Home Remedies for Headaches

A headache is one of the most common physical problems which people go through all the time. The pain is normally from the muscles which encircle blood vessels and occurs inside the skull, nerves and muscles covering the neck and the head. When pressure is mounted on the nerves by the swelling or tightening of the vessels, the brain receives pain messages bringing about the headaches we suffer from every once in a while.

Headaches can be categorized into primary which are not caused by any medical condition or diseases and secondary headaches which are caused by medical conditions which could be infections. A migraine is a more chronic headache causing lots of pain to the sides of the head. The condition could be more serious causing vomiting and nausea in some cases. Tension headaches are also common and so are sinus headaches which involve a sharp pain on the side of the eye.

There are several factors which are known to cause headaches and they include allergies, loud noise or bright light, eyestrain and hangover. Others are high blood pressure, toxins, lack of sleep or food and nutritional deficiency. Most people rush to buy over the counter medications the moment they have a headache. There are however other options for treating the condition with the best being natural remedies for headaches which have proved to be both beneficial and effective in the treatment of headaches. The one thing that makes the home remedies for headaches better is the fact that they are natural and pose no side effects to the users and are quite effective in treating the pain.

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Home Remedies for Headaches

Cinnamon as a Natural Remedy for Headaches

Pineapple as a Home Remedy Properties: Cinnamon has been found to contain very beneficial minerals in dealing with headaches. The spice is especially effective in treating headaches that are a result of cold air exposure. This is a very good home remedy for headaches and has been in use for a long time because of its effectiveness.

Using Cinnamon as Treatment for Headaches:
Make a fine paste by grinding the spice and mix with water. Apply the paste onto your forehead and the temples of the head massaging it gently to enhance absorption. You should be able to feel relief from the headache minutes after applying the paste.

Lime as a Natural Remedy for Headaches

Properties:Lime contains medicinal properties that have been proven to be good pain relievers. This is a simple but very effective home remedy for headaches which can turn out to be irritating.

Using Lime as Cure for Headaches:
Simply cut up a lime into half and use one piece to rub the juice onto the sides of your head as well as the forehead. Lime remains to be a very important remedy for headaches and is among the best you can find.

Peppermint Oil as a Natural Remedy for Headaches

Properties: Peppermint oil has analgesic properties which make it a very effective remedy for treating headaches. It also has a cooling effect that will soothe the headache away giving you relief.

Using Peppermint Oil as Treatment for Headaches:
Take a few drops of the oil and apply gently on the places where you feel the pain. You can also apply it to your neck and forehead but ensure that you avoid the eyes as it could end up hurting them. This is considered to be among the very best home remedies for headaches.

Lemon as a Home Remedy for Headaches

Properties:Lemon has natural analgesic properties which make it good in the treatment of headaches. This is especially effective in treating headaches that are a result of heat and has never been disappointing. It is easily available and quite inexpensive.

Using Lemon as a Natural Remedy for Headaches:
Squeeze lemon juice into your tea to get immediate relief. This especially works with green tea and you can use honey to taste instead of sugar. The lemon crusts should not be thrown away as they can also be used to treat the same condition by making a paste and applying it onto the forehead and the temples of the head. The remedy gives fast relief from headaches leaving you feeling fresh and well again.

Lavender Oil as a Home Remedy for Headaches

Properties:The oil contains various minerals that are essential in treating headaches. The natural headache treatment is quite helpful in managing pain.

Using Lavender Oil as Treatment for Headaches:
Mix the oil with water and dip a clean piece of cloth into the mixture. The cloth should then be placed onto the area of pain to effectively treat headaches.

Ginger as a Home Remedy for Headaches

Properties:Ginger is an antidepressant used widely in dealing with conditions such as depression and anxiety. This in itself makes it a very effective home remedy for headaches. The flavor is very uplifting and will leave you feeling very fresh.

Treating Headaches using Ginger:
Cut a small piece of the root and grind to come up with a powder then use in any juice to relieve headaches. The most immediate way of using the remedy is by chewing the root every time you have a headache. Although it could prove to be very hot while chewing, the results are so instant that you will be amazed.

Cayenne Pepper as a Home Remedy for Headaches

Properties: Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which is effective in reducing pain as well as enhancing proper blood flow. This in turn gets rid of any pressure that the nerves could be undergoing, relieving pain.

Using Cayenne Pepper as a Natural Remedy for Headaches:
A small amount of the powder can be added to water and taken. You can add a little honey to improve the taste. One can also make a paste using the powder after which it is applied to the head areas that have the pain. This is considered to be among the very best home remedies for headaches.

Vinegar as a Home Remedy for Headaches

Properties:Vinegar has soothing properties which work well in treating headaches. Although the taste could be unpleasant, you will find quick relief from the headache using the remedy. This is actually a good way of curing headaches.

Treating Headaches Using Vinegar:
Take 2 tablespoonfuls of vinegar when suffering from a headache that is severe. Another good way of using the remedy is by dipping a sheet of paper, preferably brown into the vinegar and then placing it into your forehead for half an hour. This is best done in a room that is dark.

Other Natural Remedies for Headaches

Eat a banana every time you have a headache as treatment for headaches. This fruit should also be eaten regularly as diet for headaches. It is the simplest of all home remedies for headaches.

Apply an ointment that contains menthol over the nose area and use a warm towel to cover. This is a good cure for the pain and will also help you in relaxing. The remedy is very effective in dealing with headaches.

Add chamomile in your tea to help relax the head muscles as well as soothe any tension that could be present, hence causing the headache. A paste can also be made using the herb and then applied onto the areas of pain to treat headaches.

Take an apple and remove the rind together with the hard part of it. Take the remaining apple with salt on an empty stomach each morning as a way of curing headaches. This is a good remedy for those headaches that do not seem to go away and treatment should be continued for at least a week. Always use ripe apples for this purpose.

Take henna flowers and rub them in vinegar, then apply the mixture onto the forehead. This remedy is effective with headaches that are a result of heat and provides fast relief.

Make an infusion using marjoram herb which has been proven to be effective in the treatment of headaches. You can take the infusion in tea to completely get rid of the headaches which can be quite troubling.

Boil a handful of rosemary into a reasonable amount of water and then use a towel to cover your head as you inhale the fumes. The inhalation period should be for as long as one can handle and should be repeated till you get proper headache relief.

Fill a bucket with slightly hot water and then dip your legs into it for about 2 minutes before going to bed. This remedy is very effective in treating chronic headaches and should therefore be continued for a period of three weeks to get complete relief and cure from your headaches.

Take a few drops of eucalyptus and add in boiling water. As it boils or after boiling, remove from fire and cover the head using a towel to allow proper fume inhalation. You will find the cure for that sinus headache with this simple home remedy.

Prepare carrot juice and spinach juice, mix the two properly and then drink the mixture on a regular basis. The remedy takes care of migraine headaches and can also be used as diet for headaches. You can also use cucumber and beet juices together with carrot juice as a natural cure for headaches.

Make aloe Vera gel and take 2 spoonfuls thrice per day to get rid of headaches that are a result of hyperacidity. Another remedy for dealing with headaches caused by hyperacidity is using sandalwood paste and applying it onto the forehead and the temples of the head. The home remedy is quite effective and highly recommended.

Grind watermelon seeds and mix with grounded Cuseus grass, then consume the mixture twice daily for relief from headaches. Watermelon juice is also very effective in dealing with headaches when mixed with sugar. The juice is especially good for headaches which are a result of heat. Those suffering from chronic headaches can make a point of drinking water that is mixed with honey every morning on an empty stomach. The remedy is effective in dealing with the headaches.

Grind mustard seeds and mix in water, then put this inside your nostrils to get rid of migraines and headaches. A few drops of beef ghee or butter can also be put into the nostrils as a way of treating headaches which are a result of sinusitis. The remedy is most effective when used for a week.

Add a few almonds into a hot glass of milk as diet for headaches. You can also add honey and black pepper into the milk and take at least twice daily.

Crush neem into powder and gently apply it onto the forehead to get rid of the pain. The cooling properties of Betel leaves have also proved to be very beneficial for the treatment of headaches. Make a paste using the leaves and then apply onto the painful areas of the head to get relief.

Dip a clean towel into cold water and then place it onto the forehead as a quick way of treating headaches. You can also place an ice pack onto the forehead with the help of a clean cloth. The two natural remedies for treating headaches and are very effective in dealing with the pain.

Smoke a few leaves of the famous Bishop’s weed and inhale the smoke to treat headaches which are a result of stress. The herb can also be sniffed to get relief.

Make a point of lying down for an hour or two in a room that is dark. When you wake up, you will feel much better and the pain will be gone.

Drink grape juice on a regular basis as diet for headaches. Another simple but effective way of dealing with headaches is mixing coconut milk with sugar and taking this regularly throughout the day as a way of dealing with the pain.

Diet for Headaches and Other Precautions

Although no diet is prescribed for headaches, it is always important to take a balanced diet. The diet should contain lots of fruits and vegetables, enough proteins and carbohydrates.

Increase your intake of Vitamin C as a way of treating and keeping headaches at bay as well as to treat infections that could lead to the condition.

Drink plenty of water every day to avoid headaches which are a result of constipation. Water will keep the body well hydrated allowing normal body functioning to take place smoothly.

Avoid taking alcohol, tomatoes, spices and oily foods in excess. Sour buttermilk should also be avoided as it only aggravates the problem.

Ensure that you do enough physical exercise to build resistance against diseases physically. Positive thinking also plays a big role in keeping infections at bay.

Always have enough rest and sleep. It helps a great deal to stay or rest in a room which is not full of light, especially while experiencing a headache.

Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol drinking to keep hangovers at bay.

Red meat, chocolates and nuts should be avoided or limited to avoid developing headaches too often.

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