Home Remedies for Fungal Infections

Certain types of fungi can infect the skin and mucous membranes; they can also grow under the nails, between the toes or on internal surfaces of the colon and other organs. Fungal infection of the skin is most common in places where skin tends to be moist and one skin surface is in contact with another, such as the groin area and between the toes. A special kind of scalp infection termed as tinea capitis is mainly found in school children, although grownups may also be afflicted. Red patches, possibly itch, moist anywhere on the body can indicate fungal infection. In babies, a fungal infection can manifest itself as diaper rash that makes the skin bright red in light skinned babies and darker brown in dark skinned babies.

However, some natural home remedies for fungal infections are really effective.

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Natural remedies for fungal infections

Aloe Vera as a home remedy for fungal infections

Properties: The clear gel found in the inner layer of the leaf of the aloe plant is commonly used to relieve burns and heal wounds. The thick sap found in the leaf contains mucilaginous polysaccharides that are active healing ingredients. Resin canal cells found in the outer layer of the leaf produce a bitter yellow juice. The cathartic action of the juice is due to the aloin, which contains anthraquinones. Another major component of aloe is barb loin, which also contributes to aloe´s cathartic ability. Aloe Vera is high in vitamin C and selenium; two of the antioxidants which help prevent diseases such as cancer and high blood pressure. Aloe also contains moderate amounts of sodium. This can help prevent calcium deposits in the joints and may be good for diabetics who are often lacking in sodium. The contents of aloe also include vitamin A, niacin, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, iron, zinc manganese, B complex and trace amounts of copper, B2 and lecithin.

Natural remedies for fungal infection using Aloe Vera:
It is known for its healing and soothing effect on the skin. It helps clean wounds and relieves pain on contact. It is able to penetrate all three layers of the skin rapidly to promote healing. It contains salicylic acid and magnesium which work together to produce an aspirin like analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. For this reason, aloe gel is commonly found in many first aid creams. The transparent gel of the inner leaf can also be applied directly to areas of the skin to treat burns, wounds, skin irritations and frostbite.

Tea tree oil as a home remedy for fungal infection

Properties: In its pure form it is a natural combination to heal and soothe. The compounds consist mainly of terpinenes, cymones, pinenes, terpineols, cineol, sesquiterpenes and sesquiterpene alcohols. It also contains the organic compound virdiflorene. The elements in tea tree oil are being researched to determine which combination of the compounds works best together and in what amounts. Several studies found that tea tree oil is a germicide and fungicide with additional characteristics of dissolving pus and debris. Current researchers have found it good for boils, muscles and joint pain, mouth sores, hair and scalp problems, athlete’s foot, staph infections, vaginal infections of candida albicans and thrush. .

Cure for fungal infection using tea tree oil:
Start applying tea tree oil lightly right from the bottle full strength over dry skin. If skin becomes flaky, then dilute oil by mixing 1/3 tea tree oil with 2/3 Bragg organic virgin olive oil or jorjoba oil or mix all 3 oils. Apply tea tree oil to the infected area three times a day. Continue treatment for one week after infection disappears.

Garlic as home remedy for fungal infection

Properties: There are different mythological stories in different ayurvedic classics about the origin of garlic. These stories show its therapeutic efficacy in different ways. According to these garlic is like ambrosia for human beings. It is rejuvenating and it promotes conception. It maintains the youth of a person, prevents ageing process and cures various types of fungal infections. Garlic is also extensively used for curing rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, lumbago, backache, cervical spondylitis and diseases of nervous system. Apart from this it is also used in the treatment of bronchial asthma, bronchitis, chronic fever, diseases caused by kapha, hiccup, tuberculosis, chronic rhinitis, malaria fever, obstinate skin diseases including leprosy, leucoderma, discoloration of the skin and itches.

Treatment for fungal infection using garlic:
Garlic is used in various forms; namely paste, juice, powder, decoction, milk preparation, linctus, tablets, medicated oil, medicated ghee and alcoholic preparation. Externally, ointment and collyrium prepared from this drug are used.

Other home remedies for treating Fungal Infection

Wear waterproof shoes or sandals in all public places such as swimming pools and showers.

Dry your feet and toes thoroughly.

Wear cotton socks and change socks frequently. Sprinkle baby power or cornstarch between the toes to prevent moisture.

Wear comfortable, well ventilated shoes or sandals.

Wash all clothes, towels and bed lines in hot, soapy water.

Diet for Fungal Infection

The body´s ability to ward off infections depends on the health of the immune system. While there are no foods that directly treat fungal infections, eating a healthy diet that supports the immune system and detoxification is crucial to prevention and effective treatment.

Fiber rich foods such as whole grains and ground flaxseed support detoxification.

Garlic helps fight fungal infections. If garlic is eaten with raw foods having deodorizing activities, not only would thiols and disulfides be removed from the mouth, but also levels of allyl methyl sulfide in the gut would be reduced.

Yogurt with active cultures provides beneficial bacteria that help prevent overgrowth of fungus.

Alcohol weakens the immune system.

Sugar hampers immune function, so limit candy sweets and soft drinks as well as refined starches.

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