Home Remedies for Lice Treatment

Lice are embarrassing parasites which can be gray or brown in color and infect different body areas specifically those covered with hair. The parasites normally cause scratching, irritation and itching on these areas and can be quite uncomfortable besides the embarrassment that comes with them. Lice infestation is a common condition and they come in three types which are head lice, pubic lice and body lice in humans. Lice will normally live for a month although by the time they die others would have hatched.

Lice infestations spread rapidly as they can be passed from one person to the other and are particularly common among small children who love doing all kinds of things together. The parasites feed on human blood making them dangerous and making lice treatment of great importance to get rid of the parasites. The most common symptoms of the parasites are itching, irritation and scratching on the areas of infestation. One could also develop reddish bumps after continued scratching which can be painful as a result of inflammation. Head lice are caused by unhygienic conditions and are easily transmitted from one person to another. People who find themselves in overcrowded places will find that they are more prone to getting the parasites from other people.

Unhygienic body and clothing care leads to body lice and direct contact with a person suffering from the body lice will transmit them as well and are common in countries which are not well developed due to poverty and have lower living standards in such areas. Pubic lice on the other hand are transmitted through sexual contact and even the use of a condom won’t protect one from getting the parasites.

When faced with this condition, most people feel embarrassed to get necessary help to get rid of the parasites as they are mostly associated with unhygienic conditions. There are however several home remedies for lice known to effectively get rid of the infestations saving most people the embarrassment of having to look for medical alternatives they find embarrassing. The home remedies for lice infestation can safely and effectively be used in the privacy of the patient's home which makes them more preferable.

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Home Remedies for Lice Treatment

Tea Tree Oil as a Natural Remedy for Lice Treatment

Tea Tree Oil Properties: Tea tree oil contains monoterpoid compounds which help in killing the parasites and getting rid of them completely. The compounds interfere with the parasites' nervous system thereby killing them. The oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties making it effective.

Using Tea Tree Oil as Cure for Lice:
Take the oil and dilute with olive oil or any other oil and mix well. This should then be applied thoroughly onto the area of infestation to effectively get rid of the parasites. After applying, allow the mixture to stay for a whole hour before washing off. The procedure should be done until all parasites are clearly gone together with all the symptoms.

Mayonnaise as a Natural Remedy for Lice

Mayonnaise Properties: The oily coating of mayonnaise makes it effective in suffocating lice. The oil cuts air supply to the parasites killing them in the process. Although the oil can be messy and smelly, it is one of the most effective natural remedies for getting rid of lice and is highly recommended for those who are infested by the parasites.

Using Mayonnaise as Cure for Lice:
Take a generous amount of the oil and apply thoroughly onto the affected areas allowing each hair strand to have the oil. Use a plastic bag or wrap to cover the area and allow the oil to stay on for about two hours. Then use a shampoo to wash off the mayonnaise and rinse using vinegar mixed in water to get all the dead lice off your hair or body. Apart from getting the mayonnaise off your hair, vinegar is a good remedy of preventing future lice infestations.

Hyssop Oil as a Natural Remedy for Lice

Hyssop Oil Properties: Hyssop Oil contains monoterpenoids which are compounds found to be very effective in getting rid of lice by killing the parasites. The compounds simply disrupt the parasites’ nervous systems killing them. This is an effective home remedy for the treatment of the embarrassing and irritating parasites.

Using Hyssop Oil as Cure for Lice:
Dilute the oil with olive oil in equal amounts before applying well onto the areas infested by the parasites. Allow it to stay for an hour before washing off using cold water. You can add a little vinegar into the water to help in getting off all dead parasites. The procedure should be repeated till all the parasites are cleared and the symptoms are gone as well.

Onion Juice as Home Remedy for Lice

Onion Juice Properties: The various minerals and nutrients found in onion juice are effective in killing the parasites together with their eggs. For this reason, the juice is quite beneficial in lice treatment and is one of the simplest home remedies for lice treatment.

Using Onion Juice as a Treatment for Lice:
Extract onion juice in a bowl and then apply onto the infested areas ensuring that every hair root is reached by the juice. The juice should be allowed to stay on for at least three hours to make sure that all the lice are killed before washing off. The washing should be thorough so as to make sure that you get all dead parasites from the hair or areas of infection. The natural remedy for lice prevention is effective in getting rid of all parasites within three consecutive days making it very useful in lice treatment.

Custard Apple as Home Remedy for Lice Treatment

Custard Apple Properties: Custard apple contains a variety of compounds which work in treating lice by suffocating the parasites to death. The remedy is also very effective in getting rid of all lice eggs thereby dealing with the problem effectively curing it.

Using Custard Apple as a Cure for Lice:
Take custard apple which is raw and grind into powder together with the seeds. This may require a grinder as the apple can be hard to grind. Store the powder in a box or container that is airtight and apply every night onto the area of infection and covering with a bandage to allow staying overnight. All nits and lice are effectively eliminated by the remedy and should be washed off well in the morning to get them off the hair. This is one of the most effective natural remedies for lice.

Garlic as a Home Remedy for Lice Treatment

Garlic Properties: Garlic is widely used for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which work well in treating a variety of conditions. The remedy is wonderful in killing the parasites as it contains pungent chemicals and also in treating any painful bumps that could be as a result of extensive scratching and irritation.

Using Garlic as Treatment for Lice:
Take garlic cloves and grind and mix with a good amount of lemon juice. The mixture should then be massaged onto the areas of infection to the last thing before retiring to bed and allowed to stay overnight. A proper bath should be taken in the morning as a way of getting off all dead parasites and eggs giving a proper treatment for lice. The natural remedy is quite useful in dealing with the irritating parasites.

Almonds as Home Remedy for Lice Treatment

Almonds Properties: Almonds contain essential compounds which work well in treating lice by killing them. The remedy is also great in getting rid of all nits and lice eggs and is widely used for this purpose.

Using Almonds as Treatment for Lice:
Take a good amount of almonds and grind to a paste and add to lime juice and then apply onto the infested areas to get rid of the parasites. After keeping for 30 minutes, wash off thoroughly and rinse using clean water to get all dead parasites from the hair. The procedure can be repeated until no more lice can be traced in the areas.

Other Home Remedies for Lice Treatment

Mix vinegar well with clear water and then apply this onto the areas of infestation before retiring to bed. You can use a cotton wad to apply as a way of ensuring that all areas are well applied with the mixture giving keen attention to the hair roots where the parasites tend to hide most. Use a bandage to wrap the head and then wash off in the morning. The remedy should be repeated until the desired results are achieved, probably within the end of the first week. All lice will be gone and you will have also rid yourself of dandruff as an added advantage.

Take an apple and cut into pieces and then apply onto the affected areas through massaging. The massage should be done for at least 30 minutes and only once for three consecutive days as a way of eliminating lice effectively. The remedy remains to be among the best natural remedies for lice treatment and is commonly used for the problem.

Take fresh coconut oil and mix well with camphor powder. The paste should then be well applied onto the affected parts of the body and hair and allowed to stay overnight. Use a good hair shampoo to wash off the oil in the morning and continue till you see good results. This is a good treatment for lice.

Take shareefa seeds and grind before applying thoroughly onto the infested areas. Allow this to stay for at least two hours and then wash off well to get rid of all dead lice together with their eggs.

Add neem leaves in coconut oil and cover well for a few hours. When the leaves are well exuded in the oil, apply the oil regularly onto the affected areas before using a comb to get rid of the lice. You will need a tooth comb to get off the dead lice and eggs. This is one of the simplest and most effective natural remedies for lice treatment.

Mix butter well in lemon juice and then apply onto the infested areas. This should be left to sit for 30 seconds and then rinsed off thoroughly as a quick and effective way of treating lice. The remedy is especially great in dealing with head lice.

Mix baby oil with vinegar in equal amounts and apply onto the infested hair. Cover the area for an hour and wash off well using a good hair shampoo. This remedy remains among the very best in lice treatment and is highly recommended especially for head lice.

Take ordinary shaving cream and apply onto the hair to get rid of lice and their eggs. The cream contains important compounds which work by killing the parasites by interfering with their nervous system. After applying for 20 minutes, wash off using a good shampoo and rinse with clean water to get off all the dead parasites.

Listerine is a common mouthwash that has been found to be quite effective in the treatment of lice especially in its original flavor. Apply the product onto the hair and allow staying for thirty minutes before washing off as a way of treating lice. You won’t need a shampoo to wash off Listerine.

Use a lice comb to comb out lice and their eggs. The comb is specifically designed for this purpose and is therefore very effective in getting rid of the parasites. You can first apply some oil onto the hair to make the combing smooth and less painful.

Apply castor oil onto the areas of infestation to get rid of the lice and hinder growth of the eggs and nits.

Apply raw lemon once a week as a preventative measure from lice infestations. This home remedy for lice treatment is also great in preventing dandruff formation.

Vaseline can also be well applied onto the hair to form a suffocating layer of oil onto the hair getting rid of the parasites with ease. You can leave the oil for the night before washing off using a good hair shampoo as plain water can be less effective in getting the layer of oil off.

Precautions for Lice Treatment

Always ensure that you wash the hair and the body thoroughly on a daily basis as a way of keeping lice away. You can use a shampoo to thoroughly wash the hair every three days and massage the roots as you wash to keep the hair as clean as it should be.

Oil your hair after washing, giving attention to the scalp and hair roots. This will keep the hair well nourished and free from infections.

Avoid sharing caps, combs and hair brushes. These items should be treated as personal to avoid getting lice from people who are infested with them.

Always wash the hair after being in places which are too crowded to get rid of parasites that you might have caught. It is also important to avoid direct contact with people suffering from the parasites as they are quite contagious.

Wash you pillows, bed sheets and towels among other clothes using a disinfectant every once in a while as a way of preventing lice infestations.

Avoid taking foods which are too sugary or sweet as it is believed that lice love blood highly concentrated with glucose. Take sugar in good amounts and maintain a healthy balanced diet.

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