Home Remedies for Back Pain

Back pain is definitely one of the most common problems which usually takes place in the lower back. The backbone or the spinal column comprises of a series of bones which have tiny shock absorbers within the ligaments and muscles. Back pain occurs momentarily and the duration may vary from person to person. But, since it is mostly recurring in nature, it can be quite bothersome.

Back pain may be caused by various factors like poor posture, straining of the joints, muscles or ligaments, kidney or prostrate problems, arthritis, pregnancy, injury, prolonged sitting hours, stress and disk problems. Disks are affected due to age or exertion which causes excessive movement involving twisting and bending. Swelling of the disks may take place causing pain in the buttocks or legs as well. But, proper and timely care can make disk problems fade away.

Once the cause for your back pain is diagnosed, you can ascertain the best home remedies for back pain which can relieve you of this problem. Sometimes even the simplest home remedy for back pain may prove to be the answer to your problem.

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Home Remedies for Back Pain

Garlic as a Treatment for Back Pain

Properties: Garlic is the oldest and the most effective remedy for back pain. In fact, it is the only remedy which can be used for various purposes including the cure for back pain.

Home Remedies for Back Pain using Garlic:
You can simply consume 2-3 cloves of garlic on an empty stomach in the morning. In case it sounds difficult for you, you add honey or any other preferred flavor to its raw form.

You can also prepare an ointment out of garlic oil and apply on your back for relief. This can be prepared by roasting 10-12 cloves of garlic in 3-4 tablespoon of sesame, mustard or coconut oil. These oils are easily absorbed by the skin. Roast the cloves until they change color to brownish golden. Massage this oil on your back after it cools down a little bit. Make sure you apply this garlic not only on the affected area but also along the spine. Let this oil stay on your back for about 3 hours and then take a warm shower with a mild shower gel or soap to remove the excess oil. Follow this process for 2 weeks or unless your back pain has completely faded away.

You should also ensure the intake of garlic in your diet.

Lemon as a Cure for Back Pain

Properties: Lemon is also an effective remedy for back pain. This simple remedy provides relief from back pain.

Treatment for Back Pain using Lemon:
Mix a pinch of common salt in lemon juice and consume twice in a day.

Potato as a Home Remedy for Back Pain

Properties: Muscular spasm is another reason behind the occurrence of back pain. This spasm is responsible for pain in the lower back. Movement becomes painful and even restricted. Potato is advantageous in providing relief from back pain.

Remedy for Back Pain using Potato:
Apply the poultice of a potato on the back and continue this process for a month. This alleviates the back pain and is one of the easiest home remedies for back pain.

Turpentine or Mint Oil as a Natural Remedy for Back Pain

Properties: Turpentine and mint oil are helpful in relaxing the muscles of the back thereby reducing the pain.

Home Treatment for Back Pain using Turpentine and Mint Oil:
A gentle massage on the back with turpentine or mint oil is an effective cure for back pain. Ensure that these oils are lukewarm before massaging for better results

Ice Pack as a Treatment for Back Pain

Properties: In case of an injury to that back, apply an ice pack within 24 hours. This minimizes the inflammation and pain by lowering the tendency of the nerves to transmit signals of pain to the brain. It is one of the simplest home remedies for back pain.

Remedy for Back Pain using an Ice Pack:
The correct way to apply ice pack or ice cubes wrapped in a towel or plastic bag is to apply it on the back for 20 minutes and take it off for the next 30 minutes and then apply. Repeat this process until you are ease.

Hot Bath as a Remedy for Back Pain

Properties: Soaking a tub of hot water facilitates in increasing the elasticity of the muscles of the back. This should not be followed by pregnant women as raised body temperature affects the growth of the baby. This is an easy cure for back pain caused due to an injury.

Treatment for Back Pain using a Hot Bath:
After 24 hours have passed after the occurrence of the injury, ice pack may not be very helpful anymore for reducing the pain or the inflammation.

Other Home Remedies for Back Pain

Avoid Bed Rest The biggest myth regarding back pain is about bed rest. Unlike yesteryears, doctors today try to avoid bed rest among patients completely as far as possible. They encourage the patients to move up and about and stay active and is one of the most effective home remedies for back pain. This is so because studies indicate that prolonged rest actually obstructs the healing process of back pain and in case of lower back pain it may become even worse. If you still feel the need to rest then you should lie flat on your back and place two pillows beneath your knees. Resting for more than three days actually weakens the muscles of the back by making them more sensitive.

A New Mattress A soft and baggy mattress can worsen the back pain. Therefore, it is best to buy a new mattress for increased support and comfort for the back as a treatment for back pain. Else, you can also place a three inch thick piece of plywood between the box and the mattress.

pplying St. John’s wort directly to the back and is the best herbal remedy for back pain. But, make sure not to sun bathe after applying it as St. John’s wort has a tendency to make the skin sensitive towards the sun.

While sleeping at night, it is best to lie on your side, flex your knees and put a pillow under them.

A massage may be the biggest form of relief as a home remedy for back pain. You can get it done from a professional masseuse or a friend. Asking a friend or your doctor for references is also a good option.

In case you need to lift something, it is best to bend your knees first as this present any damage to your back muscles and spine.

Sit on firm chairs which provide proper support to the lower back and avoid sitting on couches. This helps you maintain proper posture and prevents back pain.

Diet for Back Pain

Consuming a piece of Chebulic Myroblan after each meal helps in proving relief from back pain. This fruit is one of the home remedies for back pain for quick results.

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