Home Remedies For Colitis

Colitis is a condition involving colon inflammation causing serious tenderness and pain in the colon which lies between the cecum and rectum in the large intestine. Normally, the condition is characterized by ulcers occurring on the colon walls brought about by things such as unhealthy eating, constipation and indigestion among other things. Too much use of antibiotics or pills as well as allergies towards food can cause the ulcers.

When you develop the disease, it means that you have been exposed to prolonged inflammation and irritation on the delicate membrane of the colon which may result into chronic ulcerative colitis. The first thing you may notice is the frequent urgency to move your bowels which is then followed by abdominal cramping. You could also end up passing stool that is full of bloody mucus. With continued spread towards the upper regions, you may experience rectal straining and watery stools that are more frequent. The loss of body fluid and blood can leave one feeling weak and nauseated and one may have fever as well as loss of appetite. In worse cases you could end up getting anemia.

Other symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, insomnia and a bloating feeling causing severe weight loss. There are several effective home remedies that one can use in relieving the effects of colitis, treating it and eventually curing it.

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Home Remedies for Colitis

Alfalfa as a Home Remedy for Colitis

Properties: Alfalfa is rich in vitamin K as well as chlorophyll which are very effective in healing colitis. The herb has been used in the healing of many other diseases and infections over the years because of the amazing healing properties it has.

Treating colitis using Alfalfa:
You can effectively use alfalfa in treating colitis by taking it either in liquid form or in capsule form. The herb can be found easily in local drug stores or food stores and should be taken thrice daily or as directed. You will feel relief after a few days of intake and eventually the disease will completely heal.

Aloe Vera As A Natural Remedy For Colitis

Properties:Aloe Vera has been used for years for various kinds of diseases and infections because of the healing properties the herb has. The compounds found in the herb effectively aid colon healing, thereby dealing with colitis effectively. This is also a very good way of easing the extreme pain that comes with the disease.

Treating colitis using Aloe Vera:
Simply take a few leaves of the herb and milk the juice out. Add the juice in a cup of water and drink the mixture in the morning and before bedtime. You can also boil a few leaves in water and drink the juice after cooling twice daily, in the morning and evening before retiring to bed.

Garlic As A Natural Remedy For Colitis

Properties: Garlic is one of the most effective home remedies in the treatment of colitis. It has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties which make it effective in building up the digestive system assisting the body in digesting nutrients with ease. Apart from healing colitis, garlic will prevent attacks of cancer in your body.

Natural Remedies for colitis using garlic:
Garlic is best taken raw in the cure of colitis. You can chew the raw cloves at least three times a day. Although the smell and taste may not be as pleasant, you will reap great benefits from taking the cloves. You can also make a point of adding the garlic into your food every time you prepare meals.

Ginseng As A Natural Remedy For Colitis

Properties: Asian ginseng has great properties which promote the general health of the digestive system. It also has other benefits which include increasing sexual drive and general body energy. The herb is used in the treatment of several diseases and infections of the digestive system.

Treating colitis using ginseng:
The herb can be found in powder form which you can add to your food or mix with water and then drink the mixture at least twice every day to effectively heal colitis. Apart from taking care of the disease, you will be promoting your general health.

Psyllium As A Natural Remedy For Colitis

Properties: The herb’s seeds have high concentrations of Metamucil which offers great benefits to your bowels and intestines. The herb cleanses and clears your bowels and intestines keeping you healthy and in top shape. It nurtures your stomach and is also good for people wanting to lose weight.

Treating colitis using psyllium:
The herb should be taken at least 30 minutes before meals when mixed in water. It is advisable to take four glasses of the mixture daily to keep you well hydrated.

Apples and Bananas As A Natural Remedy For Colitis

Properties: Apples and bananas are rich in minerals such as phosphate and iron which are effective in healing the ulcers that come with colitis. This home remedy is very effective for patients suffering from the disease and the two fruits are considered the best among all fruits.

Home Remedies for colitis using apples and bananas:
To boost your recovery from colitis, you can take up to three bananas daily. This also makes digestion easy and smooth and acts as a laxative for the disease. As for the apples, patients should boil them or steam them to aid colitis healing. The apples work well with the lesions, eventually curing colitis.

Rice As A Treatment For Colitis

Properties: Rice has a soothing effect on the colon as it is low in fiber. This is a great home remedy for the treatment of colitis as it gives patients a balanced and nutritious diet, making it very commendable and credible for colitis.

Treating colitis using rice
To heal colitis, mix rice with banana and fresh curd and take this once or three times daily. You can also make thick rice gruel and mix it with buttermilk, then add a banana and take this twice daily. This home remedy is very effective in all ways.

Buttermilk As A Natural Remedy For Colitis

Properties: Buttermilk is known to have properties which have soothing effects on the colon. It is also very helpful in re-installing the good bacteria in the colon, keeping it healthy to manage its functions.

Home Remedies for colitis using buttermilk:
This home remedy should be taken three to four times daily to effectively take care of the condition. You can get the milk by churning which involves removing the fats in it. Buttermilk enema is also an effective way of healing colitis and can be taken twice per week as a way of soothing the colon.

Wheat Grass As A Treatment For Colitis

Properties: Wheat grass is a great natural detoxifier which is very good for affected colon walls. The most effective wheat grass is that which grows soon after sowing is done. The grass is used to make an enema.

Cure for colitis using wheat grass:
You can take the enema in warm water, although it should be mixed and allowed to settle for around 20 minutes before drinking. After a few days, you will feel relief from the condition and other disorders that come hand in hand with it. The grass can be found with local dealers. If not, it can easily be grown in earthen pots at home.

Other Home Remedies for Colitis

Mix turmeric with buchu leaves, boswellia and bromellia to reduce the inflammation coming with colitis and also to deal with the extreme pain you could be experiencing.

Milk thistle, red clover and burdock root can be taken daily as a great way of cleansing your blood and colon and eventually treating colitis. The herbs are amazingly wonderful in improving the liver functions as well.

You can also make a mixture of dandelion, chamomile, papaya, feverfew, yarrow and slippery elm extracts and take twice daily to effectively take care of colitis. You can also brew tea using all the herbs although you should be cautious not to overdose chamomile. On the other hand, it is not advisable to use feverfew if pregnant so exercise caution.

Use lobelia enema to brew tea and then drink this at least twice daily to get quick colitis relief. This is also a good way of reducing colon inflammation. Do not take lobelia too regularly as it could be harmful when over used.

Take quercetin and nettle mixed together to keep at bay any allergic reactions which may end up causing colitis.

To calm your colon, use pumpkin seeds and banana to give your intestines that soothing effect. This home remedy is very effective for the treatment of colitis.

Eating cabbage or drinking juice made from it lowers the inflammation levels of your colon and is a very effective home remedy for people suffering from colitis. Papaya juice or eating the fruit itself is also a very good remedy for curing colitis.

Add Canadian fleabane leaves into a boiling cup of water and add at least 20 drops of ocotillo bark tincture. Let the mixture steep for around half an hour and strain after cooling. The mixture should be taken daily; a cupful daily is enough to treat colitis effectively.

Combine bayberry bark with peppermint leaves in a cup of water in a container that is non-metallic. After straining and cooling, take two cups of the mixture daily till you effectively treat colitis.

Take pineapple juice, bromelain or carrot juice to heal colitis. Psyllium water also remains a very effective home remedy as it cleans the bowels and at the same time alleviates constipation. Taking fish oil is also recommended.

Patients suffering from colitis should consider taking a juice fast in the initial stages of the condition to help in the cleansing of the bowels and the digestive system as a whole. This is a great way of starting the healing process.

After fasting, ensure that you take small but frequent meals of steamed vegetables, porridge, rice as well as fruits which are well ripened. You can also use cottage cheese in your diet as well as grains and seeds that are well cooked. When eating, it is important to ensure that you eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly.

Diet and Precautions for Colitis

Patients suffering from colitis should exclude foods like white bread, products made of white flour and white sugar from their diet. The same goes for foods that are highly salted, seasoned and strong beverages such as coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages.

When preparing meals, it is important to avoid using pans made of aluminum. Keeping fit and eating a healthy balanced diet is a great way of keeping the condition at bay.

Increase your intake of green leafy vegetables as well as fruits. It is however very essential to avoid citrus fruits, especially if you are already suffering from colitis.

Avoid soft drinks and junk foods, sweets and chocolates whenever it is possible to avoid aggravating the already existing colon problem.

Vitamins play a major role in our lives and it is therefore very important to increase foods that are rich in Vitamins in our daily diets. When it comes to colitis, it is crucial to take foods rich in Vitamin B-2. Apart from preventing colitis, it is also very effective in preventing other disorders and illnesses. Vitamin A, C and E are also very essential in preventing colitis and other conditions. On the other hand, you can effectively heal colitis by increasing Vitamin A, E, K as well as B in your daily diet.

Patients should take enough bed rest and avoid stress at all times if they are to manage the condition with ease.

It is also very important to avoid taking meat since it only interferes with colon functioning, making the situation worse.

Give up smoking and alcohol drinking and avoid very spicy foods at all costs. Increase your protein intake to keep your colon walls muscular and strong enough to resist infections. Milk products such as chocolates and cheese should also be avoided as they only worsen the condition.

You can rub extracts of cayenne onto your body to improve bowel movement and proper blood circulation. When rubbing, give attention to the abdominal region to effectively heal your colon.

Take foods rich in calcium as a way of relieving intestine spasms associated with colitis. This will improve their performance keeping the condition at bay.

There are yoga postures which have been proven to be very effective in the treatment of colitis when correctly followed and practiced. Another important thing that should be considered is boiling drinking water and cooling it before use to ensure that all infection causing germs are killed.

Always avoid foods that are too sour to avoid aggravating the condition.

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