Home Remedies for Phlegm

Phlegm is thick mucus normally forming on the throat area and the sinuses as a result of a cold or an allergy. This collection of mucus leads to a cough or a stuffy nose and could easily lead to respiratory infection if not well treated. The condition can be very irritating especially when it comes with a cough.

Coughing is normally a reflex action that helps in clearing the tract from bodies that are foreign or from secretions and irritants. However, when the coughing is caused by an infection, it becomes very painful and contagious. When suffering from phlegm, patients find it very difficult to sleep and may have a sore throat and chest pain. Phlegm can be caused by health conditions that are underlying and may include tuberculosis, pneumonia and pulmonary conditions. It may also be a result of irritation due to foreign bodies, irritants that cause the mucus to build up, and infection found in the airway causing the body to react by coughing.

Other causes of the condition include smoking, asthma and weather changes which lead to the inflammation of the larynx and pharynx causing the mucus builds up. Patients will have symptoms such as an itchy throat, chest congestion, coughing, stuffy nose and breathing difficulties.

Although most people do not think of phlegm as such a serious condition, it can be damaging especially when it makes it hard to breathe. Patients will experience lots of discomfort and would have to look for treatment that works. The good news however is that there are several simple ways of dealing with the condition. There are natural remedies for phlegm that have been tested and proven to work well in the treatment of the condition. This has come as a great alternative since the natural remedies for the condition are simple to find, use and are not expensive compared to other kinds of medication for the condition.

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Home Remedies for Phlegm

Grape Juice as a Home Remedy for Phlegm

Grape Juice Properties: Grape juice has natural expectorant compounds which help in the elimination of the mucus. The juice is also a good way of keeping the body well hydrated. This is one of the simplest and most effective natural remedies for the condition.

Using Grape Juice as a Cure for Phlegm:
Extract juice from the grapes and mix well with honey in equal amounts. This should then be taken three times a day and treatment should continue for five days or a week to get effective cure from the condition.

Garlic as a Natural Remedy for Phlegm

Garlic Properties: Garlic has antibiotic properties which work by eliminating the bacteria causing the problem. It is also a good remedy of taking care of infected throat and sinuses besides opening up blocked airways.

Using Garlic as a Cure for Phlegm:
Chew two cloves of the garlic every morning. Sucking on the cloves several times a day is also an amazing way of dealing with phlegm. Since the taste can be unbearable, garlic can be crushed into a paste after which it can be added to warm water and mixed well with a little honey before drinking. It can be used when preparing food as a diet for the condition.

Salt water as a Home Remedy for Phlegm

Salt water Properties: Salt has antibacterial properties making it a good home remedy for getting rid of the bacteria that normally causes phlegm. The remedy is also very good in dealing with an irritating cough as it helps dry the mucus. This is one of the simplest natural remedies for the condition.

Using Salt Water as a Treatment for Phlegm:
Bring two glasses of water to boil and add two tablespoons salt then mix well. The water should then be gargled while still warm. This should be done three times a day and repeated till the symptoms have gone or cleared.

Orange as a Natural Remedy for Phlegm

Orange Properties: Orange contains Vitamin C which is essential in immunity building. This in turns helps the body in fighting the condition and eventually gets rid of the bacteria causing the phlegm. It also has soothing properties for the throat getting rid of the irritation one could be experiencing in the throat area.

Using Orange as a Cure for Phlegm:
Slice an orange and soak it in wine leaving this overnight. When dawn breaks, bring the mixture to a boil till the orange pieces are soft before eating. The remedy is very popular, as it has proved to be an effective way of treating phlegm. Oranges can also be taken after meals as a diet for the condition.

Licorice as a Home Remedy for Phlegm

Licorice Properties: The healing properties found in licorice helps in reducing the mucus and heal the infected throat area. This is a great way of fighting the infection within a short period of time and is highly recommended for those suffering from the condition.

Using Licorice as a Treatment for Phlegm:
To stop phlegm discharge, take the licorice and mix it well with black pepper. Dry ginger can also be added into the mix before taken. This mixture is best taken three times a day as an effective way of getting rid of the condition.

Ginger as a Natural Remedy for Phlegm

Ginger Properties: Apart from anti-inflammatory properties, ginger has the ability to prevent colds and formation of mucus in the throat region. It reduces the formation of mucus and fights the symptoms of a common cold.

Using Ginger as a Cure for Phlegm:
Grind the ginger and mix it well with cinnamon in water. A little honey can be added into the mixture and this should be taken three times a day as treatment for the condition. This is one of the most beneficial home remedies for phlegm. It can also be added in meals as a diet for the condition.

Honey as a Home Remedy for Phlegm

Honey Properties: Honey is a natural antibiotic which helps in the treatment of phlegm. It is popular when it comes to treating coughs as it helps patients to sleep better as the coughing is lessened.

Using Honey as a Treatment for Phlegm:
Take a few tablespoonfuls of the honey on a daily basis as a simple way of treating the condition. It can also be added in hot drinking water or a cup of hot tea. It should however not be given to children who are under the age of one as it can be harmful.

Eucalyptus Oils as a Natural Remedy for Phlegm

Eucalyptus Oils Properties: The aroma of the eucalyptus oils helps in calming coughs and drains the mucus. This remedy is commonly used in treating various conditions affecting the respiratory system as it has amazing healing powers.

Using Eucalyptus Oil as a Cure for Phlegm:
Bring a good amount of water to boil before adding a few drops of the oil. The fumes should then be inhaled as a way of clearing the mucus and thus opening the blocked airways. The vapors can be inhaled for 15 minutes or till the water cools. The leaves of the plant can also be steeped in hot water and the inhalation method used as treatment.

Onion as a Home Remedy for Phlegm

Onion Properties: Onion has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties making it one of the most useful home remedies for phlegm. It soothes the infected throat by helping in the clearing of the mucus that forms. This is a simple way of getting rid of the coughs that come as a result of the infection.

Treating Phlegm Using Onion:
add chopped onions in water and add a little honey and lemon juice. The mixture should then be taken after cooling three times a day. For effective results from the condition, the treatment is best continued for three days. Raw onions can be added in meals as a diet for the condition.

Turmeric as a Natural Remedy for Phlegm

Turmeric Properties: Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which easily get rid of the throat itchiness that comes with phlegm. This remedy gets rid of congestion within a short period of time giving patients the relief they are looking for from the condition. It can be termed as one of the best natural remedies for phlegm.

Treating Phlegm Using Turmeric:
grind turmeric into a fine powder before using the powder with warm milk. A pinch of the powder should be added in a glass of water and this taken best before retiring to bed. It is a sure way of aiding proper sleep and should be used till the symptoms of phlegm, such as the cough, have completely disappeared.

Other Home Remedies for Phlegm

Take fresh mint leaves and boil them in a reasonable amount of water and inhale the vapor as treatment for phlegm. The remedy is effective in clearing passages of mucus thereby dealing with phlegm fast. The leaves of eucalyptus can be added in the water to give results that are more effective.

Take pure honey and mix it well with white pepper. This should then be added in a small amount of water before consumption as a way of soothing the symptoms that come with phlegm. Honey can also be added in meals as a way of treating the condition.

Cup your hands and gently but firmly tap on the chest area first thing after getting out of bed or early in the morning. The chest tapping may seem useless but it is actually a simple way of getting the phlegm mucus from the chest and throat.

Inhale steam by taking hot baths or boiling water and simply breathing in the vapors when the water is boiling. The steam helps in clearing congested passages of the respiratory system and is one of the simplest methods of treating phlegm.

Cough out the phlegm to get rid of the unwanted bodies. This should be done with caution as too much coughing or coughing that is forced could lead to more irritations.

Prepare chicken soup to thin the mucus secretions and relieve the symptoms of a common cold. The remedy is also very good in boosting the immune system and getting rid of the inflammation of the throat area that comes with the condition.

Take peppermint and add it to water before boiling it and inhaling the fumes. Echinacea is also an important herb of treating the condition as it contains antibacterial and antiviral properties. The herb can be added in boiling water, strained and taken after cooling as an effective way of dealing with cases of phlegm. Hot teas can also be made using the two herbs to help clear passages.

Take the bark of slippery elm and grind it into a powder. The powder should then be added in boiling water as an effective natural remedy for phlegm. This is one of the very best remedies for the condition and is widely used as treatment for other conditions affecting the respiratory system.

Take a handful of almonds and add them to a bowl of water. This should be left overnight and ground in the morning to make a paste. The paste should then be taken on a daily basis as a way of clearing coughs that come because of mucus build up in the throat area. This is one of the best home remedies for phlegm.

Eat several pears everyday as a way of getting rid of the symptoms that come as a result of phlegm. Another good remedy for phlegm is cutting a lemon in half and sprinkling pepper and salt on it then sucking it. This is a good remedy for coughs that come with the mucus build up and is very popular.

Take cinnamon powder and mix it well with ginger powder in a glass of water. This can be boiled and taken while still hot as a simple and effective way of getting rid of the condition and opening up the passages blocked by the mucus.

Diet for Phlegm and other Precautions

Patients suffering from phlegm should ensure that they take balanced and healthy diets as a way of curbing further infection.

Keep the body well hydrated by drinking enough water and fluids throughout the day. The recommended amount of water is eight or ten glasses a day. This helps in soothing the throat. Hot soups and teas as well as juices can be used as hydrants as well.

Increase your intakes of fresh vegetables and fruits to keep the body well supplied with essential nutrients that it needs to keep good health. Juice can also be made using the fresh fruits and vegetables and substituted for soft drinks and other carbonated beverages known to make the condition worse.

Make a point of taking breathing exercises to help the lungs expand and hence expelling the phlegm with ease. This is a perfect way of clearing the throat.

Stay away from cold weather condition or ensure that your body is kept warm throughout the day especially during the cold seasons.

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