Home Remedies for Liver Enlargement

About Liver Enlargement

The liver, an important organ of the digestive system, produces essential fluid called bile, which breaks down complex food particles and enhances the process of digestion. When the liver becomes larger than the normal size, this condition is known as hepatomegaly (Liver Enlargement). Apart from above said functions, the liver also produces certain hormones, cleanses the stomach of toxins produced by drugs, alcohol and smoking, controls cholesterol production etc. Sometimes, even the spleen gets enlarged along with the liver. In such cases the disorder is termed hepatosplenomegaly.

Symptoms of Liver Enlargement

Usually liver enlargement cannot be identified or felt by its size. There are other symptoms by which one can diagnose that the liver is enlarged. They are as follows,
  • Fainting
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Hallucination
  • Fever
  • Blood vomiting
  • Yellowing of skin
  • Abdominal pain

Factors which lead to Liver Enlargement

Factors which lead to Liver enlargement are as follows,
  • Accumulation of fat in liver cells
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Cirrhosis
  • Jaundice
  • Iron deposits in the liver
  • Viral Infections like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C
  • Heart failure
  • Liver Cancer
  • Diabetes

  1. Home Remedies
  2. Other Remedies
  3. Diet
  4. Other Precautions

Home Remedies for Liver Enlargement

Jaundice Berries as Natural remedy for Liver Enlargement

Jaundice Berries Properties: This herb is rich in many alkaloids which are anti-bacterial in nature which makes it one of the best natural remedies for treating liver enlargement. It is acrid and an effective revitalizer, cures high blood pressure effectively, distends the arteries and lowers blood pressure. Citric and malic acids of this berry control bleeding and enhance bile secretion. It controls cramping effectively.

Treatment for Liver Enlargement using Jaundice Berries:
Decoction made of its bark can be taken, a quarter tsp daily, to get rid of liver enlargement caused by Jaundice.

Eggplant as Home remedy for Liver Enlargement

Eggplant Properties: Eggplant is one of the finest home remedies for curing enormous health ailments. It is laxative in nature and so it is used as a cure for constipation. It controls the blood cholesterol level. Thus it is recommended for reducing weight and in case of cardiovascular disorders. Its diuretic nature eliminates kidney stones and UTI. It is stimulant by nature and enhances the functions of the liver and intestines. It has mildly sedative characteristics.

Treatment for Liver Enlargement using Eggplant:
Regular usage of eggplant in daily meals will strengthen the liver and enhances its functions. It is an ideal cure for reducing the size of the liver and restoring its functions.

Spearmint as Natural remedy for Liver Enlargement

Spearmint Properties: This aromatic herb is well known for being one of the best natural remedies for healing bad breath and indigestion. It is also used in aromatherapy. Being rich in Vitamin C, it is widely used as a cure for scurvy. Its infusions are used to prevent flatulence and motion problems. It increases bile production and thus cures indigestion. It is used to prevent nausea and vomiting.

Treatment for Liver Enlargement using Spearmint:
Prepare either a fresh juice of spearmint leaves or brew a cup of tea. This juice or tea should be taken twice daily to reduce liver enlargement.

Orange as Natural remedy for Liver Enlargement

Orange Properties: Orange, the citrus fruit, is a widely used natural remedy for treating Vitamin C deficiency. This vitamin enables the body to absorb the calcium present in foods. It reduces hypertension and soothes the mind. It is an effective cure for common cold and flu. It stimulates bile secretion and eases digestion. Being a rich source of fiber, it prevents constipation. Its peel is used for getting flawless shiny skin. In addition, it is also used as a cure for pyorrhea and dental caries.

Treatment for Liver Enlargement using Orange:
Drink the juice made up of two oranges daily, for a week. This will effectively reduce the liver enlargement disorder and will also strengthen the liver.

Chebulic Myrobalan as Natural remedy for Liver Enlargement

Chebulic Myrobalan Properties: Chebulic Myrobalan is a well known natural remedy used for healing many diseases. Also known as “Harad,” it is used for rejuvenating the human body and alleviating mental stress. Being mildly laxative in nature, it is widely used as a cure for constipation. Its infusions heal the sore throat caused by Flu. It increases the red blood corpuscles and enhances the blood content, cures rheumatic pains and asthma effectively. It is a highly trusted herb which can also be used for infants.

Treatment for Liver Enlargement using Chebulic Myrobalan:
Take 1.5 gram of jaggery and Chebulic Myrobalan powder and form into a tablet. Take this tablet morning and evening along with warm water. This is a perfect cure for Liver Enlargement.

Bitter gourd as Home remedy for Liver Enlargement

Bitter gourd Properties: Extracts of leaves and roots of bitter gourd make it an astonishing home remedy for controlling hemorrhoids. Its juice suppresses cough. It combats roundworms and prevents the liver from getting enlarged. Blood sugar levels are well kept under control when bitter gourd is consumed. It is a highly recommended antibiotic in herbal remedies. Hence infected wounds can be healed quickly by bitter gourd.

Treatment for Liver Enlargement using Bitter gourd:
Steam the bitter gourd thoroughly. Half cup of this steamed bitter gourd with salt twice every day will alleviate the liver enlargement disorder.

Papaya as Home remedy for Liver Enlargement

Papaya Properties: Papaya is rich in Vitamin C and it is a well known home remedy for curing disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Papain, the major ingredient of papaya, is used to tenderize meat and is solely responsible for Papaya’s medicinal value. It is laxative in nature and so constipation can be healed. Chymopapain, another ingredient found in Papaya, is used in healing slipped disc and pinched nerves. It is a wonderful home remedy for Prostatic hypertrophy. Being a vermifuge it combats parasites and germs.

Treatment for Liver Enlargement using Papaya:
Eat a cup of fresh papaya fruit twice daily. One can also take Papaya juice twice a day. This will definitely make the liver function properly.

Radish as Home remedy for Liver Enlargement

Radish Properties: Radish is a widely used home remedy for being an anti-inflammatory by nature. It is prefect cure for dropsy. Its diuretic nature makes it a prefect cure for kidney disorders and UTI. It also reduces cough. The juice extract of radish will effectively control weight gain. It not only regularizes the menstrual cycle but also reduces cramping. Its antibiotic property makes it an effective cure for snakebites and insect bites. Its infusions will improve the eyesight.

Treatment for Liver Enlargement using Radish:
Dry and powder 50 grams of radish leaves and roots. Add sugar for taste and drink it on an empty stomach every morning. This will perfectly stabilize the liver function.

Cumin Seeds as Home remedy for Liver Enlargement

Cumin Seeds Properties: Cumin Seeds are widely used as home remedies for their curative properties. Cumin enhances bile secretion and is used for digestion disorders. It is extremely soothing and calming and so one will get a nice sleep when cumin seeds are consumed. Cumin is a fine antiseptic beverage. It helps a lot in fetal development during pregnancy. It also effectively heals boils, when applied as paste. It also improves breast milk quality and alleviates the swelling of breast and testicle. It wonderfully enhances the liver function to detoxify the body efficiently. It increases body heat and so metabolism is stabilized very well.

Treatment for Liver Enlargement using Cumin Seeds:
Roast and powder cumin seeds. Mix it with salted buttermilk and drink this mixture every day.

Chicory as Natural remedy for Liver Enlargement

Chicory Properties: Chicory is an amazing natural remedy for curing many ailments. Tonic, diuretic and laxative are some of the admirable properties of Chicory. Its root is an excellent beverage when dried and mixed with coffee beans. It is anti-inflammatory agent and so can be used for curing rheumatism. It also takes care of liver disorders. It is an excellent stimulant and so reduces stress and boosts the body’s energy instantly. Being one of the richest sources of Vitamin A, it takes care of the optic system very well. It serves as a blood tonic. When take along with carrot, it aids in the treatment of asthma.

Treatment for Liver Enlargement using Chicory:
Brew a handful of dried and powdered chicory root with a cup of boiling water. Drink this decoction twice daily to make the liver work properly.

Kantakari as Natural remedy for Liver Enlargement

Kantakari Properties: Kantakari is used to make natural remedies for healing Dysuria and muscular pains. It also combats the enlargement of the liver effectively and removes stones from the Urinary Bladder. It is analgesic and astringent by nature and also heals dental disorders. Its berry juice is used to treat sore throat. It is anti-inflammatory, thus giving relief from swelling and pains caused by arthritis. Being anti-microbial in character, it is used to heal insect and snake bites. Its fruit is known to be an aphrodisiac. It stimulates the heart by being a blood purifier. It is not recommended for pregnant ladies.

Treatment for Liver Enlargement using Kantakari:
Its infusion or extracts are available in all leading Ayurvedic stores. Take the herb as per instructions given along with the extracts or infusions. This will reduce the liver size and restore its function.

Gokulakanta as Natural remedy for Liver Enlargement

Gokulakanta Properties: The herb Gokulakanta is a widely used natural remedy for curing dropsy. It is an excellent stimulant and is tonic in nature. It increases the libido. Being a diuretic, it takes care of kidney stones and UTI disorders. It’s essential oil is rich in certain enzymes like lipase, diastase and protease. It is an excellent blood purifier and so prevents anemia. Its root effectively combats jaundice. It is also anti-inflammatory and so can be used to treat rheumatism.

Treatment for Liver Enlargement using Gokulakanta:
Take 60 grams of its root and boil it in half a liter of water for at least 30 minutes. Cool it down. Take 60 ml of this decoction twice or thrice daily to make the liver work properly.

Henna as Home remedy for Liver Enlargement

Henna Properties: Henna is widely used as natural remedies for being a fine cooling agent. It is antiseptic, astringent and antibiotic in nature. It heals the cracked nails and strengthens them. It nourishes the hair and prevents the hair fall. It cures the mouth ulcers. It takes care of boils and chicken pox effectively. Its poultice reduces the yellow puss in case of hot swelling. It also heals itchiness and scabies efficiently. It is little bit of aphrodisiac in nature.

Treatment for Liver Enlargement using Henna:
Powder the bark of Henna tree. Take this powder as 1.25 gm to 2 gm daily to get rid of liver enlargement problems. Its decoctions can also be taken as 60 ml daily.

Other Home Remedies for Liver Enlargement

One teaspoon of Trailing Eclipta everyday will reduce the size of liver effectively.

Pulp of Indian Aloe is mixed with pepper and ginger powder. Consumption of this mix daily in morning for at least 10 days will cure the Liver Enlargement.

Mix two grams of Sprague powder and half gram salt with water. Take this mixture after every meal will effectively cures the spleen and liver.

Diet for Liver Enlargement

Avoid bread, pastries etc from the diet for Liver enlargement.

Limiting the dairy products is highly recommended diet for Liver Enlargement.

Avoid sweeteners while listing out the diet for curing Liver Enlargement.

Processed foods must be excluded from the diet for preventing this disorder.

Organic Cheese and Yogurt can be taken in the diet for Liver Enlargement.

Inclusion of raw fruits and fresh vegetables in the diet for liver enlargement is strongly recommended.

Replace rice which is rich in carbohydrate with wheat. This is best diet for this disorder.

Other Precautions Against Liver Enlargement

Alcohol must be avoided completely.

Intake of less fat foods is advisable.

Regular exercise is must.

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