Home Remedies for Goiter

Goiter is a disease that attacks the thyroid gland, causing it to become enlarged. This important gland relies on the pituitary gland, which is found in the brain, for control. Thyroid gland manufactures hormone as long as it has all the iodine it needs. Without proper levels of iodine, the pituitary gland sends out chemical signals which, in the attempt to meet with the demands of the pituitary gland, cause it to start enlarging.

One most unmistakable symptoms of goiter is a swelling in the neck. The swelling starts small and increases in size as time goes by and can grow out of proportion if left untreated. Even though most of the common goiters are not painful, a thyroid that is inflamed can cause lots of pain to the sufferer. An overgrown goiter can cause swallowing or breathing difficulties as it presses on the windpipe. The major cause of goiter is lack of enough iodine.

People suffering from this disease may find that they get emotional upset, cant concentrate, have mood swings making them very irritable and even experience depression. Depending on the cause and size of the goiter, treatment can be sought.

Although you can manage goiter by using drugs, there are several home remedies that work effectively in treating the disease. These home remedies are best as they contain no health risks or side effects, as they are natural and are also quite inexpensive.

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Home Remedies for Goiter

Swamp Cabbage as a Natural Remedy for Goiter

Swamp Cabbage Properties: Swamp cabbage leaves contain very good nutrients which have proved to be efficient in the treatment of goiter. This home remedy has remained very useful in the treatment and cure of goiter for a long time.

Using Swamp Cabbage as Treatment for Goiter:
Patients should make juice using fresh swamp cabbage and take a teaspoonful of it daily with tea. This is best taken twice per day and can be used together with almonds for best results. This is considered to be among the very best home remedies available.

Dandelion as a Natural Remedy for Goiter

Dandelion Properties: The antiseptic properties found in dandelion leaves are very effective in relieving pain that occurs as a result of inflamed thyroid. This is a great way to get rid of that pain giving you relief and enhancing treatment and healing.

Using Dandelion as Treatment for Goiter:
Take dandelion leaves and smear them with ghee and then bandage them onto the swollen area after warming them. This procedure should be done for two consecutive weeks to relieve all pain and give positive results in the healing of the swelling.

Flax as a Remedy for Goiter

Flax Properties: Flax has great medicinal properties which make it very effective in dealing with painful goiter swellings caused by inflammation. It has both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties making it among the best home remedies for the condition.

Treating Goiter Using Flax:
Take flax leaves and bandage them on the area of infection or swelling. The seeds found on the plant can also be used as a treatment for goiter by grinding them using water and applying them onto the affected part after properly heating them.

Cucumber as a Natural Remedy for Goiter

Cucumber Properties: Cucumber contains high concentration of iodine making it very good in the treatment and cure of goiter. It has been in use for the longest period for the condition’s treatment because of the amazing levels of iodine it possess and has long had a good reputation as a remedy for goiter.

Using Cucumber as a Treatment for Goiter:
Fresh cucumber can be taken in salad form with daily meals to effectively take care of goiter. It is especially good for goiters that have just begun forming and continues to work beneficially with regular daily use.

Watercress as a Natural Remedy for Goiter

Watercress Properties: The medicinal value of watercress has made it reputed both as a complete cure and prevention for goiter. It contains high levels of iodine and can actually be termed as the very best cure for the disease among all other home remedies that are available.

Using Watercress as a Treatment for Goiter:
Patients should simply make a paste using watercress and water and then apply this on the neck region that has the goiter swelling. The paste should be allowed to stay on for at least thirty minutes before washing it off or allowed to stay overnight for best results.

Pineapple as a Natural Remedy for Goiter

Pineapple Properties: This fruit contains nutrients and minerals that are very helpful in curing goiter. Among other fruits which contain these important minerals for the cure of goiter are apples, grapes and oranges. They help in the control of all problems related to the thyroid.

Using Pineapple as a Treatment for Goiter:
Patients should make a point of drinking pineapple juice daily to cure goiter. Other fresh fruit juices can also be taken to get rid of the problem from the root clearing it completely. It is advisable for patients to go on a juice fast for five whole days to have the remedy work to their advantage.

Sorrel Leaves as a Natural Remedy for Goiter

Sorrel Leaves Properties: Sorrel leaves contain minerals like iodine thereby making it a good remedy for the treatment of goiter. Although not many people know about this plant, it has been used successfully in most regions of the world in the control of goiter.

Using Sorrel Leaves as a Treatment for Goiter:
The leaves are best applied in the form of a paste onto the neck area. The paste can be made using olive oil together with ground leaves and applied at least twice daily allowing it to stay for about thirty minutes before washing off.

Vegetables as a Natural Remedy for Goiter

Vegetables Properties: Most vegetables and fruits have very good nutrients and minerals and are rich in iodine, making them amazing in treating and curing goiter. Among the very best of the fruits and vegetables are garlic, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce and onions. Whole rice, egg yolk and seafood are also rich in iodine.

Using Vegetables as a Treatment for Goiter:
Vegetables should be taken as diet for goiter in each and every meal. This is the best way to give the body the iodine that it requires to prevent the occurrence of goiter. Patients should include fruits and vegetables in their meals for the sufficient supply of iodine thereby preventing and curing goiter.

Other Home Remedies for Goiter

Prepare barley water and take on a daily basis as a remedy for the treatment of goiter. This water can be taken at least daily with meals as a regular item for the proper treatment of the disease.

Take water nut regularly mixed with lotus reed and tube together with pineapple. The mixture should also be taken on a daily basis if patients are to get the relief they are looking for.

Take lots of older varieties of rice if you can’t cut or limit your rice intakes, to make sure your body gets all the iodine it requires to function properly.

Take bananas and oats daily to ensure that the thyroid gland remains well stimulated. Another very useful home remedy is taking cool showers in the evenings and morning to enhance proper thyroid functioning.

Take enough fruit and vegetables juices as regular part of the diet for treating goiter. Fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals and nutrients making them essential in keeping the body healthy and functioning properly.

Make a paste using kanchanar herb and apply this onto the affected neck region to get rid of the swelling and the pain that could be as a result of a thyroid that is inflamed. You can also simply place the herb’s leaves onto the area and bandage it allowing it to stay overnight as an effective treatment for goiter.

Make almond tea and take together with a few teaspoonfuls of cabbage leaves to treat and cure goiter. Patients can also make a point of eating small but frequent meals throughout the day rather than the usual three huge meals to ensure that proper digestion and absorption of nutrients and minerals takes place effectively.

Infants suffering from goiter should be given mother’s milk for the cure of the condition within a short period of time. Mother’s milk remains the best food for babies and should never be taken for granted.

Make a decoction using Kachnas herb bark and take at least 30 ml of it twice daily. This should be administered on an empty stomach for best results in the treatment of goiter.

Do regular neck stretches to keep the neck muscles in check. Since the muscles are attached to the thyroid gland, the exercises happen to be the best in treating goiter when used along with the home remedies listed. You can also go for special techniques of massage which concentrate on the neck region. Such massages use special oils which will leave you feeling relieved hence enhancing goiter treatment.

Diet for Goiter

Diet plays an important role in the way the human body functions and it is therefore possible to prevent diseases by following the right diets. To avoid the risks of getting goiter, it is important to avoid foods which contain white sugar, are fried and processed and also products containing white flour.

Avoid coffee, alcohol, condiments and foods that are too greasy. Foods with excessive salts and sugars should also be kept at bay if you are to avoid getting goiter. Caffeine is known to aggravate the problem hence the need to avoid beverages and products containing it.

Give your body all the iodine it requires by taking foods which are high in iodine. Such foods include seafood, vegetables, fruits and milk products. There are some types of seaweeds that are also very good sources of iodine and can be considered as diet for goiter. To maintain the required iodine levels, you need to consume at least 150 micrograms iodine every single day.

Avoid taking too many sour foods and foods that are too heavy to digest. If you can’t avoid taking such foods, it helps a great deal to limit or cut your daily intakes of such foods.

Increase your intakes of foods which contain iodine in organic form such as turnips, garlic and carrots. Common table salt should also be taken in good amounts to keep the body well supplied with iodine allowing proper functioning.

Always take care of the foods you eat and the times of the day you get to eat them, to make sure that you maintain good body energy and supply of nutrients.

A balanced diet at all times is essential in keeping most diseases and infections at bay and should therefore never be taken for granted. Along with your intake of a healthy balanced diet, do not forget to take enough water to keep the body well hydrated as this will help in promoting proper organ functions.

Patients suffering from goiter can begin with a juice fast as soon as the swelling begins. The fast can go for five days to a week before the introduction of light foods that are rich in iodine. The best light foods to start with are fruits such as guavas, citrus and strawberries. You can also include light vegetables before going back to the regular meals. This diet has proved to be very effective in treating and curing goiter making it among the best.

Even though iodine is important for the body, it is important to make sure that you do not end up taking it in excessive amounts as this could turn out to be harmful. Some seaweeds should be avoided as well as excessive and unnecessary intake of iodine supplements and iodine fortified salt which contain high levels of iodine. Shellfish also contains high amounts of iodine that can be harmful and should be avoided unless strictly necessary.

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