Home Remedies For Canker Sores

Canker sores are scientifically known as Aphthous Ulcers. They are ulcers found in the mouth and appear as open sores that are very painful. Canker sores can develop in the upper portion of the throat, palate, gums lips, insides of the cheeks and on the tongue. They are open and painful mouth sores but they are not contagious. A canker sore appears like an open wound that is white or yellow in color and is surrounded by a reddened area. Canker sores can be hereditary, which means a person can be predisposed to having them if it runs in his family. Women are more prone to getting canker sores than men. There are several possible causes of canker sores like stress, deficiency in iron, vitamin B12 or folic acid, allergies, hormonal changes or viral infections. The first sign of a developing canker sore is a slight tingling or burning feeling on the insides of the mouth or upper throat. A small bump or several bumps may also appear which later develop into canker sores.

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Home Remedies For Canker Sores

Alum As A Natural Remedy For Canker Sores

Properties: Alum is a type of compound salt. It is made of astringent crystals of potassium sulfate. It has been used for many centuries in tanning leather and in pickling different kinds of vegetables. It is used in photography, food preservation and papermaking. Alum also has medicinal uses as an emetic, astringent and styptic.

Cure For Canker Sores Using Alum:
Apply some alum on the canker sores to get rid of the pain and promote healing.

Onion As A Natural Remedy For Canker Sores

Properties: An onion is a common cooking ingredient. It is a bulb with a pungent but slightly sweet taste. It has an aroma that ranges from mild to strong. Onion contains cellulose, protein, sugars, essential oils and minerals. It contains 80 percent water with only a small percent of essential oil. Onions contain an enzyme called alliinase which reacts with amino acids to produce sulfides. These sulfides are responsible for causing the tear-inducing reaction of the eyes when exposed to sliced raw onions. Onions are considered to be antiseptic, expectorant, rubefacient and diuretic. A slice of onion can heal all types of wounds which makes it one of the great home remedies for canker sores.

Cure For Canker Sores Using Onions:
Peel and cut open an onion bulb. Place a slice of onion directly on top of the canker sores to promote healing and relieve the pain from the sores.

Plum Juice As A Home Remedy For Canker Sores

Properties: Plum juice is derived from plums which are close relatives of the peach, nectarine, cherry, almond and apricot. Most people are more familiar with prunes which are actually the dried version of plums. Plum juice contains high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B complex as well as dietary fiber. Plum juice is also rich in minerals such as thiamin, boron, potassium and riboflavin.

Natural Remedy For Canker Sores Using Plum Juice:
Gargle regularly with plum juice to make the canker sores heal faster. A cotton ball may also be dipped in plum juice and dabbed directly on the canker sores for faster healing.

Tea Tree Oil As A Treatment For Canker Sores

Properties: Tea tree oil is derived from the tea tree also known as Melaleuca Alternifolia. The oil is extracted from the leaves and twigs of the tea tree through the process of steam distillation. Tea tree oil has been known as one of the greatest home remedies for almost all types of diseases. It has been used since the ancient times and is still being used up until this day. It is used as an antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, stimulant and expectorant. Tea tree oil contains high levels of Terpinen-4-ol which is responsible for the healing properties of tea tree oil. It kills off bacteria and promotes healing of wounds and open sores.

Cure For Canker Sores Using Tea Tree Oil:
Apply an adequate amount of tea tree oil directly on the canker sores for faster healing. The active ingredient in tea tree oil will prevent the growth of bacteria in the open sores and promote the healing of the sores.

Goldenseal As A Home Remedy For Canker Sores

Properties: Goldenseal is known by several other names such as Indian turmeric, yellow root and poor man’s ginseng. It was first used by the Native Americans to treat infections, wounds and staunch the bleeding in women after childbirth. Goldenseal used to grow in abundance in the forests in some parts of the United States but it was declared as an endangered species in 1996. The yellow root of the Goldenseal contains the chemical component called berberine which is responsible for its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Goldenseal has been known as one of the most used natural remedies for almost any type of disease. It is used as one of the natural remedies for canker sores because of its ability to get rid of and prevent the further growth of bacteria in the mouth.

Home Remedy For Canker Sores With The Use Of Goldenseal:
Apply powdered goldenseal to the canker sores or make a mouthwash by combining ½ teaspoon of goldenseal powder, ¼ teaspoon salt and 1 cup of lukewarm water. Use the mouthwash regularly until the canker sores have completely healed.

Black Tea As A Natural Remedy For Canker Sores

Properties: Black tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis. It is made out of the same tea leaves as the oolong, white and green tea. The only difference is that black tea is more oxidized than the other tea varieties. Black tea has a stronger flavor and higher caffeine content than the other tea varieties. It contains polyphenols which give black tea its anti-oxidant properties. Black tea also contains tannins which help promote healing while relieving pain in the process.

Treatment For Canker Sores With The Use Of Black Tea:
Wet a tea bag of black tea with a small amount of water. Place the black tea bag over the canker sores. This simple process is an effective pain reliever and also makes the canker sores heal the natural way in no time at all.

Other Home Remedies for Canker Sores

Gargle with a small amount of milk of magnesia as often as three times a day as a treatment for canker sores.

Mix 2 ounces of hydrogen peroxide, 2 ounces of water, 5 teaspoons of salt and one teaspoon of baking soda to create a mouthwash solution for canker sores. Gargle with this solution for a few minutes, as often as 5 times a day.

Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water. Take a small sip of the warm liquid and swirl it around the mouth. Let the warm liquid stay in the mouth to relieve the pain caused by the canker sores. After a minute or two, spit out the liquid. Do this three to five times a day for faster results.

Apply a small amount of baking soda right on the canker sores.

Create a baking soda paste by adding a few drops of water to a small amount of baking soda. Apply the baking soda paste directly on the canker sores.

Combine 1 teaspoon of honey and ¼ teaspoon of turmeric powder. Mix the two ingredients thoroughly to create a paste. Apply the paste on the canker sores.

Create a salt solution by combining 2 teaspoons of salt and one cup of warm water. Use the salt solution as a gargle. Gargle with the salt solution 2 to 3 times a day. This particular natural remedy may be a little painful in the beginning but the salt effectively draws out the liquid in the canker sores which makes them heal more quickly.

Diet and Precautions for Canker Sores

Eat a diet that is rich in vitamin B foods like whole grains and green leafy vegetables.

Eat foods that are easy to chew and digest to avoid aggravating the canker sores.

Avoid eating spicy foods to avoid irritating the canker sores further.

Include a cup of yoghurt in your daily meals. The live microorganisms found in yoghurt help the canker sores to heal faster and prevent more sores from growing in the mouth.

Avoid eating acidic foods because they can be very painful on the open wounds of the canker sores.

Refrain from eating oily and sweet foods.

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