Home Remedies for Herpes

Herpes is a viral disease characterized by inflammation and blisters and normally attacks the lip area, eyelids and the genitals. The difference between the three kinds of herpes - herpes labialis, herpes keratitis and herpes zoster respectively is the viruses which cause the conditions, which is determined by the location of attack.

The most common herpes is one caused by the herpes simplex viruses which have remained incurable up to date. Medications available for the virus are meant to suppress the effects of the condition but they do not completely cure it, since a medication that completely gets rid of the viruses is yet to be discovered. It is therefore important to take precautions against contracting the disease and to prevent more advanced stages, which could turn out to be very dangerous or even life-threatening.

There are several home remedies for herpes which have been proven effective in partially treating the condition and relieving the accompanying irritating symptoms. These remedies for herpes are a good way of keeping the immune system strong to fight the viruses, and tackle other health problems that may occur alongside. If the symptoms get worse after trying the home remedies for herpes, it is important for the patient to seek assistance from a reputed medical institution.

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Home Remedies for Herpes

Black Tea Bags as a Cure for Herpes

Black Tea Properties: Black tea leaves with high concentrations of tannins contain anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. The properties are what make the tea effective in dealing with herpes thereby giving relief to those suffering from the condition.

Using Black Tea Bags as a Treatment for Herpes:
Brew tea using the black tea leaves or tea bags and allow a few minutes of cooling. When the tea bag is still warm, apply on the area of infection and keep it on the infection for about five minutes. Repeat at least thrice daily to get rid of herpes symptoms.

Manuka Honey as a Home remedy for Herpes

Manuka Honey Properties: Manuka honey, native to New Zealand, is used mainly because of its medicinal properties. It contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties making it a good remedy for herpes. It is also used to heal wounds as it is very beneficial.

Using Manuka Honey as a Treatment for Herpes:
The remedy is very simple to use since all you have to do is apply a good amount of the sticky honey onto the herpes. The application is most effective when applied many times throughout the day and should be started as soon as the symptoms of herpes show up.

Domeboro Powder as a Cure for Herpes

Domeboro Powder Properties: Domeboro powder contains compounds which help in drying sores and stopping itchiness, hence speeding up the healing process of the herpes. Although not widely known, the powder can easily be found in pharmacies and is usually packaged in packets of twelve portions.

Using Domeboro Powder as a Cure for Herpes:
Take a packet of the powder and put in a bottle before adding a small amount of water to it. This should then be shaken well to make a solution which is then to be applied onto the area of the herpes infection. The solution should however be left to settle before application is done. You can use a clean piece of cloth to thoroughly apply just like you would with a compress onto the area of infection. The remedy is very effective in clearing painful herpes.

Baking Soda as a Cure for Herpes

Baking Soda Properties: Baking soda has been confirmed to contain medicinal properties because of the various minerals it has. It is especially good in treating herpes as it relieves itching and dries the sores which are the cause of the itching.

Using Baking Soda as Treatment for Herpes:
The baking soda can either be applied dry onto the infected area to effectively dry the sores, or it can be mixed with water to make a thick paste which is then applied onto the infection. You should apply this on a daily basis to get positive results within a short period of time.

When applying dry, just dip a damp cotton ball into the powder and then apply making sure you do not dip the same ball again to avoid contaminating the rest of the powder.

Cornstarch as a Natural Remedy for Herpes

Cornstarch Properties: Cornstarch contains anti-inflammatory properties which are also helpful in keeping the infected area dry. The remedy is good in dealing with moisture that comes with rubbing and is especially good for genital herpes.

Home Remedy for Herpes Using Cornstarch:
Make a paste with water and cornstarch and then apply onto the area of infection. This should then be left to dry as a way of getting rid of the itchiness that comes with the condition as well as to dry the sores which can be painful when moist.

Aloe Vera as a Natural Remedy for Herpes

Alovera Properties: Aloe Vera has an abundance of antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties not forgetting the amazing anti-inflammatory properties the plant has. The plant’s gel is very effective in treating herpes as it soothes itching and speeds up the healing process of the condition. The remedy is also very effective in eliminating scabs normally left after healing.

Home Remedy for Herpes Using Aloe Vera:
Remove the thorny edges of the plant and cut up the stem into chunks. The chunks should then be chilled and then used onto the infected area. Apart from helping in the healing process, you will find the chilled chunks very soothing and cooling to the body. The plant’s gel is best used after bath to ensure that it is not washed off before it is able to give the relief needed.

Epsom Salt Bath as a Natural Remedy for Herpes

Epsom Salt Bath Properties: Epsom salt contains magnesium sulphate which is helpful in cleansing, drying and soothing sores associated with herpes. The remedy is a great way of soothing itchiness and relieving the pain that comes with the herpes. It can easily be found in stores.

Using Epsom Salt as Treatment for Herpes:
Warm a good amount of water for your bath and then add a large amount of the salt before bathing. Take enough time while taking the bath to allow the salt to work effectively. The bath session should take at least 20 minutes or as long as one desires.

Mint Tea as a Natural Remedy for Herpes

Mint Tea Properties: Mint tea contains anti-inflammatory properties making it essential in the treatment of herpes. It is especially important in dealing with fever and flu symptoms that come with genital herpes. It is also a very good way of relieving the pain that comes with the herpes.

Home Remedy for Herpes Using Mint Tea:
Brew some mint tea and cool before applying gently onto the area of infection. If you have access to the leaves, you can crush them to make a paste which you should then apply onto the herpes at least twice daily.

Other Home Remedies for Herpes

When you feel the onset of sores, place ice compresses onto them to prevent them from developing further. This remedy can also be used onto active sores to help in soothing the itchiness and pain that could be present. Ice cubes should be wrapped in a clean cloth or towel and then placed on the area of infection directly.

Apply jojoba oil several times in a day to help soothe the symptoms of herpes as well as get rid of inflammation and redness. Other essential oils include rose hip, hypericum and calendula which have been proven to contain restorative and healing properties which are important in repairing the damaged skin of patients suffering from herpes.

Those suffering from painful urination can try running cool water as they urinate. This is best achieved from a shower or a bath tub to avoid the painful experience. Another way of keeping the infection cool is running a hairdryer directing it to the area of infection. You will find that this gives instant pain relief from sores.

Take as much herbal tea as you can manage to keep the body calm and well soothed. Brew tea using chamomile or peppermint and take several times during the day to relieve any pain you could be experiencing

Apply baby powder onto the herpes to keep the sores as dry as possible. By keeping the area dry, you will be assisting in the healing process for the herpes. Cornstarch can also be used for the same purpose as it is one of the most effective natural remedies for herpes.

Apply red marine algae paste onto the sores to treat herpes. Red marine algae contain healing properties making it very effective in dealing with all kinds of herpes.

Other great home remedies for herpes include the use of tea tree and eucalyptus oils as they help inhibit the spread of the disease.

Take dried mullein and mallow roots and mash them together. Allow the mash to simmer in some water before straining and using as compresses on the herpes. The compresses are best used twice daily in the morning and evening to reduce irritation and heat which patients experience when suffering from herpes. This is among the best natural remedies for herpes.

Apply bitter melon extracts onto the area of infection as an effective way of getting rid of herpes. This home remedy for herpes has been in use for the longest time although it is advisable for people suffering from other medical conditions to consult their doctors first before using the remedy.

Take a cotton ball and dip in cold milk before applying onto the areas of infection. This home remedy for herpes will not only deal with itchiness but will also soothe the sores, thus helping in the healing process. This is one of the simplest home remedies for herpes.

Make tea and add Echinacea herb to effectively treat herpes. You can also take the herb and dry it before crushing into powder. You can then use the powder to make a paste which should then be applied several times onto the area of infection. This is one of the best natural remedies for herpes

Make a blend of several the essential oils and then this combination can be applied just after you have had an outbreak of herpes. Among the very best oils are jojoba, olive leaf, golden camellia, calendula, rose hip and Vitamin E.

Diet for Herpes and other Precautions

The type of diet one is exposed to can dictate how his or her health is. Most diseases and infections are preventable through proper dietary habits keeping the body healthy and strong to fight infections.

When suffering from herpes, always ensure that you take a balanced diet. The best diet for herpes is one that contains all essential nutrients and minerals to keep your body healthy.

Increase your daily intakes of green vegetable and take as many fruits as you possibly can. Fruits and vegetables contain all important nutrients and minerals to keep the immune system and the entire body strong against diseases and infections.

Drink plenty of water every single day to keep the body well hydrated thereby getting rid of toxins which could amount to infections.

Increase your intakes of food high in amino acids as a natural way of treating herpes. It is also advisable to include food rich in lysine in your diet for herpes as it inhibits herpes growth. Such foods include yogurt, cheese, chicken and beef.

Take foods which are rich in zinc, Vitamins E and E, magnesium and selenium as diet for herpes. These foods help in reducing the severity of the herpes outbreak thereby helping in the healing process. Foods like lamb, salmon, lobster, almonds, nuts, olives and blueberries are good sources of the essential compounds.

Avoid having sex when suffering from herpes to avoid aggravating the problem through friction. You could also end up infecting your partner if the proper precautions are not taken. It is advisable to use a condom every time you have intercourse.

Always ensure that you wear loose underwear or underclothes to reduce discomfort as well as allow proper healing. You should make a point of wearing cotton undergarments compared to other materials as it absorbs moisture keeping you as dry as you should be to assist the healing process. If possible, women should take advantage of their longs skirts to stay without underwear until the infection is well treated. This is also a good way of keeping the area cool and allows proper breathing which is essential for healing.

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