Home remedies for Chest Congestion

It is not unusual that during winter and rainy season people will suffer from colds and coughs resulting in chest congestion and during the other seasons chest congestion could be caused by various other things like pollution, etc. Of course this statement is partially true because medical science gives various other reasons for chest congestion.

Basically, medical science explains, that chest congestion is caused by the accumulation of excess mucus and fluid in the lungs. This could be due to flu or viral fever. In these conditions, there is swelling of the mucus membranes which if left uncontrolled could result in pneumonia or asthma. The other causes for chest congestion are allergy, household chemicals like perfumes, deodorants etc. Smoking is yet another cause for chest congestion. Dust or pollen in the atmosphere, food allergies etc are other known causes for chest congestion.

Symptoms and cure:

Chest congestion can occur at any time and may affect people of all age group. The common symptoms include wheezing, discomfort in the chest, abnormal breathing sound, cough (with sputum or phlegm which is also called productive cough), cold, coughing blood (hemoptysis), dry cough also called non-productive cough.

Insofar as the treatment is concerned, an x ray of the chest is taken to determine the severity of congestion. Medications include antibiotics, ibuprofen tablets, bronchodilators, and cough syrups to suppress the cough etc. In most severe cases the patient may be advised to get himself admitted to the hospital to be put on oxygen to ease breathing. Apart from this, there are many time tested home remedies to treat chest congestion and these have been briefly dealt with in this article.

In fact home remedies for chest congestion are getting more and more popular. This is for the simple fact that many chemical based medicines also have serious side effects. Home remedies are largely based on natural products like fruits and vegetables and therefore do not have any side effects.

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Home remedies for Chest Congestion

Fennel As A Natural Remedy For Chest Congestion:

Properties: This herb belongs to the Apiaceae family. This herb is known for its aroma and its culinary and medicinal values. This perennial herb is grown throughout the world.

Natural Remedies for chest congestion by using Fennel
Apart from its other curative qualities, Fennel is known to clear mucus. All that one has to do is to sauté the fennel and add a little curry powder. Take this mixture thrice a day. Depending on the severity, the dosage can be varied

Parsley As A Natural Remedy For Chest Congestion:

Properties: Grown in most of the European countries, Parsley is recognized as a plant with high medicinal values. It has curative qualities for many ailments and chest congestion is one ailment for which Parsley has remedy.

How to use parsley to treat chest congestion:
Use parsley leaves for everyday cooking. That will be sufficient and parsley would do the rest to clear chest congestion.

Onion, lemon and honey:

Properties: Onion, Lemon and honey do not require any introduction. They are grown in almost every part of the world.

Treatment for chest congestion using onion, lemon and honey:
Take the juice of onion and lemon in equal quantities. For lemon juice do not buy the lemon juice but extract the juice from the lemon. Add a little water to this mixture and boil it. Add two spoons of honey to it. Allow it to cool. The medicine is ready. This will clear the throat and the congestion gets reduced. Take two spoonful of this medicine, thrice a day.

Black pepper As A Natural Remedy For Chest Congestion:

Properties: Native to India and largely grown in India and some other tropical countries, black pepper has been used both as a spice and medicine from time immemorial. According to the ancient Indian system of medicine, black pepper is the ideal remedy for various illnesses like indigestion, diarrhea, hoarseness, insomnia, problems of the liver, abscesses, tooth decay, sunburn, gangrene, heart disease, bacterial infections, etc.

Home Remedies for chest congestion using black pepper:
For the purpose of easing chest congestion take about four to five black peppers and powder them. Take a quarter spoon of turmeric. Put these in one cup of milk and heat. When the milk is sufficiently hot take it out and add honey. Drink while is still hot.

Bay berry As a Natural Remedy for Chest Congestion:

Properties: This tree which is as tall as ten meters is known as Kiphala in India. Bay berry is known for its curative qualities.

Cure for chest congestion using Bay berry:
For best results take a few portions of the bark and powder it. Take a cup of water and add about two teaspoons of the powder and rinse it well. Take this medicine thrice a day. Bay berry is so effective that it is effectively used to treat severe bronchitis and asthma. Bay berry, apart from curing chest congestion is also known for its curative qualities of various other ailments.

Butea leaves As A Treatment For Chest Congestion:

Properties: Butea is largely grown in Asian countries and the plant is native to India. This flowering plant is called ‘flame of the forest’. In English this tree is called as ‘Bastard teak’. The plant, apart from being used as a fodder it is also used making dye, resin and for preparing medicines.

How to treat chest congestion using butea leaves:
The powdered leaves of the butea plant are mixed in water and taken thrice a day. About two spoons of the powder will be sufficient for each dose.

Eucalyptus leaves As A Treatment For Chest Congestion:

Properties: This tree is grown almost worldwide. There are about 700 species of Eucalyptus trees. The leaves are used in preparing Eucalyptus oil. It is a natural disinfectant too.

Home Remedies for chest congestion using eucalyptus leaves:
Take a handful of eucalyptus leaves and mint leaves and boil them. When the water boils take it from the flame. Now inhale this vapor sufficiently after covering yourself with a towel. This clears the congestion in the nostrils and in the throat.

Other Home Remedies for Chest Congestion

A cup of hot tea will loosen the mucus and eases the throat. Green tea is best to deal with chest congestion.

Another interesting remedy is spicy food. Those who are suffering from chest congestion would do well if they ate hot, spicy food. This is because spicy food breaks the mucus down and eases the throat.

Make juice of onion and lemon (about 10 tablespoons full) and add this to one cup of boiling water. Add about two spoons of raw honey and allow this entire mixture to cool. Drink the entire mixture thrice a day for about four days. This will completely remove the throat and chest of congestion.

Pinch of white pepper to one tablespoon of raw honey is the best remedy to clear phlegm

Make a thin slice of onion, add one tablespoon of curry powder and two tablespoons of virgin olive oil, the home medicine is ready.

Take ginger paste, pepper powder, vinegar and honey in equal quantity and to this mixture add twice the quantity of water. Take this mixture thrice a day.

Cloves are the best remedy if the cough is due to inflammation of pharynx and in clearing chest congestion.

Crush batel leaves by adding a little water and apply the paste to the chest. This apart from giving relief from cough also relives the chest of congestion.

Two tablespoons of honey and grape juice together will make a good medicine to clear chest congestion. Grape actually acts as an expectorant.

Take a cup of water and add some salt to it. Now gargle with this water. While gargling hold the water near the throat for a few moments and then spit it out. Repeat this twice a day.

Take bowl full of water and boil it. Now keep the bowl at a convenient place and position yourself conveniently in front of the bowl. Place your head above the bowl and of course at a safe distance. Cover yourself and the bowl with a clean towel. Inhale the steam. Do this for about five minutes. For better results, add about half spoon of turmeric to the water before inhaling.

Keep a hot water bag on the chest and the throat for about five minutes. You can repeat this thrice a day depending on the severity of the congestion.

By massaging the chest with essential oils, chest congestion can be removed.

For chest congestion amongst infants, tea is recognized as the best remedy.

Rub the chest with eucalyptus oil at least thrice a day. It relieves the chest congestion.

Take plenty of liquids, preferably lukewarm water. In case of juice do not take juice or fruits which are known to cause cold. Take fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin ‘C’.

Fibrous fruits and vegetables will help to clear mucus.

Take one teaspoon of lemon juice (juice extracted from the lemon and not lemon juice sold in the grocery shop). Add salt and black pepper. Take this mixture thrice a day.

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