Home remedies for Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease is characterized by the obstruction of coronary arteries which are responsible in carrying nutrients and oxygen to the heart. This obstruction deprives the heart of the nourishment it needs which can be very dangerous. The two major causes of obstruction leading to this heart disease include blood clot presence and artery hardening.

When coronary heart disease is left untreated, it could amount to a heart attack. Some of the symptoms patients experience include shortness of breath as a result of lack of oxygen in the blood, chest pains which can also include pains travelling down the arms, fainting, and fatigue. Other common symptoms include palpitations, cold feet and hands as well as emotional instability. On the verge of having a heart attack, patients experience pressure in their chests, loss of speech, dizziness, sweating, pressure on shoulders, arms and even neck.

This heart disease has other causes which include elevated blood pressure, metabolic disorders such as diabetes, smoking, obesity, high levels of uric acid in the blood and high cholesterol levels. Anxiety and a lack of physical exercise are other causes of coronary heart disease. Although the disease can be very dangerous and worrying, there are very good home remedies that work effectively without requiring a great deal of financial commitment. It is always advisable to try natural means of dealing with common diseases as they are safer and healthier compared to other forms of treatment.

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Home remedies for Coronary Heart Disease

Onion as a Home Remedy for Coronary Heart Disease

Properties: Onion has natural oxidizing properties which are effective in burning excessive cholesterols thereby normalizing the amount of blood cholesterol available. This home remedy has been in use for the longest time as a treatment for heart diseases.

Using Onion as Treatment for Coronary Disease:
Squeeze a teaspoon of onion juice then take in the morning on an empty stomach. The onion should be raw and fresh to get all the important nutrients. You can also get the juice by crushing the onion and take in the same manner daily for at least two weeks or more.

Honey as a Home Remedy for Coronary Heart Disease

Properties: Honey has great properties that help in improving blood circulation and also tones up the heart thereby preventing heart diseases including coronary disease. The remedy is also a perfect way of dealing with heart palpitations and cardiac pain. .

Using Honey as Cure for Coronary Heart Disease:
This natural home remedy is easy to use since all you need to do is take a tablespoonful of honey on a daily basis. The dosage is best taken after eating your meal and will prevent most heart problems with ease.

Apple as a Home Remedy for Coronary Heart Disease

Properties: Apple is a seasonal fruit that contains stimulating properties for the heart making the heart strong in its functioning. Together with other fruits such as pineapples, pomegranate and oranges, apples happen to be very good tonic for the heart.

Treating Coronary Heart Disease Using Apples:
Apples should be taken after meals daily for the effective treatment of coronary disease. Two apples daily are enough to keep the heart well stimulated. It is however important to ensure that you thoroughly chew the fruit to avoid other digestive problems. Apple jam can also be used in this case.

Grapes as a Home Remedy for Coronary Heart Disease

Properties: Grape juice is considered to be among the very best among all home remedies for coronary heart disease. The medicinal properties found in grapes are essential in toning up various body organs, therefore, enhancing proper functioning. It works by destroying disease causing elements thereby renewing all lost energy. The juice is also a good remedy for eliminating palpitations and pain that comes with coronary heart condition.

Using Grapes as Treatment for Coronary Disease:
Patients can effectively treat the heart condition by adopting a diet exclusive of grapes for several days. The grapes can also be eaten daily in good amounts. Indian gooseberries can also be used as a perfect home remedy for the condition.

Olive Oil as a Home Remedy for Coronary Heart Disease

Properties: Olive oil has high levels of unsaturated mono fats which are good in lowering LDL cholesterol. The oil also has antioxidant properties which restore damaged arteries thereby preventing cases of heart attack.

Using Olive Oil as a Cure for Coronary Disease:
The oil can be mixed with warm water and a little honey added to taste and then taken daily for effective results. The mixture can be taken for several days to ease some of the coronary heart disease symptoms and restoring good health.

Asparagus as a Natural Remedy for Coronary Heart Disease

Properties: Asparagus contains medicinal properties which are excellent in strengthening a weak heart. This home remedy is also very good for enlarged hearts that pose many health risks.

Treating Coronary Heart Disease Using Asparagus:
This home remedy is best used when mixed with honey in the form of juice. The mixture should then be taken thrice daily in teaspoon dosages. Another good way of taking the vegetable is steaming it and eating it while still fresh. The home remedy is very beneficial to patients suffering from many types of heart conditions including coronary heart disease.

Alfalfa as a Home Remedy for Coronary Heart Disease

Properties: This herb contains compounds that are good in opening up and maintaining good health of heart capillaries and arteries. In coronary heart condition cases only the leaves are used to boost the general good health of the heart thereby treating the condition.

Using Alfalfa as Cure for Coronary Heart Disease:
Squeeze juice out of fresh alfalfa leaves and mix with carrot juice since it is very strong. The mixture should then be taken twice every single day for best results. The juice is also considered to be one of the very best of home remedies for coronary heart disease and is highly recommended.

Safflower as a Home Remedy for Coronary Heart Disease

Properties: Safflower has beneficial minerals and compounds that are good in lowering the amount of cholesterol in the blood. This makes the remedy effective for people suffering from heart disorders.

Natural Remedies for Coronary Heart Disease Using Safflower:

This herb is not very common; however, patients can find it in form of an emulsion in local drugstores. The emulsion should be taken thrice per day for duration of time to get desired results from the condition.

Garlic as a Home Remedy for Coronary Heart Disease

Properties: Garlic is considered to be very valuable in the medical world because of the various properties it contains. It has 15 antioxidant properties that enable it to treat varying diseases effectively. Among them is coronary heart disease. The antioxidants work by neutralizing agents which are responsible for artery destruction. They also wash away plaque in the arteries to prevent future attacks.

Using Garlic as Cure for Coronary Heart Disease:
Patients should make it a habit of eating several garlic cloves in their raw form daily. This is the best way of taking the herb for best results. It is also beneficial to crush the cloves and take the juice several times a day. Apart from decreasing the risk of coronary disease, blood cholesterol and pressure are greatly reduced.

Indian Gooseberry as a Home Remedy for Coronary Heart Disease

Properties:The medicinal properties found in the Indian gooseberry are perfect in toning the heart and other body organs as well as destroying disease causing agents. The juice acquired from the berries is also very good in restoring energy.

Using Indian Gooseberry as Treatment for Coronary Heart Disease:
Since the berries are seasonal they are best taken in their raw form with a little salt on a daily basis. When they go out of season patients can chew dry pieces. You can also squeeze juice from fresh Indian gooseberries and take it on a daily basis.

Other Home Remedies for Coronary Heart Disease

As an effective home remedy for coronary heart disease, patients should take foods that are low in sodium and calories such as green vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains which are natural and organic.

Take an ice bag and place it on the spinal area for half an hour. The ice bag is best placed between the 2nd and 10th thoracic vertebrae to give relief. This should be done thrice daily.

Patients can also apply warm or hot compresses on the neck, particularly the left side for at least half an hour as well as massage the upper muscles of the back and the abdomen as a remedy for coronary heart disease. The exercises have proven to be very good home remedies for the conditions and are therefore recommended.

Take a glass of milk and mix with garlic. You do this by adding a clove in a hot glass of milk and then drinking it while warm the last thing before retiring to bed. The procedure should be repeated for several days for best results.

Prepare bottle gourd soup without adding any oil or spices then take the vegetable soup every morning as well as evening. The remedy is perfect for people experiencing heart pain and is also very good in lowering blood pressure that is too high.

Mix bael fruit juice with 2 tablespoons of pure ghee and take the mixture once on a daily basis. The home remedy is very good for people who have undergone seizure as a measure of preventing another attack. The intake should be done regularly.

Take roasted asafetida and crush into powder then add similar amounts of the famous Bishop’s weed and some cumin seeds as well as rock salt. Make sure that you grind them all together to ensure they are well mixed. The allowed dosage is 3 grams of the powder daily while the rest should be kept in a clean glass bottle.

Take 100 milliliters of ginger juice and then add honey to taste. The mix should be licked once daily to improve existing chest pains. You can also mix cardamom pod powder with ground banyan tree roots. Lick the mixture together with ghee and take on a daily basis.

Grind pomegranate leaves together with water. After grinding, strain and drink the water. This is a very good cure for most heart diseases including coronary heart disease.

To get rid of heart aches and thereby reducing the chance of heart attack, mix fresh spinach juice with fresh carrot juice and drink the mix daily. The juice is best taken in the morning and should be taken in a 1:2 ratio for best results.

Take amla on a daily basis as a preventative measure for heart disease. It is high in Vitamin C and works wonders in preventing coronary heart disease. Beet root juice and grape juice are also very good home remedies for reducing the chances of developing a heart condition. A glass of the fresh juices is enough when taken daily and regularly.

Take 10 gm of ground sugar and mix with 10ml pomegranate juice and take on a daily basis to deal with chest pains and congestions that come with coronary heart disease. Patients suffering from the condition can also take tea made from parsley up to 4 times daily as the plant is known to be a very good treatment for heart disease. It cures heart pain relieving you of most symptoms along the way.

Diet and other Treatments for Coronary Heart Disease

Diet is one way of dealing with various conditions attacking the human body thereby keeping them at bay or helping in the curing process. A diet for people suffering from a coronary heart condition should always be balanced and rich in vitamins and important nutrients.

Avoid taking too much red meat and instead take more fresh vegetables and fresh fruits in your meals to get all the essential minerals and nutrients the heart needs for proper functioning.

Avoid eating foods that are sugary, refined, processes and canned. It is also important to avoid or limit the intake of foods that are high in fat and cholesterol such as egg yolk.

Increase your intake of foods containing high levels of Vitamin E to improve blood circulation and oxygen in the heart thereby promoting proper functioning of the organ. The vitamin can be found in green vegetables and whole meal foods and products. For instance, cabbage outer leaves are very good sources of the vitamin.

Increase your intake of foods rich in Vitamin B complex which is mostly found in whole grains to enhance proper heart functioning.

Another diet for coronary heart disease is taking foods rich in Vitamin C such as citrus fruits. The vitamin is essential in protecting capillary walls of the heart which can then decrease heart attacks. It is important to avoid foods like tea, tobacco, flour products, sweets and soft drinks among other sugary and fatty foods to promote general health of the heart.

Coronary heart disease patients should adopt a light exercise regime which can include cycling, swimming and walking. The exposure to fresh air is important especially during the exercise sessions.

Take hot hand and foot baths to relieve heart pain associated with coronary heart disease.

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