Home Remedies for Bloating

Bloating involves the swelling of different parts of the body although it is mostly experienced in the abdomen. This swelling causes the stomach area to increase in size, hence bulging out. The increase could be excessive or just slight.

The symptoms of bloating are abdominal pain, chest tightness, vomiting and even diarrhea. All these can bring about changes in the normal bowel movements and the stool could be bloody or dark. The excessive gas that comes with bloating increases flatulence and burping and you could end up losing your appetite because of the abdominal discomfort. Apart from the discomfort, you could end up feeling fatigued; have breathing problems or worse still stomach cramps.

The pain and cramps caused by bloating can be so severe that you could end up feeling like your heart is in pain. Pain occurring on the right side of your body is easily mistaken for appendicitis or gall bladder stones. Bloating can also cause hiccups. There are several natural home remedies that help ease the symptoms that come as a result of bloating, as well as aid in treating and curing the condition.

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Home Remedies for Bloating


Properties: Turmeric has various nutrients and vitamins such as Vitamin C, calcium, iron and protein as well as folic acid which improve the digestive system’s functioning thereby relieving bloating and gas. Digestion is made easier by the breaking down of proteins keeping acid and bloating at bay.

Treating bloating at home using turmeric:
To successfully treat bloating, this natural home remedy can be bought in its powder form and then added to a drink or food. The effects won’t take too long to be felt. It is a fast way of relieving bloating. You can add the powder to your food or drink every time you feel bloated. Turmeric is also found in capsule form that is also taken orally to relieve bloating.

Fennel Tea

Properties: This natural ingredient has digestive properties which are very effective in relieving bloating. It is an easy way of getting rid of the irritating symptoms that come with bloating such as gas and cramps. It is a popular home remedy for indigestion and bloating.

Treating bloating using fennel tea:
Fennel tea should be prepared normally and drunk although it can also be purchased in capsule form and taken orally to relieve bloating. It does not take too long for you to start experiencing symptom relief and eventually your bloating will be treated and cured.

Apple cider vinegar

Properties:Apple cider vinegar is very beneficial as it assists the body in flushing out toxins and waste as well as aiding digestion. By aiding digestion, bloating and excessive gas are kept at bay as well as all the symptoms that come hand in hand with the two making life unbearable.

Treating bloating using Apple cider vinegar:
This natural home remedy used in treating bloating can be best taken when mixed in water. If you find the mixture too unpleasant, you can add some honey to it to make it sweeter. Those who suffer from bloating on a regular basis should make it a habit of taking this mixture a few minutes before meals to ensure proper digestion of the food they eat. .

Ginger Tea

Properties: The digestive system warming effect found in ginger tea soothes bloating hence treating it. This warming effect is important as it encourages digestive enzyme production which in return improves and enhances food digestion keeping gases and indigestion at bay.

This tea is also a perfect natural remedy for upset stomach as well as bloating that is brought about by menstrual cycles in women.

Treating bloating using ginger tea:
Ginger can be added to tea to relieve bloating although there are people who prefer chewing it raw to treat bloating and acidity. When added to tea, it gives it a nice wonderful taste that you will enjoy it as well as have all your symptoms alleviated.


Properties: Just like ginger, cardamom has a wondrous soothing effect on your stomach which works by stabilizing the acids of digestion. It also enhances the gastric juices proper circulation treating bloating in the process as well as deals with indigestion and other stomach problems.

Treating bloating at home using cardamom:
One of the best ways to treat or cure bloating is to suck a cardamom every time the need arises. When you suck it after every meal it prevents bloating occurrences and therefore people who suffer regularly from bloating should make it a habit to suck the beneficial cardamom after each meal.

Another way of taking this natural bloating remedy is to grind it and add it to water. You can then boil the water before consuming to make it take effect more quickly.

Carom Seeds

Properties: The thymol found in carom seeds acts as an antibacterial which is essential in fighting bacteria found in the digestive system. It cures digestive system problems and relieves excess gas effectively dealing with bloating in the process. To have a perfect metabolic process, the digestive system must be well regulated and carom seeds do exactly that to the system.

Treating bloating at home using carom seeds:
This bloating natural home remedy is best taken when well mixed in water with black salt. Both the black salt and the carom seeds should be in equal amounts to effectively relieve bloating and excess gas from your system leaving you feeling as comfortable as possible. It can be taken after or before meals to keep the system on its toes for any bacteria that may hinder the digestion process. The water should be lukewarm and a tablespoon of carom seeds should be mixed in an amount of water not exceeding 150ml.

Other Home Remedies for Bloating:

Treatment for and natural home remedies for bloating are plenty and are great alternatives to taking medications and other synthetic products that could have adverse effects on the human body.

One such remedy is taking a detoxifying bath. When toxins and wastes are well flushed out of the body the digestion process is greatly improved. Adding oils such as rosemary, lavender, and thyme as well as tea tree oil to your bath water will flush the toxins out improving your digestive system thereby treating bloating.

Stretching your body gently is another natural remedy for bloating that works effectively. You can relieve bloating by lying down and bending your knees close to your chest. Massaging your stomach is a good exercise as well. You can even do this using fennel oil which is very effective in treating bloating and other abdominal problems. Yoga also falls into this category as a treatment for bloating.

A teaspoon of cinnamon added to water then boiled and taken is a sure way of treating bloating. To completely cure the condition, you can drink this mixture regularly and add a little honey to give it a better taste.

Eucalyptus oil and clove oil are perfect solutions for bloating as well. Taking a few drops of the therapeutic oils in water especially in the morning will keep bloating at bay throughout the day. This is a great cure for bloating when well adopted. Aniseeds and celery seeds are also wonderful in relieving bloating. This home remedy is taken in water and you can add a little bit of sugar to improve the mixture’s taste.

Another natural remedy for bloating is chewing mint leaves after a meal. Three leaves are enough or you can have them brewed together with your tea. Charcoal is also an effective remedy which most people have used effectively in relieving bloating. There are charcoal pills available in food stores for this purpose.

Bloating can also be relieved by lying with a pillow under your stomach or having a warm or hot pad placed on the stomach. These are simple ways of getting rid of all the discomfort that comes with bloating. Water with cinnamon, honey and ginger is a perfect bloating remedy.

Diet for Bloating:

Proper diet is important and essential for the proper functioning of the body although it is common for people to take the foods they eat for granted thus attracting all kinds of problems. With proper diet, gas, bloating and other digestive problems and conditions can be prevented.

It is important to always take a balanced diet with an emphasis on vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber. Gassy and fatty foods should be avoided or limited if you are to keep off bloating.

When taking your food, it helps a great deal to chew it carefully and slowly. Instead of taking large meals at once, you can take small regular meals. To keep your whole system well-hydrated it is very important to take enough water every single day.

Water is essential in the digestive process as it makes the breaking down of fats easier and faster. Whenever possible, avoid coffee, alcohol, chocolate and tea or simply limit your intakes since they can have a negative effect on the digestive process.

After taking all these into consideration, it is also very important to manage daily stresses through regular physical exercise which apart from improving and activating metabolism will keep you fit and healthy. You can take walks after eating to aid your digestion.

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