Home Remedies for Baldness

About Baldness

Most people feel extremely uneasy and uncomfortable when hair fall, hair thinning, or hair loss occur. Hair is normally grown in little pockets, termed follicles, on the skull and is made up of a protein called keratin. Papilla, an up-growth found in follicles plays a vital role in producing the hair. A set of cells converts amino acids into keratin, the protein which is found in hair, and which is the deciding factor in the thickness of hair growth.

If the rate of production of keratin is less, then one will end up with baldness or excessive hair fall. What we call baldness occurs when the rate of hair loss is much higher than the rate of hair growth. Baldness will vary from person to person. Few may have partial hair loss whereas others will experience complete hair-fall from the scalp. Baldness is more common among men than women. Also it occurs commonly across different age groups.

Baldness is a cosmetic concern which leads the person to experience stress and depression.

Symptoms of Baldness

  • Spotting hair on comb
  • Bald patches on scalp
  • Hairline recedes
  • Hair on clothes even when not combing
  • Sudden thinning of hair

Factors which lead to Baldness

  • Genetic Disorder
  • Insufficient vitamin supplement
  • Microbial actions
  • Feeble hair root
  • Untidy scalp
  • Stress and Shock
  • Low estrogen levels
  • Excess intake of vitamins
  • Prolonged illness, flu, jaundice, etc
  • Blockage of pores with dirt
  • Age
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Improper blood circulation in scalp

  1. Home Remedies
  2. Other Remedies
  3. Diet
  4. Other Precautions

Home Remedies for Baldness

Cinnamon as Natural Remedy for Baldness

Cinnamon Properties: The spice is obtained from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree. It is well dried and has enormous healing value and is used as a home remedy for various ailments. It keeps a check on insulin levels and controls cholesterol. It mitigates indigestion. Eugenol, an ingredient of cinnamon, plays a vital role in its anti microbial properties making it one of the best home remedies for baldness. Its extracts serve as a cure for tumors.

Treatment for Baldness using Cinnamon:
Mix 1 tbsp of cinnamon and 2 tbsp of honey with 2-3 tbsp of olive oil. Apply this paste over the bald patches. Leave it undisturbed for 20 minutes and then take a head bath. This is definitely a good home remedy for hair fall.

Almond Oil as Natural Remedy for Baldness

Almond Oil Properties: Being a great natural remedy for many conditions, almond oil is widely used for skin ailments and massage. It also serves as carrier oil in aromatherapy. It is highly absorbent in nature because of its non greasy qualities, and is enriched with proteins, minerals and vitamin B1.

Treatment for Baldness using Almond Oil:
Mix 1 tsp almond oil with 1 tsp of Gooseberry (Amla) juice or extract. Apply this mix over the bald patches and massage gently. This is finest natural cure for baldness.

Castor Oil as Natural Remedy for Baldness

Castor Oil Properties: Castor oil is strongly recommended by doctors and is a well-known home remedy for many disorders. Extracted from castor seeds, this oil has a cathartic effect when used. Being anti-inflammatory by nature, castor oil heals skin inflammations by penetrating deep into the skin. Ricinoleic acid, the main ingredient of castor oil, plays a vital role eliminating various bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Treatment for Baldness using Castor Oil:
Apply 2 tsp of this oil on the scalp and massage gently. The anti-microbial compounds in the oil will combat bacteria which causes the hair fall, making it an effective natural treatment for baldness.

Amla as Natural Remedy for Baldness

Amla Properties: Amla, or Indian gooseberry, is one of the well-known natural remedies for healing various health ailments. Amla is highly enriched with iron and vitamin C. The anti-oxidant property of amla enables it to heal mouth, stomach, throat and cervical cancers. It is a valuable and powerful ingredient in Ayurvedic and Unani systems for healing various disorders. Consuming it raw will help you to benefit from the vitamin C in it.

Treatment for Baldness using Amla:
Eat Raw amla daily to rejuvenate the scalp cells as it is a wonderful revitalizing agent. Amla juice can be consumed daily to get rid of baldness.

Take equal amount of amla, shikakai and reetha herbs. Mix with 2-3 litres of water. Boil until the entire quantity reduces to half the portion. Apply the mixture on the bald patches and let it dry for 3 hours. Repeat this remedy every 2-3 months and it will wonders.

Honey as Natural Remedy for Baldness

Honey Properties: Honey plays a vital role in cosmetic and health healing. Honey is characterized with lower C protein which controls insulin and blood sugar levels. It is a perfect cure for skin lesions. It also moistens the skin and rejuvenates the cells. It is therapeutic by nature and inhibits microbial actions on skin. It also acts as a cure for gastrointestinal disorders.

Treatment for Baldness using Honey:
Mix honey with a white of egg. Mix it well and apply it over the bald patches. Leave it for 20 minutes and give a warm water wash to scalp. This is one of the powerful natural remedies for baldness.

Curd and Camphor Mix as Natural Remedy for Baldness

Camphor Properties: Curd is enriched with vitamin B-complex and purifies the blood. It also acts as a cure for heart disorders. Even though it is mildly laxative by nature, when used with rice, it is one of the best home remedies for diarrhea and dysentery. It imparts glow, shine and luster when applied on skin.

Camphor is highly stimulant and aromatic in nature. Its antiseptic nature fights against internal parasites in the human body.

Treatment for Baldness using Curd and Camphor Mix:
Mix curd and camphor. Apply over the scalp and wash it after 3 hours. This mixture kills microbes which cause hair fall, act as a cure for baldness and also enhances hair growth.

Fenugreek as Natural Remedy for Baldness

Fenugreek Properties: Being one of the ancient natural remedies for various disorders like stomach and diabetes, fenugreek herb is enriched with carbohydrate, protein and lysine. It reduces the sugar in blood. It is also used a cure for inflammations and injuries. It also reduces the body heat and keeps the body in a cool state. Fenugreek is a good diet supplement for growing kids and pregnant ladies. It is highly packed with vitamin B complex, minerals and calcium.

Treatment for Baldness using Fenugreek:
Soak a handful of fenugreek seeds in 1 liter of water. Leave it aside overnight. Now grind the soaked fenugreek seeds into a smooth paste. Apply this paste to the scalp. Leave it to dry. Wash the scalp thoroughly with warm water. This is a good treatment for baldness caused by dandruff.

Alfalfa as Natural Remedy for Baldness

Alfalfa Properties: Alfalfa herb is nutritive and anti-pyretic by nature. This marvelous natural remedy for healing various diseases was first used by Arabs. The high alkaline nature of this herb makes it a perfect cure for acid related health disorders. Being a blood purifier, this herb is enriched with carbohydrate, protein etc and its leaves contain anti oxidants, phytoestrogen etc.

Treatment for Baldness using Alfalfa:
Blend the juice of alfalfa leaves with carrot and lettuce juices. The intake of this juice daily will strengthen the hair root and minimizes the hair fall. It also makes the hair grow longer. It is an ideal cure for baldness caused by hair fall.

Ash Gourd as Home Remedy for Baldness

Ash Gourd Properties: Ash gourd, a creeper, is rich in moisture content and contains low amounts of protein, fiber and fat. Riboflavin, Thiamine, Niacin etc make ash gourd a powerful home remedy for curing various diseases.

Treatment for Baldness using Ash Gourd:
Make smooth paste out of ash gourd. Apply this paste to the scalp twice weekly. This will help to retain the moisture content of the cells on scalp, thus increasing hair growth.

Curry Leaves as Home Remedy for Baldness

Curry Leaves Properties: Curry leaves are harvested from a small downy tree. The leaves are bitter and aromatic by nature and are often used as a herbal tonic which soothes stomach disorders. These leaves are enriched with vitamin C, iron, minerals, nicotinic acid etc and are mildly laxative in nature and with high moisture content when compared to its other nutrient ingredients. When steam distilled, the leaves yield a volatile oil.

Treatment for Baldness using Curry Leaves:
Including curry leaves in the daily meals will strengthen the hair roots and postpone early graying of hair. Consuming curry leaves induces new hair roots which then grow into healthier hair, making this an excellent cure for baldness.

Bhringaraja oil as Home Remedy for Baldness

Bhringaraja oil Properties: Oil extracted from this herb is widely used as a Ayurvedic medicine. The hepato-protective property of this herb makes it a powerful cure for liver diseases, jaundice etc. The powdered root of the herb is also used to cure skin disorders. It is anti-viral and anti-fungal by nature.

Treatment for Baldness using Bhringaraja oil:
Apply the Bhringaraja oil to hair and scalp. Massage the scalp in circular motion with finger tips. Then wash the hair. This is among excellent natural remedies for Baldness.

Also mix this oil with coconut oil to prepare a conditioner. When applied to hair, this mixture makes the hair more lustrous and dark. It is an ideal natural remedy for baldness.

Other Home remedies for Baldness

Cut a lemon into two halves and rub on bald patches. This will increase hair growth. Repeat this cure for 2-3 months.

Oil extracted from dry mangoes will act as an effective home remedy for hair fall and thus prevent baldness.

Use of homemade shampoo made of amla, white of egg and fenugreek will strengthen the hair roots and is one of the best natural remedies for baldness.

Apply the milky juice of Euphorbia plant to the hair. This is a perfect natural remedy to minimize hair fall.

Shampoos prepared with rosemary extracts will replenish the scalp with healthy hair.

The intake of fresh juice of Trailing Eclipta leaves will rejuvenate the scalp cells and remove baldness.

Apply fish oil to the scalp and massage gently to tackle baldness.

Diet for Baldness

The diet for baldness should include green vegetable salads.

Steamed chicken should be added to diet for baldness as they increase the testosterone in women and thus hair fall can be minimized.

Fruits and grains must be strictly included in the diet for combating baldness.

Raw oats which is rich in silica will be a perfect diet for controlling hair loss and so baldness can be prevented.

Inclusion of iron rich foods like cherry juice and dried fruits is ideal in a diet for curing baldness.

Sea weed when taken regularly will help to minimize the risk of baldness.

Avocado and olive oil are highly rich in vitamin E, which helps hair to grow vigorously and should be included in meals.

Make sure the meal is low fat.

Other Precautions Against Baldness

Avoid sugary drinks and dairy products

Keep away millets from meals.

Cleanse the hair gently often to clear the dirt.

Usage of separate towels and combs by family members will help to avoid baldness caused by dandruff.

Use of shampoos with pH range of 4.5 to 7 is advisable.

Avoid combing wet hair.

Avoid smoking as it may cause hair fall.

Daily scalp massage will improve the blood circulation in the cells.

Keep the mind tension-free and sleep well.

Women must avoid straightening, coloring of hair often.


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