Home Remedies for Leucorrhea

Leucorrhea is a common condition in women characterized by a white discharge from the genitals. This abnormal condition affects the reproductive organs of women and can last for as long as a month if left untreated. The name itself refers to white discharge and there are several factors known to cause it.

There are various symptoms patients experience when suffering from Leucorrhea and they include the white discharge, stomach ache, fatigue, headaches and constipation. Some experience pain in their lumbar region and calves and a dragging stomach sensation, while others will feel generally tired and weak. When left to develop to the chronic stage, patients will experience irritability, intense itching and develop patches which are black in color under the eyes.

Leucorrhea is caused by bad eating habits, leaving the body loaded with wastes and toxins. This condition is also common during menstruation as the mucous membrane thickens. Other causes of the condition are unhygienic condition of the genitals, leaving them exposed to bacterial infections and other forms of infections. When the womb gets displaced, it could also lead to the disease, which can be quite irritating and damaging if left untreated.

Most people, upon realizing that they have the disease, tend to ignore it instead of getting help. This is because of the nature of the disease, which can be embarrassing to a number of people. It is, however, advised that one should get the kind of help she needs, in advance, to avoid advanced cases of the condition. There are effective home remedies for leucorrhea that one can use without the need to feel embarrassed. The natural remedies for the disease have been tested and used successfully, without harm, and are therefore, the better options for the condition.

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Home Remedies for Leucorrhea

Amaranth Root as Home Remedy for Leucorrhea

Amaranth Root Properties: Amaranth root contains antibacterial properties helping a great deal in the treatment of leucorrhea, caused by unhygienic conditions. The root also has beneficial compounds for the healing of infections of the reproductive system and works well in preventing the occurrence of the disease.

Using Amaranth Root as Cure for Leucorrhea:
Grind the root and add to water before drinking a cupful of this every morning and evening. Before grinding, ensure the root is healthy, as moths love eating it. The branches and leaves of the same plant can be used for the same treatment after boiling in water. This is one of the most effective home remedies for leucorrhea.

Lady’s Fingers as Natural Remedy for Leucorrhea

Lady’s Fingers Properties: Lady’s fingers contain important medicinal properties, helping in the treatment of leucorrhea. The vegetable is also widely used for the treatment of conditions affecting the respiratory and digestive systems because of the various beneficial minerals it has.

Using Lady’s Fingers as Cure for Leucorrhea:
Take 100gm of the vegetable and prepare a concoction using a liter of water. This should be left to boil for at least 20 minutes before straining and then sweetening. Take the liquid frequently throughout the day as a treatment for the condition, and this should be continued for as long as needed or until the symptoms have been cleared.

Fenugreek Seeds as Home Remedy for Leucorrhea

Fenugreek Seeds Properties: Fenugreek seeds are widely used for the treatment of various conditions as they contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They have been found to be quite effective in the treatment of leucorrhea, because of the antibacterial properties, and are best used to make a douche.

Home Remedy for Leucorrhea Using Fenugreek Seeds:
You can choose to make tea using the seeds by boiling in water and then taking frequently to get rid of the condition. As for the douche, which is stronger that the tea, add the seeds into cold water and then simmer for 30 minutes over a moderate flame. This should then be strained and used as douche. This is among the best natural remedies for leucorrhea, as it is very effective.

Guava Leaves as Remedy for Leucorrhea

Guava Leaves Properties: Guava leaves play the role of an astringent on the vagina and help in treating the condition, which can be quite irritating if left untreated. The young fruits and leaves of the plant are also used widely in treating a variety of other conditions, because of the many medicinal properties they contain.

Using Guava Leaves as Cure for Leucorrhea:
Steep the leaves in water and allow to simmer for 30 minutes to make a concoction. After cooling, strain the liquid and then use as douche on the genitals. This should be done at least twice daily, until the symptoms eventually disappear, leaving you feeling as fresh and free as you should.

Mango Seed as Natural Remedy for Leucorrhea

Mango Seed Properties: Mango seeds have been found to be valuable in the treatment of leucorrhea, as they contain lots of minerals and nutrients, helping in the treatment and cure of the condition. This is among the simplest and most effective home remedies for the condition.

Home Remedy for Leucorrhea Using Mango Seed:
Dry the seeds and then grind into powder. The powder can then be added into a reasonable amount of water to make a thick but fine paste. The paste should then be applied onto the vagina interior and exterior parts to completely treat the condition.

Walnut Leaves as Home Remedy for Leucorrhea

Walnut Leaves Properties: Walnut leaves contain astringent compounds and chemicals, making them an effective remedy for leucorrhea. The tree is commonly used as a treatment for various conditions because of its properties and has proved to be quite beneficial.

Using Walnut Leaves as Cure for Leucorrhea:
Take fresh walnut leaves and steep in water. Allow to boil for at least 20 minutes, before straining and using as douche onto the genital area. This should be done at least three times a day for quick results from the condition.

Rice Water as Natural Remedy for Leucorrhea

Rice Water Properties: Rice water is another effective remedy for leucorrhea, as it contains important minerals and nutrients helping in the treatment of the disease. The remedy is also a great way of getting rid of any itchiness and fatigue that comes with the condition.

Using Rice water as Cure for Leucorrhea:
Wash rice thoroughly and then strain the water. The water should then be sweetened using sugar or a little honey and then taken as an effective remedy for the disease. This is the simplest effective remedy for leucorrhea.

Coriander Seeds as Natural Remedy for Leucorrhea

Coriander Seeds Properties: Coriander seeds have essential minerals and compounds known to treat leucorrhea fast and effectively. The seeds commonly used in cooking are highly beneficial to the human body and are therefore highly recommended in treating the disease.

Using Coriander Seeds as Cure for Leucorrhea:
Take the seeds and soak them overnight in a bowl of water. Strain the water in the morning and then drink this, while the stomach is still empty. This remedy is most effective when followed for at least a week, or up until the desired results are achieved.

Betel Nut as Home Remedy for Leucorrhea

Betel Nut Properties: The many minerals and nutrients found in the betel nut makes it a great remedy for the treatment of white discharge. The remedy is also very essential in the prevention of the condition and can actually be taken as a diet for the condition.

Using Betel Nut as Home Remedy for Leucorrhea:
Chew a few of the nuts every time you eat your meals. This is best done a few minutes after every meal, to give the desired results within a short period of time. Continued use of the remedy helps a great deal in preventing future occurrences of the disease.

Cranberry Juice as a Natural Remedy for Leucorrhea

Cranberry Juice Properties: Cranberry juice contains a variety of minerals, which give fast relief from all of the symptoms which come as a result of leucorrhea. By getting rid of the symptoms, the juice effectively takes care of the disease, giving a complete cure.

Natural Remedy for Leucorrhea Using Cranberry Juice:
Squeeze juice from the berries and then drink at least three times a day, as a treatment for the condition. This should be repeated for a week or longer, till the symptoms disappear.

Other Home Remedies for Leucorrhea

Take the root of amaranth and rub it in a water cup before filtering and taking at least twice daily as treatment for leucorrhea. If the roots are unavailable, one can use the leaves and branches of the same, as they are just as effective in dealing with the condition. This remains to be among the very best natural remedies for the disease.

Take Amalaki powder and add some honey and sugar, before drinking in a glass of water. This can also used in milk or to make a paste, which is then applied to the genitals as effective treatment of leucorrhea.

Take a few drops of sandalwood oil every morning and evening as a treatment for the condition. The oil contains beneficial minerals and compounds for treating leucorrhea and has been found to work effectively.

Take cold hip baths several times in a day to effectively treat and cure the disease. It is important to ensure that the genital area is cool, and cleaning helps in getting rid of the bad bacteria causing leucorrhea.

To get rid of thick vaginal discharge as a result of the disease, take a good amount of turmeric and mix well with guggulu, before consuming. The remedy is quite beneficial in the treatment of leucorrhea as well as all the symptoms associated with it. Turmeric can also be mixed well with garlic and then eaten, to get great results from the condition, especially in cases where the discharge is dense and itchy.

Mix asparagus and somnifera withania and bring to boil, before allowing cooling and then drinking. The remedy gives excellent results to patients suffering from the condition, as it is quite effective, making it one of the most popular in the natural remedies for this condition.

Take a banana with some ghee at least two times daily to get rid of leucorrhea symptoms. The remedy is very simple and has been proven to be very effective in curing the disease. It is also important to regularly eat ripe or over ripe bananas as a diet and treatment for leucorrhea.

Take betel nuts and crush together with rose petals. Add some sugar and then use as douche. The same can be drunk in water, to give effective results from the condition.

Make a paste using Smilax China powder and milk before applying onto the genitals as a treatment for the condition. The same can also be taken twice daily to treat the irritating condition. The remedy is famous, when it comes to getting rid of leucorrhea and is widely used.

Take cumin seeds and grind, before then mixing well with honey and applying onto the vagina area. The remedy can also be taken in the form of a concoction for the effective treatment of leucorrhea.

Take yoga lessons, as the exercise regime is known to work well in the curing of the condition.

Diet for Leucorrhea and other Precautions

Always ensure that you eat a healthy and balanced diet for keeping leucorrhea at bay. People suffering from the condition should go on a fruit juice fast to get rid of the waste and toxins, which could be causing the disease, before embarking on a healthy nutritious diet.

Daily diet for leucorrhoea should include fresh green vegetables and lots of fruits to ensure that the body is well supplied with all the important nutrients it requires to keep healthy. Wholegrain cereals should be emphasized as well.

If possible, try eating your vegetables as raw as possible, by steaming or taking in salads to get the full benefits.

Avoid foods which contain white flour or white sugar, as they only aggravate the problem. Greasy or oily and spicy foods should also be avoided.

Avoid coffee and tea, among other caffeinated beverages, when suffering from the disease as they are known to make the symptoms of the disease worse. They can be limited, if not completely avoided.

Develop an exercise regime to keep the body fit and strong enough to fight diseases, keeping them at bay. It is important to remember that there is a great need to keep the immune system as healthy and strong as possible, if one is to manage fighting diseases, such as Leucorrhea.

Ensure that you get enough rest and sleep to help in the healing process.

Maintain good hygiene, especially on the genital areas, to help in fighting the bacteria causing the infection. Proper hygiene can play a great role on how healthy the body remains, and it is important to keep the body clean, in terms of bathing and the changing of clothes.

Avoid sharing undergarments, as you could end up collecting bacteria from other people’s garments.

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