Home Remedies for Syphilis

Remedies for Syphilis

Syphilis is an embarrassing ailment as it is transmitted to people through sexual intercourse. Most people affected by this ailment are young people due to their urge for sex. It is only transmitted through intercourse with an infected person without using any protection. The disease is caused by bacteria and does not show signs in the early stages of the disease. The symptoms of this disease appear in stages with the first stage appearing three weeks after having been infected by a person who already has this disease. These stages of syphilis are primary, secondary, latent and tertiary, each of which has its own symptoms. The initial symptoms of this ailment may not be noticed very easily by the patient as the symptoms may appear on parts of the body other than the genital area. It is therefore necessary to test for syphilis early which will help in determining the best natural remedy for this disease early before matters get out of hand.

The initial symptom of syphilis on the body is to have sores on parts of the body which have been exposed to the illness such as the genital areas, the mouth and the rectum. The lymph nodes around the groin may start swelling but it depends on the particular individual. Treatment for this ailment should start at this stage as prolonged exposure may cause other severe conditions. Medicines or natural remedies for syphilis should start at this stage as they can act very quickly and overcome the ailments within days of use. In the secondary stage of this ailment, the sores on the body heal but the individual begins to feel unwell. In this stage the bacteria has spread to most parts of the body but many people think disappearance of the sores means that a person has been cured. Rashes begin to be seen on the body as well as other symptoms such as loss of appetite and headaches. There are also particular individuals who experience sores, particularly in the throat and mouth, as well as soreness around the genital area.

In the third stage of the disease, there are few signs of this ailment as the disease now enters the blood stream. This latent stage can last up to fifty years and one may cease to transmit the disease. In this stage, an expectant mother can easily transmit the disease to her unborn child unless she seeks medical treatment during her pregnancy. The tertiary stage is the last stage of the disease which can be fatal to people who fail to seek treatment. Among the signs in this stage is extreme pain in the body. The disease also leads to other ailments related to organs such as the liver and heart. One can also experience skin ulcers, fever, bone pain and inadequate blood flow in the body. Syphilis also affects the nervous system which can lead to loss of memory. It is therefore recommended to look for home remedies for curing this condition immediately once it has been diagnosed. If these remedies fail to provide any improvement, look for treatment for this ailment from a medical practitioner immediately.

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Home Remedies for Syphilis

Tea Tree Oil as a Natural Remedy for Syphilis

Tea Tree Oil Properties: Tea tree oil is among the most recommended natural remedies for treating this ailment due to its intense antibacterial properties. This oil also cures many ailments caused by either fungi or virus. Tea tree oil interrupts the breeding of the bacteria and destroys their habitat. Tea tree oil has been in use for many years in curbing the spread of syphilis and it is being used even today. This remedy is used not only as a treatment for syphilis but is also used as cure for other sexually transmitted diseases.

Use of Tea Tree Oil as a Cure for Syphilis:
Make tea tree oil from the leaves of the melaleuca trees within the locality. Look for a clean cotton material and then apply the oil on all sores on the affected areas of the body. This remedy should be used during the first stage of this ailment since the bacteria will not have fully entered into the body. Make sure to apply this remedy on the sores at least three times a day. It will take three to six months before the disease disappears. If the condition does not clear up within six months of use, an alternative treatment for syphilis should be obtained.

Yellow Thistle as a Home Remedy for Syphilis

Yellow Thistle Properties: This herb has been in use for ages by the Chinese as a cure for syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases. It is one of the top home remedies for treating this disease and takes a few months to cure it. The herb can be used by young people as well as older ones due to the low incidence of side effects. Yellow thistle has some very important properties that are antibacterial and antifungal, making it useful as a treatment for syphilis. It disrupts the breeding of the bacteria that causes this disease, thereby curbing its spread within the body. Yellow thistle is also very useful in curing this disease since it helps to purify the blood by eliminating any toxic elements, such as the bacteria that causes syphilis.

Use of Yellow Thistle as a Treatment for Syphilis:
Thoroughly clean and wash the root of yellow thistle. After washing, grind it well while using water until it becomes a very fine mixture. Add a few grams of pepper and stir well. The correct dosage of this remedy is two teaspoons daily for up to three months when the condition will start fading away. If used properly, yellow thistle can offer the quickest relief from this ailment within the shortest amount of time.

Nigand Babri as a Home Remedy for Syphilis

Nigand Babri Properties: Most diseases spread to other parts of the body via the blood, so it makes sense to purify the blood to curb the spread of disease. Nigand babri is a Chinese herb that has been in use for a long time to purify the blood of any impurities or toxins elements. It has properties that fight off the germs and bacteria that are found in the blood stream. This herb makes the blood unable to sustain the presence of bacteria in the body. Nigand babri is among the most effective home remedies for this ailment although a big disadvantage is that it is found in small quantities in only a few places.

Use of Nigand Babri as a Cure for Syphilis:
Making a remedy from this herb will only take a few steps. First, chop the herb into small pieces that can be ground up easily. You can opt to use, leaves, stems, flowers or branches of the herb. Dry them in the shade and when they are dry, grind them into a fine powder. Add a few grams of pepper and water and let the concoction sit overnight. The remedy can be taken in a dosage of 200 grams every day, usually in the morning. Continuous use of the remedy will start showing some positive results after 3 to 5 month of use.

Suma as a Home Remedy for Syphilis

Suma Properties: The plant is commonly found in South and Central America and is used as a natural remedy for treating sexually transmitted diseases, among other ailments. This herb has several benefits apart from being used in treating syphilis. This herb can increase immunity against contagious and sexually transmitted diseases. It also has some properties that help in circulating and purifying the blood at the same time. It also has some antibacterial properties, making it a cure for syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases that are either caused by fungi or bacteria. If used properly and on a continuous basis, suma is among the most effective home remedies for treating this disease.

Use of Suma as a Cure for Syphilis:
The most effective part of this plant is the root but leaves, bark and berries can also be used in treatment of this condition. Clean the roots of the plant and then chop them into small pieces. Boil the roots for about one hour until the water changes color. Drinking one glass daily will show some positive results after only 4 to 6 weeks of use. Although the root is the most effective part of the plant, the leaves can also be dried and then ground up to make a tea. The berries can also be eaten raw and provide some positive results after a few months of use. The bark can also be boiled for 30 to 45 minutes and then the concoction drunk in a dosage of one glass daily for three months.

Anthocleista as a Natural Remedy for Syphilis

Anthocleista Properties: This particular plant is hard to find as it only grows in tropical climates. It is not commonly used as a treatment for syphilis although it is among the most effective natural remedies for curing this condition. It has some very important properties that help to cure syphilis and other problems caused by this disease. It is used for treating this particular condition as well as other sexually transmitted diseases. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties which curb the spread of bacteria in the body. The plant also has some very important properties that help the body to become immune to certain ailments.

Use of Anthocleista as a Cure for Syphilis:
The roots of a medium-sized full-grown anthocleista plant are the most effective part of the plant to use. Clean the roots of this plant well to remove any soil or dust. Boil the roots at a moderate temperature for half an hour until it becomes tender. Boil the plant for 30 minutes as this is the average time the roots take to become tender when boiled, although this time may vary depending on that particular plant. One glass of this liquid should be consumed twice a day for a duration of four weeks when the ailment will start to fade away. The anthocleista plant is among the natural remedies for syphilis which can be used at any stage of the disease.

Aloe Vera as a Home Remedy for Syphilis

Aloe Vera Properties: Aloe vera is one of the herbs that have been in use for centuries as one of the home remedies for several skin conditions as well as other ailments. It has been used to cure conditions such as skin rashes, skin irritation and burns. It has some effective properties which help in destroying bacterial infection on the skin. This herb has also some useful ingredients known as glycoproteins which act as an anti-inflammatory agent as well as a pain reliever. Aloe vera also has some very useful ingredients which help in skin cell growth to eliminate sores and rashes on the skin.

Use of Aloe Vera as a Treatment for Syphilis:
Cut the petals of this herb and squeeze the juice or gel into a bowl. Use clean cotton material and apply well on the rashes and sores. When using the gel, it is best to wear protective latex gloves which can be used to apply the gel. Aloe vera gel should never be used on an open sore as it can have a negative impact on the body. After applying the gel, allow it to dry over the sores for a maximum of ten minutes before wiping off. The gel should be applied twice a day until the skin rashes and sores disappear, which takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

Other Natural Remedies for Syphilis

There are many natural remedies for treating this ailment, one being burdock root tea. Burdock root tea offers a variety of properties to the body, among them increasing the blood circulation and also improving the body’s immunity against ailments. Two to three cups of this tea should be taken on a daily basis to ease this condition.

Drinking water is also another home remedy for curbing the spread of this disease and is widely used. Water helps in circulation of the blood and also helps in excretion of toxic material from the body.

Ginseng is another helpful natural remedy for syphilis that has been used to ease effects of this ailment as well as those of other sexually transmitted diseases. It improves the flow of the blood and also plays a part in improving body immunity against infection.

Japanese wax pivet also falls into this category of remedies that improve the body immunity against bacterial and fungal infections.

Diet for Treatment of Syphilis

If you are infected with syphilis, then the best diet for curbing this condition is eating meals that are high in protein. They help to improve the immunity of the body against this ailment as well as other diseases.

The other important diet for easing this condition is by eating meals with a lot of vegetables. Vegetables play a very big role in body health as they assist in circulation of blood in the body and at the same time help in excretion of toxic materials from the body.

When preparing the daily meals, include one whole garlic in the preparation of the meals as garlic has some properties that are antibacterial and antifungal, thus curbing the spread of this disease.

It is also important to include fruits in the daily diet for curbing this condition as they play a part in improving the growth of the skin and also help in improving the body’s immunity against disease. Fresh fruits such as papayas and apples will provide the best ability to curb this condition.

Consuming sugar is discouraged for people suffering from this condition as the presence of sugar may assist in the growth of bacteria in the body.

Also eat foods rich in vitamin C since they are part of a good diet for curing this condition. Ensure the meal is rich in essential vitamins such as K and B as well as zinc as part of a diet for curbing this condition.

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