Home Remedies for Abrasions

In case the upper layer of your skin gets damaged, it is called a skin abrasion. It may even lead to minor bleeding. It may seem mild in nature but can actually be quite painful. It usually occurs when the skin gets scraped by a rough surface or object. It is best treated with the help of home remedies.

Home remedies for abrasions in the form of ointments and oils have helped in treating this problem since a long time and their benefits are far too many. The main purpose while treating an abrasion is preventing the site of injury from any other infection which may be caused due to exposure to internal layer of the skin.

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Natural Remedies for Abrasions

Cleaning the Wound

The wound is has to be essentially cleaned in order to prevent the growth of any microbes which can cause infection. Wash the wound with an antiseptic soap and clean it with warm water. Dry it with a clean and unused cloth.

Aloe Vera Gel as a Treatment for Abrasions

Properties: Aloe vera is the best home remedy for abrasions as it has revitalizing properties for the skin. It is helpful in the renewal of the tissues of the skin. It also prevents any further infection to the abrasion as it is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. When applied to the site of the abrasion, it eventually dries and contracts. This pulls the wound together and ceases the open wound quickly while preventing it from bacteria at the same time. It nourishes the tissues of the wound as well. It can actually make most first aid kits seem quite useless.

Home Remedy for Abrasions using Aloe Vera:
This is the simplest homemade treatment for abrasions. Simply pluck some part of the leaf of the aloe vera plant and you will see a sticky fluid at the place from it has been detached from its plant. Apply that gel on the abrasion.

Pepper as a Remedy for Abrasions

Properties: Pepper facilitates ceasing of bleeding. The ingredient called capsaicin in pepper has strong pain relieving properties. Also called the healing herb, it also has antiseptic properties.

Home Remedies for Abrasions using Pepper:
The application of pepper may cause a stinging sensation but its cleansing effect quickly plays its role.

It should be used for children under 2 years of age for more than two days. It is a very powerful herb and moderation is the key to its use. Therefore, it should be carefully used as a natural treatment for abrasions.

Clove as a Natural Remedy for Abrasions

Properties: Clove oil has antibacterial and anti fungal properties. It prevents occurrence of any infection to the wound and its healing properties are beneficial as a home remedy for abrasions.

Herbal Remedy for Abrasions Clove:
Mash some cloves together (depending upon the amount needed according to the size of the abrasion) and form a paste. Apply this paste on the wound and cover it with a bandage.

Onion as Herbal Treatment for Abrasions

Onion as Herbal Treatment Properties: Onions are extremely effective against any form of bacteria. It instills a heating sensation to the wound which ensures a speedy recovery of the abrasion. Its antiseptic properties in the form of a juice or a paste have helped abrasions heal since many years.

Remedy for Abrasions Onion:
Apply some onion juice over the abrasion as it prevents the growth of microbes in the wound.

Turmeric as a Home Remedy for Abrasions

Properties: The healing properties of turmeric never cease to amaze. It is one of strongest antiseptics in natural form. It is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial and therefore, prevents the occurrence of any infection. It is an anti oxidant as well which why it hinders the damage to the cells of the skin.

Cures for Abrasions using Turmeric:
Apply a mixture of aloe vera gel and turmeric on the wound for best results.

Wash the wound and dry it with a clean cloth. Apply some turmeric powder over it. Do not cover the wound.

Drinking a glass of warm milk by adding 1 tsp. of turmeric in it, relieves pain.

Marigold/Calendula as a Treatment for Abrasions

Properties: Calendula is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory in nature. It facilitates ceasing of bleeding and also promotes the regeneration of skin. Marigold is rich on anti-oxidants. It facilitates speedy recovery and healing of the wound. It increases the blood flow to the site of the injury.

Herbal remedy for abrasions using Marigold:
Simply apply crushed marigold flowers and apply on the abrasion.

Oils for Home Remedies for Abrasions

Oils for Home Remedies Properties: Various types of oils have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. Simply applying them on the abrasion facilitates speedy healing f the abrasion.

Natural Remedy for Abrasions using Oils:
Mix tea tree oil, calendula and comfrey together and apply over the wound.

Garlic for Home Remedy for Abrasions

Properties: Garlic contains antioxidants which are beneficial in the destroying of the free radicals (particles responsible for damage of cell membranes). These free radicals which are otherwise produced by the body may be damaged due to ultraviolet rays, smoking or pollution. These antioxidants can even prevent the damage caused by free radicals. Garlic is therefore is an easily available remedy for abrasions.

Natural Cures for Abrasions using Garlic:
Apply some garlic oil over the abrasion as it prevents inflammation at the site of the wound.

Vaseline as a Remedy for Abrasions

Properties: It is helpful in water to escape the body through our skin and causing dryness. It heals and ceases the breakage of the skin caused by an abrasion. This further protects the wound from entry of impurities and bacteria. This basically heals the wound faster.

Natural Remedy for Abrasions Using Vaseline:
Simply apply Vaseline on the affected area.

Honey for Home Remedies for Abrasions`

Properties: The antibacterial properties of honey have popularized honey as a healing agent since centuries. It is used as a disinfectant for the natural treatment for abrasions. If honey is diluted with water and is applied to wound which is still moist, hydrogen peroxide is produced which is a commonly used anti-bacterial agent.

Remedy for Abrasions using Honey:
Simply spreading a thin layer of honey over the injured area helps in the homemade treatment for abrasions.

Having 3 tbsps. of honey in boiled water provides relief from pain.

Apple Cider Vinegar as a Home Remedy for Abrasions

Properties: Apple cider vinegar is helpful in responding to the damage caused by free radicals and facilitates the healing process. This helps in an effective treatment for abrasions. Malic acid present in this form of vinegar is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in nature.

Natural Remedy for Abrasions using Apple Cider:
Pour some apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and apply over the abrasion. This prevents microbial growth on the wound.

Thyme Tea as a Cure for Abrasions

Properties: Thyme tea consists of a form of oil which is antiseptic, antifungal antibacterial and also acts as an antioxidant in nature. Therefore, it is an excellent form of herbal remedy for abrasions. It not only fastens the healing process but also prevents the injury from bacteria and fungus.

Herbal Remedy for Abrasions using Thyme Tea:
Simply dab the affected area with thyme tea made into a paste.

Other Home Remedies for Abrasions

Crush marigold flowers and parsley leaves and apply on the abrasion.

Crush some fresh plaintain leaves and apply over the affected part. It not only helps in healing of the wound but also decreases the pain caused by the wound.

Apply vitamin E or cod liver oil over the wound. This ensures proper and speedy healing.

Application of Witch Hazel not only facilitates the healing process of the wound but also reduces the burning sensation and swelling caused due to the abrasion.

Dock leaves can also be applied as a lotion for the treatment of an abrasion.

Diet for Abrasions

Having a healthy diet goes a long way in the treatment for abrasions and wound. Avoiding alcohol and smoking also promotes speedy recovery of your wound. There are different types of food which quicken the healing process of the abrasion:


Lean Beef

Sunflower Seeds

Other than these, you should consume a diet which is rich in vitamin E. It also helps in avoiding the occurrence of any scar after your wound heals especially in case of a deeper wound. This is the best natural remedy for abrasions.

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