Home Remedies for Cystitis

More commonly referred to as a urinary tract infection, cystitis is caused by intestinal bacteria. Although people of all ages are susceptible, women are more prone to this infection than men. The bacteria, or cystitis, is generated within the body. When the person does not completely release their urine, the leftover urine in the bladder may contain some bacteria which can result in cystitis. Similarly, constipation and excessive antidepressants are believed to be the other causes for cystitis. Apart from this, males who suffer from enlargement of prostate gland, those suffering from venereal diseases, and those having a catheter are also prone to cystitis. According to experts, urinary tract infection (cystitis) could be caused by infection of other organs that are connected, such as the kidneys.

Symptoms: Pain in the pubic area, increased frequency in urination, bad smell of the urine, a burning sensation, pain while urinating and sometimes blood is also found in the urine. While these are general symptoms, in the case of children the symptoms are irritability, vomiting, weakness and loss of appetite. In case of older women, the symptoms could be frequent fever, falls, weakness, confusion etc.

Treatment: Many medicines are available to treat cystitis. However, pregnant women and those having frequent attacks of cystitis should consult a physician before taking any medicine. Apart from the medicine, physicians advise that cleanliness of the toilet and personal hygiene plays vital role in containing cystitis. Physicians are of the opinion that, in the normal course, cystitis is not a serious ailment. However, if proper and timely remedial measures are not taken or if the recurrence of the infection is frequent then it could take a serious turn and may lead to many medical complications.

Precautions: Doctors advise that bladder should be completely emptied and the emptying should be done at least once every three to four hours. Holding urine for long durations could be another reason for cystitis. Warm undergarments are another preventive measure for cystitis.

In addition to the treatments mentioned above, there are many other home remedies for cystitis which are proven to be effective in combating cystitis. Let us review these home remedies for cystitis.

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Home Remedies for Cystitis

Drumstick as Natural Remedy for Cystitis:

Pineapple as a Home Remedy Properties: This deciduous tree with its botanical name Moringa oleifera is largely grown in Asia, Africa and the Americas, and it is popular throughout these countries. Drumstick, apart from being a popular vegetable, is also known for its high medicinal value. Every part of the tree is used both as a culinary item and as a medicine. The drumstick is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is the best remedy to cure malnutrition, cold etc.

Natural Remedies for Cystitis using Drumstick:
Take about three cups of Drumstick flowers and make a juice of it. Add about half a coconut to the result. Stir it well and take this drink at least four times a day. The results are really amazing.

Radish as Cure for Cystitis:

Properties:The botanical name for Radish is Raphanus sativus. It is believed that radish originated in Europe. Now, it is popular throughout the world and is one of the most commonly consumed vegetables. It grows below the soil. There are many varieties of radish and they vary in size and color too. Radishes are rich in many minerals like potassium, copper, magnesium, calcium etc. It is also rich in vitamins, folic acid, riboflavin etc.

Natural Remedies for Cystitis using Radish:
Preparing medicine from radish is very simple. Juice it and add a pinch of salt. If you want, you can add two teaspoons of buttermilk. Take this drink at least three times a day.

Spinach as Home Remedy for Cystitis:

Properties: Spinacia oleracea as it is called in the botanical language, spinach is one of the most popular edible plants in the world. Believed to have originated in Asia, spinach is an annual plant. It is known for its high level of antioxidants and vitamins and many minerals like folate, manganese, iron etc. It is also rich in Omega3, folic acid and peptides. It has curative qualities for many ailments including cystitis.

Treatment for Cystitis using Spinach:
Make a juice of spinach. Take about 100ml of spinach juice and an equal quantity of tender coconut. Mix these two well. Take this medicine at least four times a day. The nitrate and potassium present in spinach and tender coconut will drain the bacteria that cause cystitis.

Barley as Natural Remedy for Cystitis:

Properties:This cereal is harvested annually and it is being used worldwide. It is put to a variety of uses like the manufacturing of beer. As a cereal it is used in the preparation of many culinary dishes, in the preparation of bread, as a fodder for animals etc. Research has shown that barley is rich in antioxidants and eight essential amino acids. Researchers say that it even regulates blood sugar.

Cure for Cystitis using Barley:
Take about half a glass of barley gruel and buttermilk. Mix them well. To this, add about one teaspoon of lime juice. Take this medicine twice or thrice a day depending on the severity of cystitis. This is one of the best home remedies for cystitis.

Carom seeds as Home Remedy for Cystitis:

Properties: In Botanical language Carom Seeds is called Trachyspermum copticum. It is grown in India. In Indian vernacular language it is called the Ajwain, or bishop’s weed in English. It is known to increase digestive power. Therefore, at end of heavy meals, the powder of carom seeds is given in many parts of India. Carom seeds are also known to remove abdominal infection due to its antiseptic characteristics.

Treatment for Cystitis using Carom seeds:
Take about one teaspoon of Carom seed powder and mix it into one glass of water. Add three drops of sandalwood oil. The quantity of sandalwood oil can be gradually increased to eight drops, but the increase in dosage should be done gradually. Drink this mixture twice a day.

Parsley as Home Remedy for Cystitis:

Properties:In Botanical language this is called as Petroselinum crispum. It is popularly known as garden parsley. It is believed to be native to the Mediterranean region and, in fact, is largely grown there, even now. Parsley has many medical uses and controls blood pressure, helps the kidneys to function properly, fights insect bites, is also used as enema, and helps to build bones and fights infection.

Using Parsley as Treatment for Cystitis:
Take about two teaspoon of parsley. Put this in one cup of boiling water. Steep it for about 15 minutes, then strain and add about one teaspoon of honey. Drink this mixture as many times as possible, depending on the severity of the ailment.

Cranberry as Home Remedy for Cystitis:

Properties: Cranberry is grown almost throughout the year and it is mostly grown in the Northern hemisphere. It is also largely grown in Canada and America. Cranberries are rich in several minerals. They also have a moderate amount of Vitamin C and are rich in dietary fibers.Cranberries have anti-oxidants and cancer-fighting characteristics. They develop the immune system and are a good remedy for bacterial infections. Cranberries are particularly found suitable for fighting urinary tract infections.

Using Cranberry as Cure for Cystitis:
If taken three times a day, cranberry juice can control cystitis. Cranberries is now available in the pill format as well. These pills can also be taken and it will also be helpful in fighting the Cystitis.

Other Natural Remedies for Cystitis

Take about 200ml of water and boil it, allowing it to cool to about 60 degrees. When the water is boiling, take about two teaspoons of lemon extract and add it to the water. This liquid should be taken at least twice a day. This home medicine is known to stop blood from coming out during urination.

Drink plenty of water. By doing this, the bacteria can be drained out.

A decoction lady’s finger should be added to water twice its quantity. Take this medicine four times a day.

Mix about ten grams of ginger and wash it well. Put this in a glass of water and allow it to remain in water for about an hour. To this, add about three drops of sandalwood oil. Take this mixture twice a day as diet for cystitis. Increase the quantity of sandalwood oil gradually up to eight drops.

The juice of raw vegetables is another preferred natural remedy for cystitis. However, experts are of the opinion that if the patient has a fever, then carrot juice is not preferred.

Diet for Cystitis

For one cup of cucumber, add one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lime juice. Take this mixture at least three times a day.

Eat one cup of yogurt every day as diet for cystitis and you can keep cystitis away.

Pearl barley water is another of the recommended natural remedies for cystitis. Barley water is available in most of the medical stores. To make it more effective, add about one teaspoon of lemon juice and take this mixture thrice a day.

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