin B complex and C as well as other important nutrients and minerals. At all costs, avoid foods which are indigestible or those which are high in fats. Such foods include pastries, red meat and cheese.

Always ensure that you take a diet that is balanced and healthy to keep your body healthy and to boost the immune system making it capable of fighting infections. Also avoid starchy foods, fish and eggs.

Take as much fresh air as you can daily and quit smoking if you are a smoker. Let your diet be full of nutrients which are essential for promoting good health and building your immune system. Such nutrients are important as they also prevent inflammation of any kind.

To loosen and get rid of mucus make a point of drinking hot liquids such as soups and herbal teas. Remember that caffeinated beverages and foods can be harmful and should be avoided when one is suffering from a common cold.

Eat foods which are low in fiber to keep diarrhea at bay. Such foods include white rice, noodles, white bread and ripe bananas. You can also eat cooked or canned food and baked potatoes.

As a precaution for preventing common cold, make sure you do not expose your body to very cold climates. Keep off wetness and rain whenever you can and make sure you dry yourself up whenever you become wet accidentally. It is also important to get rid of wet clothes and put on dry ones as this could expose you to catching a cold.

It is also important to avoid fruits which end up aggravating your condition. Fruits such as sweet lemons, oranges, papayas and watermelons are good but should not be taken when one is suffering from a common cold as they make the condition worse. They should be avoided mostly during cold seasons.

Never take a cold substance like an ice cream before going to bed as you could wake up with a cold the next morning. Also, whenever possible, avoid spending too much time close to a person suffering from cold as you could end up catching it as well.

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