Home Remedies for Flu

About Flu

The most infectious disease influenza, popularly known as FLU is caused by a deadly virus named influenza virus. Mucus Membranes in the mouth, nose or eyes are the key doors for these viruses to enter into the human body. These are easily airborne when the infected person sneezes or coughs. By this way the people nearby are easily infected by the viruses.

Risk factor is high in over crowded places like schools, buses or other crowded shopping malls. Fever, cough, sneeze, stuffy nose and sore throat are few of the early symptoms of the Flu. There are three major types of FLU.

Type A Flu: More prominent among ducks, chicken and even human beings. This type is generally caused by H1N1, H1N2 and H1N3 viruses.

Type B Flu: This causes a fever milder than TYPE A FLU. It causes an epidemic.

Type C Flu: Mild respiratory infections are caused by this type rather than an epidemic.

Symptoms of Flu

One should consult a Doctor if the following symptoms are seen,
  • Earache along with serum from ear.
  • Prolonged Pain in forehead and face.
  • If the color of mucus is green or yellow for more than a week.
  • Wheezing.
  • No subsidy in sore or hoarse throat.
  • Uneasiness in breathing.
  • If the temperature crosses 102 degrees.
Everyone knows that each and every disease has its own remedy, that too a home remedy or natural remedy. Let us see the natural and home remedies for this contagious disease in the rest of the article.

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  2. Other Remedies
  3. Diet
  4. Other Precautions

Home Remedies For Flu

Garlic as Natural remedy for flu

Garlic Properties: The medicinal values of Garlic are amazing. It is one of the traditional medicines used to cure lots of diseases. This stronger tasting clove is sulphurous by nature. Higher the sulphur content, higher the healing power. Therefore, organically grown garlic has stronger medicinal value. Allicin and Diallyl Sulphides are the ingredients of Garlic which play a vital role in curing diseases.

Treatment for Flu using Garlic:
Garlic is one of the best and easiest home remedies for flu. Flu infected persons are recommended more garlic in their food intake. Garlic will reduce the influenza virus growth in the human body.

Bayberry as Home remedy for flu

Bayberry Properties: Bayberries are found around wet and spongy land in thickets. Bayberry Barks are highly aromatic and bitter in taste. The flavonoid in its bark makes bayberry bark the best antibacterial. It enhances the glandular activity and reduces the mucous activity in the respiratory system.

Treatment for Flu using Bayberry:
Persons infected are advised to take a sip of the tea mix which is prepared exactly by the recipe given below.

Measurements and Ingredients:

  • 1 tsp - Bayberry Bark.
  • 1 tsp - grated ginger root.
  • ½ tsp - cayenne powder.
Add these ingredients to 1 cup of boiling water and leave it for 20 minutes. Filter it and drink it to get rid of FLU.

Catnip as Natural Remedy for Flu

Catnip Properties: Catnip has enormous health benefits. Catnip is the best remedy for respiratory infections. It is also nature’s remedy to bring down the temperature caused by fever. Being the member of mint family, Catnips are largely found in North America and Europe. It is too easy to cultivate Catnips in our garden soil. Antispasmodic, Astringent, Sedative, Tonic are few medicinal values of this herb. Sweating is simulated by catnip tea, thus reducing the fever. Thus Catnip is the one of the best natural remedies for Flu.

Treatment for Flu using Catnip:
Preparing tea using catnip is the best way to bring out its medicinal value. Prepare the catnip tea by following recipe given below.

Add fresh or dried catnips to 8 to 10 oz of boiling water. Allow to sit for 20 minutes. If needed lemon and honey can be added. Taking Catnip Tea every 4 hours is advisable. Also this is not recommended for pregnant ladies and children below 1 year.

Cat’s Claw as Home Remedy for Flu

Cat’s Claw Properties: Cat’s Claw has a long medicinal history. This is the traditional remedy used in South Africa for many diseases. This is widely spotted in rainforest around South America and Asia. Alkaloids, Phytochemicals and Tannins are few of the active elements found in Cat’s Claw. When it is combined with other natural plants and herbs, it acts an effective natural remedy for many diseases.

Treatment for Flu using Cat’s Claw:
Cat’s Claw Tea is made from the thick bark of its tree, which is grown wildly in Central and South Africa especially in the Amazon Rainforests. Thus Cat’s Claw tea acts as nature cure for FLU by reducing its duration.

Ginger as Natural remedy for Flu

Ginger Properties: Ginger basically improves the immune system in our body. Ginger is characterized with innumerable ingredients which give it high medicinal value. Few of its ingredients are volatile oil, water extract, oleoresin, starch, water soluble ash, etc. Let us see how to prepare ginger tea. When mixed with other nature products, it acts as perfect expectorant for influenza.

Treatment for Flu using Ginger:
Add 4 tbsps of lemon syrup and honey for taste along with one inch ginger piece to tea kettle. Add a cup of fenugreek decoction to the kettle. Add water and boil it for 10-20 minutes. This tea mixture enhances sweating and reduces flu fever. Thus ginger tea is one of the best home remedies for Flu.

Echinacea as Natural Remedy for Flu

Echinacea Properties: Echinacea is well known for its strong and powerful medicinal value. This herb is highly characterized by immunological properties. The enzyme named hyaluronidase helps the Echinacea act as a barrier between healthy cells and pathogenic organisms. Hence we consider this herb to be one of the Nature Remedies for Influenza.

Treatment for Flu using Echinacea:
The Echinacea extract is used as tincture for the sore throat caused by Flu. Apply this extract directly on the throat and use it again after an hour until the sore throat subsides. Echincea is also used during early stages of Flu cold. One should not take this medicine for more than 10 days as it is powerful.

Pepper and Leafy Greens as Home remedy for Flu

Pepper Properties: Pepper and Leafy Greens are enriched with Vitamin –C. Pepper is aromatic, stimulant and nervine tonic in nature. It increases the Salvia and gastric juices when consumed.

Treatment for Flu using Pepper and Leafy Greens:
Mix with salad or soup and consume it to reduce the effects of flu. These reduce the duration of Flu when taken at the early stage of cold. It is one of the best natural remedies for Flu.

Fruits as Home remedy for flu

Fruits Properties: One should increase the intake of fruits instead of other food. Especially the fruits which are rich in Vitamin – C like guava, citrus fruits and strawberry. These vitamin enriched fruits will play a vital role in defending respiratory mechanism.

Treatment for Flu using Fruits:
It is also recommended to intake juices of apple, pear, cranberry and pomegranate which will fight against running nose caused by Flu.

Elderberry as Natural remedy for flu

Elderberry Properties: Black Elderberry is more preferable than berry from red elderberry as the latter is toxic to consume. These are unique in curing all respiratory infections and eradicating influenza viruses. Their barks, leaves and flowers are all enhanced with high healing powers. These are highly aromatic. It constitutes volatile oil extracts.

Treatment for Flu using Elderberry:
One of the traditional nature cures for Flu is the tea prepared with elderberry flowers and peppermint leaves. The extracts of elderberry are available in all organic food stores. Thus elderberry is one of the best natural remedies for Flu.

Licorice Roots as Natural remedy for flu

Licorice Roots Properties: This herb reduces most of the symptoms of cold and Flu like respiratory mucus, sore throat, dry cough, etc. Licorice roots are naturally sweet. Its roots are sweeter than sugar by 50 times. The herb is well known for demulcent and expectorant properties.

Treatment for Flu using Licorice Roots:
Brew tea with Licorice roots along with cinnamon barks, sweet orange peel, wild cherry bark, etc. and have 6 cups of it at regular intervals to get rid of sore throat. This tea is one of the best natural remedies for flu.

Pregnant ladies and people with high Blood Pressure must take this Licorice root tea. Also one should stop taking it after 4- 6 weeks as it may cause kidney problems.

Ginseng as Natural remedy for flu

Ginseng Properties: Ginseng roots are a well known natural remedy for any respiratory viruses. Besides acting as a cure for flu, it is also popular for its de-stressing character which cures disorders caused by psychological and physical stress. Complex Carbohydrates like saponins or ginsenosides are the distinctive elements of Ginseng.

Treatment for Flu using Ginseng:
One should brew the tea with dried roots of Ginseng and drink during the duration of Flu. It also enhances the immune system of human body. It is strongly recommended for older people who are infected by influenza viruses.

Fenugreek as Home remedy for flu

Fenugreek Properties: Fenugreek is a natural expectorant for sore throat and cough caused by Flu. This vitamin and mineral enriched herb has mildly laxative properties which eliminate the toxins in human body and cure the illness. The leaves and seeds are rich in Vitamin C and B complex.

Treatment for Flu using Fenugreek:
One can grind fenugreek and mix it with a cup of milk to eradicate dry cough and sore throat. Thus fenugreek is one of the fine home remedies for Flu.

Juniper as Natural remedy for flu

Juniper Properties: Juniper is widely identified in the soil rich in silica along with slight lime in it. It is highly characterized with volatile oil which resembles turpentine in nature. It is used for indigestion as well.

Treatment for Flu using Juniper:
Inhalation of steam from Juniper added to hot water relieves congested chest and respiration problems caused by Flu. Juniper oil is available in all leading herbal shops and organic food shops. Add few drops of this oil to a bowl of boiled water, bring your face over the bowl, cover your head and face with a cloth and inhale the steam from the bowl.

Yarrow as Natural remedy for flu

Yarrow Properties: Yarrow is rich in inflammatory properties. The Yarrow leaves are used for medicinal purposes when the plant is with yellow flowers. Once the flowers turn into white, the medicinal effects become weaker. Pregnant ladies are recommended not to take yarrow herbs.

Treatment for Flu using Yarrow:
The tea brewed with Yarrow, elderberry and peppermint is a perfect nature cure for feverish FLU. One can also add Yarrow and chamomile to hot water and take bath with it to induce sweating. It increases the sweating and reduces the fever.

Sage as Home remedy for flu

Sage Properties: Sage is anti-septic and anti- bacterial in nature. The primary medicinal components of Sage herbs are flavonoids, volatile oils and rosamarinic acids. Well used as anhidrotic and anti microbial, it is one of the best natural remedies for Flu.

Treatment for Flu using Sage:
To get rid of throat infections, one can use the hot infusion of sage, apple cider vinegar and honey. However, in case of fever by flu, Sage tincture or tea is used.

Goldenseal as Natural remedy for flu

Goldenseal Properties: Goldenseal roots are most popular herbal medicine used in America. It is also termed as yellow roots, orange roots, etc. It is packed with multiple bioactive components.

Treatment for Flu using Goldenseal:
The intake of this root as tea soothes the throat infections. It also improves the white blood cells and strengthens the immune system. Goldenseal is one of the best natural remedies for Flu.

Cinnamon as Home remedy for flu

Cinnamon Properties: Cinnamon, which means sweet wood is taken from inner bark of evergreen cinnamon tree which belongs to laurel family. It is antifungal and antimicrobial in nature. The extracts of cinnamon are also used as a cure for tumor cells.

Treatment for Flu using Cinnamon:
The mixture of ¼ tsp of cinnamon powder with 1tsp of lukewarm honey will eradicate influenza viral attacks. It is necessary to take this mixture for 3-4 days.

Nasal Saline Irrigation as Home Remedy for flu

Nasal Saline Irrigation Properties: Scientific research has proved that nasal saline irrigation is an effective method to liquefy the mucus membrane and moisten the dry mucus membrane. Follow the steps given below to carry out the Nasal Saline Irrigation.

Treatment for Flu using Nasal Saline Irrigation:

  • Take 8 oz of warm water
  • Add ¼ tsp of salt and ¼ tsp of baking soda to the water and mix well
  • Bend over the wash basin. With the help of bulb syringe, squirt the mix into one nostril while the other nostril is closed slightly by finger pressure.
  • Let it drown and blow the nose to clean the mucus.
  • Repeat the above step 2-3 times.
Thus Nasal Saline Irrigation will cure the stuffy nose caused by Flu.

Giloi as Natural Remedy for flu

Giloi Properties: Giloi is a well known ayurvedic medicinal plant. It can be found in Himalayan Ghats in abundance. It works at cellular level and strengthens the immune system. Cell injury can be cured by antioxidants present in the Giloi.

Treatment for Flu using Giloi:
Take 7-8 leaves of Basil and 1 foot long Giloi root, mix these ingredients with boiling water. Add sugar or salt for taste. This infusion will strengthen immune system of human body. Giloi powder is available in all ayurvedic shops.

Nux Vomica as Natural cure for flu:

Nux Vomica Properties: Nux Vomica is a homeopathic remedy for Flu which reduces the running nose, body ache, nausea, etc. This Nux Vomica is made from Poison Nut Tree which can be found enormously in Far East. Its property is similar to that of alkaloid Strychnine. It is toxic in nature and thus it is not recommended for pregnant ladies and children.

Treatment for Flu using Nux Vomica:
Nux Vomica is available in the form of pills and powder in all homeopathic shops. Take this pill or dissolve the powder in mouth 30 minutes before or after the meals. Thus Nux Vomica acts as a nature cure for Flu.

Other Home remedies for Flu

Beef, Chicken or Vegetable broth will liquefy the mucus in respiratory organs and reduce flu. Including the above said in diet for flu will help you to eradicate the flu.

1 teaspoon of honey along with water soothes throat infections and reduces cough caused by Flu.

Apply mustard plaster made up of dry mustard, flour and white yolk on chest to reduce flu.

Lemons acidify the mucus membrane and reduce the growth of influenza viruses.

Thyme herb strengthens the lungs and eases the breath. Thus chest congestion caused by Flu can be avoided.

Tea made up of 1 tsp of dry watercress soothes throat infections and cough.

Spongy materials of dark elm bark will smoothen the mucus membrane of lungs.

Hyssop tea will combat flu effectively.

Boneset infusion is the best remedy for FLU.

Horse Radish root is enriched with decongestant which will eliminate congestion in chest and stuffy nose. One can use it by preparing sandwich with these roots. It is an ideal cure for flu.

Thick mucus which is collected on backside of throat can be easily eradicated by Gargling salt water. Just swish and spit the water. It is the perfect cure for flu.

Taking bath in warm water which is mixed with 10-20 drops of tea tree, lavender or lemon oil, eucalyptus will retain immunity to influenza virus.

Taking in 4-5 washed Basil Leaves (Tulsi) will guard you from Flu viruses.

Mix turmeric powder with a glass of milk to reduce the cough caused by flu.

Oregano oil and Olive leaves will eliminate Flu.

Since Flu is accompanied by body ache, heat pads will help you to reduce the ache. Also soak your feet in warm water mixed with salt and mustard powder. Thus heat pads are well known cure for Flu.

Sucking hard candy and lozenges will soothe the sore throat.

Diet for Flu

It is essential to take more fluids than solid foods. So increase the intake of water, juices and tea.

Avoiding smoking, alcohol, coffee is perfect diet for flu.

Take organic foods rather than junk foods. Avoid oily stuffs. Oily and fatty substances are not suitable diet for Flu.

Vitamin B6 enriched foods like spinach, cereals, etc. will increase immunity. Thus these are the perfect diet for flu.

Antioxidants in cabbage and broccoli reduce the chances of getting infected by flu.

Meat, poultry, nuts and beans are rich in zinc and selenium which strengthen the immune system. It is a well known diet for flu.

Other Precautions Against Flu

Use woolen clothes and fully covered dresses to avoid fever.

Take enough rest.

Avoid over crowded places.

Use more garlic and onion in food.

Avoid ice creams and chilled food in flu seasons.

Eliminate sugar and canned food from your diet as they affect immune system.

Dairy products like milk, cheese, etc. enhance mucous membrane. So it is better to avoid them.

Avoid exposure to dust and chemicals as they may lead to sneezing and cold.

Frequently wash hands to minimize the chance of getting infected by influenza virus.

Swallowing a tablet sized camphor once in a month or during flu season will help you to combat flu.

Pranayam (Breathing exercise) will help you to maintain your lungs and respiratory system in good state and increase immunity.

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