Home Remedies for Sprains

About Sprains

Muscles are made up of tiny bundles of muscle fibers termed fascicles. Fascicles are surrounded by enormous muscle fibers which link them to tendons. These tendons provide flexibility to the muscle along with the movement of bony parts to which it connects the muscles. Ligaments are nothing but a thick band of tissues which hold up the joints and aid the movement of joints. Ligaments play a vital role in holding the joints in proper position. Any injury caused to ligaments is called a Sprain, whereas, the injuries caused to tendons are termed Strains.

The following are the grades of sprains.

  • GRADE 1 – Fibers of ligaments are stretched out
  • GRADE 2 – Part of Ligament is torn by injuries
  • GRADE 3 – Ligaments get completely ruptured or torn
Sprains normally get healed in course of time. However, in some cases surgery or physiotherapy is required.

Symptoms of Sprains

Symptoms of sprains are as follows,
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding (External and Internal )
  • Spasms
  • Limb Buckles
  • Unable to move or use the Joints
  • Numbness near the joints or injured area
  • Inflammation
  • Throbbing
  • Soreness

Factors which lead to Sprains

Factors which cause sprains are discussed below
  • Physical Stress
  • Repetitive motions which cause injury
  • Stressful incidents
  • Excessive stretching of tendons or ligaments

  1. Home Remedies
  2. Other Remedies
  3. Diet
  4. Other Precautions

Home Remedies for Sprains

Lavender Oil as Natural remedy for Sprains

Lavender Oil Properties: Lavender oil is widely used as a natural remedy for a range of ailments, from anxiety to insomnia. It is calming, soothing and sedative by nature. The essential oil extracted from its flowers is used for medicinal purposes. It is largely used in aromatherapy, in making soaps, creams, gels, infusions etc. However, for children it can be used only in aromatherapy, and should not be administered orally. For adults it can be used both orally and externally. Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies must avoid it. Lavender oil is the only one which can be applied on the skin in undiluted form. It is an excellent depressant too.

Treatment for Sprains using Lavender Oil:
Add few drops of lavender oil to warm water. Immerse the sprained area in the water. This is the perfect cure for Sprains.

Black Coffee as Home remedy for Sprains

Black Coffee Properties: Black Coffee is in general an excellent stimulant, energy booster etc and holds its own place in preparing home remedies for many health ailments. It stimulates the heart rate and does wonders for those who are suffering from low blood pressure. Black coffee, being sugarless and highly fibrous, stabilizes the blood sugar level effectively. So type 2 diabetes can be cured using black coffee. It is an ergogenic aid which enhances the exercising performance of the human body, without energy loss. It is also the number one source of antioxidants.

Treatment for Sprains using Black Coffee:
Soak a bandage cloth in black coffee and wrap around the sprained area. This will serve as a cure for sprains.

Arnica as Home remedy for Sprains

Arnica Properties: Arnica is widely used for preparing home remedies for healing and strengthening muscle and joints. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent which quickly heals wounds, injuries and reduces the swelling caused by them. It is stimulant and diuretic by nature. It is analgesic and astringent and hence lowers fever. It is also used as a mouthwash. However, over-dosage of arnica has its own disadvantages, like organ failure, stomach discomfort, leading to coma, fatigue, muscle weakness, seizure etc.

Treatment for Sprains using Arnica:
Application of arnica essential oil in dilute form over the area of sprain can be an ideal cure for alleviating the pain and relaxing the muscle.

Garlic Oil as Home remedy for Sprains

Garlic Oil Properties: Garlic is a widely used home remedy, as it possesses the following properties like diaphoretic, diuretic, anti-microbial, stimulant and anti-inflammatory. Allicin, the important ingredient of garlic, is solely responsible for its medicinal values. It is packed with a series of anti-oxidants which prevent the human body from free radical attacks. Thus it combats cancerous and tumor cells, and cures sore throat caused by Flu. Garlic use in pregnancy will reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia. It also stabilizes the blood sugar level and thus serves as a cure for hypoglycemia. It is also an ideal de-toxifier and enhances liver function.

Treatment for Sprains using Garlic Oil:
Put few cloves of garlic in one cup of any cooking oil and sauté well. Now apply that oil over the sprained area. This will alleviate the sprain effectively.

Onions as Natural remedy for Sprains

Onions Properties: Onion is used both for culinary purposes and also in preparing natural remedies for protecting the human body from diseases. Flavonoid Quercetin of Onion combats chronic diseases effectively. The presence of 25 active ingredients which prevent cancerous cell division is an added advantage in the onion. It controls blood pressure. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties which make it a cure for arthritis and rheumatism. Its essential oil is antiseptic, analgesic, expectorant and balsamic in nature. It is a great remedy for relieving congestion in lungs and bronchitis. It also soothes the stomach and digestive tract.

Treatment for Sprains using Onions:
Chop onions and wrap the pieces with a muslin cloth and cover the affected area. This will reduce the sprain and relax the muscles and joints in the affected area.

Epsom Salt as Natural remedy for Sprains

Epsom Salt Properties: Epsom salt, the crystals of magnesium sulfate, is an effective natural remedy for curing several skin ailments. It enables the body to absorb magnesium and sulfate into the blood stream through soaking the affected part in Epsom salt water. It is antibacterial, which serves as a cure for toe and finger nail fungus infections. It relaxes the muscle tissues and provides relief from stress. It also acts as a cure for post exercise muscle stresses. In pregnant ladies it reduces the risk of the baby getting cerebral palsy.

Treatment for Sprains using Epsom Salt:
Mix this salt in warm water and take bath. This will help you to get rid of Sprains.

Cabbage as Natural remedy for Sprains

Cabbage Properties: Cabbage is widely used as one of the natural remedies for healing cancers. This is because it effectively controls the carcinogen formation in human body. When consumed by pregnant ladies, it lowers the risk of birth defects. It also enhances the heart function and strengthens it. The major side effect of this vegetable is the Thyroid gland enlargement. Its anticoagulant action improves the blood clotting ability of human body. It is rich in Vitamin K. Also excessive intake of cabbage constricts the blood vessels and so blood pressure will be increased.

Treatment for Sprains using Cabbage:
Outer leaves of cabbage must be soaked in hot water. Then cover the sprained area with these hot-water-soaked leaves. Leave for 10-15 minutes.

Turmeric as Natural remedy for Sprains

Turmeric Properties: Turmeric, the spice, is used in preparing natural remedies for healing the heart, liver, and lung disorders effectively. It gives relief in bleeding disorders. It is digestive, diuretic, antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-microbial, cardiovascular and carminative. Wounds and injuries can be quickly healed by applying turmeric. It controls blood sugar and cholesterol levels efficiently. It purifies and enhances the quality of semen. It is an excellent de-toxifier and so strengthens liver activities. Its anti-inflammatory property reduces the risk of arthritis and rheumatism. Being anti-spasmodic, it relaxes the muscles, tissues and joints.

Treatment for Sprains using Turmeric:
A poultice made of turmeric powder should be wrapped over the sprain affected area to reduce the effects of the sprain, and also drink warm milk in which a pinch of turmeric powder is mixed.

Sesame Oil as Natural remedy for Sprains

Sesame Oil Properties: Though small in size, its usage as a natural remedy for curing disease is enormous. Black sesame seeds possess higher medicinal value as compared to red and white. Being rich in Vitamin E, it effectively controls hair fall. It is digestive in nature. It is diuretic and stimulant and thus enhances the liver, kidney and urinary bladder systems. It soothes the person suffering from dizziness. Its vitamin T prevents the blood from clotting. Its anti-microbial property makes it a cure for infections, wounds etc. It is also used in cosmetic preparations.

Treatment for Sprains using Sesame Oil:
Application of this oil and mild massage over the affected area will help to get relief from sprains.

Olive Oil as Home remedy for Sprains

Olive Oil Properties: Olive oil is one of the best home remedies besides being non-allergic by nature. It is also used as cooking oil, which benefits heart patients. It effectively controls blood cholesterol levels, is a laxative and lubricant by characteristic. Its use makes our body absorb large amount of minerals and vitamins. It delays the aging process. It is anti-inflammatory by nature, reduces pains and swellings in muscles and joints. It is also among the best home remedies for combating arthritis and osteoporosis. Its diuretic nature effectively fights kidney stones and UTI. It is used to ward off dandruff.

Treatment for Sprains using Olive Oil:
Gently massage the affected area with a handful of olive oil. This will relax the muscle and one can get rid of sprains.

Fish Oil as Home remedy for Sprains

Fish Oil Properties: Oil which is obtained from the tissues of oily fish is widely used as a home remedy for many diseases nowadays. It is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid which aids heart patients and helps in weight reduction. It also heals inflammation, arthritis, diabetes, eye disorders and ulcers. It also enhances fertility and is used for treating skin ailments. It improves the blood circulation and reduces depression and anxiety. It also reduces hair fall and cures dandruff.

Treatment for Sprains using Fish Oil:
Mild massage with fish oil or intake of fish oil capsules will make the muscles relax and reduce the sprain gradually.

Pineapple as Home remedy for Sprains

Pineapple Properties: It is widely appreciated for being used as a home remedy for healing skin ailments. It can be used both internally and externally. The presence of Bromelain in pineapple dissolves proteins effectively. Its AHA content rejuvenates the skin cells. It provides the essential vitamins and minerals for stabilizing the immune system.

Treatment for Sprains using Pineapple:
Pineapple extracts or raw pineapple intake will reduce the pain caused by sprains and relax the muscles.

Other Home Remedies for Sprains

Massaging the affected area with ginger paste will be the ideal natural remedy for sprains.

Soak Licorice roots in water overnight. In the morning apply this water infusion over the affected area.

Application of a paste made of Hyssop herb will reduce the sprain immediately.

Clove oil is also used for massaging the sprain affected area. It is among the best natural remedies for sprains.

Diet for Sprains

Mineral enriched foods like banana must be included in the diet for curing Sprains.

Eat plenty of Vitamin C enriched fruits while suffering from sprains. This is perfect diet for minimizing the effects of sprains.

Warm milk before going to sleep is a highly recommended diet for people with sprains.

Avoid tea and coffee in the diet for getting rid of sprains.

Chocolates must be avoided for healing sprains.

Fish must be included in the diet for healing sprains, because it is rich in Omega Fatty acids.

Include wheat in the diet for sprains as it is rich in zinc which repairs the tissues.

Other Precautions Against Sprains

Before starting workouts and exercises, a warm-up is essential.

Gradually increase the effort of work.

Complete rest is required after any stressful day or work.

Properly fitting shoes must be used rather than ill-fitting or worn out ones.

Lift weights only after placing the body in the proper position.

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