Home Remedies for Gout

Gout is a type of arthritis caused by excess uric acid which is a natural waste product that occurs in the human system. When its levels exceed what is considered to be normal and such excess deposits of the acid are not flushed out, they accumulate in joints, making them swell, and the person ends up suffering from gout. Hands, knees, feet, elbows and wrists are affected although the big toe is the most commonly affected part.

People suffering from gout may experience several acute symptoms such as inflammation and pain in certain joints, and these are especially experienced at night. The pains can be intense and sudden for a short period of time after which they reduce. The painful periods are commonly referred to as gout attacks and can be very painful. Other symptoms include joint swelling, tenderness and swelling of the area affected as well as feeling pressure on the affected area.

Men tend to be more prone to gout as compared to women and the disease is now more common in elderly people. For this reason, it is considered to be an old age problem although the causes may differ from person to person. Excessive alcohol and red meat intake may also increase the chances of contracting gout. The disease can be hereditary in many cases or it is caused by medical conditions such as high blood pressure. In other cases it may depend on the gender and age of a person. Certain drugs can also lead to higher risks of getting the disease.

The good thing about this disease is that it can be managed effectively and easily using simple home remedies and by taking some necessary precautions. There is a great need for people to treat gout since if left untreated for a long time thereby aggravating it could lead the leg amputation or other such serious consequences.

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Home Remedies for Gout

Cherries as a Natural Remedy for Gout

Properties: Cherries contain high levels of Vitamin C which help to eliminate excess deposits of uric acid from the body. Thus they are effective both in dealing with an existing gout problem and are also very good in prevention of further attacks.

Using Cherries as a treatment for gout:
Gout sufferers can relieve their symptoms by extracting the juice of fresh cherries and drinking a glass of cherry juice once daily. This is very effective. Cherries can also be eaten in their natural form, and patients can eat up to fifteen cherries a day. This home remedy is very beneficial and is highly recommended as a treatment in gout.

Apples as a Natural Remedy for Gout

Properties: Apples contain malic acid which works by neutralizing uric acid thereby relieving symptoms of gout and eventually treating it. This home remedy is an excellent way of curing the condition and remains among the very best of all home reme.

Using apples as treatment for gout:
People suffering from gout are advised to take one apple after every meal to manage the condition. The apples should be well and thoroughly chewed to avoid setting off other digestive conditions that result from poor chewing.

Safflower as a Natural Remedy for Gout

Properties: Safflower has great curative properties thus making it an effective home remedy for gout. The plant is not very common; however it is easily accessible in the form of capsules from local drug stores. It is famed for its ability to speed up the healing process in gout.

Using safflower as a treatment for gout:
The dosage is one capsule taken daily until the condition improves or is completely healed causing no more discomfort. Those who can access the natural plant can make a decoction and drink on a daily basis for faster relief and healing.

Lemon as a Natural Remedy for Gout

Properties: Lemon is rich in Vitamin C. Apart from dissolving excessive deposits of uric acid; it helps in flushing them out of the system. It is efficient and can give quick relief from the condition.

Using Lemon as a treatment for gout:
The best way to treat gout using lemons is to squeeze lemon juice in water and then take a glass of lemon juice three times daily at regular intervals. After a period of drinking this juice, the gout symptoms should go away giving relief to the patient. Half a lemon can be used in a glass of water as a single dosage.

French Beans as a Natural Remedy for Gout

Properties: French beans contain nutrients which give quick relief from gout pain and these also reduce inflammation. This useful home remedy works effectively and helps in the healing process of the disease.

Using French Beans as a treatment for gout:
Juice should be extracted from the beans and drunk twice daily for an entire month to get the desired results. Continuous use or consumption of the beans can work as a preventive measure from gout avoiding future attacks.

Alfalfa as a Natural Remedy for Gout

Properties: Alfalfa contains minerals which help in the reduction of uric acid serum thereby preventing future depositions in the future. This remedy is actually a good cure for gout as it deals with the problem thoroughly leaving no room for future attacks. It is among the best home remedies there are for gout.
Using Alfalfa as a treatment for gout:
Patients can make a decoction using the herb and then drink it at least twice a day until their condition improves. It is also advisable to take the herb on a regular basis to keep attacks of gout at bay.

Garlic as a Natural Remedy for Gout

Properties: Garlic has remained a great favorite in the medical world as it has several properties which have proved highly effective in dealing with a variety of conditions. When used in the treatment of gout, garlic has properties to inhibit uric acid production thereby dealing with the condition efficiently.

Using Garlic as a cure for gout:
Eat a number of raw garlic cloves on a regular daily basis. The cloves can also be minced and black cherry juice added to give better results. The cherry-garlic paste is best taken in the morning especially on an empty stomach.

Apple Cider Vinegar as a Natural Remedy for Gout

Properties: Apple cider vinegar contains important minerals and nutrients which speed up the healing process in gout and is an all-time favorite for most people because of how effective it is in dealing with the condition.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar as a treatment for gout:
Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with the same amount of organic honey and take this twice daily. This is one of the quickest pain relievers of all the home remedies available.

Vegetable Juices as Diet for Gout

Properties: All vegetables contain minerals and nutrients which are healthy for the body and for maintaining proper functioning of all body organs. Raw vegetable juice has proved to be effective in treating gout making it a useful home remedy.

Using Vegetable Juice as a treatment for gout:
Combine different vegetable juices such as cucumber, beet and carrots and take the mixture on a daily basis to flush out toxins giving you relief and keeping the body healthy and well nourished.

Lime as a Natural Home Remedy for Gout

Properties: The high levels of Vitamin C found in lime makes it very good in healing sore joints as well as strengthening the body tissues connecting them. It also prevents the occurrence of sore joints through the citric acid contained in it thereby acting as a solvent towards the uric acid causing gout.

Using Lime as natural remedies for gout:
Squeeze juice from half a lime into a glass of water and then take this at least twice every day. Within a short period of use you will find that the symptoms are going away giving you so much relief. The swelling should also subside within a short period of time. .

Dandelion Leaves as a Natural Home Remedy for Gout

Properties: Dandelion leaves have a diuretic quality that heightens kidney output. The plant’s roots on the other hand act as liver tonic and laxative thereby making bowel movements smooth. This in turn prevents arthritis.

Using Dandelion as a treatment for gout:
Make a decoction using leaves and the roots and this is to be drunk twice daily. A paste of the leaves and roots can also be made and placed on the affected area and left for at least half an hour to relieve pain.

Juniper Oil as a Natural Home Remedy for Gout

Properties: Juniper contains cleansing properties as well as anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties thus making it a very good and effective home remedy for gout. This remedy is one of the best home remedies there is for gout.

Using Juniper as a treatment for gout:
Compress a few drops of the oil onto the area as this helps to break down the excess uric acid deposits. It can also be taken in water to help in quickly flushing out excess uric acid deposits from the body. Juniper oil is also very good in improving circulation in body joints, thus making it a good preventive measure against gout attacks.

Other Home Remedies for Gout

Grind mustard and add to powdered whole wheat in equal quantities. Add a little water to the mixture to make a paste. Apply on the gout affected areas and leave the poultice overnight for effective results.

Eat up to four bananas on a daily basis. The fruits are rich in phosphorous and other minerals which help to eliminate excessive uric acid deposits.

Grind ginger and mix with your bath water. The affected area should then be soaked for around 30 minutes before rinsing. A third of ground ginger should be enough for a bathtub of water.

Castor oil is another effective home remedy for gout. Dip a flannel cloth in warm oil and place on the area of infection. Cover the cloth with plastic before applying heating pads.

Ice cubes placed on the area of infection act as pain relievers and actually give instant pain relief. The pain relief is temporary and only meant to reduce suffering.

To reduce joint stiffness and inflammation, Epsom salt can be added into bathing water. This home remedy works wonders and is highly recommended for those suffering from acute gout.

Fresh potato juice diluted in water and taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning gives good results in management of gout attacks and in relieving the symptoms of gout.

Use vinegar to rub aching joints before retiring to bed to relieve pain and treat gout. Garlic cloves grinded together with a few grams of Sprague then heated in mustard oil makes good massage oil for those suffering from gout. The oil should be massaged gently but firmly into the affected area on a daily basis. You can also use olive oil to massage the affected area to relieve pain.

Reduce gout attacks by drinking enough glasses of water daily, as it washes out uric acid deposits. Also protects from other conditions such as kidney stones.

Take a teaspoon of pepper and boil in vinegar and one cupful of water. The mixture should then be applied onto the infection and left to sit for up to three hours as treatment for gout.

Patients can also make a point of taking 10 grams of Omega 3 fatty acids daily to relieve gout symptoms.

Ten grams omega-3 fatty acid daily relieves symptoms and is effective in protection against gout.

Make tea using thyme and drink on a regular basis to take care of inflammation coming with gout.

10 grams of camphor mixed with mustard oil and then left to dissolve before use is another great home remedy for gout. The mixture should be put in an airtight glass bottle and left in the sun for proper dissolving before it is used to massage the area of infection every day.

Diet for Gout Patients

Increase your intake of foods rich in Vitamin C. This vitamin is mainly found in fruits and vegetables like berries, citrus fruits, green pepper, tomatoes, green vegetables. These foods should be included in daily diet as treatment for gout and also as a preventive measure.

Reduce or eliminate alcoholic beverages and instead drink lots of water to keep the body well hydrated hence able to flush out all wastes and toxins from the system.

Avoid seafood, especially those like sardine, herrings, fish eggs and cod, which have high concentration of uric acid.

It is also important to avoid foods such as meat, fish, eggs and beverages such as coffee and tea since they contain uric acid which you do not need at the moment. A healthy and balanced diet should be taken into consideration if the body is to continue with normal functions without any hitches.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet ensures good protection against gout.

Reduce meat intake as such foods have a high concentration of purine which only aggravates the condition and contributes to development of gout.

Make sure that your body is kept warm. Keep joints loose, avoid tightly bandaging or covering with tight garments, to ensure proper circulation and movement of joints.

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