Home Remedies for Neuritis

Neuritis is the inflammation of nerves which can affect one or multiple nerves. Since the body has several nerve groups, the disease can affect any part of the body wherever nerves are present. Neuritis is also commonly referred to as polyneuritis. Patients suffering from this condition go through a lot of pain and need to get treatment as soon as possible to help get rid of the pain and even cure the condition for good.

This nerve disease comes with several symptoms such as burning sensation, tingling sensation and painful stabbing on the affected nerves. In cases that are more advanced, patients may experience loss of sensation, numbness and muscle paralysis in the surrounding areas. Sometimes paralysis can affect the facial nerves making it hard to close the eyes as the muscles have no strength needed to function properly. The sides of the face may also be affected in acute stages of the condition.

Neuritis has several known causes among them toxin concentrations in the system and nutrition deficiency. Wrong eating habits, metabolic disturbances, overworking and faulty diet are some of the other aspects leading to the nerve condition. Other causes are injury penetration to the nerves, heavy pressure and bruises that affect the nerve trunk. Bone fractures, diabetes mellitus, lead or mercury poisoning, alcohol and poisonous insecticides can also cause the disease.

This disease can lead to serious consequences if left untreated and patients therefore need to get the proper treatment immediately the symptoms are noticed. There are effective natural remedies for treating neuritis. Natural remedies for neuritis are inexpensive and come as convenient measures compared to expensive drugs from medical centers. Home remedies for neuritis are also readily available and enable patients to curb the disease early.

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Home Remedies for Neuritis

Soya Bean Milk as Natural Remedy for Neuritis

Soya Bean Milk Properties: Soya Bean milk is highly concentrated with lecithin and Vitamin B which helps in toning up the nervous system. The milk also has glutamic acid essential in the treatment of this condition. This is one of the very best natural remedies for treating neuritis.

Using Soya Bean Milk as Treatment for Neuritis:
Soya beans should first be soaked in water for twelve hours. The skins should then be removed and the beans washed before grinding into a fine paste. This paste should then be mixed with three times the quantity of water and allowed to boil on a medium fire while stirring. It should be strained and taken after cooling. Cheesecloth can be used to strain the mixture and a little sugar added to improve the taste.

Barley Brew as a Natural Remedy for Neuritis

Barley Brew Properties: Barley brew contains compounds and minerals found to be very helpful in the treatment of neuritis. It is a very effective home remedy for the condition as it helps in getting rid of the sharp pains associated with the condition.

Using Barley Brew as Cure for Neuritis:
Take a cup of barley pearls and rain water and boil and reduce to almost quarter then strain. After straining, mix well with half glass buttermilk and a small amount of lime juice before consuming. Apart from dealing with the pains, it is a good home remedy for getting rid of any numbness that one could be experiencing. It one of the most useful natural remedies for neuritis.

Spinach and Carrot as Home Remedy for Neuritis

Spinach and Carrot Properties: Raw spinach and carrot contain essential elements most of which are needed in the elimination of the disease. They help in getting rid of most of the symptoms related to neuritis and also help in curbing further development of the disease.

Using Spinach and Carrot as Treatment for Neuritis:
The best way to use this home remedy for treating the condition is by making juice and drinking. Spinach juice should be in the measurement of 200ml and carrot juice in 300ml and should be well mixed. A liter of the juices should be consumed on a daily basis as an effective way of dealing with the condition. This is one of the simplest but most effective home remedies for neuritis. The juices can also be included in meals as diet for neuritis.

Orange Flowers as Natural Remedy for Neuritis

Orange Flowers Properties: Orange flowers have stimulants found to be very effective in treating neuritis. It is also a good drink that helps in refreshing and rejuvenating the body, giving patients the kind of relief they are looking to find.

Using Orange Flowers as Cure for Neuritis:
The flowers of bitter orange are the best in the treatment of neuritis. The flowers should be distilled and taken on a regular basis as an effective way of dealing with the condition. Another good way of using the flowers as treatment is by eating with honey to help in rejuvenating the nerves affected by the disease. Those who choose to eat the flowers can take at least ten grams daily. This is one of the most valuable natural remedies for neuritis and is actually very popular.

Beetroot as Home Remedy for Neuritis

Beetroot Properties: Beetroot contains vitamins and pantothenic acid which is essential in the treatment of neuritis. It works by reducing the swelling of nerves, getting rid of the pain and is also very good in restoring lost energy to the muscles.

Using Beetroot as Treatment for Neuritis:
The root should simply be added to boiling water and then strained before consumption. This can be done twice daily till the desired results from the disease are realized. Dry root of beet can also be ground into powder and the powder dissolved in hot water as treatment for the condition.

Pineapple as Natural Remedy for Neuritis

Pineapple Properties: Pineapples contain high concentration of vitamins found to be very effective in dealing with cases of neuritis. The essential acids found in the fruit also help in the proper curing of the disease leaving patients feeling fine and strong. It is considered to be one of the best home remedies for the condition.

Using Pineapple as Cure for Neuritis:
Juice can be extracted from the fruit through blending and then taken on a daily basis. It can be taken at least thrice a day to supply the body with the essential vitamins it requires to fight the disease. The fruit can also be taken on a regular basis as diet for neuritis.

Yogurt as a Natural Remedy for Neuritis

Yogurt Properties: Yogurt contains important compounds and minerals that help in the treatment of neuritis. The minerals help in getting rid of the swelling and pain that comes with the disease making it effective in curing the disease.

Using Yogurt as Treatment for Neuritis:
Yogurt can be taken several times in a day as diet for the condition. Positive results should be evident within the first week of using this remedy. The vitamins in yogurt help in restoring lost energy making it one of the best home remedies for neuritis.

Apples as Natural Remedy for Neuritis

Apples Properties: Apples have essential compounds which aid the healing process of nerves affected by neuritis. They also contain essential acids and vitamins which work effectively in restoring good health to patients suffering from the condition.

Using Apples as Cure for Neuritis:
Patients should make a point of eating the fruits several times in a day. They can be taken after or before meals and can also be used as diet for the condition.

Other Home Remedies for Neuritis

Take sprouts and make juice from them before consuming. The juice should be taken twice daily for at least five days to effectively treat neuritis. The vitamins found in the sprouts are what make it a good home remedy for the treatment of the condition as they help in getting rid of swellings and pain associated with this disease.

Prepare a hot bath and then add Epsom salt before soaking the body in the water. This should be done at least three times a week as an effective way of dealing with the condition. Patients should ensure that they remain immersed in the water for at least half an hour to let the salt be absorbed by the skin giving the proper relief from the disease.

Take one tablespoon of Epsom salt and add into a hot cup of water and drink. The water can also be used as hot compress to the affected parts of the body several times a day for relief from numb nerves.

Engage in light exercises such as walking as a beneficial home remedy for treating neuritis. The light exercises help in jump-starting numb parts of the body through stimulation. However, it is important to make sure that heavy exercises are kept at bay to avoid exhaustion which can make the condition worse.

Take Brahmi herb and add to boiling water before then consuming. The herb can also be heated and used as a hot compress on the parts of the body affected by the disease as it has been found to be very effective in dealing with nerves that have lost sensation.

Another important herb that can be used to treat the disease is Ashwagandha. It can be steeped in water and then used as a compress on the parts of the body affected by the condition. This should be allowed to stay onto the affected area for at least ten minutes before removing to ensure that important nutrients get absorbed into the nerves.

Take Mandookparni leaves, powder them and add to boiling water to make a hot compress. This should then be applied to the affected areas to offer relief. It can also be taken once daily as treatment of neuritis as it contain essential compounds in minerals helpful in dealing with the condition.

Diet and Precautions for Neuritis

Take a diet containing whole grains which can be in form of sprouted seeds, brown rice and whole wheat products. It should also include fresh fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, milk and milk products such as cheese.

Eat foods that are rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients. In most cases, fresh fruits and vegetables have enough concentrations of the vitamins and minerals the body requires to put up a fight against diseases attacking it.

Patients going through the acute stage of the disease should consider going on a fresh juice fast for five days. The juices can be made from fruits such as apples, beet, carrots, pineapples and other citrus fruits. The juices help in cleansing the body of any toxins aiding in the proper healing of the disease.

Avoid white flour products such as white bread as well as foods which are too sugary or too refined as they only make the situation worse. Other foods that should be avoided include tinned foods, fish and caffeinated foods and beverages. This is important as it keeps further damage from the disease at bay.

Increase Vitamin D intakes by including foods rich in this vitamin in your meals. Patients should ensure that they eat orange and red fruits such as carrots, beetroot, apples, oranges and pineapples on a regular basis as diet for neuritis.

Limit or completely cut on foods which contain artificial flavors and artificial additives as they are known to only make the problem worse.

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