Home Remedies for Obesity

Obesity is a condition characterized by the storage of excessive body fats. People suffering from this condition are normally considered to be overweight, as they tend to be heavier than the stipulated weight considered to be healthy. The body mass is normally calculated according to the weight and the height of the individual and is easy to know whether one is beyond the limits considered to be healthy.

The condition, although painless, can lead to lots of health problems and disorders. The most common diseases arising from cases of excessive weight include cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It is easy to tell when one is suffering from the physical condition as the body undergoes visible changes. Some of the symptoms that show presence of the excessive fats include an increased waistline, as a result of the increased fatty cells. Men who have a waistline measuring 40 inches and above are considered obese while obese women are those who go beyond the 35 inch measurement.

The health complications one risks getting when suffering from obesity include gallbladder disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer and osteoarthritis. Others include heartburn, moving difficulties, snoring, breath shortness and sleeping problems, among others.

Obesity is caused by a variety of factors among them overeating, hereditary traits, metabolic factors, stress and insufficient sleep. There are also medications known to contribute in the development of the condition and should therefore be avoided if one is to stay clear of the excessive fats. Smoking, lack of exercise and bad dietary habits also cause the condition.

Although it is common for most obese people to feel embarrassed about their size, especially in cases where it is clearly obvious that one has excessive fats, it is possible to keep the condition under manageable levels. This good news is that one does not have to spend much in getting proper medication of treatment, as there are simple home remedies for the condition which are very effective in dealing with the excessive fats. The natural remedies for obesity are harmless, as they are mostly from herbs and products containing the natural herbs, therefore clearing any doubts that one may develop complications during treatment.

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Home Remedies for Obesity

Lime Juice as a Home Remedy for Obesity

Lime Juice Properties: The various compounds and minerals found in lime juice help in the treatment of obesity. The compounds work by dissolving the excess fats and also flush out toxins from the body keeping it healthy.

Using Lime Juice as Treatment for Obesity:
The remedy is best taken when one is fasting. A small amount of fresh honey should be added in lime juice and well mixed in warm water. The mixture should then be taken several times a day during the fast and for an extended period of time. This is one of the most useful natural remedies for the treatment of obesity.

Trifala as a Natural Remedy for Obesity

Trifala Properties: The minerals found in this herb have been found to be helpful in losing weight. The herb can be used together with other essential herbs such as amalaki and haritaki to help individuals lose weight, thereby dealing with the physical condition with ease.

Using Trifala as Cure for Obesity:
Take the herb and add in boiling water, before then straining and drinking the liquid several times a day. A little honey can also be added into the mixture for better results. The remedy is best done when one is observing proper diet to help lose weight.

Indian Plum as a Home Remedy for Obesity

Indian Plum Properties: The Indian Plum is famed for its ability to burn excessive calories, thereby helping obese people in losing weight. It is one of the most valuable home remedies for the condition, and is widely used as treatment for this condition among other health conditions.

Using Indian Plum as Cure for Obesity:
Take several leaves of the plant and soak overnight in a basin of water. The water should then be strained and taken every morning when the stomach is still empty, as treatment for the condition. For better results, the procedure should be repeated every day for a period of one month or even more.

Cabbage as a Natural Remedy for Obesity

Cabbage Properties: Cabbage contains tartaric acid which inhibits sugar conversion into fats. The remedy is therefore very helpful when it comes to weight matters, as it helps in cutting weight. The vegetable is considered beneficial even for other conditions affecting the digestive system.

Using Cabbage as Cure for Obesity:
The remedy is best taken as diet for the condition. People really looking to cut weight can eat salads made using the cabbage, instead of heavy meals as a simple way of slimming. The diet should be continued for a good period of time, although some other light foods can be taken in the process.

Tomato as a Home remedy for Obesity

Tomato Properties: Tomatoes contain essential elements which help in preserving good health. They are also very effective and safe when it comes to weight reduction. This is actually one of the simplest and most effective natural remedies for the treatment of the condition.

Using Tomato as Treatment for Obesity:
Two tomatoes preferably ripe ones should be taken first thing in the morning to substitute for breakfast. This should be done for several months as a simple and effective way of dealing with weight. This can be used as diet for the condition, as it has proved to be very helpful.

Finger Millet as a Natural Remedy for Obesity

Finger Millet Properties: Finger millet is an effective home remedy for obesity, as it takes time to get digested. This means that the urge to eat regular meals may be hindered, which is good in reducing intakes of calories in a day causing the body to use the available fats as energy. It also contain essential minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium and other vitamins, hence acting as a proper diet for the condition, without causing any form of malnutrition.

Using Finger Millet as Cure for Obesity:
Prepare meals using the millet, such as porridge and other kinds of foods, and take at least thrice a day as a proper way of treating the condition. This is one of the best home remedies for obesity, as it is beneficial health wise, besides dealing with the condition.

Mint as a Home Remedy for Obesity

Mint Properties: Mint is known to be very beneficial in weight reduction, as it helps in burning more calories on a daily basis. The remedy is also widely used for the treatment of other conditions, especially those affecting the respiratory and the digestive systems.

Using Mint as Treatment for Obesity:
Add mint chutney in meals or take them along with your meals as a way of dealing with the physical condition. The remedy is quite helpful over a period of faithful use, but it may take time to show positive results.

Dandelion Root as a Natural Remedy got Obesity

Dandelion Root Properties: Dandelion root is one of the widely used herbs for the treatment of varying conditions and has been found to be effective in dealing with cases of obesity. It hinders the conversion of sugars into fats, thereby helping in reducing weight dealing with the condition effectively. It is considered to be among the very best natural remedies for obesity.

Using Dandelion as Cure for Obesity:
The root should be added into boiling water to make tea. The tea is then best taken three times a day as a good way of treating the condition. Although it may take a little bit of time before the desired results are achieved, there is a great importance to be consistent in taking the remedy as it is very beneficial in the long run.

Other Home Remedies for Obesity

Prepare tea using green tea leaves and then take this a treatment for obesity. The green tea is helpful, as it boosts metabolism, thereby ensuring that only reasonable amount of sugar are stored as fats on the body. This is great home remedy for those looking to reduce weight and therefore dealing with obesity effectively.

Take a reasonable amount of horse gram and soak in water, before then leaving overnight. The concoction should then be filtered in the morning and the water drunk while the stomach is still empty. The remedy is very helpful in dealing with cases of obesity, as it has essential minerals found to be useful in dealing with the condition.

Take a piece of ginger root and make a paste by pounding it. The paste should then be mixed with honey and taken together with guggul. The guggul should be in its natural form to fetch best results. After a period of using the remedy, patients should be in a position to see changes. The remedy is also useful in keeping conditions that arise as a result of obesity at bay.

Take 10 honey grams and mix with hot water. This should then be taken twice a day best in the morning and in evenings as a way of dealing with cases of obesity. The dosages for the natural remedy for obesity should be increased, as time passes by to get positive results within a short period of time.

Take fresh carrot and blend to get juice. The juice should then be mixed with a good amount of warm water, before filtering and then consuming. The juice should be taken on a regular basis every single day to treat obesity.

Take curry leaves that are mature and eat at least 10, every single morning for a period not less than three months to get maximum results.

Slice ginger root into pieces and add to boiling water. Add lemon slices into the water and allow boiling for at least 10 minutes. This should then be taken while hot or be left to cool for a few minutes, before taking the mixture. This is a good home remedy for people who tend to overeat, which is a common cause of obesity.

Prepare a meal using French beans, and take as a diet for obesity for a period of time. Other foods that can be taken to get obesity under control include peaches, figs, grapes and jackfruits, all of which can be taken together with meals.

Take a cupful of water and add lime juice and black pepper powder. A little honey should also be added into the mixture to make a concoction, and then this is taken every day for 3 months as a way of getting weight in control. The remedy also promotes proper metabolism, fighting storage of fats.

Take basil leaves and crush to make a paste. The paste should then be mixed well with one teaspoon of honey in lukewarm water before taking. This is one of the best natural remedies for obesity.

Curb the desire to eat frequently by taking ragi mixed in water. This natural remedy for obesity works by reducing the amount of calories taken on a daily basis, offering a long term solution to obesity cases.

After taking meals, slice a thin piece of ginger and chew as a way of treating obesity. Ginger can also be grated and mixed with lemon juice and a little amount of salt as a way of treating the physical condition.

Take cinnamon powder and add in warm water, before then consuming this. Cinnamon contains essential compounds, which help in dealing with obesity by promoting proper metabolism.

Diet for Obesity and other Precautions

Always take well balanced diet mainly containing fresh fruits and vegetables. When fighting the condition, patients can go on a fresh juice fast for a few days, after which fresh vegetables can be added in the diet. This is a good way of flushing out toxins and providing the body with essential minerals and nutrients, without supplying excess sugars and carbohydrates.

Increase intakes of foods low in calories and avoid foods that are too oily or too refined. Canned and processed foods should also be avoided at all costs.

Ensure that you drink enough water and healthy fluids, such as fresh fruit juice, as a way of keeping the body well hydrated and also as a way of promoting proper body functions, such as metabolism and bowel movements. Boiled water can be taken after meals to promote digestion and absorption of minerals and nutrients.

Always avoid negative thoughts by engaging in fun activities, which can also include exercises. One can come up with an exercise program that is bound to help in weight reduction.

Avoid taking large meals and instead, take small regular meals, which should be mostly made up of green vegetables and fruits.

Avoid foods that are too salty and keep off food when stressed or going through a rough patch in life, as you could end up eating much more than you need.

Cut down on alcohol and dairy products. It is important to take skimmed milk, instead of taking whole milk, even in preparing products. Meat should be boiled or roasted, or even baked, as a way of eliminating excessive fats found in the food.

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