Home Remedies for Cirrhosis of the Liver

Cirrhosis involves the contraction of the liver decreasing it in size. The liver ends up becoming leathery and hard and cell loss is experienced as the condition injures and kills the liver cells. People suffering from liver cirrhosis experience frequent indigestion, and occasional vomiting and nausea. They may also have foul breath, low grade fever and abdominal pains.

This condition is caused by excessive alcohol intake, poor nutrition and toxic conditions of the immune system. The disease can be very serious with continued damage of the liver cells as it ends up affecting liver function and the liver’s structure. If left untreated, it could lead to failure of the hepatic system and eventually the affected person dies. There are natural methods of treating and curing cirrhosis and the natural path is considered the best compared to other forms of medical treatment and procedures.

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Home Remedies for Cirrhosis

Papaya Seed

Proprties: Papaya seeds are known to have beneficial nutrients and minerals. The minerals found in the seeds have healing properties that have been proved to be very effective in the treatment of liver cirrhosis. This home remedy is a good source of the nutrients that the body could be lacking because of the condition.

Treating liver cirrhosis using papaya seeds:
To effectively treat liver cirrhosis, grind black papaya seeds and mix them with at least ten drops of fresh lime juice. Take a tablespoon of the juice twice a day for a whole month and you will effectively treat the condition. This is a simple and very effective way of dealing with this dangerous condition.

Trailing Eclipta

Properties: The herb known as Trailing Eclipta has proved to be effective in treating liver cirrhosis. The herb has many useful minerals which relieve the symptoms of the condition and eventually treat it completely. It is not too hard to get the herb as it can even be found in powder form at the food stores.

Treating liver cirrhosis using Trailing Eclipta:
Squeeze the juice from any part of the herb and mix it with honey to improve the taste. You can then take a teaspoon of the mixture three times per day until the symptoms are relieved. When in its powder form, you can add a teaspoon to water and add honey to taste and drink thrice per day.


Properties: The healing power of the herb is what has caused it to gain its popularity. The minerals contained in the herb stimulate bile production by the liver thereby relieving liver and tissue congestion. It is also a good home remedy for relieving constipation and treats the condition quickly.

Treating liver cirrhosis using Picrorhiza:
The herb is normally found in powder form and to effectively treat liver cirrhosis, you just mix a tablespoon of the powder with honey and take it three times daily. The dose can be doubled for those people who want to take care of the constipation associated with the condition. The mixture should be added to a warm cup of water.

Vegetable juices

Properties:Yarrow contains analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties making it a perfect remedy for healing and curing bruises within a short period of time.

Treating liver cirrhosis using vegetable juices:

It is best taken well mixed with chamomile to give fast and effective relief. You can also mix the two with arnica for maximum results within a short time. This remedy has proved effective in the treatment of bruises.

Radish Leaves

Properties: Radish leaves are known for their healing and anti-inflammatory properties which are effective in treating various conditions. The leaves happen to be the simplest of home remedies one can use to achieve a cure for liver cirrhosis.

Treating liver cirrhosis using radish leaves:
Add 50 grams of the leaves and stems to a bowl and mix well with sugar candy. You can then take the mixture each morning while your stomach is still empty. Continuous taking of the mixture is effective in treating and curing liver cirrhosis within a short period of time.

Cumin Seeds

Properties:Just like the papaya seeds, cumin seeds have great minerals and nutrients which have been proven to be effective in curing the condition. The seeds are easily accessible in the food stores locally as well as department stores.

Treating liver cirrhosis using cumin seeds:
To treat the condition, simply grind the seeds into a fine powder, add salt and mix with buttermilk. The mixture should be taken at least twice daily for maximum and effective results. The remedy has proved to be very useful in treating cirrhosis.


Properties: Coriander has compounds that provide quick relief for liver cirrhosis. Apart from assisting in the treatment and healing of the condition, the plant seeds improve the appetite and give the liver enough energy to function normally as well as enhancing it.

Treating liver cirrhosis using coriander:

You can effectively treat cirrhosis by grinding coriander seeds together with black salt and dried ginger. Then add the mixture to water and drink thrice per day. The salt improves the taste of the mixture.


Properties: Alum has curative properties that are effective in dealing with various conditions. The compounds and minerals found in the plant have proved the best in curing liver cirrhosis.

Treating liver cirrhosis using alum:

The first stage is to roast the alum and then take a pinch of it and mix with buttermilk. The mixture is then taken at least twice a day for effective results. You will have faster relief and eventually the liver condition will be cured.

Treatment for Cirrhosis using Lemon

Properties: Lemon is known to have antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties making it the ideal home remedy for treating liver cirrhosis. People experiencing severe pain as a result of the condition should consider using lemon as a fast treatment for the pain.

Treating liver cirrhosis using lemon:
squeeze a lemon into 100ml water and add a pinch of salt. Take the mixture thrice daily for about 21 days to effectively treat liver cirrhosis. Within the first day of use, you should find pain relief from the home remedy.

Other Home Remedies for Cirrhosis

Patients suffering from liver cirrhosis can use a warm water enema to cleanse their bowels every day. This can be effectively done during the juice taking period.

Cold and hot compresses are another way of relieving pain that comes with the condition. The compresses can be used alternatively for three minutes.

There are breathing exercises which when used regularly effectively treat liver cirrhosis. The exercises are mostly referred to as morning dry friction.

Rinse sacred fig leaves and crush together with sugar candy. Take the mixture at least twice daily to treat cirrhosis. Another effective remedy is taking a teaspoon of glucose in water three times per day to take care of liver cirrhosis.

Lime juice taken, after mixing with rock salt is a simple way of effectively treating liver cirrhosis. Raw radish stem juice is also a very simple but effective home remedy for cirrhosis. Radish leaves should be taken every single morning while the stomach is still empty to work effectively.

To regain lost energy, it is important to increase your carbohydrate intake since the condition can be consuming in terms of general body energy.

Help your digestion using buttermilk sprinkled with cumin seeds that are roasted and powdered. This is one excellent natural home remedy for liver cirrhosis.

Learn different yoga postures which can effectively help you recover fully from the condition. For instance, Pranayama is a breathing technique which effectively relieves digestive system disorders and can also be used to relieve liver cirrhosis symptoms. However, always keep extensive forms of exercises to a minimum to ensure that your body does not end up too exhausted.

Tone up your liver using herbs like Bringraj, bhumyamlaki and kaalmegha which have been proven to work very effectively and without any side effects. You can find the herbs easily in capsule form at the local store.

Take orange juice on an empty stomach for a week and feel the changes this will have on you. You can make the juice everyday using 2 oranges to get the maximum results.

Another good home remedy is drinking water that has been exposed to the sun for about 8 hours. You can use a white colored bottle made of glass filled with water and then drink the water once it has cooled from the 8 hours of sun exposure. This remedy may seem simple but it has proved to be very effective.

Take 4 tablespoons mustard seeds that have been ground and mixed with half a tablespoon of salt. Using the mixture make a paste and then smear it on your liver area. Let the paste sit for about 5 minutes before washing it off using clarified butter. This home remedy is best for dealing with intense pain caused by liver cirrhosis.

You can also get supplements which have natural herbs well-blended in them to maintain and enhance your liver function keeping it as healthy as it should be.

Diet for Cirrhosis

It is true to say that diet has a lot to do with the various diseases and infections experienced by humans. A small change in the kinds of foods we take can either have a positive or negative impact in our lives. There are certain things that, when taken into consideration, can help manage liver cirrhosis or even keep our bodies free of it. For instance, excessive alcohol is the major cause for the condition. At all costs, patients should stay away from using alcohol. Instead of taking alcohol, one should make a point of taking up a liver cleansing program which involves juice fasting for at least 7 days. The juice should be fresh and include things like grapes, lemon, papaya, red beets and other fruits.

Follow a healthy diet of milk and fruit for a span of three weeks. This means that you should increase your fruit intake and make them the main part of your meals for the three days, if possible. The milk you take during this period should be fresh and a little warm to effectively work on your liver.

Increase nut and seed intake in your diet. A well balanced diet is the key to healthy living and should never be taken for granted at any time. A good meal should consist of nuts, seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables. Try to eat your vegetables as raw as possible to make sure that you consume all the essential nutrients from them.

Increase the carbohydrate intake in your meals to give your body the energy it needs since liver cirrhosis can be energy draining and you need energy to fight it. Also take salads as a means of reenergizing your body if it is weak.

Avoid canned foods, processed food and food high in fats or which have refined oils. These should be excluded from your diet for several weeks to help your body heal effectively. Spices, strong teas, fired foods and condiments should also be kept at minimal levels if the patient is to recover fully. It is also a good idea to limit salt intake.

Avoid red chilies, refined wheat flour products, turmeric and pizzas. Burgers and bread should also be avoided whenever possible. All milk products should also be taken with caution and if you are not too sure what to avoid, ask your physician for directions.

Avoid non-vegetarian diets and quit smoking if you are a smoker. The two only aggravate matters and should therefore be avoided at all costs.

Drinks which are artificially flavored and cold drinks should be avoided. The same goes for hot beverages that are known to be stimulants, such as coffee and tea. You can resume these when your condition is cured and everything is under control.

Carrot juice taken together with spinach juice is another great way of improving your diet. You can take the juice together with your meals at least twice a day to effectively treat and cure liver cirrhosis.

Good health is largely determined by the foods we eat and how well balanced is the diet we consume. Always ensure that whatever goes into your mouth is healthy and well balanced to keep your body as healthy as it should be keeping diseases and infections at bay.

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