Home Remedies for Leg Cramps

Leg cramps normally occur on the quadriceps, hamstring and the calf muscles and are involuntary spasms, characterized by pain and stiffness of the muscles, making it hard to walk or use the attacked leg. The cramps can last for a few minutes or less than a minute and then disappear.

Leg cramps occurring at night are worse, as they can be extremely painful and problematic. In most cases, the person attacked by the night, or nocturnal cramps, is rendered incapacitated and goes through a lot of excruciating pain depending, on the duration of the cramps. Sometimes nocturnal cramps are confused with restless leg syndrome but they happen to be very different. Pregnant women are prone to getting leg cramps as a result of the increased muscles strain and pressure, although the problem normally goes away after delivery.

Some of the symptoms associated with leg cramps are twitching sensations which can be mild to excruciating pain in the leg areas and muscle tenderness. One may also experience severe pain and inability to move the leg because of the hardened, tense muscles. The symptoms can be mild to severe, calling for treatment or attention to relieve the pressure experienced by the legs.

Although the main causes of the muscle spasms is yet unknown, there are a few things believed to cause this condition. Among the things causing leg cramps are rigorous exercise, dehydration, and muscle fatigue normally as a result of overexertion and excess weight. Medications and unusual exercises also lead to leg cramps, as well as nerve abnormalities. Other causes are muscle or nerve diseases, reduced blood supply, hormonal imbalances or fluid imbalances in the body.

There are several home remedies for leg cramps which work well in treating the condition and are simple to use. The natural remedies for cramps are quite helpful especially for those who get nocturnal leg cramp attacks, which can be extremely painful and can last a number of minutes. The natural remedies for leg cramps are quite effective.

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Home Remedies for Leg Cramps

Bananas as Natural Remedy for Leg Cramps

Bananas Properties: Bananas contain high concentrations of calcium which is an essential mineral in the treatment of painful leg cramps. The fruit can also be taken as diet for leg cramps, as it helps in keeping the muscles and leg bones strong and free from disorders.

Using Bananas as Cure for Leg cramps:
When faced with a muscle cramp take the outer covering of banana and massage the area affected to get quick relief from the pain. The bananas should also be taken regularly as diet for leg cramps. The remedy is quite useful in treating leg cramps, especially those coming with excruciating pain.

Oranges as Natural Remedy for Leg Cramps

Oranges Properties: The easily available fruits contain essential compounds and minerals, such as calcium, which help a great deal in dealing with leg cramps. They also contain essential minerals keeping the body healthy by boosting the immune system.

Using Oranges as Cure for Leg Cramps:
Take a ripe orange and cut into pieces before squeezing and massaging the juice onto the affected leg area. This remedy should give quick pain relief from the pain coming with the cramps. Orange juice can also be taken on a regular basis as diet for leg cramp. This is one of the best home remedies for cramping.

Vegetables as Home Remedy for Leg Cramps

Vegetables Properties: Vegetables contain essential nutrients and minerals and are rich in calcium, a mineral which works well in dealing with leg cramps. They ensure that the body is well supplied with all necessary minerals and nutrients promoting good health and boosting the immune system. A weak immune system is the root base of catching diseases and infections.

Cure for Leg Cramps Using Vegetables:
Take broccoli, cabbage or pulses and squeeze the juice. Then apply gently onto the leg. Massage the juice into the leg tissues to give fast pain relief. The natural remedies for cramps work within a short period of time and effectively eliminate the pain. Vegetables should be taken as diet for leg cramps and other diseases as they are quite beneficial in promoting good health.

Magnesium as a Natural Remedy for Leg Cramps

Magnesium Properties: Magnesium is an important mineral when it comes to treating leg cramps as it contains soothing properties. They work by helping the muscles relax, hence eliminating the painful cramping. This is among the best home remedies for leg cramps as it has proved to be very effective.

Using Magnesium as Treatment for Leg Cramps:
Take magnesium in measurements of 400mg. The mineral can be taken in any form as a quick way of treating leg cramps. The easy but effective remedy is normally found in many homes and is therefore very convenient when the time calls.

Chamomile Tea as Home Remedy for Leg Cramps

Chamomile Properties: The soothing properties of chamomile are what make it a great remedy of reducing the pain that comes with leg cramps. It works by relaxing the muscles hence reducing the pain, giving quick relief. It enhances glycine production which is responsible in relaxing muscles.

Home Remedy for Leg Cramps Using Chamomile Tea:
Take chamomile powder or fresh leaves and add into boiling water. Take the tea at least four times a day as a way of treating leg cramps. This should be done for two weeks as a complete cure from the cramping.

Tonic Water as a Home Remedy for Leg Cramps

Tonic Water Properties: Tonic water contains quinine which helps in getting rid of muscle pain as a result of cramping. However, people suffering from other medical conditions should be sure that the water will not affect them in any way before using the remedy.

Home Remedy for Leg Cramps Using Tonic Water:
Take a glassful of the water when faced with the cramping episodes. The water can also be used in massaging the pain away, thereby, relieving the excruciating pain especially that associated with nocturnal leg cramps.

Cramp Bark as a Natural Remedy for Leg Cramps

Cramp Bark Properties:Cramp bark contains important minerals which are effective in reducing and eliminating pain as a result of cramping. The herb can easily be found in drug stores making it convenient in dealing with pain.

Using Cramp Bark as Cure for Leg Cramps:
Get the cramp bark tincture and take at least 3 teaspoons three times a day to keep leg cramps at bay. The cramp bark solution can also be used as massaging oil on the affected area as a way of getting fast relief.

Calcium Lactate as Home Remedy for Leg Cramps

Calcium Lactate Properties: Calcium itself is an essential mineral used in treating leg cramps and is therefore recommended for patients who suffer from the condition. It is also a great remedy of keeping bones and muscles strong and in top shape, keeping infections and disorders at bay.

Using Calcium Lactate as Treatment for Leg Cramps:
Take a teaspoon of the powder and add to apple cider vinegar of equal amount. This should then be added in half glass of warm water and mixed well before taking. It can also be made into a paste and applied onto the affected area of the leg, as a quick way of relieving pain.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea as a Natural Remedy for Leg Cramps

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Properties: Red Raspberry leaves contain essential minerals and compounds which work effectively in eliminating leg cramps. The remedy has remained one of the best when dealing with pain caused by cramping, which can be severe and unbearable.

Using Red Raspberry Leaf Tea as Treatment for Leg Cramps:
Make a concoction using the leaves and then drink a cupful every single morning and night. This should be done for two weeks to effectively treat leg cramps and also keep them at bay, avoiding future episodes.

Epsom Salt as Home Remedy for Leg Cramps

Epsom Salt Properties: Epsom salt is made up of magnesium sulfate which has proved to be essential in treating and curing leg cramps. The salt works by promoting supply and circulation of blood in the body, which lessens the chances of getting leg cramps.

Using Epsom Salt as Treatment for Leg Cramps:
Add at least two cups of the salt into your bath water and then soak the affected leg for around 20 minutes. This should give quick relief from the pain and get rid of the cramping. Pregnant women should first consult their doctors to ensure that the remedy is safe for them.

Other Home Remedies for Leg Cramps

Make juice using apricots and drink as a diet for leg cramps. They can also be squeezed to make a paste applied onto the affected area, a treatment for leg cramps.

Drink a glass of grape juice several times in a day to relieve cramping pain and also as diet for the condition. The grapes can also be mashed to make a paste, which should then be applied to the cramping muscles to relieve pain. The fruits contain high concentrations of calcium which is essential in treating leg cramps.

Take as much tomato juice as possible when faced with the cramping or simply make a paste using the vegetable and massage it into the affected leg area. Corn and potatoes are also very good natural remedies for leg cramps.

Simply massage the affected leg muscles to help relieve the pain. Essential massage oils can be used if available or simply use a petroleum jelly to get rid of the pain quickly.

Apply a hot water bottle or bag onto the leg to relieve cramping and get rid of the pain it comes with. This is one of the simplest and most effective home remedies for leg cramping. One can also run a warm or hot shower onto the leg to get rid of the pain by improving blood circulation.

Take a towel and dip in hot or warm water before placing onto the affected area as a way of alleviating the pain and tenderness that comes with leg cramps. A heating pad can also be used for the same purpose.

Make fresh juice using bathu and then take the juice on a daily basis. The juice is most effective when taken on an empty stomach. Ensure that you do not add any sugar or salt to get the full value of the juice.

Bring a cupful of water to boil and then add saffron. After cooling, take the solution at least three times a day to keep leg cramping episodes at bay. The procedure can be done for a whole week for better results.

Another simple and effective natural remedy for leg cramps is taking the upper lip holding it between the index finger and the thumb then pinching on it for a period of 30 seconds. This may seem unrealistic, but is quite effective in treating leg cramps.

Stimulate the nerves by pressing the upper leg part firmly. You can also place an icepack onto the cramped muscles as a way of getting fast relief from the condition. Warm compresses can also be used alternatively with the cold compresses to help soothe the muscles, getting rid of the pain.

Come up with an exercise regime for your muscles to help in keeping them strong and ready for any kind of pressure. By ensuring that the muscles are in top shape, you will be eliminating chances of developing painful leg cramping.

Diet for Leg Cramps and other Precautions

Always ensure that you eat a balanced and healthy diet and drink enough water to keep the body well hydrated. Since dehydration is one of the major causes of leg cramps, you should make sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep proper body functions and as a way of keeping the body healthy.

Increase your intake of foods rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium to keep the body free from leg cramps and other conditions.

Take dairy products rich in calcium, such as cheese, but also avoid those which are too highly concentrated with phosphorous, as it could end up worsening the condition.

Avoid tight bedding which compromises the position of the toes and which is likely to cut off proper blood supply to your legs. Proper footwear is also very important in keeping leg cramps at bay. It is advisable to always wear something that your legs are comfortable in to avoid such disorders.

Eat nutritious foods such as green vegetables, tomatoes, nuts, bananas and seeds. Sweet peppers, brown rice and beans are also very nutritious and effective in dealing with leg cramps.

Exercise the leg muscles every once in a while as a way of keeping them strong and free from all kinds of disorders. One can also have massage session regularly as a way of keeping muscles in top shape.

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