Home Remedies for Throat Obstruction

Throat obstruction occurs as a result of the lodging of foreign materials inside the throat hindering the normal functioning of the airways and throat in general. Although most of the situations take a few minutes to get resolved, they could be very serious especially when proper breathing is hindered. It is true to say that choking could lead to death since there is no supply of oxygen there. Simple looking situations should never be taken for granted as they can be very serious to some extent.

Throat obstruction comes with various signs making it easy to notice when a person is suffering from the condition allowing the proper measurements to be taken to relieve the situation. Some of the common signs of throat obstruction are chest pains, gagging and vomiting, wheezing, drooling and abdominal pains. Others are a change of skin tone to blue as a result of the lack of air, difficulties swallowing as well as pain when doing so and neck pain and difficulties when talking.

There are several causes of throat obstruction but the most common and known is choking which can affect anybody during the taking of meals. It is among the most dangerous causes and should be taken care of as soon as it is apparent that a person is suffering from choking. Other causes are inadequate chewing of food, careless swallowing, throat cancer, tonsillitis complications and extreme coughing.

When a person is faced by throat obstruction, most people get confused as to what is best to help the individual yet the wasting of time could easily cause a death. There are simple home remedies for taking care of the condition fast, saving a life especially when choking is involved. The natural remedies for this are the best when it comes to the condition, at least before the individual is taken to the hospital is need be for that.

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Home Remedies for Throat Obstruction

Eggs as a Home Remedy for Throat Obstruction

Eggs Properties: since eggs are slippery, they come in handy when trying to dislodge an object or food that is stuck in the throat helping in proper breathing. This is one of the most popular home remedies for the condition as it has proven to be life saving.

Using Eggs as a Treatment for Throat Obstruction:
Eggs are normally found within the household and is, therefore, for an individual to help the situation by just cracking one egg and swallowing the extracts in one gulp. This should effectively get rid of the condition within seconds.

Boiled Rice as a Natural Remedy for Throat Obstruction

Boiled Rice Properties: Boiled rice works in clearing a throat that has foreign body as it is thick enough to push the bodies from the throat down into the stomach. This is another simple remedy among natural remedies for the condition and has proved to be very helpful to those suffering from choking.

Using Boiled Rice as a Cure for Throat Obstruction:
Take the available boiled rice within the household or the location one is at and then eat a sizeable lump to easily dislodge the object that is stuck on the throat. All the symptoms should go away immediately after the object has dislodged.

Bread as a Home Remedy for Throat Obstruction

Bread Properties: Bread is another effective remedy for getting stuck objects and foods from the throat. This is because it is solid enough to push the material from the throat giving fast solution to the problem that could otherwise turn to be very dangerous.

Using Bread as a Cure for Throat Obstruction:
Those facing throat obstruction or are handling people suffering from the condition should make them eat a lump of the bread to easily clear the throat of the objects that are stuck. It is one of the easiest home remedy for the condition and has proven to be effective all the time.

Vinegar as a Natural Remedy for Throat Obstruction

Vinegar Properties: Vinegar has minerals, which help in the softening of the lodged materials in the throat making swallowing easy. It can be used together with other natural remedies for throat obstruction such as boiled rice to give the desired results.

Using Vinegar as a Cure for Throat Obstruction:
Patients should take or be given a sip of vinegar followed by a lump of bread or boiled rice to effectively get rid of the material blocking the airways. It is especially a good remedy for those choking on chicken or fish bones as it easily softens the bones making them easily removable.

Root of Clematis as a Home Remedy for Throat Obstruction

Root of Clematis Properties: The herb contains minerals which help in getting rid of lodged items from the throat area. It is naturally very slippery and has a way of softening most materials hence making swallowing easy which is needed to open up the blocked airways. It is also effective in dealing with other conditions which obstruct the throat besides choking, giving fast relief to those suffering from the condition.

Using Root of Clematis as a Cure for Throat Obstruction:
A decoction should be made using the herb by adding it in hot water. This should then be mixed with vinegar and brown sugar before taking it as treatment for the obstruction.

Bananas as a Natural Remedy for Throat Obstruction

Bananas Properties: Bananas have proven to be very good in dealing with throat obstruction because of their soft but solid nature. They work by carrying down the material with them as they pass through the throat. This in turn keeps the material from the throat allowing proper breathing to take place.

Using Bananas as a Cure for Throat Obstruction:
Take ripe bananas and mash them before taking as a treatment for the condition. Bananas in general can be taken as a diet for a variety of conditions which affect the body as they are rich in essential minerals and nutrients.

Papaya as a Home Remedy for Throat Obstruction

Papaya Properties: Papayas have a soft solid nature making them one of the best home remedies for throat obstruction. They easily take down the materials found in the throat making it hard to breath, swallow and even talk.

Using Papayas as a Treatment for Throat Obstruction:
Mash ripe papayas and take as a treatment for getting rid of any foreign materials that could be hindering the proper functioning of the throat and airways. The remedy can also be taken as a diet for the condition and should be taken until you are ready to take hard foods. It helps in preventing further damage to the throat.

Other Home Remedies for Throat Obstruction

Drink lots of fluid when suffering from throat obstruction to help in getting the materials off the throat. The liquids should be water or other fruit beverages and not coffee, tea or alcohol. This is one of the simplest natural remedies for the condition and is quite effective.

Those dealing with people suffering from throat obstruction should place their hands around the waist with one hand clenched into a fist and then grab on the stomach using the other hand in an upward thrust to help dislodge the material using air that will move upwards. This is the most popular home remedy for the condition and has proven to work every time when performed well.

In case the person you are dealing with is pregnant or obese, your arms should be wrapped around the chest with the fist on the breastbone mid section before the backwards thrusts are done on the patient.

Another remedy that has proven to be helpful and necessary in the case of throat obstruction is grasping the tongue of the person suffering from the obstruction, pulling it forward and using a finger to get the material off the throat. This is however a very sensitive affair and should be done with caution and when the hands are well washed.

Precautions for Throat Obstruction

Always ensure that you chew and swallow food well to avoid cases of throat obstruction. This should be especially the case when eating food that contains bones as it can be easy to swallow a small piece of the bone.

Eating slowly is another simple way of avoiding the dangerous situation.

Take lots of fluid together with your meals to soften the food and also get rid of any food material likely to obstruct the throat.

It is important to avoid taking food when under the influence of medications or when intoxicated as one is likely to suffer from choking if care is not taken when eating the food.

Maintain a good posture when eating, always avoid eating while lying down as this easily causes materials to get stuck on the throat leading to the condition.

Always be alert when eating your food with your attention to the food as this can make it easy to see any material likely to cause throat obstruction hence avoiding the problem.

Talking or shouting while eating is highly discouraged as this is one of the ways that materials get stuck on the throat leading to serious implications that could have otherwise been avoided. The same case goes for eating food in a hurry.

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